Alphabetical Attraction

Pairing: Pein Sakura
Rating: T
Word count:2842


Apathy |ˈapəθē|
Noun; lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern: There was widespread apathy among students.
ORIGIN early 17th cent.: from French apathie, via Latin from Greek apatheia, from apathēs 'without feeling,' from a- 'without' + pathos 'suffering.'


She looked up at his and studied him expression and appearance once more. He didn't look back at her, but she knew he was aware of her gaze. But he had no right to complain, since he was suppose to be the one she was looking at, the one she was suppose to be paying attention to. Because that's what students do with their teachers, and he was indeed her teacher.

Pein Akatsuki really didn't look the part of a teacher, what with all his piercing and wild unruly hair, anyone would rather peg him as a school yankee. But no, he was a History teacher at the Konoha community collage and Sakura was one of his many students. It was an advanced class, unlike the one he taught last semester, so the number of females who wanted to take this class just so that they could be with him was shrunk done to zero.

Maybe that's why he hates me so much, she though to herself, brushing back a stray stand of hair that had slipped over her ear. Probably thinks I'm one of those girl. Poor guy, I can't blame him for thinking that way though. If I were in his shoes I would be a little on edge as well.

"Haruno san, who was the third devision leader during the third Senju clan war?"

"Senju Tōka," Sakura answered, without missing a breath, even though it wasn't an easy question. They were only up to the second Senju war in their books.

Pein turned to look at her, and she expected to see the same apathetic look he gave everyone and everything, but instead she saw one edged with a darker emotion. She pulled her hand away from her face and sat up straighter, waiting for him to turn away. His face shifted into another direction but his gray ringed eyes didn't leave her form. "That's very good."

Still, I don't pity him enough to excuse that sort of behavior of his. Why am I the only one he seems to dislike so much?

Pein looked up at the clock on the wall and then down at his own rolex, twisting it on his wrist so that he could see the hands clearly. "That's it for tonight's lesson then. Come up to the front and collect your test papers before leaving. Homework will be posted on the website as always. If you don't have access to the internet, use the school library."

The twenty one students all go up, seemingly at once and filed into a neat line in front of Pein's desk to accept their tests. Once they had that, they all left. Sakura was in the middle of the line when she received hers. She always did well on tests, so she really didn't bother to check it, but the bright red zero at the top made her stop and do a double take.

"Mr. Akatsuki, what's with this-"

"If you have a question or a complaint please wait till everyone has their test first," he answered calmly, his voice a deep timber over hers.

"But this isn't my-"

He turned to look at her, almost glaring at her as he cut of off for a second time. "Miss Haruno, please wait on the side till I am finished."

Sexist bastard.

That did it for her, she waited off to the side with red cheeks flushed that color from embarrassment. Some of the other students were giving her looks, a few of them were haughty, and a few were pitiful. One student who sometimes sat at her table looked like he wanted to talk to her, but pulled back when the teacher gave him his test along with a stern look that said more than a normal look should.

"I'll see you afterwards, Sakura san," Neji called bafore heading out the door, closing it behind him-just like the teacher asked him to.

Pein sighed, leaning back in his chair as he rubbed the piercings that ran though the bridge of his nose. Sakura though he had forgotten about her at first but then he looked up at her and she stiffened as ice seemed to be sent down her spine. Of course he hadn't forgotten her, he just didn't want to have to deal with her. So that's how it was.

"Now, what was it you had a complaint about."

Sakura slammed her test paper down in front of him on his empty desk, and watched as he filched, shrinking away from her form. Gosh, he doesn't have to act like I'm infected with rabies or something.

"My test paper came back as a zero even though I know all these questions to be correct. I was looking them over while you handed out the rest of the class tests. Why did you give me a zero even though I didn't do anything wrong? I've never done anything to you personally, so I don't think I deserve this."

"That's exactly right," he replied, folding his hands together in front of his mouth. He settled his elbows on the edge of his desk and looked up at her with unbridled eyes that held nothing back. They were intense to say the least, but they were more than that, they were frightening. "You are exactly right, as always, Haruno san. You've never done anything to me."

Sakura frowned, narrowing her own eyes to match his own glare. She really didn't want to take anything from this guy for something she never did. Sure she was one of three girls in the entire class, but why didn't he have to single her out and pick on her like this. "They why?"

"You should know why."

"Listen sensei, I know you really don't like me, but to fail me on this is just wrong. At least tell me what I di-"

He moved too fast for her to see what he was really doing. That hand she had on his desk was pulled back by one of his, knocking out the support from underneath her, resulting in her upper body falling towards his own. She though that her teacher had finally snapped under all that anger he had for her. She though he was really going to hurt her, but she was wrong.

The thing that really cut her off wasn't the sudden lack of support, but rather the sudden impact of his lips on hers. She felt like a cat, arched up against him in a mid fall position, bent over the blank table, but he soon fixed that. She didn't know how he did it exactly, but he pulled her towards him and twisted her onto her side so that he was hovering over her, his kisses still bruising her lips.

So here she was on her back, on the desk of her dictionarydefonitionofapathy teacher, getting mouth raped. What-why? Didn't he hate her or something?"

"Sensei!" she gasped as soon as his lips pulled away. She didn't have enough air to say anything else though, so she just coughed and struggled to breath. He obviously had larger lungs than she did since he wasn't gasping as much. Either that or experience.

"Shhh," he cooed into her neck, rubbing the piercings in his chin over her skin in a tickling way. "Sakura...."

She shivered under his touch and his words. For one, he never called her or addressed her by her first name. It was always Haruno san or just Haruno. But then, he never kissed her or pinned her down to his desk before, either. Today was turning out to be a day of firsts for her handsome teacher.

"Why? Why are you doing this?" she asked, her voice a bit hoarse.

"The semester is almost over, and soon you'll be in another class," he breathed, nuzzling his face into the crook of her neck, flicking his tongue out once or twice to taste her. "I've waited this long already and yet you haven't done anything. You don't even look at me more than nessiary."

"What? I though you didn't like me sensei! You glare at me all the time, even though you're apathetic and uncaring towards the rest of the students. It was like you only hated me."

This was probably supposed to be where she said something like 'I could never think of you that way' or 'This is wrong, you're my teacher' or something along those lines, but she would be lying if she said she wasn't attracted to this guy. She just never allowed herself to think that way because he was her teacher and she was his student. Duh, typical forbidden student teacher relationship wasn't really her style.

He chuckled into her neck, spreading warmth all over it. "For someone who's normally so smart, you are surprisingly dumb, Sakura. I was looking at you in such a manner, not because I despised you like all the other fangirls, but because I liked you."

"Couldn't you have just told me?" she asked, propping herself back up onto her elbows, allowing his head to rest upon her lap, turned upwards towards her. His cheeks were pink and there was a hazy drunk look in his eyes as he reached a hand up behind her back to stroke her neck from behind. He smiled just a little bit, but still retained his strong, leader like visage.

"I though you knew better. Everytime I looked at you I felt such a deep smoldering passion, you must have interpreted it as hate." He chuckled, and she frowned at this. "How foolish of you, my dear Sakura chan."

"Che, how foolish of me? What about you? You go almost the whole semester, glaring ice daggers at me and then when I think I'm going to fail the class you pin me to your desk like some kind of pervert sensei. What makes you think I'll return any of your affections?"

He sat up quickly and turn to look at her with widened eyes, fear glossing over his features. Sakura gave him the raised eyebrow look and that only seemed to confuse him more. "Sakura I..."

"Please just stop. Exactly how many girls have you tried this gig on?" He opened his mouth to reply, but she held up her hand to stop him and slid back off the desk. "You know what, never mind, I just wanted my paper graded the right way. If you just used this to get close to me then I'm leaving."

She didn't stop to grab her test paper, only her backpack, before she was at the door, aiming to leave. Her hand was on the door knob pulling it open when a shadow over her pushed the door back-shut. She turned with angry words on her lips only to stop short as he stole yet another kiss from her. "Don't-" he pulled away for a second to say that before going back to her lips with chaste kisses. "Leave me..." More kisses. "Only you..."

"Pein san please," she tried to say, her hands on his chest.

"No, Sakura!" His body trapped her against the door. "Don't leave." His hands closed in on her and tangled themselves into her hair. "Not you, don't leave. If I was playing with you I wouldn't have tried to get you to notice me for such a long time. If I was just playing, I wouldn't have put in so much effort. I don't want something fast and fleeting. I want a real relationship with you. I want you to be mine and I want to be yours."

She looked up at him with mixed feelings, scanning his face for them as well. He wasn't crying or breaking down like his voice made him sound like he was doing, but was holding himself together for her, hanging on her words. "A relationship?" she repeated, disbelief lacing her words. "Like a boyfriend, girlfriend kind of relationship?"

"If you want to put it in such juvenile terms then, yes. I'm not the kind of person that wants a one night stand or a relationship in the darkness. I just want you and I don't care if I have to shout it from the top of this building to prove it."

"It's a one story building," she chuckled.

He didn't seem to share her taste in humor. "In every way and manner possible, I want you to know I am serious about you, Sakura."

She noticed his voice had gotten deeper and his hands were fists in her hair. He wasn't her nonchalant, uncaring, apathetic teacher anymore. He was Pein the human being with emotions and this Pein cared. So that left it up to her. Did she want a relationship with her Greekgoodclone of a teacher or did she want to leave things as they were?

"Kiss me."

He blinked hard. "What?"

She rolled her eyes and sighed. "You seemed so willing before, why do you hesitate now. I told you to kiss me. If I don't dislike it I'll consider meeting up with you at Starbucks tomorrow at noon." Sakura reached up and grabbed the white collar of his button up shirt to pull his face down to her level. "Take responsibility for you words and kiss me."

He didn't need to be told again, since he was all over her in the next second, drowning her in rough and harsh kisses that were overflowing with three months worth of pent up passion. She reached up to run her fingers through his hard, dragging them down his scalp in a twisted form of pleasure for this man. He pulled away to moan her name and she in turn reached for his throat, trailing butterfly kisses up and down in a teasing manner.

He returned his mouth to her own, biting down of her bottom lip to coax out a gasp that allowed him entrance into her moist cavern. His tongue curled around her own and she was soon pushing back against him, playing with the piercing that went through his tongue. She thought it would be cold and sharp to her senses, but it felt warm and soon she found herself playing with his chin piercing with her teeth.

He growled like an animal against her and she in turn purred like a kitten. He was enjoying this too much he couldn't even call this pleasure, the word seemed to weak. Ecstasy, euphoria, rapture, bliss? Could any of them describe this feeling?

She pulled away from him and he fell limp against the door, her small form missing against his. He turned around to see her at the other end of the classroom standing in the second doorway. Her test paper was in hand with a big red ten written in front of the zero, making it into the one hundred it should have been. She smiled over her shoulder at her teacher and winked.

"Its at noon, remember?"

Then she was gone, leaving him by himself, alone and flustered with his shirt half unbuttoned. Five minuets later an extra early student sauntered in and noticed how his teacher was looking a bit dazed.

"Is everything alright sensei?"

Pein looked up and frowned. "No it isn't, I can't wait, tell the other students when they get here that I had to cancel at the last second for an emergency. They can all automatically pass today's test."

Idate watched with widened eyes as his normally nonchalant teacher pulled on his coat and ran out the back door in a hurry, Pein's face a bright shade of pink.

"W-was that lipstick on his chin?"





This is the grand prize for Red-flower11 from my Sakura oneshot contest back in july. I hope you like it, Red. There are still many more chapters yet to be typed that I'm looking forward to doing.

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