Alphabetical Attraction

G =Grumpy
Pairing: Sakura Kimimaro
Rating: T
Word count:1533

Grumpy |ˈgrəmpē|

Adjective: (grumpier, grumpiest) bad-tempered and -tempered, and resentful; refusing to be cooperative or cheerful.

Tag line:"Yeah? Well Mr. Tedd doesn't like big, mean bullies either! So there!"

This was perplexing.

Sakura moaned into the thick head of her teddy as she squeezed his gut tighter to her small six year old body while continuing to stare at the puzzling challenge before her. Her eyes narrowed in concentration, zoned in on the two objects she had set aside from the others.

"Ugh this is so hard, I don't know what to do," she mumbled into her bear's head.

She reached out hesitantly, but then drew back in uncertainty. She couldn't. There was too much at stake here for her to risk it on anything less thought out. No, she needed to take her time with this and made sure it came out absolutely perfect. So much was at stake her that she couldn't possibly rush it with-

"Oh just pick a stupid crayon already!" Sasuke cried, coming up behind her with a ball in his hands. "You've been coloring your stupid picture all day and it's already recess. Play ball with me!"

Sakura turned and scowled at the annoying Uchiha who she hated to admit was her neighbor and friend. "Leave me alone Sasuke, I don't want to play with you."

She could have told him she killed a puppy and burned a tomato garden he looked so devastated. His tiny six year old braid was burring out as it attempted to compute the possibility that Sakura might not want to spend every last second of her existence playing with him.

Apparently kindergarden is filled with a lot of drama.

Unable to handle it, Sasuke took action in the only way he knew how. He reached out and ripped Sakura's teddy bear out from her hands and held it up above his hear. "I have your bear and I'm not giving it back until you play with me."

"Sasuke!" she screamed, tearing up instantly. She needed that thing like a security blanket. "Give Mr. Tedd back!"

"Not until you play with me."

"Sasuke you're a bully," Sakura said, stomping her foot. "Give him back."

Sasuke seemed to be truly hurt by her accusation but remembered his priorities. He wanted her to play with him so of course he pushed his guilt down and shook her fuzzy brown bear a bit while backing up towards to door that lead to the outside playground. "Not unless you catch me!" And then he took off.

"Sasuke!" she cried, running after him with tears in her eyes.

She was wearing her news shoes so they weren't exactly broken in, making running painful for the most part. At least Sasuke would slow down so she could catch up to him just enough to follow. She chased him down the hill over the slides, around the swings and towards the sand fields where the older kids sometimes played volleyball. The first and second graders had recess the same time as the kindergardeners.

Sasuke looked back over his shoulder to see how close Sakura was and made sure she could still see him. He laughed and the funny way she ran and grew happier with himself for being able to drag her outside to play tag, even if she stunk at running. Too busy with his laughing, Sasuke didn't see the tall back of the older male who was standing on his own, doing nothing in the middle of the sand fields. With a loud off, Sasuke fell backwards and the older kid stumbled a bit.

"Hey watch it!" Sasuke shouted, climbing up to his feet while the white haired youth turned around to see his attacker. Sasuke frowned at the boy's pale eyes and red liner. "Freak."

"Sasuke, give me Mr. Tedd back!" Sakura huffed, catching up in the short time Sakura had spent on the ground. She was tired though and her feet hurt.

The young Uchiha started to run again but was cloths lined by the white haired kid, putting him back on his but with a choked 'ugh.'

"What do you think you're doing?" Sasuke screamed sounding like a spoiled brat who was never hit.

The boy just blinked, did nothing for a long three seconds, then reached forward to grab the bear out of Sasuke's hands. Sasuke tried to take the bear back but the white haired kid pushed Sasuke back into the sand with half lidded eyes, obviously not feeling threatened by the shorter boy. He then walked around Sasuke and approached Sakura with the bear in his hands. Without a word he handed the bear over with stiff, robotic movements that betrayed his nervousness. Oh yeah, Sakura was sort of every little boy's crush in the school, even with the older grades. And yes, this was also the main reason Sasuke teased Sakura as much as he did. He liked her a lot, too.

"Ah, thank you so much! You got him back for me." Sakura took the bear with a wide smile and hugged it tight to her stomach. "I'm Sakura what's your name?"

His cheeks reddened a bit. "...Uh...Kimimaro."

"Thank you Kimmy kun, Sasuke was being a bully and making me chase him cause he stole my friend."

Stiffly he nodded, seeming to forget how to blink. "...Un...I don't like bullies."

"Yeah? Well Mr. Tedd doesn't like big, mean bullies either! So there! We can be friends now. Do you like to color?"

Sasuke sputtered, rushing in between the two. "Hey-no! Sakura you have to play with me outside I don't want you to play with anyone else. You can't-."

Kimimaro pushed Sasuke face first into the sand with one hand, swiping so quickly up the back of his head Sakura almost missed it cause he was sort of like a ninja that way. Kimimaro blinked and Sakura waited for an answer, eyes wide and cheerful.

"...Ah...I like to color."


14 years later.


Sakura giggled, flipping through the pages of her album.

There were so many precious memories captured there from her days in kindergarden, (harassed by Sasuke almost everyday), to her first year in collage. Kimimaro was in most of her photos sine he was her favorite friend even after she met Ino in first grade.

Their moms thought it was odd that the two go along as well as they did because of their age difference, but Kimimaro had social challenges that Sakura seemed to brush aside, making them an ideal couple. Aside from Sakura Kimimaro hadn't made any friends up till the sixth grade when he met the equally awkward Jugo.

She flipped the page and there were more photos of her seventh birthday with Sasuke next to her, begrudgingly putting up with Kimimaro who stood on the other side of Sakura in the photo. She remembered that day and chuckled at the memories of Sasuke taking every chance he could to try and trip, hit, slap, and hurt her white haired friend, but all his attacks were the same. It was like fighting a brick wall when it came to kimimaro.

Sakura's eight birthday had Ino and her ninth birthday had many more girlfriends to surround her and both boys took background stances in the photos but all the way to her latest nineteenth birthday were they evident in the photos. That night Sasuke had tried to ram his car into Kimimaro's but ended up hitting a street lamp. Of course it was all Kimimaro's fault somehow.

Sakura laughed aloud at the memory and felt the body behind her stir.

"What's so funny?" Kimimaro asked, wrapping his arms around her waist. They were both sitting on the floor, with Sakura between Kimimaro's legs, leaning against his back until he dozed off against the side of their bed.

"Just going through some photos. You remember my ninteenth?"

The white haired male smiled and kissed her ear. "He was pretty pissed that I proposed to you huh?"

"Nah, he's just never been friendly with you."

"Is that your professional opinion or did Mr. Tedd tell you that."

Sakura laughed and turned around to kiss her husband's lips.



Fluff, love it.

It's kind of short so I'm sorry for that but it fit this way. For Thirrin73 for her awesome oneshot Ruby Shoes that placed 2ed in my October spirit contest. I hope you like it!

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