On a hot summer day Stalker, and Scarlett where helping Snake-Eyes move. Snake-Eyes agreed to change rooms with Stalker because he had a lot of space and didn't need it. Stalker had no space and needed more. So there they all where moving the 4 boxes of Snake's stuff to Stalkers old room. Stalker had all his stuff ready to go, so they got done very quick. However the heat did its job and got to them, so Snake-Eyes and Scarlett where on his couch….. Passed out. When they got up they unpacked, and then Scarlett made an unusual discovery.

She found a old paper, which had a list on it. It was an old school paper (dated back 17 years ago) and it was titled My lifetime Dreams. She didn't want to snoop, but found herself reading it anyway. This is what it said:

1. Become the best I can at something.

2. Have a nice body, yea I know but that's what I want.

3. Help out people

4. Go to Niagra Falls

5. Visit the grand canyon, and ride bikes there.

6. Buy 100 dollars worth of orange juice. Orange juice is awesome.

7. Get good grades.

8. Join the Army.

9. Sky Diving!!!!!! (honestly I copied that one off of Bobby, but that would be cool.)

The last one was cut out. She didn't know why, but didn't bother to ask. She had good plans for this list, and wanted them to be a surprise. She hugged Snake-Eyes from the back and said:

"Babe, I want to make all your wishes come true."

Then he signaled:

You already have.

"I love you."

I love you too. Where did that come from?

"Just a heads up love."

For what?

"You'll see."

O.K then…..

She took the list home and made a copy of it. She crossed off the things that he already did. Like become the best at something, have a nice body, help out people, join the army, and get good grades. She smiled at the thought of what she was about to do. Then made a lot of calls, and eventually got off the time they both needed. After that she pulled out a lot of favors for the next day, so that they could go skydiving.

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