They woke up the next morning (which almost seemed like night it was so early) to California's sweet, clean air. Although Scarlett wanted to sleep in she knew she couldn't. They had one more place to go, and then she'd brake the news on how she knew what he wanted (which she couldn't believe he hadn't figured out).

"Snake-Eyes…." Scarlett said in a teasing tone.

He got up and signaled:

No! We cant leave yet! You made me want to never leave.

"You made me want to miss the flight…. But we cant."

Why not?

"I saved the best for last."

I hope you're talking about another place…… because that was….. The best.

"Oh I know it was….. I thought the same thing. However, I am talking about another place."

Fine where to next.

"New York."

What? That's far!

"I know, that's why I woke you up so early!"

Fine…. Lets get ready.

"You can go shower first."

We don't have time to take turns.

She laughed really hard at that.

After a very, very, very, very, very, very, very long flight….. They arrived at New York. Scarlett was confused. She didn't know that Niagara falls was split into 3 waterfalls, and had no idea if there was one in particular Snake-Eyes wanted to see. So she decided that when they got to the hotel, she'd call and ask for tickets. When they arrived at Cascade Inn (their hotel) Scarlett made the call. Snake-Eyes knew what they where visiting (because it was right next to their room), but instead of staying with Scarlett he signaled to her:

I'll be back.

"What? Where are you going?"

Babe, I'll be back.

"Hold on I'll go with you."

No honey, I'll be back in like an hour.

"Well at least tell me where….."

Before she could finish her sentence Snake-Eyes left.

She made reservations to ride the maid of the mist, and then to see the new firework show that they had. She was still amazed by the fact that Snake-Eyes left and had been gone for about 1 hour. Before she could make reservations for dinner he came in.

"Why in the world did you leave?!"

Don't be mad.

"Oh no, I'm not mad! You just left without telling me where too, in a city you don't even know!"

Honey, I'm back.

"That's not the point. Where did you go?"

Shows who the real ninja is. You are just going to have to wait and see.

Scarlett sat there in shock. Then Snake-Eyes signaled:

So when do we get to see the close up on the falls?

"30 minutes."

Good, our dinner reservations are at 6.


Ok…. Well I'm going to get ready.

"Me too."

Scarlett and Snake-Eyes made up (as usual), and where now on the Maid of the Mist. Before they got close up to the falls Snake-Eyes signaled to Scarlett:

Before we get up close….. I want to tell you something.

"Ok but hurry because well… we are almost to the main point." She shouted to him.

I've know about you finding my list, as soon as we went sky diving. I couldn't believe you where doing what you did. Thank you so much.

"What? Why didn't you tell me you knew?"

I wanted to surprise you with something.


On that list, I ripped out one.

"I noticed that what was it?"

About that time they where about 1 minute from hitting the falls, but before they did Snake-Eyes reached into his pocket and pulled out a small piece of paper. He handed it to Scarlett and she read it:

10. Get married to the love of my life. (I copied that off my sister but hey it would be nice)

Before she could say anything Snake-Eyes got down on one knee(by this time they where both soaked), and pulled out a ring from his pocket. Then he signaled:

You are the love of my life, and to complete my list….. I have one question for you. Shana O'Hara will you marry me?

Scarlett screamed yes, and right before they hit the falls he slid the ring on.

I hoped you enjoyed! Review!!!! Oh yea and Snake-Eyes left to go get a ring.