Robot Pirate

Your 'favorite' commercials with a One Piece twist. I'll add one every time I see a lame or funny commercial worth making fun of.

Commercial 1- Gieco.

Spokesman: "Gieco, 15 minutes online could save you 1500 dollars or more on car insurance. So easy, a fish man could do it."

Later that day in a fine restaurant......

Spokes man: "Um.............. I'm sorry....... I-I-I had no idea you guys were still around............... or.... even existed."

Jembie, Arlong and Hachi sat in front of the spokes man ordering food.

Jembie: "Well next time, maybe you should do some damn research before you racial profile somebody. We even live on a fucking place called FISHMAN ISLAND for god sakes."

Hachi to the waiter: "Um, yeah I would like Takoyaki please." Hachi turned to the Spokesman, "That wasn't too EASY..... was it?"

Arlong growled viciously.

Jembie held a hand on Arlong, "Easy there big guy."