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3:00 AM



"Edward, it's me Jasper. AlicewaterjustbrokesoIwillmeetyouguysinthehospital."

Click. He hanged up.

"Who was that?" Bella asked softly.

"Oh it was just Jasper, something about water breaking. Go back to sleep." I whispered as my sweet Bella on her forehead. Maybe he has a leak in his house and wanted to share the news with me, weird.

"Alice!" We both screamed. We quickly go up.

"Okay I'll call my dad" Bella said as she grabbed the phone.

"I'll …what do I do?"

"Why don't you go make us some breakfast?" She asked smiling so innocently. She looked like an angle with really funky hair, but I didn't want to tell her that she looked like porcupine… a cute porcupine of course.

"Bella, its 3 am. You're hungry?" She nodded as she explained to Charlie that he needed to stay and watch the children for us. Alice was going into labor and we needed to be there otherwise she would kill us. Alice's words not ours. I for one believed her forewarning; she can really hold on to a grudge. Once when we were 8, I missed one of her dance recitals and she stopped talking to me for a week. Granted, it was the best week on my life! But, I hated seeing her so upset that I had to apologize. She some times still brings it up and that was when we were 8, so image what would happen if we missed the birth of her first child at this age. I didn't want to think about it so I quickly got dressed and headed down stairs as Bella stayed behind talking to Charlie.

I stood in front of the kitchen and pondered what to make for me because I already knew what Bella wanted, pancakes.

Ever since we got married, that's all she would have for breakfast. I think she has some kind of obsession. I wonder if there are support groups that dealt with powdered food addictions. I'll have to Google it some time.

As I was finishing mixing all the ingredients, I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. I quickly adding my secrete weapon to the bowl and placed to batter mix in the pan.

I never let her see how I'd prepare it. Afraid that if she ever figured it out, she would either leave me or I would find her one day engulfed in pancakes. So, I kept a close watch on her, but just in case, I memorized the recipe and threw away the card.

"Charlie will be here soon and says hi." She said as she wrapped her arms around my waist.

"No he didn't." I turned around and gave her a kiss on her lips.

"Well, he did not say it technically, but he did ask for you?"

"Really, what did he say?"

"He asked if you still lived here. He was concerned." She smiled as if trying to convince me that it was cute for Charlie to keep asking that question. Apparently it never got old with her.

"He's only concern about you. Not me."

Charlie was still not to happy to see me. I tried to explain to him the whole story, but he kept chasing me around the house, which was not that bad until he went back inside to find his shoot gun. I would never ever forget that day. I pleaded with Bella to come with me but she made the excuse of 'who would take care of the kids'. I tried to bribe the children to stay with Emmett or Carlisle, but they refused taking her side. At least Alice agreed to go with me. I waited for her outside Charlie's house, until her text stated she was running late. Unfortunately Charlie noticed my car and was waiting for me to come out. (Flash back)

I opened my car door and walked toward the house. There he stood in front of the porch with his arms crossed. This was going to be hard.

"Hello Charlie. I heard you got remarried. Congra-"He cut me off.

"What do you want Edwin?" He asked looking back inside his house. I bet he was looking for his gun. I had to make this quick.

"Charlie, I wanted to speak to you about Bella and Anthony."

And that's when all hell broke loose; he didn't give me any time to continue my speech, instead he took off after me. I kept running around the house trying to find a good hiding spot. But it was not use so I kept running.

"How dare you come back here? I am going to kill you!" He yelled as we ran around the house for the second time.

"Charlie, I swear I didn't know about Anthony, I just found out!"

"Save your excuses Edwin, Bella does not want to hear it!" That's when I stopped running and turned to face him. He stood still surprise of my bold move.

"She already forgave me Charlie. I am here to ask for her hand in marriage!" I yelled back angry. Angry because this whole mess was not my fault it was all Tanya's doing.

He didn't say anything. He stood there silent, thinking. He's anger suddenly faded and now wore a smile across his face.

Oh oh that's not good.

Suddenly, Charlie rushed inside his house and I started to run towards my car, but I was too late. He held his shoot gun tightly against his chest. Then I knew he was really going to shoot me!

"Charlie, think about this, you can't shoot me!" I yelled as I ran for my life again.

"Don't worry Edwin, I'll make it quick!" I couldn't believe what I was hearing, he honestly didn't care. Where the fuck was Alice!

I made sure I kept running, hoping that he would soon give up or just collapse. But it was no use; we were already running for 20 minutes, doing laps around the house. It didn't look like he was going to give up any time soon. It was as if he had trained all this time for this day to come.

"Charlie! Put that gun down!" Alice screamed. Thank goodness, she's here. Late, but here.

Charlie stopped running and put his gun down. Man, Alice was good. But, to be save I kept running, I wasn't sure if he was bluffing.

"Edward, you can stop running, he is not going to shoot you!" Alice yelled across the lawn. So I stopped and stood behind my car, just in case. Alice walked inside the house with Charlie, I stayed outside waiting for her to call me. After a few minutes, she walked outside and waved me to come in.

As I stood at the door, I noticed Charlie was sitting in his seat without his gun. Relieved I joined Alice in the couch. We stayed silent for a while until Alice spoke, well she actually yelled.

"You guys are acting like children! Edward talk, Charlie listens!" She was so damming, but at least Charlie didn't argue with her.

I explained to Charlie about the mess Tanya had caused from the start. How Tanya kept Bella's letter hidden from me. The one letter Bella wrote after she gave birth to Anthony. Also, how she confessed everything to me on one of my trips back to Paris a month after Bella and Anthony moved in with us. (Flashback within flashback)

I had just finished a meeting with a potential client, when I noticed Tanya sitting alone. I ignored her, until she walked up to me and asked to be forgiven. I refused to listen to her until she told me that she was the only person who knew why I couldn't remember what happened that night. I wasn't sure if I should listen to her, but Bella and I really wanted to know the truth, so I stayed and listened.

She admitted putting something in my drink and how her plan was ruined when her parents called her home. Initially, her intension was to get me in bed with her in order to get pregnant. Not only did I want to throw up at that point, but I was shocked to hear how far she had gone just to please her selfish need.

She continued on confessing that since her first planned was ruined; she broke into my room early in the morning before the commencement ceremony, only to find Bella's note next to my pillow and me naked underneath my sheets.

Knowing that the effects that drug would have distorted my memory, she threw the note away, and then dressed me up in my clothes, hoping that I would not remember what happened between Bella and me. At the moment I wanted to strangle her, and then take a bath, a long bath scrubbing every inch of my body.

After shaking out the mental image from my head, I wasn't sure I should believe this tale. But, it made sense. I had to be drug not to remember making love to Bella.

At the end of her confession she asked to be forgiven, but I told her that the only person she needed to apologize to was Bella. She refused, which was no surprise to me since she always disliked her. I told her in that case I had nothing to discuss with her and I walked out leaving her there alone.

Charlie was shocked to hear the extremities Tanya had taken just to kept Bella away from me, but he still thought I should have come back or at least tried to get in contact with her.

"Edward, if my daughter forgave you and wants to marry you, I can't to anything about it. She is a grown woman. But, if you ever hurt her or Anthony, Alice will not be able to stop me from shooting you, got it." Even after everything I've told him, he still did not find pity on me.

"I understand Charlie. I just want you to know that I give you permission to shoot me if I ever mess up. But I won't" He just nodded. I am guessing he was agreeing to shoot me if I ever fucked up, but I was not going to asked him.

"Earth to Edward," Bella spoke breaking my thoughts of that day.

"Sorry what were you say?"

"That Charlie is just worried about me. Can't you blame him?"

"No. But it's been over 8 months and he still calls me Edwin." I hated when he called me that name, my name is Edward for Christ sakes.

"He is just kidding around. Give him time. He'll warm up to you." She smiled as she tried to look over my shoulders.

"Don't worry I'd made your favorite." I said dryly.

"Can't wait to taste them," She kissed my cheek and headed back upstairs, "I go check on the kids."

The pancakes were ready, I made extra just in case Charlie wanted some. Maybe I can win him over with my pancakes? I'd worked on his daughter.

The doorbell rang as I noticed we had 5 boxes of pancake mix. Bella definitely went go over board grocery shopping last night. Fearing for her safety and the safety of our children, I tossed the other three behind the can goods as I made my way to answer the door.

"Hello Charlie, thank you for coming over so fast." I said politely.

"Sure Edwin. Where's Bella?"

"She is checking up on the kids before we head out. Please come in."

He walked passed me and straight into the living to turn on the TV.

"So Charlie, would you like some pancakes?" I offered as a truce.

"I don't want to impose Edwin" But, he declined still calling me Edwin.

"Hey dad thanks for coming." Bella said as she reached over to give Charlie a hug.

"No problem Bells, anything for my grandchildren," He said with a smile on his face. At least his considered Marie part of his family. He adored her the minute he met her especially after hearing her name. I was the one to pick it, I always loved Bella's middle name. Lucky for me, Tanya never recognized the name. But, if I ever saw her again, not that I want to, I will gladly confessed to it.

"Dad, would you like some pancakes?"

"That would be great Bells." I couldn't believe my ears; I had just offered him some. Reluctant to make small talk with Charlie, I walked over to the kitchen and started to eat my pancakes. Bella practically swallowed all four stacks.

"Edward, can I have the rest of your pancakes?" She smiled at me so sweetly, I couldn't deny her.

"Sure, I am not hungry any more. I am going to go up and get the car keys. Are you ready to go?' Hoping she wouldn't ask me to make some more, she nodded as she was trying to finish the last stack.

I grabbed the car keys and noticed Marie's teddy bear was on our bed. I headed over to her room and placed it next to her. She looked so peaceful. I kissed her forehead and made my way over to Anthony's room. His room was the biggest one in the house compared to ours. At first, he didn't want to take it, but we insisted. There he had more than enough space to accommodated Henry and his little family.

"Dad?' Anthony whispered.

"Yes son."

"What are you doing up?'

"Your grandpa Charlie is here, mom and I have to go to the hospital. Alice just went into labor." I whispered as I sat next to him.

"Okay, I am tired."

"Go back to sleep then. We'll see you in the morning, hopefully." I kissed his forehead and make my way across the room.

"Goodnight dad."

I still couldn't believe how easily Anthony accepted me, accepted us. He loved Marie; he would always hold her hand and watch over her. He was a great big brother, as opposed to Emmett. I was more his big brother, than he was mine.

"Edward, let's go." Bella whispered outside the door. I walked over to her and kissed her again.

"By the way, I think we are out on pancake mix, we might need to pass by and get some afterwards." Great.

We said goodbye to Charlie and headed to the hospital.

"Are you anxious?" I asked Bella.

"A bit, I hope she got the epidural."

"I hope so too for Jasper sake" I would hate to be him right now.

We drive silently, until Bella yelled, "I think my water broke!"

"What? Right now!"

"Yes, what do you think I am making it up?" The seat was completely wet.

"Edward, drive faster!"

"Oh, now you want me to drive fast, what about the other times!"

"Edward, if you don't drive any faster! Ahhhhhhh!" She looked in pain. I tried to stay calm; there was no need for both of us to be panicking.

"Bella, I am right here. Do your breathing exercise." I said, which apparently was the wrong thing to say to a pregnant woman who is about to go into labor.

"You do it! I need drugs!" She screamed, "I NEED THEM NOW!" She was holding tight to the seats. My Italian seats.

I tried to drive faster, but Bella kept pulling my right arm.

"Bella, I need both my arms to drive."

"NO, I need it more than you do." Man, she was really bossy. I kind of liked it.

We finally managed to get there without Bella biting my head off. I carried her into the emergency room and found a nurse to help us. They put Bella in a wheelchair and we rolled inside.

"I am sorry Mr.?" The nurse asked.

"Cullen, please call me Edward, this is my wife Bella." I said pointing to Bella as she tried to control her breathing.

"Edward, well we don't have enough rooms, so you have to stay here." She said. The area looked like a war zone; I wasn't going to have our baby in this place.

". ME .A .ROOM. NOW!" Bella yelled. She looked so sexy with her porcupine hair do.

"Nurse" I looked at her tag, "Nurse Anderson, my sister is in this hospital, she's also in labor, is there anyway we can room with her?" I said giving her my dazzling smile.

"Well..ah…fine, only if she agrees to it. What her name?"

"Alice Hale" I said immediately.

"Okay wait here, I go find out." She walked over to the counter as I stayed with Bella.

"Edward, you big flirt." Bella teased.

"I didn't flirt, I simply informed her about our situation." She laughed, and looked resentful, "Edward, I am sorry for screaming at you earlier."

"That's okay, I can take it."

"Well you are going to have to because I plan on doing lots more." She looked so cute, I wanted to laugh, but kept it inside, seeing how her hormones were acting up.

"How are you doing?" I asked worried for her health. She looked in so much pain during her contractions.

"I am okay right now, but when the contractions come, it's unbearable."

"Don't worry you can scream at me all you want if you have to."

"Thanks Edward, I love you."

"I love you too."

The nurse walked over to us and said that we were cleared to stay in Alice's room. I wheeled Bella in the elevator and hit the last floor. As soon as the elevator door opened, a nurse was standing in front of us.

"Mrs. and Mr. Cullen, I presumed,"

"Yes that's us" I said holding on to Bella's hand.

"I am Nancy. I'll be your nurse for this morning's shift. As you already know, your doctor is already here." Oh shit, I forgot to call the doctor. It's a good thing Bella had the same obstetrician as Alice, "So I will take you to your room. Follow me please."

She wheeled Bella through the corridor as I held her hand. The floor was practically empty and quite, not a single noise, until we heard a loud scream from on of the rooms.

"Get me my shoe!" The voice sounded familiar, but I couldn't place it. Until we opened the door to our room and Alice was there holding on to Jasper's hair. He didn't look happy, more like in pain.

"Bella! Good you're here, tell my husband, that I need to wear my white stilettos. The one I have on does not match with my gown."

"Alice, I don't think you should be wearing any shoes," Bella said as I placed her on the bed next to Alice.

"First of all, says who? I had this gown made just for this birth, and I am wearing it with those shoes," Alice pointed at the high heeled shoes seating on the couch, "Second, what's with the hair?" Confused by Bella's frantic hair do, she tried to reach over to fix it. I held back my laughter as Bella and Jasper glared at me.

"Sweetie, let's make a deal, which one would you prefer the drugs or the shoes?" Jasper asked calmly. He was truly a genius; of course she will take the drugs. I would.

"I'll take the shoes." She said smiling at her husband.

"Are you sure Alice, this is really painful. I am thinking of taking a double shot." Bella intervened as she patted her hair down.

"Nope, please put on my shoes." Jasper walked over to the couch and grabbed the shoes.

"AHHHHHHHHHH" Alice screamed and the shoes went flying up in the air.

"Sweetie, are you okay?" Jasper looked in pain, like I did when ever Bella would scream.

"No! I am not okay! Where're my shoes!"

"Alice, you need the drugs, please take them!" Jasper shouted back.

Thankfully, the doctor walked in. Bella and I watched the whole episode unfold as the Doctor convinced her to give up the shoes.

"Alice, look I am also going barefoot, it's the new thing." Ah, Bella, she looked so adorable trying to make Alice feel better.

"I never read that," Alice said calmly.

"Well I have. I saw it in the latest baby magazine. It's the new rave in Europe." Bella said smiling at Alice, trying to convince her that a new style had evolved and Alice took the bit.

"That's not true, is it?" I whispered in Bella's ear.

"No, but she does not have to know that." She mumbled as her concentration subsided.

After several hours of screams and hair pulling on Alice's part, Bella was the first to deliver. I kept her calm rubbing her back as she pushed for dear life.

"You're doing well, love. That's it. You're almost there. You can do it. You got it. I'm right here."

"Edward! If you don't shut up I will make sure you won't have any more children. EVER!" Bella shouted, so I stopped the peep talk.

Then, I heard a scream, no longer from Bella, but from a little one.

"Mr. and Mrs. Cullen, you have a beautiful baby girl!" The doctor announced as he hand over our daughter to Bella. I took a look at our daughter, tears filled my eyes. She was the most beautiful thing we had created that night. The night Bella slept over my house after she tried to run away from me, but tripped on her own two feet. That was the happiest night of my life, our second chance at happiness.

"Oh, she is so small. What should we name her Edward?" Bella asked as she kept her eyes on our daughter. A tear rolled down her cheek.

"I don't know? I thought the naming part was your department." I said quietly as I wiped her tears away.

"No. I thought you were looking up the names." She whispered back.

"No, I remembered when you went out and bought that baby book filled with possible names."

"Yes, I know. I bought it so you can find the name."

After several back and forwards of potential names, Alice intervened, "You could name her Isabella!" Yes, personally I liked that name!

"No. Don't like it." Bella said.

"But why, I love your name." I said giving a gently kiss to our nameless daughter.

"I know, but she should be entitled to have her own name."

"I think she will love to have your name" I insisted

"I don't want her to."

"Well I do."

"AHHHHHHHHHwillyou justpickanyfuckingnamealready!" Alice screamed as her contraction kicked in.

"DOCTOR!" Jasper yelled.

Chaos broke out. Alice was screaming as she kept pushing. Jasper kept yelling in pain as she pulled his hair. The nurse running around trying to find the shoes after Jasper tossed it in the air. The doctor struggled to concentrate as Alice kept pulling his hair too.

Then a scream.

"Alice! You can let go of my hair!" Jasper yelled.

"," the doctor said calmly, "Can you please let go of my hair too." Alice looked embarrassed and let go.

"Sorry." She voiced out as she collapse on the bed.

"Mr. and Mrs. Hale you have a beautiful baby girl." Jasper grabbed tight to his daughter as tears ran down his face.

"She's so tiny. She is just like Alice." Jasper mumbled.

"Oh, let me see her" Alice said and for the first time in Alice's life time, she stayed quite for 10 minutes as she starred at her daughter. It was a new world record for her. She even forgot about her shoes.

"I got it! Lily." Alice announced walking everyone up, "Lily Hale! That's it."

"Umm..What about my baby girl?" Bella pouted.

"Don't worry love, I got it." I walked over to her and placed our daughter on her lap, "Eden"

Bella smiled with a tear rolling down her cheek, "It's perfect. It felt like heaven that night we made-"

"Hey hey we have children in here." Jasper interrupted. But she didn't have to say it. I already knew what she meant by it.

"Now we have this little one to show it off." I said wrapped my arms around Bella as she held our daughter tight. We all stayed silent until all the rest of our family joined us. Then Alice remembered her shoes and Bella asked for pancakes.



It's been a month since Eden came home from the hospital. Everyone, especially Marie was excited to meet her. It was truly love at first sight. She loved Eden so much she wanted her to stay in her room; we were all surprised at her request since she never lets anyone stay in her room. However, after several cries from Eden at night, Marie insisted we take her back.

Anthony was also happy to get another sister since he like being a big brother. As for Edward, he was amazing with Eden. He wouldn't even allow me to feed her without him being there. I was pretty sure if he had breast, he would have done it himself.

As for our publishing company, it had been running smoothly even after Eden was born. I was able to work from home while Edward ran back and forth not wanting to miss one single moment of Eden's day. After several runs, we finally installed a web cam in his office so he could see her when ever he wanted to.

Oh and I also ran into Tanya. She tried to hide from me behind the produce department, but I caught her. I introduced her to Eden as she tried to apologize for everything that had happened. Without hearing her out, I forgave her. She was shocked of how easily I had just forgiving her. I was also surprised myself, but I had a long time to think things through and it all made sense, to me at least. Edward thought I was crazy, but things happed for a reason. So I forgave her. When she asked why, I told her that if it wasn't for her I would have never gotten my precious family today. So I thanked her for drugging Edward that night, and asked her to thank her parents for pulling her out of the party. Oh, I also thanked her for Marie. I told her that I thought it was wonderful how she named her daughter after me. She looked puzzled until I example to her that it was my middle name. She didn't look pleased at the news, but I didn't care. I grabbed on to Eden and said goodbye to Tanya as we walked away leaving the past behind us and looking forward our future.

Oh.. and according to Alice, our future looks tickled in pink. Her words not mine.

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