Journey through the Afterlife

A fatal accident had occurred. Was it an accident? Was it sickness? Was it murder? Doesn't matter. You're dead, and your past life is behind you...

That is... until now. Upon reaching your tragic end, you found yourself at a table in a strange dark room with a faint purple light. Soothing jazz music plays in the distance. Around you are many people who appear to be thinking exactly what you are. The confused chatter is interrupted by a dark-skinned man with long dreadlocks and a suit. His presence manages to calm everyone down.

"Welcome to 'The Nile'. My name is Seth. This, my friends, is where you are able to compete to re-enter the land of the living, or the R-" Expected commotion occurred. People had mixed reactions realizing that they were dead. It ends shortly after, as people regained interest in what the mysterious man was saying.

"I invite all of you to play a game with me. The rules are simple..." He takes a long pause and looks over his shoulder. "Very simple..." he says slightly louder. A reaper in a hoodie nervously runs toward the tables and hands a flier to each person. The reaper nods to his superior before leaving your field of view. You glance over his flier while he continues to talk.

"If you decide to join, a mere seven days of gameplay stands between you and your old life. Lose the game, or stay here: the reapers will give you the quick painless gift of erasure. Read the flier carefully. If you're lucky, I'll see you in a week." He smiles and turns around. Now that he finished talking, you begin to pay more attention to your paper.

Welcome, Players, to the Reaper's Game!

Q: How do I play!?

A: Why, it is as simple as any game! At the beginning of each day, listen to the ringing pay phone. Your local Game Master will tell you your day's "Objective". Said "Objective" will have to be completed in a given time.

Q: Game Master!?

A: Ah, apologies. The game master is one of the most important aspects. He will be pitting you and your partner against Noise, puzzles, walls, and... if you get far enough... the Game Master himself (or herself)!

Q: Noise!?

A: Yes, noise! They are strange animals that live in people's heads and erase those without partners. Reapers can also summon them. Trust me, it will make sense in context.

Q: Partners!?

A: You didn't hear wrong! In order to play the fun way, you need to form a pact. Pacts are fun! Pacts allow you to:

*Fight Noise!

*Complete Missions!

*Fill in the gaping hole of your lonely dead heart!

You and your equally confused partner must work together to survive the mean streets of postmortem Manhattan. Otherwise, you're just the next harvest for the Reapers.

Q: Reapers!?

A: Reapers indeed! There are three types of Reapers:

Support reapers, those who are here to help you through the game... or at least hinder you in a nonlethal way.

Harriers, unkind fellows who summon Noise to attack Players.

And the aforementioned Game Master, the final obstacle you'll have to pass to win.

Q: Why would I play this Game? What's in it for me?

A: You can win one of three fabulous prizes!

Reincarnation. Yes, you can get a second chance at life, starting from where you left off. The week leading to your death will be completely forgotten by all members of the living excluding yourself, and life continues until the next time you die. And you can even play again later!

Recruitment. Or, even better, why continue your old life when you can get an eternal one? Winning the game also gives you the choice to join the esteemed ranks of the Reapers! Eternal life, all personal expenses paid for you, and very lenient working hours!

Ascension. You may even become an angel! See your Conductor post-game for details.

With such a fun premise, and so many wonderful opportunities, who wouldn't play through the Game?

*Note: Not all participants qualify for all prizes. See your Conductor for details.

- The Reapers

Well, this sounded fun. You slowly get up, ready to embrace the mysterious world of tomorrow.

Author's Note...

And here it begins. For those of you still wondering about the Second Person Narrative, this story is about submitting your OC's into the Game. As you might have guessed, this doesn't take place in the same setting as the game we are all familiar with. This game will take place in a different city; New York, specifically Manhattan. This is just so the environment feels more familiar to write about and your OC's don't have to interact with canon characters.

Anyway, if you want your OC to be a Player, you will need to fill in the following information...







Your Psych is your weapon of choice (Ex. Shiki uses Mr. Mew, Beat uses a skateboard, etc.). It can be anything you want, just remember that it should be something your character could and would carry around all the time. Also, feel free to put some extra detail into appearance and personality.

In addition, you should Private Message me how your character died, what your character's entrance fee was, or any other things that your character hides. It should be PM'd for the sake of interesting character development. There would be no interesting revelations if everyone could learn everything about all the characters simply by reading the 'Review' menu.

In addition, you can have your OC be a Harrier as well (A Reaper who sicks noise on people, like Uzuki or Kariya) Keep in mind that there should be more Players than Harriers. If you wish to make a Harrier, just send me information that you would make for a Player, but instead of a Psych, just choose a fighting style (a weapon, beamspam, fists, etc). You don't need to PM me, unless your Harrier has hidden depths and motives as well. I will be creating Reaper Officers, the Conductor, the Composer, and the Producer.

Well, begin submitting your characters and good luck... The UG can be a dangerous place.