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Chapter 1:

"I'm not going."

Lelouch Lamperouge announced to his company for the second time that night, glancing back at his reflection critically as though something wasn't quite right.

And when something was not quite right, the perfectionist Lelouch Lamperouge was not happy.

The young man stared at his reflection in the mirror, running his fingers through dark ebony strands before readjusting his tie around his neck for the fifth time in the past ten minutes.

He glanced at his reflection again, looking at himself wearing the dark framed glasses, light purple button up shirt with the black tie and dress pants. He turned to his side, noting his skinny form in the mirror. Lelouch sighed heavily before turning to his companion who was settled comfortably on the vast amount of pillows and cheese-kun plushies she had acquired from around the house and the fandom shop that unfortunately for Lelouch, was close enough for her to walk to. Really unfortunately, especially with his credit card in her hands.

The woman looked up at him from his bed, amber eyes staring at him lazily from where she was perched. She glanced through the Pizza Hut menu as she let out a deep sigh of exasperation.

"Yes. Yes, you are."

She stated matter-of-factly, flinging her green hair behind her left shoulder and readjusting the strap of her dress.

No one really knew what to make of the green haired girl, especially at Ashford Publications, the magazine company at which Lelouch Lamperouge was the Assistant Editor of the Journalist Department to Milly Ashford, the daughter of the company's president.

The company was located in the bustling and busy city of Tokyo, Japan.

Busy streets, heavy traffic, shops after shops and businesses after businesses, the city never rested. The company, especially the magazine 'Cosmolate' to which Lelouch worked for, was very successful.

C.C. was an interesting individual. To say the least.

She was employed as a Modeling Consultant and would cater to the needs of the high end models the company hired for photo shoots. Kallen Kozuki, Viletta Nu and Kaguya Sumeragi were three of the most popular models to date and were often featured in the magazine's pages.

C.C. would deal with the dozens of models daily and would then lounge on Lelouch's couch in his office until he left for home at the end of the day, sometimes as late as two in the morning.

As long as he supplied her with pizza, she wouldn't complain too much. Of course, that did not mean she would not humor herself by tormenting and teasing him from time to time.

When they got home, she would take over his bed and that was it. Some said she was his lover. Others said he owed her a debt. In truth, she was his best friend and a personal pest, and had one day declared she was moving in and that was that.

Lelouch didn't argue the fact and his sister Nunnally did not mind having another girl in the house either. She was more than happy about C.C. moving in, it was like she had a sister, or so she claimed. Yeah, some sister, Lelouch had thought. A pizza devouring lazy ass sister with a tongue that knew exactly what to say to get the best of him, a talent not too many people had.

"I don't see why you would care if I went or not. It's not a big deal. And besides, I have work to do." He replied, loosening his tie. She stood up and approached him, the mid thigh golden dress that she wore swaying as she walked, her bare feet pacing evenly over the crimson carpet.

C.C. swatted his hands away from the tie and fixed it into place again as she spoke, "You will go. Milly is expecting you as you know. If you're not there she will march down here and will drag you by your hair whether you like it or not. You are a workaholic and you need to get out and let yourself have a break… Who knows, maybe you will meet someone. I think you need to, seeing as how you are twenty three and are still a virgin."

She spoke monotonously as always, a knowledgeable smirk settling on her face now barely containing laughter at her last point.

Lelouch snorted, before picking up his jacket from the back of his desk chair, slightly distraught that she went as far as to keep tabs on his sex life…

…Though, he knew he shouldn't be surprised in the least.

She finished fixing his tie and he turned to leave. "Let's go. I would rather be tortured there than have to listen to another one of your speeches. Yes, I do have sexual interest and no, I am not a gay man who loves to dote on his sister."

C.C. smirked but said nothing as Lelouch's whispered rather bitterly.

"Besides, like I need someone special in my life." He was heading for the door of his bedroom.

C.C. just smirked to herself. Lelouch was too interesting for his own good. The boy did manage to keep her quite entertained.

And getting under his skin with a simple comment was too hard to pass up.

"Let's go witch."


Suzaku Kururugi sat at the hotel's bar, drink in hand as he let out a sigh.

He was glancing around the room at the hundreds of employees who were attending the party to celebrate the magazine's success. He had never seen half of them before, even though he had been employed there about three years. He really only knew the employees whom worked in his department, the Communication's Assistance for Ashford Publication's 'Cosmolate'.

And some models, of course.

His best friend and fellow coworker, Gino Weinberg, sat next to him going on and on about just how much he didn't understand women. And when Gino said women, he meant a certain red head with a temper to match the size of her bust.

Suzaku was not really paying attention. He was more interested in seeking out someone he could talk to besides Gino for tonight. And of course, finding one or two, maybe six, people to hit on.

Models. Definitely models. Or someone who looked like they could be a model.

Suzaku was known for his womanizing reputation by pretty much everyone who knew him. Gino often joked that he had a little black book he would assign a name to for each day of the week, month, year. He had a different target every day, or so it seemed.

What man in their right mind would blame him? Getting close to attractive people, sleeping with them after promising them the world, listening to them profess their undying love and devotion, and just as things seemed to be going better than ever possible, dumping them. Too much attachment would lead him to ruin if he wasn't careful.

Well, so much for that. Time to scope his newest target. He would find someone tonight, flirt and cajole (his expertise) and start with the beginning steps in the expert game of seduction: choose a target, make a move, send mixed signals, and as always, create temptation. No more sitting around wasting time.

Suzaku Kururugi was back in.


Suzaku resumed glancing around the room and spotted Kallen Kozuki, the firey readheaded model whom Gino was still talking about. The blonde haired male had yet to notice her, as to be expected. Gino was not always the brightest and most observant. His mouth made up for that fact.

Kallen sported a low cut black dress and black heels, which added length to her legs and accentuated her bust. She really was damn good looking. She was talking to Milly Ashford and her friends Shirley Fenette and Nina Einstein. If Gino wasn't his best friend, so god help him, Suzaku would be screwing Kallen Kozuki whenever, wherever. But because he really REALLY was a god damned great friend, he would settle for finding another target.

Kallen was feisty, it was the only logical way to describe her without getting your head ripped off. Suzaku had always gotten along with her, having been one of the first people to get on her 'You don't make me want to kick you in the balls, I can tolerate you' a.k.a. 'Kallen's good side'.

They were good friends and by good friends, it meant she preferred to bitch to Suzaku about whatever she was upset about. She would stomp into his office, slam the door, throw off her shoes and sit on his desk while he worked from time to time. Let the bitching commence he always thought to himself with a smirk. And of course, he could always check her out while she bitched. No harm in looking, right?

"And I tell you, I don't know why women don't seem the least bit interested in—"

"Gino." Suzaku cut in, taking another drink from his bottle of beer.

Curious blue eyes glanced over into Suzaku's emerald ones. Gino was already half drunk, Suzaku could tell just by the way he was sitting and talking. Talking… he talked enough while he was sober and unfortunately his mouth moved twice as fast when he was drunk. God, talking on and on, and of course bringing up Euphie too. Damn moron. She was the past now. Even having a conversation about politics might be more interesting.

"Hmmm? What's up?" Gino asked, signaling for the bartender to get him another drink to add to his growing collection of bottles.

"Kallen's here." Suzaku said to him, immediately noticing Gino's eyes lighten up before he glanced over to her as the bartender placed the uncapped bottle on the counter.

"Hey! Kallen!" He shouted to her, heads turning in their direction from all the distraction Gino was creating. Some guests snickered to themselves, others looked confused. He could see Milly Ashford's catlike grin spread across her face as she drummed her fingers on Kallen's shoulder.

Suzaku laughed to himself as he noticed Kallen wince at her name being shouted and then glared with a look to kill over at Gino, who was still grinning with delight, oblivious to her murderous intentions.

"Come here! I have to talk to you about something!" He continued on. She quickly walked over to them as she ignored the stares she received, whacking Gino in the head, blue eyes gleaming dangerously with murderous intentions.

Murderous intentions that always turned into 'I'm going to fuck you tonight, moron' intentions.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?! You don't just shout at people to get their attention! Suzaku, good to see you but get the hell out of here. I need to talk with this fucking idiot."

Gino's grin widened and he laughed whole heartedly. Suzaku took that as a perfectly good reason to leave, standing up as Kallen took his seat before continuing her lecture to the still grinning Gino. Had he not moved, Suzaku would have been thrown off of his bar stool by the angry woman herself. Best stay on her good side.

He paid his tab and thanked the cute, young bartender with a wink and a smile, her face turning bright red, before he walked around the party and sat down at one of the empty tables near the entrance, against the wall, determined to be alone for awhile while he looked for someone to possibly hit on. Suzaku chose best when he was not being disturbed by someone he was not interested in screwing. Not that he minded friendly conversation. This, however, was just more important at a time like this.

Emerald eyes glanced around, noticing a flash of green by the door that caught his attention. A green haired woman had just walked in, dragging someone with her. He had never seen either of them before. The man with her was good looking.

Really, really good looking in Suzaku's opinion.

And really pissed off for that matter.

Gender was never a concern with Suzaku when it came to dating someone, as long as they met the criteria: sexy, good looking and interesting. The green haired woman looked at him, as though detecting his stare on her companion. Suzaku smirked before slowly looking away when he realized it appeared she had realized he was indeed staring.

The man had sat down at a table near the door while the woman wandered over to the buffet, grabbing a plate and piling the buffet pizza onto it. Time to create a plan, Suzaku thought as he watched her from the corner of his eye.

Suzaku pondered just exactly how he could approach them without appearing too obvious. He glanced from the green haired woman who had sat down at the table and started eating the pizza she had picked up. His gaze traveled over to the other. Skinny form, pale, smooth skin. Ebony hair and amethyst eyes. Sexy black framed glasses. There was just something about him that screamed sex appeal.

An indirect approach, he thought to himself. Why not just head over to the table and strike up a conversation. Bring a few drinks to lighten up the introduction.

Suzaku walked back over to the bar, ordering a few drinks from the blushing bartender as he stood, resting his elbows on the bar top and resting his chin on his hands, sending another seductive smile her way. She set the drinks on a tray and thanked him again as he headed over to the table his target sat at.

The brunette weaved his way through the crowd as he approached them, noticing an irritated look on the attractive male's face as he spoke to the green haired girl who had already devoured three slices of pizza.

"Sorry to interrupt." Suzaku said with a genuine smile as he approached them and set the tray with the drinks down on the table, the pair glancing at him curiously. "I just thought you both looked a bit bored over here and I couldn't help but to come over. I brought drinks." An innocent and friendly smile to seal the introduction deal.

C.C. nodded in approval and Suzaku took a seat next to his target, careful not to sit too close or too distant. Too close would indicate he was up to something. Sitting too far away would make him appear guarded. "I'm Suzaku Kururugi by the way."

"C.C." she muttered through a mouthful of pizza. "And Lelouch." She introduced the other, nodding her head in his direction.

"I've never seen you before." Lelouch said, striking up a conversation with their new company. "I'm guessing you work here."

"Yeah, in Communications. You work here too? I'd think I would remember a face like yours. Let me guess, modeling?"

Lelouch's face turned pink at his comment, his violet eyes looking towards his hands in his lap, trying not to look at the attractive brunette. He coughed slightly. "Not a model. I'm Milly's Assistant Editor. Might as well be her Personal Blackmailed Editor with the way she gets me to do her dirty work." He let out a sigh of defeat.

"He likes being taken advantage of." C.C. chuckled as she finished the last bite of her slice, Lelouch glaring at her.

"Don't say stupid things like that, witch…" he muttered as she stood up and headed back to the table, smirking at Suzaku when Lelouch wasn't looking at her.

She is definitely a smart one. And quick to play along. Suzaku thought as he nodded in thanks in her direction, returning his glance back to Lelouch.

"I have got to tell you. I have never seen eyes your color before." Suzaku said to Lelouch, emerald eyes locked onto his amethyst ones. "With your hair color and body structure, I would say you are a pure Britannian aren't you?"

"Mmhmm. How did you know?" Lelouch asked, trying to act calm. This one definitely was after him…

"I can tell… Britannians usually have lighter skin. And their eye color varies too. Plus, I find the variations really attractive, especially ones who have unique features such as yours." Another pass at him, followed by more blushing on Lelouch's part.

"Thanks." Lelouch replied, not sure what else to say.

Suzaku leaned back in his chair. This was going better than planned. "So tell me about yourself…"

Five hours later, the time neared two am. C.C. had taken to conversing with Milly and Shirley, while keeping an eye on Lelouch and Suzaku. Both men sat at the table, laughing and having a good time. The green haired woman smirked to herself, finding it difficult to remember the last time she saw Lelouch smile and drop his guard with anyone other than her and Nunnally. Too interesting… she thought to herself.

"Here's my number, call it anytime." Suzaku said with a flirtatious grin on his face, handing the slip of paper to Lelouch. "I was thinking. You and I could maybe go out tomorrow for lunch, if you are free that is."

Lelouch accepted the paper that the other held out to him, writing his own down before passing it to the brunette. "Yeah, that sounds good." He replied.

"Great! It's a date!" Suzaku suggested flirtatiously, gently taking a hold of Lelouch's left hand and placing a kiss on top of it, peering up into violet eyes as he did. "I had a great time tonight. See you tomorrow." He spoke with the trademark Suzaku grin on his face before heading towards the exit, waving goodbye to Gino and Kallen mauling each other in the corner. Target chosen. Interest gained. Time to play the seduction cards and get the game started.


"You have a man crush, gay boy." C.C. sneered at Lelouch as they walked home down the city streets..

"I do not!" he retorted as a blush spread across his face yet again.

That seemed to be happening way too much tonight, thanks to a certain brown haired green eyed sexyman named Suzaku Kururugi.

"Suzaku is just an acquaintance I happen to be able to tolerate." He chose to look at the city, suddenly very interested in looking at anything possible but the woman walking beside him.

"Acquaintance my ass. You never EVER have given out your phone number and address to anyone before. Nor do you EVER talk to anyone for more than a half an hour. Yet you talked with him for the whole six hours we were there nonstop. And you actually laughed! Just admit it, you are smitten with this boy. Not that I can blame you, he is attractive and a class A flirt after all. He had you totally speechless more than once."

Yes, C.C. was getting too much enjoyment out of teasing Lelouch.

"He's an idiot, that's all." Lelouch mumbled to himself more than her. "What were you doing… watching me?"

"Flirtzaku totally has big plans for you tomorrow, gay boy." C.C. said blatantly, a grin spreading across her face as she turned down the street their apartment was on, ignoring his question.

"Someone is hoping to get to know you better in more ways than one. Turn you over onto your stomach while you're on your knees begging for more."

Lelouch stammered, violet eyes widening in disgust, completely sickened by the fact she could talk so openly about 'that'.

"Or maybe he's the type to fuck you the other way, on your back with your legs wrapped around his back, fingers scratching and leaving red marks as you scream his name."

She laughed as he covered his ears, trying to drown out her descriptions and the images they were forming.

"Who knows? We will see. He's a master at this though, I can tell just by looking at him. So he will probably take his time with you. But one can only hold back for so long. And you are too smitten to deny him the pleasure of fucking you senseless. Maybe he is your one true love."

She continued to cajole Lelouch, who was too lost in thought to pay attention to her as they reached their destination, even as she unlocked the door to their two story apartment. She continued on until they reached the second floor and he slammed the bathroom door, hoping to god after he did not wake up his poor sister or Sayoko, Nunnally's personal nurse. C.C. stepped out of the dress, clad only in white panties and a lacey bra. She laid herself down in bed, and pulled the covers up over her shoulders.

Yep, way to interesting for his own good she thought as she set their alarm for eight a.m. for another day of work.

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