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Milly Ashford sat perched on Lelouch's office desk, her arms folded underneath her bust, her left leg crossed over her right in just a way that made her black skirt slide up her thigh just enough to attract even the gayest man. Lelouch, however, simply stared hard at her with his deep amethyst eyes, unamused and unaffected by her devilish charm.

She smirked as she leaned forward as he sat in his desk chair in front of her, pouting as it appeared.

"Are you done staring at me? I have work to do if you don't mind." He snapped at her, glaring with violet eyes.

"Now, now Lulu. Play nice. I only want a few details from you, you know you can't keep them from me for long. And I won't make you tell me everything as an added favor to you… Just where you went on your date and how it went... is he good in bed… how big is his co—"

"Milly!" Lelouch shrieked, simply speechless at such intimate questions. Milly asked for measurements and for sex details as though she was asking "How is the weather?" "Do I have a meeting today?" He buried his face into his hands as he let out a sigh as the room went silent.

The sound of the blonde haired woman clearing her throat brought him back from his thoughts, alerting him that someone still wanted details and would not leave until she got them. She smiled sweetly at him when he looked up, trying his best not to strangle her.

"Fine, damn woman. You are almost as bad as C.C. for the record. And I don't know why you assume I slept with him. First of all, there was no sex! We went to lunch today at a fancy place to eat, talked and got to know each other. He paid. Got back, made out for a bit and then you came pounding on the damn door. You happy?"

"Oooh! Vague details but still enough to figure out that my dear sweet Lulu is falling for a sexy man! Who would have guessed." She cheered, standing from his desk and adjusting her skirt. She patted him on the shoulder as he turned to glare at her. "I suppose I will let you work seeing as how I'm satisfied enough…for now."

He watched her walk to the door, her hand on the door knob before she opened it, turning to look at him again with the cunning expression that signified she was surely up to no good. "Oh Lelouuchhh.." She chanted as he continued to glare at her.

"What now?" He asked impatiently. "I thought you were leaving me to work." He said as he signaled for her to leave the door.

"Just one more little bitty question of course…" Milly said sweetly as she pinched her fingers, leaving little space between them.

"…And what would that be?"

She grinned at him, twirling a strand of blonde hair around her index finger and crossing one leg over another, leaning against the wall to the left of the door. "Are you suuureee you don't know how big his c-"

"OUT!" Lelouch shouted, pointing towards the door as the blonde left giggling as she closed the door to his office. He slumped back into the seat, shaking his head as he could hear Milly singing down the hallway "Suza and Lulu, sitting in the tree, F-U-C-K-I-N-G…" He whimpered in shame that this woman was actually his boss and of course that she was letting the entire fifth floor know of his new relationship. He heard someone choke on whatever it was they were drinking at the wrong moment, followed by Shirley and Rivalz whimpering 'Pres!' in an attempt to get her to stop exploiting Lelouch.

"Why do I put up with you Milly?" he asked no one, shaking his head before getting back to work.

No sooner after the doors had opened, Gino had practically yanked Suzaku out of the elevator, a wide grin spread across his face, blue eyes glimmering in curiousity. Suzaku smirked, placing a hand on his shoulder for a moment before he walked by heading back to his office.

"Whaaaa?! You aren't even going to say anything?!" Gino practically shouted after him, jogging to catch up to the brunette. "C'mon! You can't keep all the dirty details from me Suzaku!"

They reached his office door and Suzaku unlocked it with his key, turning the knob and flicking on the light switch as he walked in, setting his coat on the chair to his left. Gino followed him in, still mumbling to himself about Suzaku being a tease even around his best friend.

Gino closed the door behind him before leaning against the desk Suzaku pulled out a chair to. "Soooooo?" he questioned again, face twisted in curiosity as though he would die if he wasn't given information in the next second.

Suzaku chuckled, turning towards him. "It went exactly as planned. Perfect lunch, plenty of flirting and of course a nice little make out session on top of that." A broad grin spread across Gino's face.

"You really are an expert at this aren't you?" He leaned forward, paying more interest that he ever did in the company meetings. "So what's next? You going to sleep with him?"

Suzaku ran a hand through brown curls, closing his eyes and sighing. "Not yet. That would ruin everything I worked so hard to plan out Gino. If you want this plan to work, you need to put in at least three months dating time and trust gaining before you go for the kill. Next is getting close to his sister."

"Ooohh, going straight for the family eh? That's deep."

The brunette smiled at his best friend. "But of course, getting into the good graces of someone that close to him is bound to impact his trust. And once you have that, you can go for it after a few more steps in this little game."

Gino watched Suzaku lean back in his chair before pulling out his cell phone and setting it on his desk. "I have got to hand it to you Suzaku, it takes a gifted person to be able to do that. I know I couldn't pull it off. I mean really, how many hearts have you broken so far after promising them the world?" he laughed.

"Hmmm, but it works out good. And I love the fact that it works every time, with no strings attached." He spoke, green eyes meeting humored blue. "I don't think I could ask for any better set up, really."

"I got another question…" Gino asked, Suzaku looking at him again as he turned his computer on, typing in the password as the screen flashed on. "It may seem like a negative thought, but don't you ever worry it will catch up with you one day? I mean, won't you feel as though you passed up the 'one true love' deal for a life of 'fuck then forget'?"

Suzaku laughed, clicking on the icon that directed him to the company's internet site. "No, not really. I don't need some 'special person' in my life. I would rather keep playing the field as I have been for years. I mean why do people seem to believe they need that love, companionship and trust? Without deep emotional ties you can get what you want and then move on to whoever you want to next. It's perfect really."

"I would think the same if I had not met Kallen…she's beyond amazing Suzaku…" A sigh came from the brunette's mouth.

"Don't go getting all mushy and romantic on me now."

Gino laughed, grinning from ear to ear. "I wont, I wont. I am going to laugh one day when you fall for someone and get this feeling too. And I have a feeling that Lelouch may be that someone, eh? Attractive, smart and someone who you seem to be paying a lot of attention to already. And from what I have heard, he is quite difficult to land and has quite the cunning attitude."

"I pay attention to all the people I am trying to get in bed. It's not going to happen. And as for Lelouch, he may be a challenge but I like a thrilling chase every now and again and I already told you-"

A knock at his office door interrupted their conversation. Suzaku stood up, adjusting his tie and opening the door.

"Director Todoh. How can I help you?" he greeted his boss in a professional manner, nodding his head in acknowledgement.

Todoh's expression was always focused as though he was analyzing every situation he encountered. This time was no different. "I need to borrow Mr. Weinberg from you. He seems to have forgotten the meaning of work. I would hate to have to fire a young man with so much potential…"

"Mmhmmm, sure. No problem at all." Suzaku spoke as Gino smiled sheepishly at his boss. He nudged Suzaku in the arm jokingly before leaving the room.

As long as things continued as they were, Lelouch would submit to him in a matter of weeks, trusting him and falling face first for his charming manner. A smirk played across the tan male's face as he glanced at his computer, picking up the phone to dial the first business number he had to deal with for the afternoon.

Shirley Fennette had a reputation for being a sweet, pretty young girl. She had a friendly manner about her that many seemed to be drawn to and would do anything to help her friends and loved ones. It was almost a given that when Suzaku contacted her a week after they first met to give him some help, that she would never say no.

She met him the following Sunday afternoon on her day off at the little café downtown. She waved, smiling as he arrived and joined her at the table she had grabbed for the two of them.

"Hey Shirley, sorry I am late." He greeted her. "I was helping Gino get ready for his big date with Kallen tonight and then Lelouch called. I was talking to him and just lost track of time."

"Its fine Suzaku, no worries!" She spoke cheerfully. "It's so cute the way you talk about Lelouch."

"I'm glad you could make it today. I really could use your help." Suzaku said as he stirred the dark coffee in front of him, blowing on the steaming liquid to cool it a little before taking a sip.

"I am more than happy to help you out. Now, what is it you need help with?" She asked curiously, stirring her own latte, bright green eyes glancing into emerald eyes.

Suzaku set his cup down, glancing around the full coffee shop before looking back at her. "Well you see, I want to plan a perfect date for Lelouch with everything he likes. We have gone out quite a lot of times since we met but I want to make a really special date he will just love."

The red haired woman smiled at him, laughing sweetly. "Oh Suzaku that is so adorable! I love that you are going to do that for Lelouch! Well lets see…" She searched her bag, pulling out a small piece of paper and a pink pen, tapping it at her lip thoughtfully. "Oh I know! He loves trying new foods, sometimes going out sometimes staying in and just relaxing. He is always up for pretty much anything, just no sports!" She laughed. "He has such poor stamina. You should have seen Lulu in physical education class in high school."

"Let me guess, he tried to find every way imaginable to skip out?"

She laughed, brushing her red hair behind her shoulder. "Of course. That's Lulu for you. So where were you planning on going for this date? You have any ideas?"

"I was thinking one of his favorite places but I don't know where exactly. Do you know anywhere that's special to him?"

"…Well I shouldn't be saying anything but Lelouch used to go to the beach every summer with his mother and Nunnally before his mom passed away. He always says he's not much of an outdoors type person but he told me once that he still loves the beach and has not been to one in years."

A sullen look crossed the brunettes features as he looked at his cup. "He told me his mom passed away but didn't want to talk about her or his dad when I asked about him."

"It's tough for Lulu to talk about that. He was so close to her, just like he is Nunnally. His dad just never cared. But I think he would really like it to go to one, and many of them have bars you could go to too. Milly and I have gone out a few times and they are always a lot of fun!"

"That's a great idea. Thanks so much for your help Shirley. I really appreciate it."

Suzaku gave her a genuine smile to which she laughed heartedly. They finished their coffees before heading their separate ways. As the brunette walked down the busy street he glanced at the paper in his hand, smirking to himself. This was getting good.

Another key factor in Seduction: Plan a perfect night filled with all the things your target loves.

Suzaku Kururugi could say he liked his new particular challenge, Lelouch Lamperouge. In the time he had gotten to know him, he had discovered quite a bit about the ebony haired male. Said male was in no way stupid and easy to get. He soon realized just how wrong he was to assume such a thing about Lelouch. He quickly learned what a sharp wit and tongue the other male had, and learned the hard way that Lelouch could hold his own in a battle of mind games. Lelouch really was the new thrill Suzaku had been looking for, in more ways than just his good looks. He found himself enjoying the playful banter that often ensued, the guessing game he found himself in every time he met up with the other, the time he spent with him. It made the game more thrilling and the desire even greater than he had ever faced. An added bonus of the blush that he could still manage to bring out on the others face every time he wanted to.

"Here are your drinks. Can I get you two anything else?" The young bartender asked as she set their drinks on the bar. She smiled kindly at Suzaku and Lelouch as they sat at bar outdoors on the pier of the bar and restaurant they had their dinner at. Sushi to be exact. Suzaku's planned date, complete with a red rose, and a perfect evening with a perfect view. Suzaku really knew how to plan a perfect night, with the help of a close friend of the other of course.

"No thanks, were good for now." Lelouch answered, offering a friendly smile back. She nodded and left them to continue their night.

"So I am pretty sure you did say I could meet your sister this weekend, right?" The brunette asked, smirking at the other sitting across the table, leaning forward slightly and giving his best seductive grin.

"Maybe I changed my mind." Lelouch's reply was almost instant as he smirked back with equal cunning. "Though your valiant attempts of getting on my good side so I'll invite you over this weekend by taking me to my favorite restaurant and ocean spot is duly noted."

"You make me sound like an evil man with nothing but cruel intentions. Don't you know me and trust me by now?" Suzaku joked, tilting his glass at him slightly before taking another drink. Though cruel intentions may be my motive. He thought to himself. I didn't think you would be so difficult to persuade. I had expected to meet her a few days after our first date but he turned me down. I suppose he poses a good challenge for me. Plus he's hot, cunning and fun to toy around with…

Lelouch glared teasingly in Suzaku's direction, laughing quietly. "Oh I know your intentions Suzaku, although you are caring, gentle, seductive, sexy and attractive rolled up into one package, your intentions are not the purest." He whispered seductively, leaning across the table to capture Suzaku's mouth with his own.

Suzaku could taste the sweet alcohol on his mouth as he moved one hand to the back of the other's head, threading his fingers through ebony hair and pulling him closer to deepen the kiss. Lelouch parted his mouth slightly to allow Suzaku's tongue to explore his mouth before he pulled back.

"Well I can say your intentions are not so pure either Lelouch. You bring out that side of me when you pull stunts like that, which are quite frequent might I add."

Lelouch laughed, a pleased smile crossing his face before Suzaku stood and took his hand, leading him off of the pier and onto the beach front towards the shoreline. The sky was a deep black with stars shining brightly, the warm breeze from the ocean leaving a calm sensation in its wake. Walking through the sand, Suzaku walked towards the water's edge where the sand turned dark brown from the water's effect on it. He sat down a few feet away from it and beckoned the other to join him.

A suspicious look crossed Lelouch's face as he adjusted his black framed glasses. "…what?" he asked, violet eyes glancing curiously at his companion.

"Just come here, please." Suzaku answered, beckoning him again with a hand gesture. He gave him a genuine smile. "…for me?"

Lelouch sighed heavily before walking over to the brunette, glaring down at his emerald eyes. A sudden yelp escaped his mouth as Suzaku pulled him into his lap, adjusting their positions so his back rested against Suzaku's chest. The brunette pressed his face into his neck, placing small kisses across the flawless pale skin.

The other could feel the heat rising from his face in both embarrassment and although he hated to admit it, attraction. Closing his eyes, he turned his head to his left to meet Suzaku's lips in another kiss before resting his head on Suzaku's shoulder, enjoying the embrace of the other.

After a few moments of silence, Suzaku spoke softly. "…Lelouch…?" he asked.

"Hmmmm?" The other replied as he glanced at the other with softened eyes.

"Are you really not going to let me meet Nunnally?"

Lelouch glared at him playfully before speaking. "Well, if I don't let you it appears I will die from being nagged to death by you and Nunnally. C.C. drives me crazy as it is."

Suzaku squeezed him in perfectly played out excitement, laughing. "You know I can't wait to meet your little sister. So when's the day?"

"How about Saturday night for dinner at my place. I will cook and handle dinner. She really enjoys company, so I am sure she will absolutely adore you." Suzaku grinned at him before kissing him, making the other blush as always.

"Just like you adore me, ne? I'm glad I have finally been deemed worthy of meeting the infamous Nunnally Lamperouge herself… Saturday night it is then." He spoke before kissing him yet again.

Hook, line and sinker. Next step in the game, meeting the sister.

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