She had harbored feelings for him for a long time. Every world meeting, watching him on his computer or reading idly while her parents and brother fought. The way he said her name was her favorite. Seišellid. The way he'd give her a curt nod if they passed each other during breaks, or when she was checking up on Toris while he was there. Oh, she knew all about him. Toris would mutter things about when he was little to himself. She would bandage him carefully while he spoke to himself, cleaning his wounds and hearing him say his brothers' names, almost to remind himself of who he was.

Today was a particularly bad day for Toris. He fell into her arms and into her house after she flung the door open for him. He was coated in his own blood, he was coughing copius amounts of the crimson liquid in fine sprays on himself and her. He was covered in deep cuts, and she was fairly certain he had broken a few things as well.

She needed help this time. She couldn't help him on her own.

She couldn't reach Feliks for the first time in years. Her parents were busy with other matters, she was sure. She would never forgive herself if she even considered calling Raivis, his youngest brother, who's heart-- and sanity-- were very clearly on his sleeve. She had to call him.

She couldn't hesitate. Toris' life might've been in the balance of the phonecall. Her fingers flew across the keys, crushing the phone to her ear as it began to ring.


"Estonie?" she asked, her voice shaking as she held Toris carefully, the phone in her other hand.

"Seišellid? Is something wrong?"

"Look, I need your help on something. Toris came to me, and he's...he's in terrible shape. I can usually help him on my own, I just..." her voice trailed off as she nearly dropped the phone. "Toris!? T-Toris? Toris, stay with me," she said desperately, shaking him gently and trying to keep him conscious. "Please, Eduard," she begged, "I don't think he's got much time left."

"I'll be right there. Try...try to keep him stable."

She hung up the phone at that, hearing his voice beginning to shake as well. She held Toris close to her, mumbling over and over again that Feliks and his brothers needed him to stay alive and get better. It seemed to keep him talking, until she heard a knock at her door. She very carefully laid him down.

"I'll be right back...stay awake for me, bonbon," she said worriedly, rushing to the door. She didn't care that she was now soaked in far too much of Toris' blood, she just knew he was running out of time quickly. She opened the door quickly, motioning the taller nation in hurriedly, motioning towards her now white-and-red couch.

"I...I ah, I didn't know what else to do," she said, barely keeping herself together as she watched one of her closest friends beginning to cough weakly once again. "I called a-an ambulence right after I called you," her voice was now strained, watching Eduard quietly talk to the dying man. She heard sirens outside, relieved that she'd left the door open. The paramedics ran in with a gurney, moving Eduard and Sey to the side to get to Toris. She subconsciously leaned against him, still holding back tears while she tried to look away from the scene in front of her.

"S...Seišellid," he said slowly. "Tänan sind, Seišellid," he finally managed. She nodded before hearing Toris cry out, instantly burrowing closer to Eduard in an attempt to shun the sound and the sight. She felt him tense and jump from her touch, though after a moment he began fidgeting nervously. Debating whether to try to console her.

"I...Is he going to be okay?" she squeaked out, wincing every time she heard something rip or Toris yell. Eduard carefully wrapped his arms around her uncertainly, patting her back awkwardly.

"I'm sure he'll be fine...jah, fine," he said carefully. "He's been through worse...he'll be okay soon," he said, more to himself than Sey. He tightened his hold on her slightly, knowing it was probably hard for the young woman to be around her friend in such pain. She held onto him tighter, closing her eyes tightly to try and escape her own mental images. "Hei," he said softly. She looked up at him, tilting her head a bit. "I promise he'll be alright," he said, nodding firmly.

"H-he always is in the end," she said, nodding as well and smiling weakly. She felt comforted and safe, not letting go of Eduard as the paramedics wheeled Toris out. He held her for a collective moment, the two gathering strength from the silence between them. "Go with him to the hospital," she said, pulling away from the warm embrace slowly.

"You should go. You saved his life, Seišellid. He'll want to thank you when he wakes up," he said slowly, letting go of her and letting his arms rest at his sides awkwardly. She shook her head firmly.

"He is your brother, Estonie. go be with him," she said, suddenly sure of herself.

"But I need to tell Läti what's ha--" she silened him by standing on her toes, kissing his cheek softly. He tensed, flushing and averting his eyes, looking in another direction as he willed the rising color in his face away.

"Non. I'll go be with Raivis for a bit, he doesn't need to know how poor Toris' condition is," she replied sternly. "He should just have some company, someone to be around him while You're watching over Toris."

"'re right, Läti doesn't... doesn't need to know," he said, his tone resigned. He forced a small smile. "Thank you. I need to... well, catch up with them before they leave...."

"Go, Eduard," she said, smiling back weakly. "Keep me posted, okay?"

"Of course," he said, nodding politely and leaving her standing in her living room. First order of business before going to care for Raivis: shower and a fresh dress.