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The past few days had become unbearably awkward. Upon request, Eduard had driven Sey home. The car ride had been uncomfortable, Sey fidgeting with her dress and looking out of the window as she tried to ignore that her feelings for Eduard were now definitely out there to him. That had been hard to think about.

Sey casually stepped out of her shower about a week after the incident, her thoughts mostly focused on when Toris would wake up. She shook her wet hair out a bit, a well-defined curl sticking stubbornly out of the rest of the long, wavy mop. She wrapped a fluffy towel around herself, walking into her living room and looking around idly. She jumped slightly as she heard the doorbell ring, walking up to the door and clutching the top of her towel so it wouldn't fall. She opened the door, not really caring who was behind it.

She suddenly wished she had cared who was behind it.

"A-ah! B-bonjou, Estonie," she squeaked, opening the door wider and stepping aside to allow him in. He blinked a few times, his cheeks flushing a faint pink as he stepped into her house. She closed the door behind him. "What brings you here?" she asked, trying to be casual.

"Just… just, ah, thought you might've heard something about Toris," he said, stumbling over his words as he tried to avoid looking at the woman whose only clothing was a short towel.

These odd moments were definitely something else.

"No…actually, I haven't…desole," she murmured, walking over to him slowly. She bit her lip, smiling as he accidentally bumped into the door. "Ah, Estonie, it feels like it's been a very long time since we last spoke," she said, suddenly much closer than she had been a moment before. She looked up at him, reaching up and placing a hand lightly on his chest, feeling the fabric of his shirt beneath her slender fingers.

"S…Sey, what are you—" she cut him off, standing on her toes and kissing him on the lips. He tensed, though relaxed into it a bit nervously. She kissed him harder, her other hand at the side of his hand, weaving through his hair. He hesitantly began to kiss back, much to her delight. She traced his lower lip with her tongue, smiling into the kiss as his mouth opened for her. Her normally hidden curl bounced while she slid her tongue into his mouth.

They broke apart when air was needed, panting and trying to catch their breaths. He looked at her, his lips hovering above hers. She took the opportunity to kiss him again, pushing him lightly against the door, both hands now on his shoulders as she kissed him fiercely. She gasped as she felt a sudden flood of cold air down her back. She pulled away from him for a moment, tilting her head curiously.

"C-cold," she murmured, snuggling closer to him. He froze before realizing it must've been freezing to her. It was relatively cool in her house, and she was…well, naked. His lips drawn in a tight, thin line out of pure self-control, he slid his jacket off; carefully helping her put it on. She smiled appreciatively, keeping it tightly around herself. "Merci beaucoup," she said happily.

She made an 'I'll be right back' motion and slipped out of the room, going into her bedroom for a few minutes before realizing she was staring blankly at a tropicbird orchid for at least five minutes, though it felt like an hour to her as she crashed back to Earth at the sound of a certain Estonian clearing his throat from her doorway.

"Sey…? Are you alright?" he asked, stepping into the room and observing her carefully. She nodded slowly, pausing for a moment and shaking her head. He blinked at her in confusion.

"I'm…okay," she said carefully. She sashayed over to him, her hips swaying with every step she took. She moved her arms back as she walked; allowing the jacket the Estonian had put on her to fall to the floor with a muted crinkling noise. She stood close to him, fully naked as she looked up at him seductively. She murmured something breathily in Creole, reaching up and letting her hand just barely graze his cheek.

Hesitantly—oh, so hesitant—he rested a hand on one of her hips. A shiver of anticipation ran through Sey. She reached up with her free hand and began undoing his tie, letting the fabric join his jacket while she started on the buttons of his shirt. She ran her hands over the smooth, slightly toned muscles underneath the shirt, before reaching for his wrists, pulling the article of clothing off carefully.

His carefully crafted control was slowly breaking. His primal instincts were slowly wearing the wall of barely-there calmness away. He was already wearing thin to the edge from the start, but she was someone that he felt he needed to be careful with. He ran a hand nervously along her flat, dark tan stomach, causing her to shiver again and bite her lip slightly. He slipped his arms around her and tensed slightly as she kissed him, her eyes fluttering closed. She reached blindly for his belt buckle, finally getting a hold of it with one hand, her other laced through his hair.

Nervous. Uncertain. Suddenly both of the two were second guessing this. Sey broke the kiss to look up at him, panting slightly. His expression mirrored hers, uncertainty and an almost nonexistent flicker of fear. What were they doing? They were in her bedroom, one half clothed and the other stark. Reiteration, what were they doing? Slowly, Eduard became surer of himself. He kissed her gently, holding her close to him. Slowly, she kissed back, removing her hand from his hair. Her hands carefully skimmed along his chest, eliciting a slight shiver from the Estonian.

Her hands slipped lower, fingertips grazing his soft skin, feeling every ripple from the dips around his muscles. She felt him shudder from her light touch, though he never broke the kiss. His fingers slid slowly down the curve of her back, exploring the bare skin carefully. One hand travelled to her front, the other on the small of her back as the right began to creep up her abdomen, cupping a breast gently. She broke her lips from his, gasping slightly at the feeling of his warm hand against her still-damp skin.

Resuming her actions after a moment, she finally managed to undo his belt buckle and free him of his pants. She looked down with an air of innocent curiosity, peering at the boxers he was wearing. The Estonian flag, classic. She remembered how Madagascar proudly paraded around in his, with his own flag printed on them. She made quick work of ridding him of the only garment getting in their way, blushing profusely at the sight of the now naked man before her.

"Lay… lay down, Seišellid," he murmured, pulling away from her slowly. She nodded shyly, though quickly pulling him close to her again and causing them both to fall back on her bed with a slight bounce, causing her to laugh softly. The quiet giggles slowly became soft whimpers as Estonia began to kiss gently down her neck and collarbone, hesitant and unsure of what he was supposed to do, but it seemed to be the right thing—the way Sey reacted to it was certainly favorable, he noted as he continued moving lower—she would gasp a little bit if he kissed a certain place on the crook of her neck, and the sound got louder as he took a dusky pink nipple into his mouth. He sucked her breast gently, moving to do the same to her other. She squirmed beneath him, clutching her duvet tightly.

"Mmm… Eduard, now…" she whimpered as he kissed around her pelvis with an alien sort of curiosity. He shook his head slightly, gently pushing her legs apart and examining her folds carefully. She cried out, throwing her head back as he cautiously delved his tongue into her sensitive opening, releasing a soft but unrestrained mewl as he licked slowly along her slit and flicking at a very interesting little nub he found. Every time he brushed against it she would moan louder, bucking her hips desperately as finally she felt one finger, then two, entering her. She rocked her hips against his hand, prompting him to move the fingers that held so still in her heated core. She groaned as his fingers curled and explored the soft flesh, withdrawing his fingers as he felt himself throb painfully.

"Are you ready, Sey…?" he asked softly, his voice much deeper with lust and need. She simply nodded, raising her hips with a soft whimper to signify she was more than ready. He positioned himself at her entrance, sliding into her slowly. Her moan increased in volume the further he went, wrapping her legs around his waist to push him deeper. He pushed in and out of her, slowly at first as he was getting used to the tight, wet heat surrounding his length.

She ground her hips against his as they developed a rhythm, picking up in speed as he brushed against a small, spongy bump inside of her. She screamed, bucking her hips against him and capturing his lips with her own. She dug her nails into his back lightly as she felt pressure building up like a coil being wound tightly.

"Eduard, I'm gonna… I… Eduard, Eduard, Eduard!" she gasped, feeling him push into her one more time, sending her over the edge. She convulsed around him, breathing raggedly with her eyes half-open. He felt himself coming as the tight heat became overwhelming, spilling into her, her name on his lips as he slowly pulled out of her. They both panted as he laid next to her, Sey cuddling close to him, his arms circling around her slender frame.

Then the phone rang.

She picked it up in slight agitation, glancing at the caller ID briefly and remembering her cover just in time.

"Bonjour, je suis Sey Pr—von Bock, who is calling…?" The color from her flushed face seemed to drain quickly, offering nothing but a weak nod before she remembered to speak again. "Ah, thank you very much, my husband and I will be there soon," she said, setting the phone down and looking to the Estonian.

"Toris is awake."

"…Ah. That's good to know," he said austerely, nodding a bit. "…I suppose we should be getting dressed now, my dear wife?" he asked, smiling slightly as color flooded back into her face as a profuse blush.

"Oui, mari," she cooed, laughing softly as he blushed as well. He wiped a bit of sweat from his brow and the two of them dressed quickly, climbing into his car.

"Patient's heart rate is spiking dangerously—" a nurse shouted from just outside of Toris' room, seeming unable to open the door and now fumbling with her key ring. Eduard took Sey's hand, the two of them running to get to the door. The nurse managed to open it finally, the three of them practically falling into the room, horror evident on their faces at the sight before them.

Staring as the Pole wiped a stray drop of the liquid from his mouth, sucking it off of his finger and staring back at them without a second thought.

"...Like, about that......."