AN and disclaimer: OK so I was watching the TOS episode Mirror Mirror and I noticed that Uhura was wearing a couple new rings. I really wanted to write a story based on that episode so some of the dialogue between the crew is literally straight from the show. On that note, I do not own Star Trek or any of the characters, I only have my ideas.


The first thing I noticed when we where finally beamed up was how odd Mr. Spock looked. Instead of his normal uniform he was wearing something that a pirate might wear and along with his new clothes he had a goatee to match his odd appearance. But however odd his appearance was I couldn't help but notice how incredibly attractive and dangerous he looked. The second thing I noticed was my own odd appearance. I was somehow changed out of my own uniform and into something similar, but sadly lacking in material. Along with my change in clothes I noticed that I too was wearing something that I usually didn't have. I was sporting new jewelry, rings to be specific and I was shocked to see that two of the beautiful rings where on my left ring finger. The ring closest to my palm had a rather large blue stone and its companion was a silver band with several smaller diamonds surrounding it. I couldn't help but notice the similarity these rings had to a wedding and engagement ring.

I ignored my shock over my companions and my odd appearance and took in my surroundings. I was startled out of my observations by the oddly dressed Mr. Spock's rough voice.

"Status report, Captain?" As we didn't know what was going on we could only hope that we could be vague enough to escape suspicion while we tried to figure out where we where.

"No change." The Captain responded. He looked just as confused as the rest of us.

I paid attention to the Captain and Mr. Spock's conversation but I couldn't help but shiver at the sense of horror washing over me at the vast and horrible differences between this Mr. Spock and my Mr. Spock. While my Mr. Spock is kind, caring and patient this Mr. Spock is cruel, bloodthirsty and merciless. I had to turn away in horror for I couldn't stand watching any Spock be so monstrous and callus.

After he turned away from Lieutenant Kyle, Mr. Spock's eyes flashed to mine and I thought I saw something like remorse flicker in his eyes but before I got a change to get a better look, he turned his full attention to Mr. Scott and Dr. McCoy. It was strangely almost like he was seeking penance for his actions and I couldn't help but to try to remove the look of disgust on my face in order to stop his pain.

On our way to med-bay we were continuously greeted by the odd Roman-like salute by the crew. Wherever we were it seemed that there was at least some version of our crew. I recognized several of the people saluting us and couldn't help but wonder if they where just as cruel as this Mr. Spock seamed to be in this Universe.

During our discussion about the parallel universe I couldn't help but think about what kind of person I am in this universe. Was I just as coldhearted and vindictive as the rest of the crew appeared to be? Were my interests the same? Was I married in this Universe and if so to whom?

"Lieutenant" The Captain's voice roused me from my thoughts as Mr. Scott left to do his job.

"Yes, sir?"

"Get up to your post, run today's communication from Starfleet command. I want to know my exact orders and options, if any."

"Yes, sir." In that moment I thought of the type of people running about the ship and couldn't help but be terrified of the possible dangers they could cause me, especially if they discovered where I was from.

"Captain, I- I'm . . ."

"Uhura, you're the only one that can do it. I'll be right there."

"Yes, sir."

While on the way to the bridge I noticed the lack of female crew members I was seeing. I couldn't help but think that perhaps this starship was not the safest place for a female after receiving many lustful looks and lewd comments from my colleagues. It made me wonder if perhaps I wasn't married; that is until Mr. Spock approached me. He came to walk beside me and gentle placed his warm hand on my lower back, as if claiming me. I also noticed that the looks and comments from the men stopped as soon as he arrived.

"I wish to speak to you, however, first I have a few matters to attend to. I will come fetch you when I am finished with my task." He said in a very commanding no-nonsense voice and I could only hope that an equally professional reply would do.

"Yes, Mr. Spock." He didn't seem surprised or alarmed by my reply so I could only assume that if he was the one the rings were from that we remained professional while on duty, just as I imagine my Mr. Spock would behave.

"Now, I must attend to my duties. I trust that you can manage the rest on the way to the bridge without any problem." He said the last part slightly louder and in a more threatening voice as it seemed the latter part of the sentence pertained more towards the varies crew members roaming the hall.

"Yes, sir." And with that he turned the corner and was out of view.

I continued my way to the bridge with minor incident and few lecherous looks. When I arrived on the bridge I made sure to walk in with the confidence I was sure my counterpart usually had. I looked around and surveyed the bridge and crew members, looking for possible threats. I noticed more lecherous attention but ignored them and returned to my post.

The equipment seemed basically the same as of that on my Enterprise so I went about my business as usual until I was approached by Lieutenant Sulu.

"Still no interest, Uhura? I could change your mind." Sulu said as he grabbed my chin and forced me to look at him.

"You are away from your post, Mr." I said, with a defiant tone to my voice. Even though there was security guards posted at the door I couldn't help but wonder how much he could get away with and if they would do anything.

"Is the Captain here? Is Spock here?" I squirmed slightly at Spock's name and couldn't help but think further that perhaps Spock really was my mystery husband. He snickered slightly at my small reaction.

"When the cats away-" I slapped his hand away and made to backhand him when suddenly everybody snapped to attention. I turned around and saw that the Captain had arrived. The men all saluted him and he did likewise, looking around the bridge like I did when I first arrived.

Everyone returned to their stations, including Mr. Sulu, and the Captain approached me.

"Communications status?" The Captain said in an authoritative voice, still looking around.

"No storm damage, sir." I said handing him the PADD to sign. "All stations report normal." I leaned forward slightly so he could here hear better as I had switched to a whisper. "You're ordered to annihilate the Halkans unless they comply. No alternative." He glanced at me with concern and returned the PADD, walking back to his chair.

I returned to listening to the different subspace frequencies as the Captain gave and avoided giving, specific orders to Mr. Sulu. I heard Mr. Scott contact the Captain and I grew worried over whether or not we would be successful in our plan to return home. I glanced up when I heard Mr. Spock's voice and paid closer attention to the conversation on the bridge. I wasn't sure whether his being here was part of the duties that he mentioned or if he was planning on "fetching" me now.

"Lieutenant Uhura, contact the Halkan council, I wish to talk to them."

"Yes, sir." I wasn't sure what his plan was but I hoped he found a way out of destroying the Halkans. I contacted Halkan and was able to get a hold of their leader.

"Captain, I have the leader of the Halkan council waiting on channel B."

I couldn't help but think that the Captain was doing a very good job at acting vindictive however Mr. Spock and the other crew members still seemed mildly suspicious at his order to give them 12 hours.

"Close communications. Turn phasers off." I worried that Mr. Spock was growing too suspicious of the captain's leniency towards the Halkans.

"I shall be in my quarters." The captain said rising from his chair and walking over to my station. "Lieutenant Uhura, have Dr. McCoy and Mr. Scott meet me there." I was afraid to be on the bridge without him and I could tell he saw that on my face. As soon as he left I did as he asked and returned to my work.

Shortly after I sent the message I felt a presence looming over me and noticed an ominous shadow eclipsing my self and my station. I couldn't help but to tense up in fear at the possibility of the shadow belonging to Mr. Sulu coming back for more or one of the other crew members coming to harass me. I gave a shiver of relief when the next second I heard Mr. Spock's gentle yet commanding voice speak close to my ear.

"Lieutenant, would you please accompany me to our quarters. I still have something I wish to discuss with you."

"Lieutenant Palmer, please take over for Lieutenant Uhura." Spock said to the other officer as I stood up. As we walked to the turbolift, Mr. Spock once again placed his hand on my lower back and I noticed the other crew members avert their eyes. I also noticed that none of them seamed surprised by Mr. Spock relieving me of duty halfway through my shift. I wondered how often he did this with my counterpart.

The turbolift and walk to our room was uneventful but I couldn't help but to wonder that if the young, nervous ensign had not been in the turbolift Mr. Spock may have done something. As we approached our room (which I recognized to be Mr. Spock's room in my universe) I wondered what was waiting for me behind closed doors with Mr. Spock.


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