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Mr. Spock walked me half way to the bridge before we parted ways to our separate locations. As he left, his ever present hand on my back slid down to temporarily grasps my bottom possessively before he pulled away and turned the corner to return to his duties. I continued on my way to the bridge, surprised by the feeling of longing for his return creeping into my heart. I dismissed the feeling as I entered the turbolift. Surely I couldn't be falling for ANY of the Mr. Spocks, could I? I ignored the thought as I stepped on the bridge, playing my part by defiantly looking about the bridge and starring down the men before taking my seat at my station. After a few minutes of shifting through the different subspace and ship wide channels I came across the channel usually used by security and higher up officers. I figured that I should probably play special attention to that channel in the off chance our suspicious activities where noticed. I'd much rather be warned if we are going to be discovered and killed than be surprised by it.

After a few minutes of switching in between the channel Scotty was using and the security channel, I came across an incoming conversation between Mr. Sulu's security, helm station, and Mr. Spock's room.

"Why are you monitoring my communications, Mr. Sulu?" I heard Mr. Spock's irritated voice sound through my earpiece and I glanced over at the man being addressed.

"My security board has detected extensive use of computer, Mr. Spock." Sulu said pausing for a brief moment. "I was about to inform you." "It's not hard to guess the nature of your order from Starfleet command. I suggest a connection. The captain, I suspect, is working on escape or defense."

"That is my concern."

"Correct. It's your play; I hope you succeed because the order would fall on me next . . . and you know how the captain's enemies have a habit of . . . disappearing."

"If I am successful, you see yourself a step closer to the captaincy. I do not want to command the Enterprise but if it should befall me, I suggest you remember that my operatives would avenge my death . . . and some of them are Vulcans." I shivered at Mr. Spock's last threat, even though it was not directed at me. I know better than most the strength of Vulcans.

I returned to my previous task of monitoring when I was alerted of an incoming message on my private communicator by it's beeping.

"Yes, Captain?"

"Scotty's signal should be coming through any minute now. You know what to do."

"I've got a pretty good idea, sir." I said smirking.

"Keep Sulu's attention off that board."

"I'll do my best, sir"

"Good luck. Kirk out."

I waited a moment for my signal and prepared myself, taking a deep breath. I heard the beeping of the earpiece, my signal, and took it off to do my task. With my stylus in hand, I flirtatiously approached Mr. Sulu's stations, paying special attention as to how I moved my hips.

"You're not very persistent, Mr. Sulu." I said flirtatiously, twirling my stylus against my finger. "The game has rules." I smiled. "You're ignoring them." I said in a mockingly flirtatious tone. "I protest and you come back," I said, accenting my comment by playfully tapping him with the stylus at each word. "You didn't come back."

"Now you're making sense." He replied in a lecherous tone as he wrapped his filthy arms around my waist. I was really hoping that my quickly forming nausea wasn't showing on my face. I was also shocked when I felt something akin to guilt creeping into my conscious for "betraying" Mr. Spock.

"I was . . . getting bored." As he pulled me in closer I noticed his security board beeping to alert him of Mr. Scott's actions. Sulu was totally oblivious. "Of course this isn't the time."

"Anytime's a good time." He said, pulling me in closer to leave sloppy kisses along my neck and collarbone. Of course his attention was nothing like Mr. Spock's.

I pushed him away with a smile on my face and backhanded him hard across the cheek. I backed away as Sulu nearly fell out of his chair. "I'm afraid I changed my mind." I said, smirking as he straightened himself on his chair. "Again."

"You take a lot of chances, Lieutenant!" He said as he got off his chair and advanced towards me.

I seized my regulation dagger from the top of my boots and pointed it at him menacingly. "So do you, mister." I said referring to both Mr. Spock and the dagger I had pointed at him. "So do you." I backed away, still facing him with my dagger pointed at him and slowly walked to the bridge doors where two security officers and my replacement stood.

"Take over for me." I said to my replacement as I handed him the stylus and strutted off the bridge into the turbolift.

"Mr. Scott, all clear. On my way to sickbay." I said into my communicator once I was in the turbolift.

"Now it's up to the captain." I heard the doctor reply from Mr. Scott's communicator. The doors to the turbolift opened and I made my way to sickbay. As I was about to enter, Leonard and Mr. Scott turned the corner and we entered sickbay together. Luckily there were no other medical staff or patients present when we got there so we where able to continue on and wait for the captain without any trouble or distractions. I grew even more worried after a while, wondering what was taking the captain so long, when suddenly the doors slid open to reveal him. Unfortunately, Mr. Spock was trailing behind him with a phaser pointed at his back. Seeing Mr. Spock so soon again after our discussion led my stomach summersault and my heart to beat just a little bit faster. While those reactions could have been caused by our plan being discovered, I was pretty sure that wasn't the case this time.

"Yes, of course. The entire landing party. Captain, you stand other there." Mr. Spock said as the door closed behind him, gesturing for the Captain to move to the side. "Doctor, it is time for answers." Spock said to Leonard just before the Captain swung around and punched Spock in the jaw. Spock in return threw the captain across one of the beds and pushed the charging Mr. Scott backwards, inadvertently knocking me over. As the fight grew worse, bodies where flying everywhere, almost as if it were choreographed. I charged towards Spock, only to have the wind knocked out of me as I was thrown against the wall. It hurt like hell, but for some reason it seamed like he was exerting less force towards me then he was the men. I crawled across the floor and under a bed to get to the doctor's desk and when I got there I found a heavy, ceramic replica of a brain. I grabbed the brain and handed it to Kirk to use as a weapon. Kirk took the brain and smashed it against Mr. Spock's head and he immediately toppled over, unconscious.

I let out a deep breath of relief as a wave of horror washed over me. "How much time, Scotty?" I heard the Captain say as he helped him up. I was relieved to see Doctor McCoy bend over to check on Mr. Spock and I hoped that he was still OK.

"Hardly fifteen minutes. Sir, the field density between the two universes is starting to close really fast."

"Help me get him on the table." McCoy said as he checked Spock. "Well come! Help me get him on the table; he'll die without immediate treatment."

The men helped to lift him up and onto the table as I went to the other side to help gently guide him down. I placed one of my hands near his head as my other hand reached to grab his hand. I felt so bad for being the cause of Spock's state and I didn't want to let go until I knew he would be alright.

"Is everything laid in, Scotty? The timelines so the operator can get into the transporter chamber?" The Captain said, looking to Scotty.

"All laid in, Sir." "Come on, McCoy, we're taking a chance of not getting back home." Scotty said to Leonard as he scanned Spock's head.

"Well get home! This won't take long." McCoy said, and I was thankful, stubbornly continued his scan and treatment to Spock. I grasped his hand tighter and moved my other hand to gently touch his head.

"Fourteen minutes, we've got to go!" Mr. Scott shouted.

"Will you shut up?! I can save his life!" Leonard replied as he continued his work. I just hoped that the Captain would let him continue. "Want me to stop, Jim? It'll only take a minute."

"He is very much like our own Mr. Spock." The Captain said, smiling; I rubbed my thumb against Spock's hand. "You've got that minute." I let out a breath of relief.

"With a little time, he'll live." Leonard said, returning to his work. Just then, the doors slid open to reveal the vindictive Mr. Sulu and three security officers with their phasers drawn and pointed at us.

"What is this, Mr. Sulu?" The Captain said, turning to face him as two of the security guards went to pick up our dropped weapons.

"Mr. Spock has orders to kill you, Captain. He will succeed. . . . Apparently, you will also appear to have killed him in a fierce battle. Regrettable, but it will leave me in command." He said as his evil smile creped its way on his face.

Suddenly, one of the guards vanished, quickly followed by a second and then the third, leaving only Mr. Sulu. The Captain and Mr. Sulu then charged to fight and Sulu was left unconscious.

"We've barely got ten minutes!" Scotty said waiting by the door for us.

"Let's go, Bones." The captain said as he walked back over to the table.

"I can't let him die, Jim. Look, you get down to the transporter room, make sure it's clear. I'll be there in five minutes."

"No longer!" The Captain said.

"I guarantee it." McCoy replied as he went back to work. I didn't want to leave Mr. Spock but I knew it would look suspicious if I stayed behind with the doctor, so I grasped Spock's hand one more time and left to stand next to Scotty. The captain mumbled something to McCoy before he left to follow us to the transporter room.

As we entered the transporter room, we where greeted by a woman I mildly recognized, in blue, standing there with one of her arms suspiciously hidden behind her back.

"Friend." The Captain said as Mr. Scott made an attempt to step forward. "Activate the transporter." Mr. Scott stepped around the captain to the controls as the captain stepped forward to great the woman. "You saved us, back in sickbay, with the Tantalus field."

"Take me with you." The woman said to the Captain.

"I can't. I'm sorry. Her power is balanced for four. There's no guaranty that we'll make it with five. All of us could die." He said with a sad look on his face. "Scotty?"

"It's working, Sir."

"But there are only three of you!" She pointed out, trying again. I thought I saw something shiny in her hand when she moved but I couldn't be sure what.

"One is coming." The Captain said as he turned back to Scotty. "I'd help if I could, Marlena. Believe that." Marlena removed her hand from behind her back to reveal a phaser and point it at the Captain. We all paused, waiting to see what she would do.

"If you kill us, you'll still stay." The Captain said as he walked towards Marlena. Seizing the opportunity, I lunged towards Marlena and confiscated both her phaser and the dagger she kept in her boot and pointed the phaser back at her.

"Where's McCoy?" Kirk said as he stepped outside the door to look down the hall and step back in when he saw nothing. "Time, Scotty?"

"Five minute, Sir." He replied, temporarily looking up from his consol.

"Do you know what they'll do to me?" Marlena said, rubbing the arm I had injured earlier.

"The power's cut, sir. They're on to us." Scotty said looking up at the Captain.

"Auxiliary?" The Captain said walking over to Scotty.

"Aye, it's available."

"Can you bridge to it yourself?"

"I can get us the power but the automatic setting is linked to the transporter main." He said pointing at the controls. "To bypass, that means that somebody would have to operate the controls manually."

"One of us will have to stay."

"I'll stay, Captain."

"Get to the transporter chamber. You too, Uhura." The Captain said, gesturing to me with his head. I morosely followed his orders and walked to the chamber.

"Jim!" I heard Scotty say.

"That's an order, Scott."

"Aye, Captain."

"What about me?" I heard that Marlena girl say as Scotty joined me on the pad. I heard the captain mumble something to her but he was interrupted by the doors opening, reveling Mr. Spock and Doctor McCoy.

"I cut the transporter power, necessary to delay your beam-out before I could arrive." Mr. Spock said as he entered the room, griping the doctor by the arm. Mr. Spock walked over to the consol and contacted engineering. "Engineering, reactivate main transporter circuits." The lights on the board lit back up.

"You're a man of integrity in both universes, Mr. Spock." The Captain said with a smile.

"You must return to your universe and I must get my Captain back. I shall operate the transporter; you have two minutes and ten seconds."

"In that time I have something to say. How long before the Halkan's prediction of collective revolution against the Empire?"

"Approximately two-hundred and forty years."

"Inevitable outcome?"

"The Empire shall be overthrown, of course."

"The illogic waste, Mr. Spock. The waste of lives. Attention, time. I submit to you, that your empire is illogical, because it can not endure. I submit, you are illogical, to be a willing part of it."

"You have one minute and twenty three seconds."

"If change is inevitable, predictable, beneficial; doesn't logic demand that you be a part of it?"

"One man can not summon the future."

"But one man can change the present. Be the Captain of this Enterprise, Mr. Spock. Find a logical reason to spare the Halkans, and make it stick. Push 'til it gives. You can defend yourself better then any man in the fleet."

"Captain, get in the chamber!" Mr. Scott said from beside me.

"What about it, Spock?" The Captain said, moving to stand next to Marlena.

"A man must also have the power."

"In my cabin, there is a device that will make you invincible."

"Indeed?" Spock said with his classic eyebrow raise.

"What will it be? Past or future? Tyranny or freedom?" The Captain grasped Marlena's hand and walked away to the chamber.

"It is time."

"In every revolution there is one man with a vision."

"Jim Kirk, I shall consider it." Spock said, and with that he activated the transporter and the familiar but different Enterprise disappeared before our eyes.


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