Aiding & Abetting Adultery

Rating: M

Writer: Lily Zen


Notes: I wanted to write a very brief ficlet. This is the result of that. I might write a sequel or something, but I'm not sure. All human.

Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight. At all.


Mahogany hair was spread across the red sheets, a startling contrast, especially when paired with pale skin.

Her dark, endless eyes looked up at me, sparkling with an intensity normally held tightly in check.

Her hands ran over my skin, the light sweat covering me easing their journey.

My fingers were buried in her cunt, and she was rocking her hips with my movements.

I was taking my time with her because normally we didn't have much.

She was panting, hot puffs of air brushing my cheek.

"Kiss me," she demanded, her voice rough from earlier yelling.

I did as she bade, crushing her plump lips under mine, tongues tangling together.

Her vaginal muscles shivered with the suddenness of her climax, and she broke away yelling my name.



Hours later, we were lying boneless, curled up on the sheets.

"I have to get up," Bella stated, nuzzling my shoulder.

I stared at the ceiling, carefully trying not to feel anything. "Yes, your husband will be home soon."


She left fifteen minutes later, hugging me in the doorway and kissing my cheek.

It was always like that when she left—strangely impersonal, incongruent with all the very personal things we'd just done.

As always, I wondered why I kept putting myself through such things, though I kept myself from stating the most obvious reason.

I tugged my blonde hair back into a ponytail, and went to go strip my sheets from the bed.