The year after the Final battle of Hogwarts found Harry Potter being suffocated around the waist by an extremely clingy Ms. Ginerva Weasley. His newly repaired relationship with his girlfriend Ginny was almost unbearable. At first it was kind of nice; any onlooker would call the couple sweet. It would be nearly impossible to find one without the other, but now, Harry felt trapped, and as the days went by he started to make certain realizations about himself. As he sat there, with Ginny in his lap performing a vice grip as she casually chatted with Hermione, Harry started pondering the possibility that he didn't even like the girl.

Sure she was attractive, busty, about averagely smart, and supposedly every guys dream girl. But Harry found her curves too soft and her ways just too unappealing for him. Instead he found himself longing after brood shoulders, well quiditch tone muscles, and blond hair. Yes the famous Harry James Potter, the-boy-who-lived-twice, and hero of the wizarding world were in fact having feelings; although he was loathe admitting it, for Draco Malfoy. Harry shuddered at the thought but couldn't deny the truth. Then he was lead to a very hard question, was he gay, bi? No, he didn't think so, and if he did he was still too afraid to admit it to himself, let alone anyone else. He really need some time to think, and the extreme amounts of frilly perfume emanating from Ginny causing Harry to get lightheaded wasn't doing anything to help either. Excusing himself, Harry, as gently as he could, pried a surprised Ginny off him and stood to leave.

A gentle grasp on his wrist stopped him and he wearily turned around. "Are you alright Harry?" Ginny asked with wide eyes.

"I'll be fine, I just fancy a walk, you know getting some fresh air."

"Oh, well I'll come with you." She exclaimed happily making to stand.

"No!" Harry almost shouted, then he softened his voice at the stricken look on Ginny's face "I mean no; I wouldn't want to deprive Hermione of your company." He said giving Hermione a pleading glance. His bushy haired friend gave him a curious glance, but nodded at seeing the desperation in her friend's eyes.

"Ginny, why don't you help me with my outfit I'm going to wear to Hogsmede this Saturday. "

"Ok" Ginny said a little unsure, but they all knew Ginny wouldn't turn down anything that had to do with fashion.

"Great, well I'll see you all later, he said as he turned. Harry made a mental note to thank Hermione later because he knew how much she hated making a fuss about clothes.

Another hand gripped his shoulder; a now slowly growing angered Harry turned around to once again Ginny. "Have a nice walk" she purred before leaning up and kissing him. Harry slightly tensed, not that she would notice. The kiss meant nothing to him he wasn't at all surprised to see or find that no emotion passed through him except maybe the faint hint of nausea.

He smiled the fake smile he put on for the public, and only Hermione seemed to notice, but he left before she could inquire with one more glance at Ginny.

Harry walked through the well memorized halls, hardly paying attention to where he walked as he knew the route so well.

He silently slipped through the front doors and sighed contentedly as the fresh dusk air filled his lungs. He walked on towards the lake thinking about things. He knew he would have to break up with Ginny sooner or later if he wanted to keep his conscience from eating at him until he broke. She deserved better or at least someone who liked her. Although he sometimes thought that she only liked him because of his money and fame. Oddly enough the idea seemed all too plausible to him. He stopped as he heard loud heated voices coming from behind an old tree by the lake.

"Draco what's wrong with you?!"

"For the last time Pansy, I'm fine; just leave me the hell alone!" Harry's heart skipped a beat as he heard the voice that he so wished to hear most of the time.

"Draco I'm your girlfriend!" Pansy shrieked her voice reaching a new level of shrill.

"Well, right now you're acting like, I don't know like an annoying person!" That had to be the least eloquent thing Harry had heard the blond say, apparently Pansy thought the same as she started laughing.

"Is that the best you can do?"

"Screw you Pansy!"

"I wish you would! This is what I've been bugging you about for the past three weeks. Merlin I'm your girlfriend and you've barely even touched me!" Harry's heart started doing overtime, what she had said sent a strange happiness throughout him and made his stomach do cartwheels.

"Maybe I don't want to!"

"Why? Are you actually saying you don't want me?!" Pansy sneered looking disbelieving.


"Bullocks! Every guy with eyes wants me, and even a few girls."

"Well, apparently not every guy wants you because I sure as hell don't!"

Pansy looked stricken "And why not! I'm. Your. Girlfriend!"

"My first mistake, because as I've clearly stated I have no interest in you like that!"

"Why not?"

"We'd be much better as friends so let's go back to that okay?" Draco asked desperately running hand through his silky blond hair disheveling it efficiently.

"You're avoiding my question!"

"Yes very good Pansy" Draco drawled condescendingly "That's usually because someone doesn't want to answer it, meaning drop it."

"Don't give me that bull shit! You want to break up, fine, but at last give me a fucking answer to my damn question!"

"Language Pansy!"

"Shut it, answer the question" she snarled.

"Pansy please" Draco asked looking panicked.

"No Draco, if I'm going to disappoint my entire family by not going out with you anymore, you better at least give me a hell of a good reason why."

"It's because I'm gay! Happy!"

"Sweet Merlin! All this time we went out, and. . . And you were a fag?! You disgust me, go fuck yourself! And don't come near me, ever!" Before Draco could say anything she stormed off not even noticing Harry in her rage.

After a minute of standing there dumbfounded Draco collapsed in a heap on the ground, pulling his knees to his chest and started sobbing.

Harry timidly walked up to him a sudden urge to comfort him in the pit of his stomach. Harry, despite the logical side of himself walked up and sat down beside the weeping boy. Draco didn't even look up. Harry cautiously put his arm around him and pulled him against his chest. Draco barely looked at Harry, but deciding he could regret it later he relaxed leaning into the touch and continued his crying staining Harry's crimson shirt with salt water.

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