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Frustrating Family Feuds

"If you stare at him any harder your eyes are going to fall out of your head." Rose Weasley pointed out with a small smile, in a voice meant only for her cousin and best friend's ears. His brilliant green eyes were actually glazed over, she noted in amusement as she set aside her quill. "Seriously, Al, he's not blind. One of these days he is going to notice, the drool is sorta hard to miss."

"Wha?" Blinking out of his stupor, Albus Potter looked over at his cousin questioningly. He knew she'd said something, but things around him tended to blur when presented with a chance to look at HIM. Sad as it was, he could look at the blond across the room for hours on end without getting the least bit bored. He needed professional help.

Rolling her eyes, since she hated to repeat herself, Rose repeated her earlier comment. A quietly pretty girl with somewhat bushy reddish brown hair, freckles and brown eyes, Rose was used to having to repeating herself since she often faded into the background.

Immediately wiping his face to make sure there was no drool there, Albus could feel the tips of his ears going red in embarrassment. At least his brother James wasn't around to tease him, he'd already graduated the year before. Of course his older brother wasn't the most observant person, which was a major break for a guy when the last thing he wanted was anyone knowing about his crush on a certain someone. Rosie was the only one that knew, and he'd prefer to keep it that way.

Patting his shoulder Rosie felt that as always, she needed to be the voice of reason. "Al, you really need to get over this. While Scorpius Malfoy does know you're alive, he also happens to be the son of Draco Malfoy. You know it would never, ever work, even if he did speak to you, which he doesn't."

No kidding. They had started school the same year and Albus could count on both hands, with digits to spare, the number of times he and Scorpius had exchanged more than a few words to each other. It wasn't like the Slytherin hated him the way his father had apparently hated Albus's own father at school. Actually, Scorpius avoided him most of the time like a case of dragon pox. Al could only wish that the blond would suddenly develop an intense hatred of him. At least then they'd actually have conversations. And God but he was pathetic. Leaning forward Albus began to lightly bang his forehead on the library table. He really did need to do something about this before he did something incredibly stupid.

"Doesn't that hurt?"


Watching him Rosie could only be thankful he was wearing his contacts instead of his glasses. If this was what it was like to be in love, she was glad she'd never had the bad sense to fall for someone. Though how Al could have gone and done just that without even really getting to know the guy was beyond her. But Al had been looking longingly at Scorpius Malfoy since they'd been fifteen and Al had finally clued into the fact that there was a reason all his 'girlfriends' were really just girls who where friends. Nobody could figure out why the handsome, charming, and all around nice guy didn't date, and she'd lost track of the girls who'd asked her that very question. Boy, if they only knew.


"You're doing it again." Sev Daimon informed his best friend quietly, never looking up from the parchment he was writing on. A lock of his shoulder length black hair falling into his face, Sev absently pushed it back behind his ear.

Turning his head to look at his one and only friend at Hogwarts, Scorpius Malfoy was too smart to play dumb. "He's bashing his head into a table, who wouldn't look?"

"You were staring BEFORE he began killing what precious few brain cells he has."

"We can't all be as smart as you." Was out of Scorpius's mouth and spoken before he could stop himself. Furious with himself now the tall blond looked away so that he wouldn't have to see his genius friend's smirk. Sev was the only friend he had; killing the smug bastard just wasn't an option right now.

"There is no one here smarter than I am."

"Rose Weasley is always hot on your heels though." Scorpius pointed out, knowing how much it irked Sev to be reminded of his arch rival. Well not really rival, as Rose Weasley had failed to ever top Sev in any subject, but she was still second in their year and it WAS her goal in life to beat out Sev in everything possible. They were Head Boy and Girl for a reason.

A definite twitch developing under his right eye Sev looked up from his work this time, just long enough to give his friend a 'not amused' look. He hated the Weasley girl; she actually made him study and try during his lessons with her. Putting her in her place took up far too much of his precious time. Though her reactions to her failures could be rather humorous, he mentally acknowledge to himself before going back to his work.

Done his own essay, which was sure to fall short compared to the essays being written by Sev and the Gryffindor girl, Scorpius went back to his Potter watching as soon as Sev's attention and glacier blue eyes were back on his work. Of course he knew he was being stupid, but he just couldn't seem to help himself. There was just something about Albus Potter that made him unable to ignore him the way he did the rest of the student body aside from Sev. The other boy was extremely popular, the sort that made friends with everyone without even seeming to try. Most people would take advantage of the fact that their father was Harry Potter, destroyer of Lord Voldemort and saviour of the magical world. Not Albus though. The kid didn't even seem bothered when people asked him for his father or mother's autograph, his mother being a famous former Quidditch player for the Holyhead Harpies on top of everything else. Yes people often flocked to him for his celebrity connections, but they stayed because you couldn't help but like and want to be near him. That he was one of those people was just one of many reasons he stayed away from the Gryffindor and only watched him from a safe distance.

"You're doing it again."

"Shut up, Sev."

Dipping his quill into his ink Sev wondered, not for the first time, if he should just inform the idiot that he had a crush on Potter, and that was why he stared at him the way he was pretending not to. But no, he rather enjoyed watching the two idiots try to pretend they weren't making eyes at the other when that other wasn't looking. Besides, it obviously drove Weasley crazy and anything that did that was just fine in his books.


It was eleven at night and Albus knew he should feel guilty about roaming around the grounds, but couldn't work up enough of it to head inside just yet. Rosie had practically held her wand to his head all day, making him stay inside the library the whole bloody Saturday to work on their stupid essays. No matter how many times he'd tried to explain to her that he just wasn't as smart as she was, she just gave him looks and tried to force her smarts into him against his will. All they seemed to end up with at the end was mutual headaches, but she kept trying anyway. That was Rosie for you, like a dog with a bone. And boy but he hoped she beat Daimon at something soon, or she was liable to get an ulcer or whatever the magical equivalent of that was. He'd pointed out that she was an animagus and Daimon wasn't, but since she couldn't brag about what they could do it apparently didn't count. Rosie had also pointed out that Daimon could be an animagus and simply be unregistered, like they were.

Hearing a foreign sound Albus automatically took a couple steps back into the shadows of an oak tree. Someone was coming. His nose said he should know who that someone was too, but his nose in human form wasn't nearly as sensitive as it was now, in his canine form. Anyone seeing him would probably mistake him for a stray dog, but it was still in his best interests to stay out of sight of everyone but Hagrid. The schools defenses were amazing, and if anyone thought for a moment a wizard in disguise was on the grounds he'd be in so much trouble, even though he was pretty well liked by his professors. The same, unfortunately, could not be said for the current Headmaster of the School, who would know that his father and older brother were now registered animagus, though they were both stags, not dogs. He apparently took after his father's godfather in the animal choice department. And it was the taking after that had the Headmaster watching him like a hawk whenever possible. The grandson of James Potter, the son of Harry Potter, the nephew of Fred and George Weasley, and the brother of James Potter the second. He was pretty much wired from birth to cause some sort of trouble at Hogwarts in the Headmaster's eyes. And really, who could argue with those genetic dispositions? He had to break the rules occasionally, it was family tradition!


Careful to keep in the shadows, Scorpius slowly made his way towards his favorite oak tree, whose branches were perfect for sitting on. He would be in deep trouble if he was caught out here, but so far he'd managed to avoid that and had been coming out here for most of his previous six years at Hogwarts without incident. A person needed a place to think alone and this was his. He hated the fact that his dormitory was underground, like they had been banished to the school's dungeons for being part of the hated house. He'd much rather be in a tower like the Ravenclaws or the Gryffindors but he was a Malfoy, and therefore a Slytherin.

He was a couple meters away from the tree when he caught a glimpse of a canine of some sort peeking out at him from behind the tree's base. There was a full moon, and he saw enough to be pretty sure it was just a dog before it ducked its head back behind the trunk. It was large, its head would likely reach his waist and it was a creamy white color. The brief glimpse wasn't enough to guess a breed. He'd always wanted a dog, but his mother hated them and preferred cats.

Approaching more cautiously now, Scorpius didn't want to scare the dog away. Slowly walking around the tree he watched the dog back away from him, neither taking their eyes off the other as grey eyes met green. Getting down on one knee Scorpius held out a hand in the dog's direction. "Here, boy. Come here. I won't hurt you."

Frozen like a statue Albus stared at the offered hand like it was a snake ready to strike. 'Oh my god' he thought, his mind about exploding over the idea that Scorpius Malfoy, the guy he'd had a thing for since fifth year, was not only talking to him but was smiling at him. Scorpius didn't smile. Albus had never once seen him smile, ever. God but he had a great smile. And he was being an idiot. He had to get out of here now before something went horribly wrong, which it always did whenever he tried to get near the Slytherin.

Watching the dog slowly back away the smile dropped away from Scorpius's face as he let his hand lower. "You don't like me either, huh?"

And that single statement had Albus stopping in his tracks. He knew that Scorpius's only friend was Sev Daimon, and that the other Slytherins shunned Scorpius because of his father and his grandparents, what his grandmother had done during the Great Battle. That he was Slytherin also meant that no one in the other houses wanted to be friends with him, especially since his relatives had likely killed or participated in the deaths of their family members and friends. He'd noticed that Scorpius dealt with this by withdrawing into himself, adopting a stony demeanor that didn't allow anyone or anything to get through. Hence the never seeing him smile, much less laugh. But Scorpius couldn't be as tough as he seemed, to look so disappointed that a mangy, goofy looking dog wouldn't even come near him.

He couldn't get over to Scorpius fast enough.

Skidding to a halt just in front of the startled Slytherin, Albus sat down on his furry butt and offered a paw, praying like mad that this wasn't going to horribly backfire on him as he wagged his tail hopefully.

Taking the offered paw Scorpius couldn't help but smile a little at the dog's goofy face as it watched him almost anxiously. Definitely a mutt, and it wore no collar to indicate it belonged to someone. It looked healthy and well fed though, so obviously it wasn't having problems getting food from somewhere. The Forbidden Forest maybe, or more likely Hogsmeade where there were people to give it handouts.

"Good boy. Sorry I don't have anything to give you, I didn't think I'd run into anyone out here." Letting the paw go Scorpius was pleased when the dog made no move to bolt. "We had Swedish meatballs tonight; they're one of my favourites. I bet you'd have liked some of those."

He loved Swedish meatballs. He and Scorpius had something in common! Delighted with the idea Albus gave a happy little bark in response.

Reaching out Scorpius carefully patted the dog's head. He really was a nice dog.

Tongue hanging out like the idiot he was Albus almost missed the smell of a scent he'd know anywhere. Hagrid. And Scorpius was outside and Hagrid would most definitely not cut him the break that he would Albus. Whining under his breath Albus was quickly on his feet and getting behind Scorpius started nudging him towards the castle.

"What theā€¦" His own ears suddenly picking up the sound of someone whistling, Scorpius caught on to what the dog was trying to tell him. "Thanks, boy. I'll come back here tomorrow night, I'll bring you something." Patting the dog's head once more in thanks Scorpius quickly took off in the direction of the castle, leaving the dog behind to grin as much as a dog could.


Recognizing the dog from a distance Hagrid was shaking his head even before Albus came over to meet him, knowing better than to run away from the half giant.

"You shouldn't be out here by yourself." Hagrid reminded his godson with as stern an expression as he could ever manage where the Potters were concerned.

Morphing into his true form the dog quickly became a six foot three young man, a mirror image of his father save for the lack of scar and glasses. Giving his godfather a sheepish look Albus rubbed the back of his neck as he did his best to look somewhat contrite when he wanted to go back to grinning like an idiot. "Yes, Hagrid. I know."

"If ya have to be wanderin around here at night bring Rosie with ye." Not that she'd be much help against a threat given that her animal form was a cat, but at least there'd be someone with him if he wound up in a spot of trouble, as Potters tended to do.

"She's still working on an essay. You know how she is."

Shaking his great head Hagrid knew exactly what Albus meant. Their Rosie was obsessed with being the best to a degree that put her mother to shame. Of course Hermione had always been top of the class, not second the way Rosie was. Hagrid had heard plenty about the Daimon boy, but the kid dinna like animals apparently. Hagrid had never taught him, but he was supposed to be brilliant.

"Anyway, Hagrid, I really should be getting back to the common room. She'll be waiting up for me."

"All right then, hurry along now."

"Got any plans for tomorrow at lunch, Hagrid?" Albus asked impulsively, in such a good mood he wanted everyone to be just as happy as he was at that moment.

"Not really, no."

"Then meet us under that oak over there, say about noon? We'll have a picnic; take advantage of this good weather before the powers that be remember its October. I'm sure Lily, Rosie and Hugo will all want to come, and I'll see who else I can round up. You won't have to worry about a thing either, leave it all to me."

"I'd be pleased to come."

"Then see you then." Waving good bye Albus took off towards the school, a definite skip to his step.

Chuckling over that Hagrid headed back towards his home, absently wondering just what had put the boy in such a good mood. Probably just glad to get away from Rosie and her studying, he imagined.