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Our obstacles weren't factors anymore. We were both single, and even though we were both pretty broken, I had no doubt that we could fix ourselves together. There was nothing holding me back, and I was ready. I was finally going to get my man; nobody better stand in my way.

A Beautiful Mess

Chapter 25

Say Something!

"How's that feel?" Carlisle asked me, the furrow in his brow finally smoothing now that my finger looked like it was gonna fuse this time. I gave him a death glare because, really? How the fuck does he think it feels? Like a happy-fucking-ending Carlisle...

He just shook his head at me. "I know you're a grown man son, but maybe you should slow down with the whiskey. Your venom is so thin... I just don't think this is a good state for you to be in, especially with Victoria and Laurent out there."

I gave him another glare because I just really needed him to shut the fuck up. I needed everybody to shut up. Between Carlisle with his wise old man shit and Emmett with his demanding every five minutes that I tell him 'what the fuck happened, bro?' I was literally at my wits end. I just needed my finger to stay the fuck on my hand so I could get the hell out of here.

"Jasper, did it work?" Carlisle asked me; clearly I'd missed something. "Did what work?"

"Can you move your finger?" I tried. Nope.

I shook my head and he frowned. "Okay, well, let's give it a couple more minutes and see if it starts to work. If not, I fear we may have a problem."

Just fucking great. As if I didn't already have enough to deal with.

So I sat there, hating life, while I waited. Carlisle was twiddling his thumbs, clearly wanting to say something, but holding back so I wouldn't have to kill him. Emmett was pacing the floor, feeling anxious or angry or confused or frustrated... I couldn't tell because the excessive amount of whiskey in my body had numbed my senses.

Five minutes later I still couldn't move. Same story ten minutes later. By twenty minutes later I was in a blind rage, just waiting for one more thing to push me over the edge. "Em! Stop your fucking pacing. You're making me nervous and I'm this close to kicking your ass!" I told him, making the universal gesture that goes along with that statement and not even realizing that my finger cooperated. Em looked at me in shock while Carlisle let out a sigh of relief. All too slowly I caught on to their observation and thanked my lucky stars.

I stood to leave, but only made it two steps before Carlisle grabbed my arm. "Son, I know you're going through a hard time, and I understand your need for some space. But, as soon as your head is a little clearer, I think we need to sit down and have a long conversation. Okay?"

Great. What is he gonna do? Ground me? "Yeah, sure. What the fuck ever Dad. Now, would you let me go so I can get out of here. You guys are driving me crazy." I said, sneering his name like a child and trying to wriggle out of his grip. Of course I was too slow and weak to get free on my own, but he let me go anyways.

"And your brother is going with you" he commanded, Emmett stepping up and clapping me on the shoulder. "Come on Bro, let's go rustle up some grub!" Emmett's horrible western accent was annoying, as was Carlisle's commanding that he come with me, but I was just ready to get out of the damn house. I swiftly nodded and then took off into the forest and heard Em follow behind.

With every animal I drained I felt a little bit better about the situation with Alice. Sure, she'd left me for someone else, but who was I to complain? I had an affair and was in love with her best friend. Had she not left me, I was coming up there to leave her. It definitely hurt like hell, but at least I could be glad that she had somebody and wouldn't be sad and alone while I was with my Bella.

My time earlier had done me some good. I replayed our entire relationship in my mind, holding on to the good memories and reliving the bad. Change is hard for vampires, and for me it came a little bit harder; but if those hours of hell were what I needed to go through to be with my girl, I'd do it every day. By the time Carlisle had managed to bring me out of my drunken and emotional stupor I knew that I had finally let go of Alice. She'd always have her own special place in my heart, but now it was fully open for Bella. I was sure that we'd made the right choice, and that with time I'd be over the pain. I'd miss her, but I'd survive.

I was glad that Bella had finally made it to the house. Her presence seemed to make the process move a lot faster. She was my light at the end of the tunnel. I hated that she had to see me like such a weak, sniveling, shell of a man; but I'm an empath and I feel hard, I'm sure she understands.

Once I'd had enough to drink and time to think, I sat down against a tree in a small clearing. I was pretty sure that all of my senses were coming back and I needed some time to just think; but all I could think about was Bella. I pulled out my cell phone and was just about to call my girl when Emmett's deep ass voice sounded from across the clearing. "I don't think she wants to talk to you right now," he said, standing menacingly across from me. We'd split up, but I guess he'd caught up with me now, and I had no idea. I guess my senses aren't all back.

"What are you talking about? And what the hell are you doing sneaking up on me?" Fucking creeper.

"You know, I was really worried about you Bro. You looked like shit and I've never really seen you that weak; even when you've slipped in the past. I felt bad for you. And worried. And I was ready to kill whoever the fuck had done this to you," he spoke low, walking closer as he did. I didn't say anything because I didn't think he was done and I was a little uncomfortable with where he was going with this.

"But then, while I was hunting, the wheels started turning. And everything started falling into place. You know how that happens? When things start making sense... When shit starts getting real..." Fuck, he figured it out.

The look in his eyes was dangerous and before I had time to react, his fist was cocked and headed towards my face. It was too late to do anything about it so I squared my jaw, ready to suffer the blow; but it never came. The tree behind me splintered with the force of his fist. I looked at him in question; he answered with one of his own. "What the fuck were you thinking man?"

He was pissed, my muted powers finally picking up on it now that he was closer. I didn't know what to say to that. I stayed silent and he grew impatient. Say something!

"It's complicated Em," was all I could come up with.

"No! Fuck that! Everything we do is complicated! We don't keep shit from each other. I hate that!" Huh?

"That's what you're mad about?" I asked, and he instantly looked even more pissed. Nice.

Emmett unceremoniously dropped to the ground beside me and explained himself. "Look, you and Alice weren't working. You were turning into a shell and she was turning into a bitch. You two needed to be over. And she cheated on you too, so you guys cancel each other out. And as far as you and Bella; she's a big girl and can make her own decisions. You better not hurt her, but that's a conversation for another day," he said, pausing to look at me. Well shit... that was easier than I thought it would be.

"But you not telling me? You making all these changes in your life and keeping me in the dark... That hurts Jazz. I thought we were closer than that. I tell you shit that I don't even tell Rose!"

I officially felt like shit and hated that I'd hurt my closest brother. "I'm sorry Em. I just-"

"Naw man, we don't need to do all of the apology shit. I just needed you to know that I don't like that. With all the changes; Alice leaving, Edward being sent away, I just feel like I'm losing everybody. Please don't join that list, okay?" Gotta love Em, always making it easy.

I nodded at him, signaling that I understood and I wouldn't let it happen again. He smiled, jumped to his feet and reached down to help me up. "Let's get back to the house before Pops freaks out," Em joked as we took off towards home.

We were about halfway there when I came to a stop in front of Em. "Dude, what the hell?" He asked, narrowly missing slamming into me.

I held up a finger to silence him as I tried to process what had just popped into my mind. Emmett had said that Edward had been sent away. Why the hell would be sent away? Thinking about it, I was surprised he hadn't tried to kill me by now, but that would explain it.

"Why was Edward sent away Em?" He tried to play it off, but I didn't miss the look that flashed across his face.

"Uh, I don't really have the details. You'll have to ask Carlisle," he told me, attempting to shake it off and head back towards the house. "Come on, we've been gone forever. He'll be worried."

My senses were still very dulled but his emotions were strong and I could clearly feel what he was; awkwardness, hesitance and apprehension. He didn't want to tell me. Fuck that.

"Em... what the hell are you hiding from me? You better fucking tell me!"

He sighed, turned around and avoided my gaze. "I know Jazz-man. And I will. Just not now. I need the others here, okay? Can you just give me ten minutes and let me tell you at home?"

He needs the others? What the fuck is going on? It must be bad if he won't even look me in the eye. And it has to do with Edward? And Bella? No, he's telling me now!

I growled at him. "Fucking spill it Em! You just lectured me on not keeping shit from you and you're gonna try to pull this now? Abso-fuckin-lutley not!" He finally looked me in the eye, resignation building as he processed what I'd just said and how right I was. "Tell me!" I growled again. "Now!"

He rubbed his hands through his hair nervously and finally said the words I wanted to hear. "God damn you Jasper! Fine. I'll fucking tell you. But you're gonna sit down, shut up and let me finish without interruptions. And then, we're going straight home. Can you promise me that?"

No. But I'll tell you what you want to hear so you'll tell me, of course. "Yeah, sure" I said, sitting down on the forest floor. "Start talkin'"

"I'm going to fucking kill you Emmett. Get. Out. Of. My. Way. NOW!" My growl reverberated through the forest as I tried to get past my brother in my blind rage.

Before he'd even finished his story I'd already signed Edward's death certificate. How dare he touch her? He must have lost his fucking mind if he thought he was getting away with that shit!

"Jazz, just chill out dude. It's been handled already," he attempted. Sure.

"Oh really? Has it been handled Em? Okay. So, where exactly can I find his pile of ashes? Because if there isn't one, then it hasn't been properly handled!" I was intensely regretting my excessive intake of cheap whiskey because Emmett was faster and stronger than me at the moment and I couldn't get past him. Add my uncontrollable anger into the mix and I was sloppy; I was always sloppy when I put too much emotion into a fight. I tried to remember how Maria had taught to remove myself from the warrior inside, but Bella permeated my every pore. I couldn't find my groove. Before I knew it, Emmett had me backed into a corner deep in the forest, and he was mad.

"I said it's been handled. End of story and end of your fucking hissy fit. Don't forget Jazz, I found her. Don't you think I wanted to kill him? Don't you think I wanted to make him pay for every little thing he did to my baby sister? Huh?" He paused, but I had nothing to say. He doesn't get it; he doesn't love her like I do. It's not the same!

As if he read my mind, he continued. "I may not be in love with her Jasper, but that girl means just as much to me as anyone in this family. I call her my sister because that is exactly what I see when I look at her. I love her too, dammit! It took every ounce of my control not to rip his coward ass head off his body the moment I saw her; but I controlled it! And you need to control it too. We have more important things to worry about."

Okay, so he might love her, but it's still not the same. "What could possibly be more important that this Em?" I just didn't understand his thinking.

He looked at me like I was stupid. "Uh, well first of all, Edward has been sent away which means we lost one of our best defenders of Bella. Victoria and Laurent are still out there, don't forget that. And second, from what Rose told me, you have one very hurt and upset girlfriend you need to console out there." Wait, what?

"That's the problem. How can I stand to be around her in so much pain and resist hunting him down. He hurt my girl Em, I can't just let that slide. Fuck!" I was starting to get angry again, so I ran my hand through my hair in an effort to quell the rage.

"Dude, you know Bella better than any of us. Why do you think I didn't kill him when I had the chance? Because I knew that it would hurt her more than anything he did could. If you were to hurt him, it would only hurt her. You know this." He had a point. "Besides, she seemed to be more worried about you than what he did to her. And, uh, I'm pretty sure you are the source of her pain right now, not Eddie boy."

Uh, what? "What are you talking about? What did I do?" Fucking females, I swear.

He laughed. He was laughing. I was dead fucking serious and he was laughing. "What is so fucking funny Em?"

"I'm sorry man, but how can you ask me that? Dude, you were a wreck! A drunken, sobbing, heartbroken wreck! Why wouldn't she be upset?"

Way to make me feel better Emmett. "Of course I was! My wife had just told me she was leaving me for someone else! My marriage had just ended. Should I have been throwing a party?"

"Well, no. But, between you falling apart and chanting her name, Bella pretty much figured that you were still in love with Alice, like any normal person would!"

"Chanting her name? Tell me you're joking." There's no way I was chanting her name, was there?

"Yeah man. You don't remember?" He looked concerned again.

"No! Why the hell... It must've been when I was remembering," I said, angry at myself. Of course she was upset; I'd be too.

"Remembering?" Em asked, wanting me to clarify.

"Yeah. I kinda replayed our relationship in my head; I think it was my process of letting go. I'm over it now. I swear. I don't want Alice, I want Bella. I need Bella. And now I went and fucked it all up. What do I do?" I asked him, needing some wisdom. I couldn't handle all of this right now.

Emmett looked sympathetic. "I don't know man. I think you should maybe talk to Rose about it. But you better fix this and get her back," he smiled at me. "Nobody else deserves her."

His words meant a lot to me, and I tried to push out a wave of gratitude at him; I don't know if it worked. He stepped aside, finally giving me room to run for it if I so chose, but my head was clear now. I knew Em was right about me hurting Edward and how it would ultimately hurt Bella. I needed to be a better man for her, and I was starting by letting him live. But, so help me, if he touches her again, his life will be over.

When he saw that I wasn't running, he reached out his closed fist to me and I met his in a bump. I was so grateful for his presence in my life right now that I couldn't help but grin at the goofy lug.

After our little bromance moment, it was time to get home and handle my business, so we took off. I just hope Rose has something useful to tell me. I need to get my girl back.

"Rose, this all just feels a little ridiculous." I whined. I was tired of shopping and everything was just so girly and I felt like a complete pansy.

She gave me her patented evil-eye, "Shut it Brother and just let me handle this. I know what girls like. Trust me, she''ll love it."

With a huff I conceded, making sure to give Emmett a jab in the side when I heard him snickering at me. I hated this. I just wanted to go see my girl, but apparently nothing was ever that easy.

Once we'd made it back home earlier, Rose was there and quickly pulled us into Emmett's Jeep and started driving. She told me how Bella was upset over my actions from earlier and was worried I didn't still want her. She knew I loved her, but thought that maybe I still wanted to be with Alice. Oh, how wrong she was...

Anywho, once I'd heard what Rose had to say and I told her my resolution to get her back, we were already at the mall. When I politely questioned Rose as to what in the flying fuck we were doing at the mall when I needed to be with my girl, she shushed me and told me to trust her. Five stores, four hundred dollars and one pounding headache later I was ready to hurt her.

We'd accosted an absolutely unheard of amount of white candles, candle holders, vases, massage oils, pillows, the softest blankets I'd ever felt, CD's that neither of us would ever listen to, sappy DVD's that Bella would hate, and enough gourmet food for a small army.

"Seriously Rose, what is all this for?" I wasn't feeling any of this and my fuse was running very short.

"Come on Jazz, you messed up. Bella is hurt and you need to sweep her off of her feet. You're going to go into your study and make the two of you a sanctuary to spend a romantic night in. We'll fill it with candles and flowers and some mood music. Those pillows and blankets will give you guys somewhere comfortable to cuddle. Then, you can give her a massage, make her some dinner, watch a romantic movie, and then the crown jewel; give her a long speech about how much she means to you and give her some jewelry. She'll be putty in your arms!" Rose beamed, thinking her plan was fool proof.

"Yeah, and if all goes according to plan, you'll get some use out of what you buy in here," Emmett said, pulling me into a fancy lingerie store. I planted my feet, coming to a stop before I was too far in.

"Okay, first of all Rose, that just doesn't sound like Bella's idea of a good night at all. She's more of a simple kind of girl. I don't know about all this," I told her.

She smiled and shook her head, "Just trust me Brother. That is every girl's idea of a good night. You want your girl back don't you?"

I did. So, if this is what it took, I'd do it. "Yeah, I do. Fine, I'll do it. But Bella's not gonna wear anything in here guys," I said looking around at the store that was much more Alice's taste.

"Umm, it's La Perla Bro, she'll wear it," Em said matter-of-factly, fingering a tiny red number. "Hey Rosie, isn't this the one I tore the other night?" He asked her and I walked away trying to get the fucking image out of my mind. While those two bickered, I wandered the store, looking for something that seemed like Bella's style. Five minutes later, Rose appeared behind me with a red set and said "This is the one," and I nodded, just ready to get out of there.

"Okay, can we go now?" I asked, really longing to see the inside of the Jeep.

"Almost. Two more stops," Rose said and I wanted to cry. "Two more? What else do we need? It's getting late already!" Yeah, I was whining. And no, I didn't give a damn. I want to go home!

"How about you run into the jewelry store and we'll go pick up some flowers, and meet at the car in ten?" Rose suggested. "Yeah. Sounds good," I told her and we took off. "Make sure you get something good!" I heard her yell from a distance.

It wasn't hard to find what I wanted there. I made my purchase and made it back to the car just as my siblings arrived with an abundance of white flowers in their arms. I decided against arguing and jumped in the car and we quickly headed home. I tried to call Bella and ask her to come over, but Rose said it would only work if she came over on her own; so I sulked the entire way home, trying to come up with something to say that would get my girl back in my arms.

When we got home Carlisle and Esme were waiting outside for us. Esme immediately took me into her arms. "Son," she said, "I know you have a lot going on right now, but please promise me that you'll come to me when you realize you need your mother's wisdom."

I pulled back and smiled at her. "Of course. I'm sure that'll be soon enough." She smiled sweetly and leaned in to kiss me on the cheek. "I love you Son."

"I love you too Mom. Always," I whispered, glad to feel this kind of affection after the day I'd had. We released our hold as Carlisle joined us. "How's the finger?" I flexed it for him and flashed a thumbs up; he seemed pleased.

"So, what all this for?" Esme asked, gesturing to the bags that Rose had piled on Emmett. Rose answered for me; "He has to make that bleak study of his look acceptable. Just some supplies." I was glad she didn't give too much away. Esme's brow furrowed a little, but she quickly recovered.

"Jasper, you can't live in your study. You need more space."

Always looking out for us. "I don't really have any other options Ma. I'll be fine; don't worry."

"No, no. That won't do. Follow me," Esme said, swiftly moving up the stairs and I followed behind. We came to the third floor and stopped at the door of her crown jewel; her immaculate guest bedroom. She was so proud of this room, always beaming whenever she showed it to her guests. "I can't take this room. You love it way too much!"

"Nonsense! It's yours now." She stepped aside, wanting me to walk in. "No, I can't. Where will the guests stay?"

She laughed. "You can and you will. Now open the damn door young man!" She giggled at my shocked expression at hearing her cuss; Esme doesn't cuss. I opened the door and was immediately speechless.

The room was perfect. The walls were gray with a soft white carpet. The first thing you saw was a sitting area that consisted of a black leather chair and loveseat around a stainless steel table that had a red vase in the middle of it. There was a bookshelf that was already full of books. Further into the room was a large bed with a black leather padded headboard, a soft looking black bedspread and tons of black, gray and red pillows. The wall held a humongous flat screen and tons of black and white pictures of me and the family. I walked further into the room and found the walk in closet was half-filled with my stuff; the other half empty. The bathroom was more of the same black, gray and red colors and had a huge tub and shower. It was all utterly perfect. I turned to Esme flabbergasted; "How? Why? When?" I was still stuttering intelligently when she explained.

"When I noticed you and Alice's problems getting worse, I started working on this for you. Just because you two are separated, that doesn't mean that you don't deserve your own space in the house. I hope you like it Son"

I hugged her tight, a little choked up at the kind gesture. "I love it. It's perfect. Thank you so much."

"It was my pleasure. Enjoy. Me and Carlisle are going for a hunt. We'll see you guys tomorrow evening. Remember, I'm only a phone call away. And make sure you guys look after Bella tonight." I nodded and she darted out of the room and down the stairs.

I flopped down onto my new bed and enjoyed only a second of silence before Em and Rose burst through the door. "Wow! This will be easier than I thought! Let's get to work," Rose exclaimed. Emmett simply uttered "Nice diggs" before he joined Rose in the setting up of my room.

After twenty minutes the room looked ridiculous. Candles were lit everywhere, some stupid ass slow jams CD was playing and a romantic comedy was ready to play at the push of a button. Flowers filled the entire room and massage oil was out on the nightstand ready for use. Flower petals adorned the floor and bed and the lingerie was hanging in the empty side of the closet ready for wear. A full meal was prepared downstairs, only needing to be heated up. The soft blankets and pillows were stored as they weren't needed anymore. Of course Em had insisted I run a bath and fill it with flower petals. And of course, I had the box from the jewelry store in the pocket of my coat that Rose insisted I wear, complete with a button up, slacks and really shiny fucking shoes. I felt like a tool.

"Alright stud, do what I told you and you should have her back in no time," Rose said, sure of herself. Just then, her phone started to vibrate on the coffee table. I glanced down and saw that it was Bella and quickly tossed it to her. She looked at the caller name, opened it, and pressed ignore. I was pissed.

"What the hell are you doing? That was Bella!" Is she insane?

"I know. We've been dodging her calls all day. She needs to come here of her own volition, not because I tell her she should."

Okay, now I was enraged. "Are you out of your mind? What if she's in trouble? She's been alone for hours now!"

"Don't worry. She's fine. I've been checking her voicemails. She was out with Jake and now she's home. Hold on," she said as her phone buzzed again. "She's on her way here now. We'll get out of your way. Good luck Brother."

She dashed out of the room, probably sensing how angry I was at the moment. Emmett had the decency to look a little sheepish before he saluted me and said "It's game time Major. We'll patrol for the next couple of hours. Get her back, man."

Once they were both gone I stood in the middle of my new room; what once suited me perfectly now made me feel like the biggest douche in the world. The music was ridiculous, the sissy candles were giving me a fear of being burned alive and the flowers had long ago given me a headache. I couldn't believe that I let Rose talk me into this. And I couldn't believe that Rose had been ignoring Bella's calls; it was too risky at a time like this. Even though Rose was only trying to help with everything, I kinda wanted to slap her at the moment. I just hoped Bella liked it; that would make it all worth it.

I stilled for a moment and began to think about the beautiful girl that I hoped would be mine at the end of the night. She was such an exception to every rule in the most amazing ways. She saw love where I saw a monster. She saw solace where I saw disaster. She joy where I could only find disappointment. And she saw me when I could only see everything I tried to hide. She was not an ordinary person. She was different and unique and seemingly made just for me. There was no one in the world that could compare to her...

And that's where I realized my mistake.

And that's when I heard the roar of her truck turning up the driveway.

Fuck! I have to move fast!

By the time I heard the beautiful sound of her converse climbing the stairs, I was standing by my window looking outside, a favorite pastime of mine. The night was calm and I hoped that was a good sign for me.

I'd rushed and done a good job of undoing all the crap that Rose had so naively thought out. I was just glad that I'd realized the problem before she got here. None of the stuff that we'd done was what Bella liked. She didn't like grand gestures and girly decor. She liked plain, simple, meaningful. I took one last glance around the room hoping I'd done a good enough job.

Gone were all of the candles but two; one on each night stand. The presumptuous massage oil was trashed along with the abundance of flowers, minus the one single stem I held in my hand, that is. The sappy music was replaced with my trusty acoustic guitar and the T.V. was unplugged. The bath was drained and where the lingerie once hung was now an old band shirt of mine. I changed into a pair of beat up old jeans and a faded t-shirt, and, of course, my trusty boots. One of the comfy blankets was draped over my chair along with enough pillows to make it extra comfy. The last thing I did was order a pizza and some Coke for my girl. The only thing that remained unchanged was the tiny box in my pocket from the jewelry store; that was all me, and I hoped Bella would love it.

I breathed a sigh of relief when I realized that now the room actually fit Bella's style along with my own. Her steps grew closer and I started to feel anxious. What will she do? What will she say?

And just as she reached the top of the landing I cursed myself for not thinking of what to say to her. I'd done all of this and hadn't even prepared myself. How could I explain myself? How could I get my girl back? Would she ever want me again? How could she after everything I'd put her through? I'm such a fucking idiot!

I was broken from my thoughts as a flash of lightning brightened the gloomy sky, followed by the deafening crack of thunder, and before I had time to recover, my door swung open. I turned, and there she stood, eyes red from crying, nose glowing like Rudolph, skin flushed in the most beautiful way, staring at me with those big beautiful eyes. Her emotions were a swirl just like every time she was upset and I couldn't grasp what she was feeling. All I knew was that she was here and now was my chance. And then the rain started. Great.

She was still standing there, staring, waiting for me to do something to make this mess of a situation right; and I was drawing blanks. I couldn't speak. I couldn't move. I couldn't even fuckin' breathe. I didn't know what to do. Say something!

When I heard my phone buzz I looked down and saw the text from Peter and the message it held; Kiss her you fucking dumbass!

And then she was moving, coming right at me, and her emotions had finally settled; love.

I reacted just in time, scooping her into my arms and kissing her like there was no tomorrow. When we were done, I laid us down on the bed and just held her. I relished the feel of her body near me, the smell of her hair, the taste of her skin, the beat of her heart. We stayed there, just like that, for an hour. Not talking, not fighting, not crying; just being. We were together and we realized now that that was all we'd ever needed. All of the planning and thinking and preparing was unnecessary because she was MY girl and nothing was ever gonna change that. We made a silent agreement as we laid there that now was our time; we were finally free to be together and we weren't gonna wait any longer.

When her stomach started growling, I feed my girl like royalty. I sat her in the comfy chair, wrapped her in a blanket and played her a love song. I dressed her in my shirt and told her how much I loved her; and even though she told me the same, her emotions told me all I ever needed to know. My girl loved me and her heart was mine. It was at that moment that I showed her that she had mine as well.

The heart shaped pendant, made of none other than the stone known as jasper, hung delicately down her neck as she slept in my arms, exhausted from the day's events. I was content, replaying the last words she'd said to me before she'd drifted off; "Thank you Jasper. I love it, and I love you."

Sometime around 3 am I heard Rose and Emmett return and went downstairs to meet them.

"Did it work?" Rose asked, excitedly, obviously knowing Bella was still here.

I shook my head, "No, all that shit you had me do did NOT work," she frowned, "but my way did."

I couldn't help the smile that graced my lips. Either could they.

"So, what did you say? Was it hard? Did she yell at you?" Emmett asked me, eager to hear the story.

"I didn't say anything man. We didn't have to. We love each other; we just had to remember that and we were fine."

They looked confused. "That easy? How?"

I just chuckled and clapped Em on the back, "I'll tell you tomorrow Bro. I gotta get back to my girl."

They conceded and I turned to go back upstairs when I realized that Bella's truck was still running, in the middle of the driveway. I raced over to it, glad the rain had stopped, and tried to quickly pull it into a more suitable position. Before I was done I heard her phone ring from inside. I was confused as to who would be calling her this late and hurried my pace. She answered on the third ring, just as I opened the front door. As I climbed the stairs I heard the person on the other end of the line. He was talking very hurried and broken and from the distance I could only make out parts of what he said. Bella, however, heard everything.

I made it just in time to catch her before she fell and brace myself for the impact of the emotional tidal wave that crashed over me as I felt her pain. And just before her first cries of agony left her shaking form, I replayed what I'd heard and tried to figure it out. I was hoping I was missing a piece of the puzzle; but it seemed unlikely from what little I'd heard.

"Bella... help... hurry... Dad... dead..."

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Thanks for all the love you guys! I don't deserve it!

Oh yeah, I think that all of you should go check out The Last Airbender later this month after you see Eclipse. We have to support our Jackson! If you haven't heard of it, google it. The cartoon was great (and I don't watch any other cartoons; I'm 21 years old) and the movie looks like it'll be amazing.

Anywho... back on topic... What did you think? Who died? How much do I suck? Let me know! Love you guys!