Frodo's Farewell
by Mainecoon

Author's Note: this is another of my more ancient writings.

I listened to the willow trees,
But all I heard was weeping.
I listened to the whispers
Of a lion who was sleeping,
But never the fairy song I heard
For the world was loudly weeping.

I journeyed long, I traveled far
To find the Fire's daughter:
A mountain high wherein was forged
A weapon used for slaughter.
It was our Quest (my friend's and mine)
To find the Fire's daughter.

Adventurous, we two small ones.
We heard the cries... like thunder...
Of War that raged on every side.
Our hearts were torn asunder.
I never hope to hear again
Such anguished, frightened thunder.

Now at the end, our battle won,
It isn't yet complete.
Farewell, my friends and my companion.
Let our last words be sweet.
I sail to-day for gentler times.
My life is now complete.

Shed no more tears, dear friends of mine.
Let eyes be hard and steady.
One cannot say when life is through,
Or if we shall be ready.
I only know that days are dull
And light is never steady.

This ship now sails. You're far away.
Dear Sam! Continue on,
Finish my book ere you forget
And remember that, though gone,
I'll guide your pen as if it were
My own hand. Sam, hold on!

Farewell forever, ever more.
Farewell to home and Shire.
I cannot stay another day,
For soon day shall expire.
Now you are left to carry on
The legend of the Shire.