5 six year olds and 2 ten year olds ran for cover from the rain in the giant mansion ahead. It was they're home for the past few months. Thanks to the so called vacation that their father was taking. The oldest of the children, a boy named Ryoga, was in the front of his siblings, thanks to he fact that he was older and more athletic of the family. His twin, Rin was next to the sextuplets, Kara, Ali, Ryoma, Alex, and Josh. Josh was laughing, twirling around in the rain while trying to run, Josh was trying to not smack his younger brother over the head, Ali was focusing on running past the trees, mentally smirking about the fact that she was right behind their oldest brother, Ryoma and Kara were behind everyone else chatting softly about the next day when the children would be going out to the beach and hopefully be able to stay away from their father.

"Ryo-ni, aren't you exited about the trip?" Kara asked, smiling when her brother was unable to hide the excitement in his eyes. She giggled when Ryoma fell in the street and ran abit faster, wanting to get home before she got sick and was unable to go.

Suddenly, a car started coming towards the fallen Ryoma and Kara made a split second decision, she turned and in the last moment, pushed her brother out of the way. The car ran over her instead and she smiled at her brother, she knew she made the right decision. She mouthed the words 'I'm sorry about the beach', before she fell into darkness forever. Kara Alexandria Echizen died that night after a four hour surgery. Her heart and body gave out and she was buried at the beach they were supposed to go to the next day. Ryoma did not attend. Two weeks later, they found out that their mother was pregnant with triplets, two boys, named Kyo and Ryuu, and a little girl named Hitomi. They were born in April of the next year.

Flash Forward

Ryoma and the others were all crowded together in a big room trying to keep his face emotionless as he had done for years now. The room had different interments everywhere and Ryoma had a bad feeling that his mother heard him playing on the grand piano when he thought he was alone. Little did he know that everyone else had gotten back from their trip while he was playing.

Ryoma hated people now. He hated how they could act fine while he was still trying to learn how to pretend that he was okay now. Rinko, his mother, had yelled for them to take their places. He knew what was happening now.

Ali was soon seated at the drums and Ryoma suppressed a smile at how perfectly his sister and her chosen interment mixed. She could be wild and crazy, gaining the attention of every person in the room, or she could blend in easily with others, a gift Ryoma didn't have.

Alex stood at the side of the room, picking up the instrument that felt right in his hands, a violin. Yes, it was a weird mixture, but somehow the violin and him worked sometimes playing a tearful tune, and others mixing with what his closest brother was playing.

Josh chose a guitar that could be considered an electric one if he so chose to. The melodies that they were able to make blew away his mother and he knew that he did not have much of a choice if they wanted to blend the drums and violin.

Ryoma stood by the doorway, trying not to move towards the baby grand piano in the center. Instead, he went over to the lead microphone. No one could complain about it since he had the best voice of them all.

Yes, Ryoma was a genius, a gifted music player and could play anything from drums to the organ, an incredible sportsman, a computer nerd, and able to finish reading any book in an unheard of amount of time. After Kara's death four years ago, he threw himself into anything and everything he could. Then, after only three years had passed, Ryoga ran away and Rin had gone to live with their aunt and uncle, not able to stand seeing Ryoma anymore.

His mother was evil. Their father used tennis to hurt him, and his siblings used their words. He knew. He knew that Kara had made a stupid choice in saving his life! He knew that he should have been the one who was buried! He knew that his family didn't want the anti-social boy and would have preferred to have the sweet social butterfly that they knew Kara would have been. And finally, he knew they used him in everything that they did include him in. Tennis? He hated the stupid sport; it was the only time when Ali was forced to speak with her brother in doubles. She was the one who got stuck with the king of antisocial-ness.

He was the king of sports, the ruler of games, the god of books and the…

Ryoma bolted awake. The first words that popped into his head were "The angel of Melodies" He laughed lightly to himself, his so-called fans used to call him that. The angel of melodies, the, for some reason, king of the band that they had made, white mask masters, and he knew it had just gotten the others more and more upset with him over the years. It had been a whild since he had made the decision that split them off forever. He stayed with his parents to move to Japan while, and he knew it had just gotten the others more and more upset with him over the years. It had been a whild since he had made the decision that split them off forever. He stayed with his parents to move to Japan while they, as he called them, stayed with the same relative that Rin was with. It had been forever since anyone had last called him that. He sighed, pushing his blackish-greenish hair off his sweaty face. He got up and got ready for another long day.

Ten minutes later, Ryoma yawned for the nth time that morning, he was exhausted he thought to himself as he started walking towards the school that he had secretly called home for the past year or so. Unfortunately, since it hd taken him longer than usual to get ready, he was late for practice and the only way to get there in time was to sprint. Of course, he wasn't thinking about that, he was focusing on trying to stay awake. So the prince of tennis was late… again. Yes he was late often, even though he only has about two weeks left as a freshman until he becomes a freshman! Yes, you read that right, He was going from his first year in Jr. High to his first year in high school.

The little genius decided to skip his last 2 years in Jr. High School, mainly because he did not want to be stuck with Momo-senpai or Kaido- senpai as his captain. He hadn't decided where to go yet. He wanted to go to Seishun high, but his dad wanted him to go to either Rikkaidai, or Hyoutei, for the reason that the girls wore shorter uniforms and the tennis was apparently the best. Ha! Had he even met monkey king or the so called child of god? Please, he had already beaten the best of their schools! His mother on the other hand, wanted him to go to Fudoumine. (She said in the bigger schools he would get picked on, but, he knew they wouldn't dare, he wasn't just known in the j-high tennis teams, all the regulars knew of him and his power.) He finally got to the school, when, to his surprise, the regulars were gathered around someone.

"Ochibi-chan! Gomen gomen!" He heard Kikumaru-senpai ask.

"Are you ok Echizen?"

'Ok this is kind of weird.' he thought, sneaking into the club, hoping not to get more laps than he probably already had to do

"Waaaa! There are 2 Ryoma-sama's!" his fan girl, Tomoka shouted, (Ryoma winced at the noise. He really should work on his sneaking abilities…) pointing to the real Ryoma and the person on the ground. This however caught his attention. He pushed past the regulars and saw a groaning figure on the ground.

"Kyo! Are you ok?" Ryoma asked kneeling towards his fallen baby brother, accidentally reverting back to English. He never did have any problems with the, now 7 year old triplets little siblings. The three of them seemed to prefer to stay out of the older ones fights; after all, they never knew Kara.

"Ry-nii-san!" The boy, Kyo, exclaimed, grabbing his brother in a slight hug. Ryoma let him for a second, then pulled back to look at his baby brother. Kyo looked almost exactly like him, just smaller and, if he wasn't mistaken, the younger ones hair hinted a purple color instead of Ryoma's own green. A very quiet smile graced his features when he saw his baby brother. He was proud of him, as well as Ryuu and Hitomi, for staying neutral. He heard the sound of a person clearing his throat and jumped slightly in surprise. They looked up and saw all the confused faces of the regulars. Oh, right, he had forgotten about them

"Echizen! Explain." That was Tezuka-buchou. He helped his brother stand. Kyo looked at the team members shyly, and Ryoma rolled his eyes. "Echizen Kyo. Yoroshiku." Kyo muttered, his Japanese slightly more rough than his brothers, mainly because he never spoke in Japanese. He looked at the regulars, making sure it was safe there, before looking at this brother and muttering "they're coming." Ryoma looked strangely at his brother, his eyes were questioning, before widening. He looked up at his teammates before muttering "Oh Shit."