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When Ryoma looked up at the regulars, he found that he quite enjoyed the looks of confusion and shock on the faces. He turned to the new additions he was fairly sure that no one noticed before asking in a voice deeper than they were used to "What are you doing here?"

For once, his American accent slightly showed thru, not enough that it made him impossible to understand, but enough that is made him sound foreign.

"We assumed there was a problem when we saw the Seigaku regular's rushing here. We followed to see if we could help." said a blonde haired teen. Tachibana. His brain supplied him. He smirked and rolled his eyes lightly.

"Thanks for the help, but I'm pretty sure that we have everything under control for the moment." He said, looking like he did on the courts surprising everyone. He looked confident, strong, and much older than he actually was.

Suddenly, he remembered something. "Ne, Tachibana-san, I was wondering if you can get me more info on Fudoumine high school."

"Dray, you have to get away from here, not plan where to go to high school in 3 years." Kyo scolded lightly when his brother's smirk grew.

"Kyo, Kyo, Kyo, trust your Onii-san. I know what I'm doing. Besides, I'm not really thinking that they are going to be able to do much damage this time. Not if I strike first. My dear siblings can go to hell and I refuse to acknowledge that I have any siblings besides Hitomi, Ryuu and you. How much can they damage me? I mean really, the worst they can do is beat me in a match, that's about it. Bring up reports, guilt trip me, accidental balls my way, and whatever other tricks they can think of are not going to work. Not this time." His voice was surprisingly light, and he looked like he actually didn't care about them.

Kyo knew differently. Kyo knew that this was just his other character talking, that his brother was trying to act invinciable for someone. For him? For his team? Or maybe it was someone else, someone who he was trying to protect from the fire of his emotions.

Kyo sighed. Brothers were impossible sometimes…

"Hitomi says 'hi' by the way and that she is sorry she couldn't come with me, but they would have noticed if all three of us came. Ryuu is… spending more and more time alone and I think he misses you more than any of us. He said to tell you to be safe and that he would see you soon. If I had t guess, I would say that the only thing keeping him from getting on a plane and moving over here is because he doesn't want to split us up even more so than he already has." Kyo sighed, darn his older twin for being the genius of the group and acting so mature. He loved his brother; he really did, but right now…

"How are Hitomi and Ryuu doing by the way?" Ryoma asked, sitting against a tree. To most it would look like he was just getting comfortable, but he could see the exhaustion on his older brother's face. Knowing Ryoma like he did, he was surprised that he was even able to walk all the way over here and still not collapse.

His brother had a way of suppressing his own weakness, never showing how much it hurt for his family to hate him for living, or the words that he sometimes overheard. That was around the time that he created his alternate persona, someone who could deal with the cruel words and the hatred that Ryoma himself could not.

Most would think that Echizen Ryoma was mental when they heard that he had an alternate persona, That Dray was a different personality, but that wasn't true. Ryoma knew full well what he was doing and how to change his emotions. There was no other person on earth like him that was for sure.

Kyo thought for a second before answering. "Hitomi is acting more and more like someone else. She still cares for us, and still acts the same, but I think she has" he paused for a second, looking like a seven year old telling on his sister, "a crush on this guy named Chris who lives down the street in the old Weatherford manor. Ryuu is acting depressed, but he was the one who first overheard that the others were coming to visit and make your life Hades. Putting it nicely, Ryuu has become a mini you. He hardly speaks to anyone anymore because they can not offer an intelligent conversation. He has dropped all sports and doesn't really play anything. He mainly just programs computers and causes trouble. Last I heard, he was talking to Katelynn Howards, a girl at school, and has started a weird relationship thingy with her."

Kyo knew he was talking too much, and from the amused look on Ryoma's face, he wasn't the only one who noticed.

"Ne, Kyo, has anyone ever told you that you talk too much?"

Kyo pouted "That's mean Ryo-nii! And here I came all this way to warn you that Ali, Josh, and the rest of them were coming next week. But if you didn't want to know, I can just go back home and watch t.v."

He was banged over the head lightly. Ryoma was never a touchy-feely person, but he never minded smacking someone upside the head when they were being idiots.

"Don't kill him like you did Kara little brother." a voice said. Ryoma could hear the smirk in it. Wonderful, bloody perfect.

"Hello Big Brother."