Verses inspired by Tracy Guynes's "Ringbearer"
by Mainecoon

Author's Note: If Tracy Guynes or the poem that inspired these verses still exists anywhere online, I'm afraid I could not begin to guess where. The website where these verses were formerly archived was wiped out of existence long ago, and I did not keep a copy of Tracy's original poem.

O Ringbearer, Ringbearer, what have you seen
In Galadriel's Mirror, pure and clean?
Visions so distant, dark and cold,
Like winter's frozen air.
Even safely in Lorien, you weren't so bold.
You took no comfort there.

O Ringbearer, Ringbearer, what have you heard?
Songs of the saving Eagle bird.
From burning mountains, tall and wild,
They saved you from your Doom.
You're back now, but can you remember the child
You laid down in his tomb?

O Ringbearer, Ringbearer, what did you give?
Given the choice, would you choose to live
In your home in the Shire, restored once more
From Saruman's deady reign?
Or do you prefer to sail off from the shore
Not to return again?

O Ringbearer, Ringbearer, you must confess:
Do you feel pride or emptyness?
Even the starlight could not understand
Why you must sail away.
Is the pain getting worse as your feet touch the sand,
Or does it fade away?

O Ringbearer, Ringbearer, one last request,
One thing I've never ever guessed:
Where is the vessel, tall and white,
You rode from your home's door?
Was it really worth leaving your servent and life
For blessed Valinor?