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Summary: After the war, Harry has started his new career and surprisingly, it isn't anything related to the Wizarding world. Abandoned by most of his friends, he decides to move to Forks, Washington in order to get rid of the press hounding his every step.

Chapter I - The Interview

Harry Potter had never been an extraordinary person except everyone said he was. At first he didn't agree with them and then as time passed he tended to agree with them more and more. He didn't know whether it was just something that happened to people when the people around them kept on repeating what they thought or whether it was just true. He knew that there were cases when a community of people would say something about a person so many times that said person would end up believing them. Maybe that was his case.

Either way, he was certain he was going to keep thinking it. The many things he did and got caught up in weren't things a normal wizard would do. Hell, not even Dumbledore had gone through so much. And it only proved his point more than not.

The brunette crossed his arms and glanced at his digital watch, which was conveniently displayed straight up so all he had to do was look down slightly and he would see it. He didn't want to make it obvious that he didn't want to be there. It would only give the paparazzi more ammunition against him, something he didn't want to give them anymore.

Saying that he was bored was the understatement of the century. He would absolutely rather be doing something else. Something much more worthwhile. There was a reason why he didn't like giving interviews, be it about his career or about what he had done a few short months ago. His band had done so. God had they done so, but he hadn't. Not until this very moment.

It was very exasperating, to say the least. These people didn't know when to give up on a story. He would say no and they would just return and want to talk to him again. It wasn't like there wasn't anyone else out there they could stalk and write about. But then, maybe some of this was his fault as well. He was the one who decided to go in the career that he had. If he hadn't done so, he probably would have less fame. But then again, the stupid reporters would have found a way to write more stories about him then they already did. The only difference between the reporters was that these were now Muggle, or at least, most of them were.

So here he was, trying desperately to look like he liked being there and nothing else mattered.

He slouched back into the chair and gave the woman in front of him a large, dazzling smile. That would satisfy her and the other idiots who were out there somewhere snooping around to see it they could find something about him.

"So," the woman blinked and smiled back at him like he had really meant it, "let's get started."

Harry nodded. "Please," he purred. That would certainly get attention. Maybe even make this interview less painful. But then again......he never knew.


As soon as Harry left the building, flashes of cameras went off in his face and left him blind with a large colorful spot in the middle of his vision. What the hell was wrong with these people? Didn't they get enough from what he had given in the interview? It wasn't like they couldn't get their hands on the material in record time. He was certain that by that evening everyone would be running the story. And if not that story, they they would be commenting on the interview he gave and how it was so rare blah blah blah.

He smiled and waved, with a fake happiness that sickened him on the inside. Since when had he mastered pretension? It came so easily now, but he guessed it was from all the years of fighting a war that he had never wanted to fight. From being friends with those who turned their backs on him as soon as the job had been done and over with. But then, his life had always been like that. Why had he thought it could be any different? He had learned from the best and now they got to deal with the Harry they had created.

"Mr. Potter, now that your career has taken off in full swing, will you be returning to that place you have always called home? And if so, where is that place? Is there a special person you would like to visit now that you have time to do so?" The wizard hadn't seen the reporter before and it irritated him that more and more were showing up.

Harry froze for a moment to think about the question.

The place he had always called home had been Hogwarts and even that place didn't want him as much as it had before. It didn't feel like home anymore. It was one thing to think about it as a safe place and actually be safe and another to think about it as a place of war and destruction because that was what it was. He didn't want to go back to the place where so many had died. It was one of the reason why he had refused to finish his schooling. Why he hadn't take his "eighth year" while everyone else did, or at least most of everyone else had. He knew of two others who had refused to take their eighth year as well.

No, there were too many deaths there. He would never be able to return even if he wanted to do so. But, he was sure he would be able to find another place. As to that special person.....There wasn't anyone special enough for him to visit. No one he really wanted to take the time to spend with out of his career. They were all gone from his life. Every single person who had really matter to him was gone. There were only a few and even those he hadn't seen in a long time.

Shaking his head, "No, I won't return to that place again. It holds too many memories that are painful and I, for once, do not want to have pain in my life." If only that was possible.

Another reported stuck his sleek, silver, little recorder up to Harry's mouth. The action alone made Harry want to punch him. Maybe if he showed them aggression they would leave him alone. "Then where will you go? It is understood that you have no relatives that you could travel to. There is almost no one in England who is related to you." Again he repeated the question from before. "How about that special person? Is that whom you are going to visit?"

Pesky little reporters. Why the hell did they care where he went or not? Or course, if he told them, it would make their life so much easier because they wouldn't have to look for him. All they would have to do is show up at his doorstep with their little cameras and recorders. They would bring along their notepads if they didn't have a recorder. Then, they would bombard him with meaningless questions. However, they wouldn't even get a name from him as there was none. If they just knew it would be a scandal that they would be all over it. It isn't something I would like at this moment.

He smiled, as in a spur of the moment, he decided that he was going to move far away. In a remote little town where no one would be able to find him.

"My friend, I don't think you will be privy that information."

"Can you at least give us a hint of your next whereabouts? The name of the person, perhaps?" It was the same reporter from before. Stupid little person. He didn't know when to give up. Ready to harass him until he got the information he wanted. Well, he wasn't going to get anything. And he would have to deal with nothing because that was exactly what he was going to get.

In fact, he wanted to take the recorder and stick it so far up a place that he was sure the reporter wouldn't like.

Again, Harry shook his head. "What would be the fun in telling you where I am going? No, I don't think I will tell you. And that person you expect me to have doesn't exist. Not everyone has to have someone to go to when they get tired of their life. I have lived so far without meaningless people and I don't intend to start now." He lifted his face so that all the reporters could hear him and they could write it down and spread the word. "I will be leaving London in the near future. There is no date as to when I will come back but rest assure that the location I am heading to will be kept secret from all of you. I do not want to be bothered while I'm away. A little privacy will go a long way. If any of you are stupid enough to follow me then you will pay the consequences." He knew they would be all over the threat. The Next Big Story. But he didn't care as much as he should have.

Harry took another step down the sidewalk. He didn't like threatening people but he also knew that they wouldn't resist not knowing where he was going. That was why he was going to make it sound like it was somewhere really special. They would think that he went to a place where everyone went. Then, when they found out that he wasn't there, eventually they would give up on their search and leave him alone for a while. By then, he would have a plan to get rid of them again.

Many of the paparazzi followed him to his flat where he bade them good bye and opened the gate that led to his apartment. As soon as the gate was closed, he could feel all the tension leave his body. It was like a weight had been lifted from his shoulders and now he could rest easily. All the irritation evaporated and he was left tired and exhausted.

He opened his door and stepped inside, automatically throwing down his jacket and kicking off his dress shoes. He hated being out in public dressed like he was.

The brunette unbuttoned his garnet, long-sleeved shirt and untucked it. He fell onto the sofa and laid his head back on the backrest reliving the interview he had given earlier, trying to think if he had made a mistake with some answers he had given. Hopefully, he hadn't given anything away. The reporter he had talked to seemed to be able to pick up on everything he had said.

Where could he go that no one would be able find him, or, at least where people would take several years to find him? It had to be somewhere where people didn't want to go. The place had to be small enough that no one would pay attention to it, while at the same time a place where he wouldn't really stand out much.

Standing up, he paced the length of the living room. His thoughts were racing through his head. He would have to start using less magic. He was sure the reporters would find a way to trace his magical signature back to him. Maybe he would give it up completely.

He had to leave England, that was for sure. Everyone in England would recognize him as the Bloody-Boy-Who-Lived. So staying would be out of the question. That also took out Russia and France. They knew him as well as the British Magical Community did. Australia would be too hot for him to go to. He didn't want to go to China or Japan only because he didn't know their language.

Mexico was just out of the question. Not a country he looked forward to going, even though in the time he had been there he had learned how to speak the language fluently. There were other reasons why he refused to go back. It didn't have to do with the people in particular, but again with the fucking press. Even they didn't know when to leave him alone. He had given one show there and the next day had been pure hell to go through. But it hadn't stopped the rest of his band from keeping him there for a complete month.

Africa was just a no.

Harry froze mid stride. He had gotten up to pace when he remembered. He knew where he was going. He ran into his study and pulled out a map of the United States he had. It had been a present from one of his fangirls. He had accepted it only because he had thought it rude to throw it away right after she had given it to him. He may have been anything, but he didn't disrespect his fans like that. They were the only thing that kept him going when he didn't want to go anymore. Of course, he liked the ones from now more than he had liked the ones from when he had been at Hogwarts.

He glacened at the map once he had found it. He hadn't paid much attention to it, but now that he saw it, he knew it had the locations of all the concerts he had given in America. He had a similar one of Britain and Scotland and the other countries he had visited. It seemed that this girl followed all of his shows.

He smiled. Those were the kind of people he liked. They were the people who would just up and leave everything to follow his music. They were the people anyone could count on as being there. They were the people who made his music what it was.

Despite the happiness that surged through him at this thought, he bypassed all the red markings on the map until he had reached Washington State. That was his destination. He would go there and then he would make his life as best as possible. There would be no media to hinder him and he could start anew.

Who would have thought that something Hermione had said to him a long time ago would come in handy? Of course, she had just been reciting things from her excellent memory just so she could show off her knowledge about everything. He hadn't minded then, but now he knew what she had been all about. He knew that she had somehow influenced those around them to leave him. Starting with Ron, the one person who had sworn never to abandon him.

He spotted the tiny writing that said the name of the town he would be headed to in three days time.

Forks, Washington. The one place on Earth that was so remote no one had heard of it. Almost every day of the year it rained and it would be the perfect place for him to hide at. He would be the "new kid on the block". He would go to school and he would pretend to learn whatever it was they were learning. Now all the had to do was convince his manager to not only approve of the trip but to also pass off as his guardian.

It wouldn't do if he went to the town with no one to "take care" of him.

Grinning, Harry pulled out his cell phone and dialed the number of the direct line to his manager. He drummed his fingers against the table for a moment while the phone on the other end rang five times and was answered by a cheery voice.

"Harry, darling, what is it you want at this time of the day? Did your interview go well? If it didn't, tell me so I won't make the same mistake again."

The brunette rolled his eyes and ran a hand through his slightly long hair. He needed to get a hair cut. Granted, he hadn't gotten one in the last year, but he didn't like his hair longer than normal. It made him look like a girl and he was a guy in almost every sense of the world.

"Calm down, Blake. The interview went as it should have gone. They asked questions and I answered them to the best of my ability. Though, you will have to look at some of the magazines. If I am not mistaken, some of the reporters will make me come off as rude and arrogant. Take care of those. They will cause the most problems. God, don't kill them or hurt them, just get rid of their stories. But that isn't why I called....." He let the sentence trail off so that his manager could get that sense of uneasiness that he got when he did that.

The line went silent from Blake's end as he thought about what that "something else" could be. When he couldn't think of it he gave up and spoke in a quiet voice. "Harry, what is it?"

"Blake, what would you think about a road trip to America?"

He heard the groan from the other end and grinned. Just the reaction he had expected.

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