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Summary: After two years, Harry returns to Forks so find a couple of surprises waiting for him.

Chapter XXIX - Epilogue

Harry sighed, his breath fogging up the window his head was leaning against.

"We're just an hour away from Seattle, Harry."

Harry nodded, but didn't reply to Leslie's remark. There were just too many things going through his mind. Most of them having to do with a certain vampire he hadn't seen in almost a year. He didn't know if the vampire still wanted him and if he didn't, he couldn't blame him. Seeing each other a couple of times over the last two years and phone calls every day didn't make up for not being together.

Not that Edward hadn't wanted to join Harry and his band. There had been long arguments about it and in the end Harry had gotten his way. He didn't want Edward to put his life on hold for him so they had compromised.

Two years.

If after two years of touring Harry still wanted to come back to Edward then he would be welcomed with open arms and they would make up for lost time. Today marked the two year deadline and Harry was barely going to arrive at the airstrip in Seattle.

He sighed again and turned his attention to his band mates.

Sara had her head in Leslie's lap. Her fingers flipping through a magazine that had Leslie on the front cover as the year's "hottest rocker," which of course made Zach snort every time he saw it. A two carat diamond glittered on her ring finger. They were just a couple of weeks away from their wedding and from the looks of it Alice and, surprisingly, Rosalie were planning it. Sara, of course, had accompanied Leslie to every single event they had. She had stood by his side, even when there had been rocky parts in their relationship.

"That's right, you have a date tonight." Nick's head flew up and his cheeks tinged slightly before he mumbled something that sounded like "none of your business" and went back to what he had been doing.

Zach, ever so persistent, switched seats and sat next to him only to poke Nick in the ribs. "Come on. Talk."

Harry, deciding that he couldn't let Zach have all the fun joined in on the teasing. "Is it that guy you met at the after party three weeks ago?"

Nick glanced at Blake, who seemed immersed in his book and gave a small nod. "Yeah. We're going out to a movie and then dinner."

Nodding his consent, Harry glanced at Blake and knew that the man wasn't as immersed into the book as he was letting everyone believe. He knew his adoptive father well enough to know that the man was paying as much attention to the conversation around him as Harry was.

Harry turned back to his window and watched as the lights below them flew by.

Blake and Nick had made a go of a relationship after Nick had gotten out of the hospital two and half years before, but Blake had ended it three months later when Nick had started to get too close. He had argued that they wouldn't work out because of the age difference. It hadn't matter to Nick but there had been nothing he could do. He had isolated himself from the band and it hadn't been until recently when he had started to give himself another chance.

He wasn't going to forget him. Harry knew. Nick was as in love with Blake as he was with Edward. Love like that couldn't be forgotten because you wanted it to be.

"You should invite him over to the house." Harry glanced at Nick and gave him a small smile. "We can get to know him, give you the all clear. You know…incase it turns into something bigger."

"Yeah Nick, he can meet Edward the vampire and Seth the shape shifter." Zach grinned.

Sara sat up and threw the magazine at Zach. "And Leah. Let's not forget Leah."

Zach's grin immediately slipped and looked away. "Why would we introduce Michael to Leah?" There was a small growl behind his nonchalant tone of voice that made everyone in the jet laugh.

When Zach had met Leah, he had imprinted on her and for the six the months that followed they had been inseparable. She had even forgiven Sam and Jacob for "letting" her brother imprint on a witch affiliated with vampires and other undesirable creatures.

Of course, like Edward, she hadn't really seen her mate much in the last couple of years. Harry didn't know how they had made it work when he had been desperate to see Edward and they weren't imprinted. Leah hadn't wanted to leave the reservation in case more threats came along and they had to defend it and Zach hadn't wanted to leave the band so somewhere along the line both had messed around with potions that would dampen the feeling of loss when they weren't together.

"We're joking, Zach." Harry whispered and turned his attention back to Nick. "I'm serious about inviting Michael over, though. I want to talk-"

Harry never finished his sentence because Blake slammed his book closed and made his way toward the back of the jet.

Instead, Harry leaned his head back against the window again and smiled slightly. Something told him that Blake wasn't as unaffected as he wanted Nick to believe.


Alice pulled Jasper and Emmett into the kitchen and pointed up the ceiling. "I want you guys to keep him occupied," she whispered, her voice low enough so it wouldn't carry up to Edward.

Jasper nodded, not needing to question his wife, but Emmett made a face and crossed his arms, trying to create an imposing stance that didn't frighten Alice in the least. Anyone else, Alice would have already shown their place, but Emmett made her smile.

He lifted his eyebrow at her and waited for her explanation. His stance reminded Alice of Rosalie, who was on her way back from Port Angeles with Esme. They had left earlier that morning with a mission and from what Rose had told Alice over the phone, it had been accomplished. Now all they had to do was keep Edward entertained until the time came. Something that shouldn't prove too difficult for Jasper and Emmett.

"Harry's arrives today. I talked to him this morning and he wants to surprise Edward. But I want to surprise the two of them. Luna already started setting up at their backyard. I'm heading over there right now."

Emmett grinned, but it slipped when he realized something. "How are we supposed to keep Ed away from the Evans house? You know he always goes over there to look around Harry's room."

She grinned. Something that would have scared the two males if it hadn't been for the fact that they knew exactly how Alice's brain worked and that grin meant she had something up her metaphorical sleeve and she needed them for it to work.


Harry's eyes were closed. The hum of the car lulling him to sleep. It had been a long flight from Australia to Seattle and he just wanted to sleep for a week. Of course, he could have slept on the jet, but the others had made it their mission to keep him awake through out the whole flight. It was a good thing Magical Sound would have absolutely nothing to do for the next year.

They all just wanted to spend some time getting their priorities straight. Weddings were in the near future and they wanted to enjoy them.

There was a painful jab on his side and he jerked up. His sleep immediately forgotten. "What?" he growled. He was ready to set Edward loose on them if they didn't leave him alone. He knew Edward would be only to happy to comply with a request that would make him happy.

Zach scrunched up his nose and then laughed. "You are really cranky when you don't get any."

Harry gaped at him and after a few minutes decided not to grace that comment with a response. He was not falling into Zach's games. Instead, he returned his thoughts to Edward. From what he had heard from Alice, Edward was waiting for him. So together, they had come up with a surprise for him.

He'd been told that Edward had taken to spending time in Harry's room everyday, playing Harry's keyboard, or just playing some music in general. Harry wanted to be there when Edward walked in later today. He just hoped Edward wouldn't change his mind and not go today. He needed to see his lover. He needed to feel Edward's touch on him, the way their body temperatures clashed to create a sensation within Harry that made him beg for more.

Sighing, he lifted his head just in time to see the huge, white house appearing in the horizon.

No sooner had he gotten out of the Lamborghini when he heard a loud exclamation of excitement and Alice flew through the front doors, followed closely by Luna, Esme, and Rosalie. He was hugged by each of the females before Alice started pushing him up the steps and into the house.

"Up to your room. I've laid out some clothes. Draco is waiting for you so he can try to do something with your hair." Alice's voice left no room for argument, so Harry didn't have an time to wonder when Draco had gotten back from his honeymoon with Neville.


Edward wanted to tear Emmett and Jasper apart for keeping him away from the Evans house, but the mere thought of an angry Rose and Alice made him rethink. He had a feeling that they were up to something, but after much prodding and pleading (who knew Emmett could plead so well) he had given in and had gone hunting with his brothers.

Now he was slowly making his way to Harry's house, where he knew his boyfriend's brothers and sister would be. Draco and Neville had surprised them all by coming back a month early because Draco had been feeling unwell and he hadn't wanted to ruin their special time by getting Neville sick in an unknown country. The idea of sickness had been shot down by Carlisle, who had been happy to inform the newly married couple that Draco's illness couldn't be passed to Neville by simply being in the same room as him. It had taken both a while to catch on and they had only done so because Carlisle had taken pity on them and had told them in simple terms that they would have a new family member.

Draco had fainted and Neville had been unable to form a coherent sentence for a while.

Edward smiled softly and opened the front door, stepping in without a sound.

They had been surprised, but happy. Surprised because Draco had never once performed a Conception Charm on himself in the time he had been with Neville. And happy because Draco needed a bit of happiness in his life after his father had been incarcerated for what seemed like the tenth time. After Angelina had knocked him unconscious he had been taken to the Ministry and a few days later, tried with the rest of the Death Eaters and Granger in what would be the MBE's last decision at the Ministry of Magic.

Very gently, Edward pushed the door to Harry's room open, his mind still on Hermione.

She had been sent to St. Mungo's and placed under the close eye of the Psychiatric Ward's healers. She'd been administered a potion that would dampen her magic, preventing her from escaping the room.

Edward closed the door behind him and his head snapped up at the familiar smell that assaulted his senses.

"Hey, love."

Despite the fact that Edward didn't have to breath, he felt his throat closing off as he laid eyes on his boyfriend for the first time in a year, the last time being Draco's wedding. It had been a hard year and without Harry, even harder. But he had known that the band's journey needed to be between the band and had given Harry the chance to make it alone despite the fact that every single one of his senses had told him not to let him go alone.

He took a step toward Harry and stopped when he took in the clothes that he was wearing. He let his gaze roam over the low slung jeans and the black button down shirt finished in green stitching. Harry had folded the sleeves up so it only covered three-quarters of his arm, revealing the watch Edward had given him for his birthday. He caught a flash of black and his hand grabbed Harry's wrist, turning it around to reveal the tattoo. It was a simple art. Just an "E" and an "H" but it made Edward growl possessively wanting to leave his own mark on him.

"I missed you," Harry whispered, stepping closer to Edward. He buried his face in the crook of Edward's neck and inhaled deeply, wanting to breath in Edward's scent. "You have no idea how much I missed you."

Edward growled again and swept Harry off his feet, literally. He placed him in the middle of the bed and laid down next to him, capturing Harry's lips immediately. He didn't let Harry pull away from him until he felt it was necessary for Harry to take a breath, and by then, he could smell the heavy scent of arousal coming from the young wizard.

The vampire ran his hand down Harry's ribs, until it settled on his hips, his thumb caressing the exposed skin where the shirt had ridden up. "Who dressed you?" His voice was husky and he knew that if Harry kept looking at him like he was he wasn't going to be able to hold back. Not that he really wanted to.

Harry gave a short laugh and pulled Edward down on top of him, his arms snaking around Edward's neck and burying themselves in his hair.

"Alice and Draco," Harry whispered, his head moving to the side to allow Edward further access to his neck. It was amazing, what he was feeling. He completely lost his train of thought when Edward pressed his obvious erection against Harry's thigh.

They'd done this before. The first time it had take a lot of persuasion from Harry's part. But they'd both found out that Harry grounded Edward. He was the one thing Edward couldn't hurt. He'd been gentle with Harry and after the first time had been over with, afterward, it had been much easier for Harry to drag Edward to bed with him. Of course, Edward was much gentler when he had just fed, even though he didn't consider Harry food. But sometimes, Harry liked the fact that Edward would let his gaze linger a little too much on him and next thing they would know they would be in bed, a silencing spell the only thing that kept Blake from killing Edward.

Harry groaned and pressed himself further into Edward, his hand reaching for the buttons on the vampire's shirt.

Edward helped him by shrugging it off and then letting Harry undo the button on his jeans. The wizard was just about to pull down the zipper when the room door was thrown open and Alice waltz in, an unrepentant look on her face.

She grinned when Edward pulled away from Harry hurriedly and grabbed his shirt from the floor.

"Alice." There was an obvious threat behind Edward's soft voicing of her name, but she didn't care, instead she went to the bed, grabbed Harry's arm and tugged until he was on his feet, ignoring the fact that his face was bright red in embarrassment. "We were busy, Alice."

Alice wagged her finger at Edward and kept pulling Harry after him. "Don't get too impatient, Ed. We have several surprises for Harry."

Edward just sighed and followed behind, trying not to think of how good Harry had felt under him just a minute ago.

The little seer threw open the double glass doors leading into the backyard. "TA-DA!"

Harry stood in the doorway, his eyes wide as he took in all the decorations and the guests standing in front of him. He reached back for his boyfriend and Edward immediately took up his position next to him, his hand slipping into his. It was almost as if they hadn't been away from each other for so long.

"How?" Harry made a face and hugged Neville, whom he hadn't seen yet. "I should expect things like this from you, Alice. But you always manage to surprise me." He hugged her again and went to greet Seth and the rest of the pack.

He liked seeing the smile back in Luna's eyes. She had returned to her normal nonsensical way, but it didn't bother any of them because Luna was Luna and she could be whom she wanted to be. Seth had been and still was good for her.

Edward followed Harry around as he went from person to person. It wasn't because he didn't want to let Harry out of his sight. It was because Harry wouldn't let him out of his sight. The only time he let go of Edward was because he was going to great someone and even then, as soon he was done he would take Edward's hand again. Edward didn't mind. He didn't want to let Harry out of his sight either.

Wrapping his arms around Harry, he pressed a kiss to Harry's neck and smiled when Harry shivered. He was about to whisper something into his ear when the guests quieted and Alice stepped up to Harry once more.

"We have someone who wants to talk to you." Stepping to the side, she revealed Ron, his hands wrapped tightly around a roll of parchment. His gaze met Harry's for a moment before he swept his gaze over the audience, a sliver of fear in his eyes.

Harry stood frozen in place, not because he didn't want Ron there, but because he hadn't thought he would ever be able to see him again. He had been sent to Azkaban after the whole fiasco at the Ministry and Harry hadn't heard anything from him since.


"Um…a few months ago." Ron saw Harry's expression and swallowed, trying to get rid of his fear. "On good behavior. I guess they thought I wasn't much of a threat without Hermione." His eyes darkened slightly, but Harry couldn't be sure why. He just hoped it wasn't anger directed towards him.

Ron thrust the roll of parchment out at Harry and hung his head, waiting for the other wizard to take it. He didn't lift his gaze from the ground when he did. He waited, holding his breath, trying to hear if Harry was happy or if he was sad.

He almost cried when he heard a small sob escape the man he had once considered his best mate.

"Ron…this is…this are Teddy's adoption papers…." Harry whispered and threw his arms around Ron, sobbing softly, the parchment held tightly in his hand. When he pulled away, his green eyes were bright with emotion.

The red-head didn't trust himself to speak so he just nodded.

"How did you-"

"I…um…I have been working on it since I got out. I figured…I thought that one day you would want children and I thought of Teddy and how you should be taking care of him." Ron toed the ground. "I talked to Andromeda. She thought that after everything you've been through, taking care of Teddy is the least she can do to make you happy. We started the adoption process and," Ron took a deep breath, "when it went through, she signed them and all you have to do is sign them and Teddy can legally live with you."

Harry looked down at the papers. He bit the inside of his cheek and glanced at Edward. He wanted Teddy, more than anything else in his life. He was the only tie he had back to his dad, to Remus. He just didn't know if Edward would want to take care of the little werewolf pup with him. He didn't think he would be able to choose if it came down to it.

When Edward saw the look in Harry's eyes, he nodded and bent down, pressing a kiss to Harry's lips. "It would be an honor to care for your little boy."

Grinning, Harry threw his arms around Edward, untangled himself and hugged Ron once more. He didn't know when, but eventually a pen made it to his hand and the papers were signed. He was reward when a little boy was brought out from inside the house.

He was carrying a small backpack. His small arms wrapped protectively around a stuffed wolf half his size. His brown mussed hair was plastered to his head, as if he had just come from a very vigorous play date. Which, Harry was sure he had just done.

Behind the little boy stood Andromeda. But she didn't make a move to stop Harry when he took a couple of steps in Teddy's direction. So Harry knelt down in front of the little boy and held out his hand to him.

"Hey, do you remember me?" He waited for Teddy to do something. "I'm Harry. I used to visit you when you were smaller. A little baby." His eyes widened when Teddy's hair changed to black and his eyes turned green. "Do you want to live with me?"

Teddy nodded and handed his little wolf to Harry, trusting him with what seemed to be his most prized possession.

Harry sobbed, gathering the little boy into his arms and picking him up. He motioned Edward toward him. "Teddy, this is Edward. Edward is someone really special to me. If you let him, he would like to be someone really special to you too."

"Edward is going to be my papa?"

Both, vampire and wizard, stood shocked but "oh's" and "aw's" sounded from the women in their group of friends and family and Harry nodded. "Only if you want him to."

Teddy seemed to think about it before he reached out to Edward, his hair and eyes changing to match his. "If he makes daddy happy."

The crowd cheered and Harry blushed. He moved closed to Edward and the vampire wrapped his arms around him, bringing him into the comfort that was now their little family. A moment later, they were congratulated and Teddy was fawned over by the women.

Something told Harry that Teddy was going to end up as spoiled as could be, but he didn't mind. He was going to try his hardest to raise Teddy. To make himself a family from what had been given to him. He had Edward and now the little boy he had loved from the moment he had seen him as a baby. He couldn't have asked for anything more.


Harry felt a breath close to his ear, so he turned away from Teddy, who was playing with Rosalie and Alice. They had immediately taken to the little boy, naming themselves his adoptive godmothers. They had even started planning his room and what clothes they would buy him as he got older. Which really scared Harry. He had just gotten custody of Teddy and they were already thinking about his future. He didn't want to think about it. He guessed, when the time came, Teddy would have to attend a magical school. There were options this time. Salem was great in America and if he ever returned to England, Hogwarts was probably going to have an open space for Teddy.

He felt Edward's arms wrap around him and he leaned back into the vampire, letting out a soft sigh.

Edward spoke, his voice soft, as if he didn't want to interrupt the atmosphere. "Carlisle gave the all clear. We voted while you were giving Teddy a bath. They want you as part of the family." Edward breathed in Harry's scent. Thanks to their little interlude after the party, his scent was now mixed with Harry's. He had never smelled anything better; never seen anything better than seeing Harry come undone under him, calling out his name.

"Give me a few years," Harry whispered and turned in Edward's arms. "Just one or two years. I know I have to do it soon because, otherwise, I can't pass off as easily as you guys, but wizards age differently than Muggles. It's a slower process. I just want a few years to enjoy him."

The vampire nodded. He placed a finger under Harry's chin and lifted his head up so he was looking at him. "Take all the time you need, Little Prince."

Harry nodded. There had been something left unsaid. Eventually Teddy was going to have to choose between staying his human self or Turning. But Harry saw that as too far off into the future. He wasn't going to care what Teddy chose, because in the meantime, he was going to love him and care of him, like no one had done for him when he had been Teddy's age.

For the first two decades of his life, Harry had been dealt a cruel fate. Forced to kill or be killed. Manipulated for all the right reasons. He had seen his family killed and destroyed. Now, finally, after so much suffering he was seeing sunlight at the end of the tunnel. He had started over, only to be sucked back into a world he had been forced into. It seemed that starting over for a second time had been the best decision he had ever made.

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