Okay, well, since I already placed her Bio up a while before she makes an actual appearance, I figured I'd do her intro story as well, too, cuz…well, cuz I can! GOSH! Okay, this will be in First Person View, just as a heads-up. Also, this takes place AFTER The final battle, in fact, this takes place after the story that's AFTER the final battle, so...just another heads-up!

Well, anyway, I now present to you…

Saviour Of Shadows: Beginnings
Artemis Blood

"You freak!"




Yep. A normal day as always. The name-calling, the shunning, the offensive curses. I've pretty much become used to it, even the daily attacks. The pain I used to recieve when they first started beating me is now gone because of how numb my body is from the bruses.

"Okay! I get it!" I yelled, "Now can you leave me the fuck alone!" then I slammed the door behind me.

I rested my back against the door, sliding down it until I was sitting, then I wrapped my arm around my knees and just sat there, my eyes barely open. I scanned the room, my eyes wandering aimlessly, as I thought about how my life had been so far. Mom abandoning me. Everyone hating me. Dad abandoning me. Having my face shoved into the ground daily. Yep, I'm only ten and it's been so fun!

I stood to me feet, removed my cloths, and walked over to the mirror to inspect myself: My cat-like ears, tail, and feet. My wolf-like eyes, muzzle, hands, and fur. I could see all of the stains and cuts covering my black body. The most vizible marks were on my chest where the silver "X" was, and on my white hands and feet. The silver hiar on top of my head: flat and scraggly as ever, although, that's how I preferred it. Yeah, everything is normal here.

I clenched my fists, growling at myself, "That fucking 'dad' of mine. The only reason my mom abandoned me was because my dad was a wolf, and she was a panther, so, she didn't want a 'half-breed monster' as a daughter." On a sudden impulse, I twirled and kick the mirror with my right foot, completely shattering the mirror, and creating new cuts and gashes on my leg, "Damnit!" I ignored the cuts and blood that was now dripping out of my leg and onto the ground and covered myself with a bra and pants, then grabbed my blue hooded cloak. After I fastened the cloak around my shoulder, I flipped the hood up, and walked outside.

Although I was conceled, everyone knew who I was, so I caught glares from pretty much everyone, but there was a group of people that I intended to find, so I ignored the glares. I ketp walking, ignoring the pain in my leg, until I reached the training feild, finding a group of about five black panthers conversing and laughing every so often. I growled and clenched my fists before approaching. As I neared, one of the panthers noticed me.

"Hey, look! It's the half-breed back for another beating!" laughed the panther.

I stopped a few meters away, "Go ahead, but this time, I fight back." I warned from under my hood.

The biggest panther of the group stepped forth, "Heh, so you think you can fight? Don't make me laugh."

"Then fight me."

The large panther grinned, "Gladly." then flung his arm outward.

An instant later, I felt and intense, shattering, pain on the top of my skull, and everything went white for a moment, then changed to crimson as I fell back screaming in sheer pain and the hood folded back. Then I realized that the crimson was blood, my blood. It was coming from where the rock had hit me on my forehead.

I fealt something wipe my face, and I saw the large panther standing over me, a smirk on his face, "Y-you underhanded...s-son of a..."

Before I could finish, he clamped my muzzle shut with his paws, "Sorry, no mean words aloud." he mocked.

My right had tapped something inside my cloak, then I remember the little "surprise" I had stored in the cloak recently, but, I didn't know If I should use it.

"You know, you're actually pretty sexy." said the panther, "I think I know a better use for you then just a punching bag."

'That's it, I'm using it.' I thought angrily.

The son of a bitch began to reach down my body, but then I grabbed the hilt of the dagger hidden in my cloak, and stabbed his hand. His eyes went wide in pain as he jumped back, clutching his hand as it bled.

"Why you little bitch!" he shouted as he lunged at me, claws outstreatched.

I acted on instict. I held the dagger in front of me as the panther tackled. After settling, he didn't move, that's when I felt something wet begin to spread over my body. I lifted him off of me and saw that my dagger had peirced his chest. I looked into his eyes, and watched as they fadded like a dying fire. At that moment, something happened. Something inside of me ignited, triggered by watching the life fading away in a person I killed. It was something feral, something powerful, and something deadly...and it felt good.

I kicked the dead panther of of me and pulled my now crimson dagger from his body, and turned to the other four, who were watching me, eyes wide in horror. I looked down at my dagger, examining it closely, then put the blade to my mouth, and licked a small amount of bood from it. The next thing I knew, I felt a large amount of adrenaline course through my body, so much so that I had to do something to use it up, and I knew just what to do.

The next ten seconds were like a blur, a woosh of air, screams of terror that were abruptly ended with a slash of crimson, and a feeling of satisfaction. After I cooled down a bit, I regained my senses and looked down at a terrified panther cowering on his back before me.

"Wh-wh-what are y-you!?" he shouted.

I lifted him by his neck so that he was face to face with me, then I whispered to him with an evil grin, "I am Artemis, Artemis Blood. And you, are dinner." I then bit his neck, then roughly pulled back and let him fall.

He hit the ground, not dead, but nearly dead, as his neck was spurting blood practically everywhere. I grinned as I watched a pool of crimson blood surround him, and the life fade from his eyes.

"After all of that, I'm kinda hungry." I said as I licked my lips hungrily.

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