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Artemis Blood: Chapter 3

"Excuse me, but, are you hitting on me!?"

Grr! I hate it when people hit on me! They are so annoying! And most of them are arrogant people that think they are so amazing! Just the type of person that really tick me off!

"Hey! Kitty has claws!"

My eye, ears, and tail all twitched, "Did you just call me 'kitty?'" I asked the cheetah that was standing in front of me.

"Yeah, sweet, huh?" he said, totally ignorant of how ticked I was.

I grabbed the dagger in my cloak, while simultaneousely slamming the cheetah into the wall, then pressed the blade to his throat, "You know, air-heads like you really tick me off." I said angrily, "So, if you like having a head, PISS OFF!" I then threw him a couple feet away, and watched him scramble to his feet and run.

I crossed my arms and leaned against the wall, my eyes closed tight, trying to enjoy the peace and quiet for once. After a few seconds, I loosened up and slid my back down the wall, sighing contently.

"Two years." I whispered aloud, "Two years since that day I met that mysteriouse dragon, and five since I changed." I opened my eyes and looked up at the sky, "I hope I'm doing the right thing, fighting against the Guardians..." I closed my eyes and laughed, "Aww, who am I kidding! I don't give a damn!" then laughed louder, until I heard someone approaching.

"I'm going to teach you a lesson." said the voice of the cheetah I threw a few minutes ago.

"Do you want to lose an arm?" I said without looking. Then, I heard the footsteps of about six other people, "Hmm, seems you brought friends." I stated as I stood to my feet. I examined the group of cheetahs before me. They all looked patheticly weak, even though they probably acted tough, "You guys aren't even worth training on." I said mockingly.

The cheetah I threw shook his head, "Get her." the other six complied.

I stayed cmpletely still as the six charged at me, but when the first one got close eneough to throw a punch, I sidestepped, grabbing his outstreatched arm, and slammed him into the wall. As I turned back to the others, the next one tried to ram me, but I sidestepped once more, causing him to ram the first guy into the wall again. The third cheetah attempted to punch me, but I quickly ducked under it, then jumped into the air. While I was there, I twirled, swiping my foot across his face, causing his head to turn sharply, then I continued to spin slightly more, and kicked him back with my other foot. I landed on the ground just as he fell flat on his back.

While I was busy with the third guy, two of the remaining three had me flanked, so they thought they had me. They thought wrong. They both ran at me at the same time, so I waited for them to get relatively close, then I jumped at the one on my right, planting both my feet on his chest, then kicking off with one foot, while kicking upwards with the other. This sent the cheetah to the ground, while I was now practicaly upside-down in the air. While air born, I flipped backwards once, then landed on the other cheetah's shoulders. As momentum caused him to fall back, I wrapped my legs around him neck, and placed my hands above my head. When my hands hit the ground, I flung the cheetah a few meters away, and I came to a safe stop, crouched, with my hands on the ground, and my tail swaying slightly in delight. I was surprised that my hood didn't come up the whole time I was fighting.

I slowly looked behind me at the cheetah from earlier, and the last subordinate, who was shaking in fear. I gave him a big, sinister, grin, and he ran away, yelling.

"Sorry man, but I'm not doin' this!"

I stood back up, and turned to the cowering cheetah, "You're lucky I'm not hungry, or you'd be lunch." with that, he too ran away, with all of his subordinates, some of whom were limping.

"Hmph, I didn't even have to take-off the training weights." I mumbled to myself.

"Well, that was pretty good fighting." came a voice from behind me.

I turned around to see yet another cheetah, wearing a red cape with a hood, and carrying an intricate bow, "And just who are you?" I asked.

The cheetah walked over to me, "My name is Hunter, and I would like you to join us in our fight against this new evil."

I raised my eye in curiosity, "So, you want me to join the Guardians, and Spyro and Cynder?" I asked.

"Yeah, you'd be a great addition if you really are wearing training weights."

I gave a sly smile, "Sure, take me to the Temple."

I had been following Hunter for about a day, until the Temple was finally in sight

"Almost there!" he shouted, "Almost back home."

I rolled my eyes, "Whatever." then continued to follow him.

As we closed in on the Temple, I heard noise from a couple yards away, so I stopped and started tilting my ears in different directions until I could get a fix on the location. Hunter just kept walking, not paying attention to my sudden stop. After finding the direction of the noise, I ran torwards it, until I saw a young, purple, dragon standing in a clearing. I couldn't help but smile in delight and twitch in anticipation. Knowing that purple dragons are rare, and supposedly very powerful, I prepared to attack.

"Time for some fun." I whispered before leaping out of the trees and at the surprsied dragon.

Well, that's it, this is where her story ends. I've gone as far as to the moment she appears in the actual story, so, I HAVE to end it here! So, to anyone that wants to see more of Artemis, I'm sorry, but, you'll have to wait for her appearance in the SoS storyline.

"Hehe, I can't wait to finally face a real challenge!"

Okay Artemis, I know you're hyped, but you have to wait!

"Well fine then, but hurry up...or else."

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