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Catalyst: A substance that accelerates a chemical reaction without itself being a reactant.

It had happened so quickly that it took the whole of the Seireitei by surprise. Dozens upon dozens of Hollows had just appeared and started attacking the Soul Society without any prior warning.

Large forces were attacking the West and North walls while smaller forces took the South and East. Everyone was running around, the whole city in utter chaos. Literally hundreds of Hells butterflies fluttered around, relaying messages to rushing shinigami.

Almost every court guard had been sent out, each assigned a specific area to protect and defend. Squads 1 and 2 were held back as protection, while squad 4 was broken off into 4 forces to hang back behind each wall for immediate treatment of incoming wounded.

Part of the North wall had already crumbled in the initial assault and squads 7, 8, and 10 had already been sent out to that location to stop any Hollows from entering the Seireitei.

Ikkaku ran as fast as he could toward the west wall, the rest of squad 11 following close behind. The Commander General had specified that they take the West gate along with squads 6 and 9 due to the large gathering there. He looked to the left where Yumichika was running along side him. The normally relaxed narcissistic face was set in serious lines, eyes dead ahead.

Ikkaku himself couldn't keep the small smile off his face, the prospect of fighting making him giddy. The Seireitei had been quiet lately, which to the 11th court squad translated loosely to boring. The only ones who weren't effected by it were Yumichika and Yachiru, they could pass the day quietly and be content. Well not for Yachiru who was always running around, but for the rest of squad without fighting it was literal torture to wait for something to happen.

He glanced at his captain, a large bloodthirsty smile was painted on his features. Ikkaku felt his own feral grin grow, looking ahead again he failed to notice Yumichika rolling his eyes at him.

As they arrived on the battlefield they were surprised at the total amount of chaos going on. Roars and shouts rang out, bodies and weapons colliding. They drew their Zanpakuto's, quickly releasing them before proceeding. As they jumped into the fray with swords drawn they were quickly engulfed in the battle.

Ikkaku was having way too much fun, Yumichika noted as he slashed at a large wolf shaped hollow. The hollow cried out and lunged forward, Yumichika had to remind himself not to get distracted by his brash partner.

Ikkaku however was too reckless in battle, forcing Yumichika to check up on him every few minutes. As he jumped at the hollow he quickly slashed downward, slicing it easily into 4 separate pieces. As it dissolved he jumped to the next one, glad that many of them weren't too tough.

There seemed to be many Menos Grande as well but they were all being taken on by the captains, leaving the smaller ones to the rest.

As he stealthily checked on Ikkaku again he noted his friend fighting a decent looking hollow, Ikkaku was already bleeding. Yumichika sighed as he was pounced at by a very ugly hollow, the hollow cried out.

"You're so ugly I don't even want to touch you, but then again if I don't fight I'll get yelled at again. Too bad for you," He said lunging at the hollow, quickly dodging when it slashed at him with a bladed forearm.

He brought his Zanpakuto up as the monster slashed at him again, the two blades meeting with a loud ring. As he struggled to hold the immense weight of the hollow sweat started to bead on his forehead. He lunged forward, shoving the bladed arm back before moving forward. As the hollow's blade went flying back he slashed forward, slicing off it's head. It then promptly dissolved, giving him a split second to scan the battle field.

It was getting worse by the second, many shinigami were down already. He spotted a squad 4 member quickly reach one of the downed soul reapers before taking him behind the safety of the wall. There was a small base camp there, where the 4th squad members were hiding and treating wounded. Squad 9 seemed to be hanging back, protecting the small makeshift hospital.

As he scanned the crowd he caught Renji and Byakuya fighting quite a distance off, Renji had already released his bankai and was happily slicing through a Menos Grande. Captain Zaraki and Yachiru was off to his right slicing enemies away as though they were nothing. His eyes continued their search until they came upon the enemy Ikkaku was fighting, as soon as he saw it he froze.

'This one is bad, very bad' A voice sounded in his head and he looked down at his Zanpakuto in surprise, he had never willingly communicated with him till now.

'What do you mean Ruri'iro Kujaku?' He asked mentally, already moving toward his friend. 'Why did you suddenly start to want to help me?'

'His Reiatsu is off the charts, and it's dark very dark.' He replied, ignoring the second question. 'Ikkaku is no match for it, whatever it is.' He replied.

'I don't feel any odd reiatsu from it, are you sure?' He asked arriving on the edge of Ikkaku's battle.

'Positive, I wouldn't lie about these things. You may have to use my real form for this one, nothing short of a captain could take him down. I think it's a Ajuukasu.' He said ignoring Yumichika's protest about using his true form, 'And I'm helping you because if you die so do I.' He replied with a snarky tone.

'Yes but why are you helping Ikkaku?' Yumichika asked, wary of a trap. 'I'm not the one in any immediate danger.'

'True, but if Ikkaku was killed there will be no question about what would happen.' He replied with a smirk, even though he didn't see it Yumichika could practically feel it.

He gritted his teeth at his Zanpakuto's words, knowing exactly what he meant. As he watched Ikkaku run for the spider like hollow he watched in worry.

Ikkaku clashed with the hollow, laughing out loud. Yumichika watched another smaller hollow go for his back, trying to catch him unawares while he fought the other.

Just as Ikkaku noticed the hollow, it was too late it had reared over his head and was ready to strike. It never came however, as Ikkaku watched it was sliced into 4 neat strips before dissolving. He looked to see Yumichika smirking, he smirked back.

"Don't worry, while you're fighting your little friend I'll keep all the others off your back." He said, with a smirk. He than proved it by slicing at another hollow that swooped down at him.

"Thanks Yumichika!" He said before turning back to his opponent, he studied him critically. The creature was more humanoid than the others with 8 legs, obviously resembling a spider. He was faster and stronger than he looked, easily dodging several of his attacks.

As he charged forward again he carefully watched his opponents movements, trying to find an opening. He nimbly dodged an incoming leg, but was blindsided by another. As he staggered back a chuckle reached his ears, he looked up sharply.

"Pathetic," The hollow breathed out still chuckling. "Being blindsided so easily," He said a sinisterly sweet smile crossing his features.

"Just shut up and fight!" Ikkaku growled rushing it again, cursing silently as it easily danced out of the way. When he had started to fight this hollow it hadn't seemed so bad, but now it's true colors were showing.

"Now that all the captains are otherwise preoccupied I can start to slowly pick off the underlings, without the smaller force the resistance will start to crumble." He said with a laugh, "Now to show you my power."

Ikkaku who was watching him one minute, and than breathing heavily the second. The power seemed to swamp him, and he looked up critically. But to his surprise only the immediate area in which he was located was affected, he could see Yumichika off to his right struggling as well. It seemed that no one else could sense that reiatsu but themselves because they were in such close proximity.

He wanted to warn his friend away but knew better to even try, Yumichika had warned him long ago that he wouldn't leave Ikkaku's side no matter what. Yumichika honored his fighting requests so the least Ikkaku could do was honor his.

As he attacked with Hoozukimaru he attempted to at least slice of one of the hollow's legs, hopefully it would get him somewhat of an advantage.

As he slashed at the leg attacking him, his blade merely glanced off. He stared in surprise before getting hit with another leg.

"Is this all you can handle?" The hollow asked with a insane smile, "I haven't even begun to use my full power. You shouldn't take too long to eliminate."

He than smiled and raised his hand at Ikkaku, a black silk thread emerged from his hand and was hurled at Ikkaku. Ikkaku himself managed to jump backwards, trying to escape the silk. Most of it went past him but a small strand landed on his arm, he watched in shock as it burned strait through his sleeve to his skin. He quickly brushed it off as it burned his flesh, ignoring his burning fingers.

"Managed to escape it huh?" He asked, watching Ikkaku's face bow. "Finally giving up? Fine than I'll just kill you here and now."

"Heh heh," The chuckle emerged from Ikkaku. The Hollow was taken aback as Ikkaku lifted his head with a bloodthirsty grin. "Things are finally getting interesting," He said with a smile before charging forward.

"Why you!" He growled moving after the advancing shinigami. "Prepare to die!"

Yumichika who had been watching from the sidelines and killing hollows who got to close sighed at his friend's antics. If Ikkaku was this excited it shouldn't last very long, that is if he can defeat the hollow.

Yumichika hated himself for the traitorous thoughts, Ikkaku would be fine he had to be. The battle progressed on, with losses on both sides. Ikkaku had lost the upper part of his shinigami robes as well as about a pint of blood, while the hollow was missing 4 of his legs.

As Ikkaku performed a finishing blow the hollow fell to the ground, falling still. Ikkaku just sighed in annoyance before turning around to battle another hollow, unbeknownst to him of the trick that was being played.

Yumichika saw it a half a second before it occurred, and flash stepped in between Ikkaku and the hollow. Ikkaku himself turned in time just to see Yumichika impaled through the chest by 2 bladed legs. Time seemed to slow as the blades sunk into his flesh, shredding muscle and tissue as they made their pass through his body. He literally felt his lungs being punctured as the blade sliced through him. The legs came to rest in his chest, the blades extending 8 inches out of his back.

Yumichika gasped in pain, doubling over as one of the legs was savagely ripped from his body. He stood there bowing numbly, as much as he could while one of the legs was still pierced through his chest. He had returned his Zanpakuto to it's sheath just as he saw Ikkaku turn, so it was still at his waist and not of any help.

He looked up at a shout, his eyes fuzzy. Ikkaku had screamed his name just then, Yumichika thought groggily. He wondered if Ikkaku was angry at him for interfering with his fight. But as he looked at his friends face he didn't look angry, if anything he looked scared.

"Heh heh heh," The sound came from the hollow. He looked over to see it standing, one leg still embedded in his own chest while he used 2 of the last 3 legs he had to stand up fully. "You were saved this time, but there won't be anyone else to interfere!" He shouted and than to their horror lifted Yumichika's body off the ground, holding him suspended in the air by the leg imbedded in his chest.

"Yumichika!" Ikkaku shouted, catching the other soul reapers attention. They all watched in horror while dividing their attention between their fights and their injured comrade. Even Kenpachi was watching out of the corner of his eye with a scowl on his face, the usual bloodthirsty grin gone.

"Now your turn," He said to Ikkaku before blasting him with another black silk thread net. Ikkaku however wasn't able to dodge this time and was caught, the silk burning into his skin.

"Shit!" He cursed while the hollow made it's way over, looking up in time to see him position his last free leg at him. He couldn't move however, the thread holding him still even as it burned.

"Now you shall too die," He said and positioned the leg over his face. "We wouldn't want to miss and let you live now would we?" He asked, Ikkaku gritted his teeth.

Yumichika who was still wavering in and out of consciousness was brought back with the sudden movement of the hollow. He was still suspended by the leg, he could even feel his blood leave his body.

As he looked down he noticed the leg poised above the immobile Ikkaku and froze in horror. "Ikkaku!" He shouted catching the hollow's attention.

"So you're still alive I see." He said and Yumichika just glared at him, his hands reaching for his side. "You think your puny Zanpakuto can defeat me?" He asked before dismissing him, "You can't even move correctly."

"I don't need to move," Yumichika said gaining his attention while grasping his swords hilt. "To defeat you," He managed to say. He lost a lot of blood but he would not waver, no matter what Ikkaku needed his help. His expression serious and with the full awareness that not only was Ikkaku watching but as well as squads 6 and 9 were watching as well as his own he couldn't care less. It didn't matter if they saw, as long as he saved Ikkaku.

"Split and Deviate... Ruri'iro Kujaku." He managed to speak pulling his blade out of it's sheath, he ignored the Ikkaku's startled gasp and continued to pull the glowing blade all the way out. Long greenish blue peacock like vines surrounded him, floating around the area.

His vision wavered but it was too late for the hollow as the vines snagged him and wrapped him up. As he fought the vines he jerked back causing Yumichika to slide off the leg, falling to the ground with a sickening crunch. He numbly heard Ikkaku yell again but couldn't do much about it. Yumichika almost lost consciousness as he struck the ground, but his determination won out and he was once again looking on.

"What the hell is this!" The hollow shouted, trying to break free. Yumichika didn't comment, but they held on even as he fought with all his strength. "Why can't I escape this!"

Yumichika held onto his sword even as his body slowly weakened, and he watched as Ruri'iro Kujaku slowly suck the life out of the spider hollow. As the flowers bloomed he smiled slightly, and the power back lashed on the hollow. As he screamed in pain he dissolved, the vines coming undone and slowly traveling back to their master.

But Yumichika was to weak to even try to reach for one of the healing blooms and as his vision started to darken he heard Ikkaku's shout off in the distance. As his Zanpakuto turned back to it's original form it fell limply from his hands, clattering as it hit the ground to lay by his side.

His eyes closed and he could feel the darkness closing in, he went calmly because he had achieved what he wanted. He had saved his best friend, no he had saved his precious person and he couldn't be more happier. He heard Ruri'iro Kujaku off in the back of his mind, yelling at him for getting them killed but he couldn't have cared less. So with a small smile on his face he let go.


"Yumichika!" Ikkaku shouted literally ripping the net to shreds, ignoring the burning throughout his whole body. He hurriedly ran over to his friend and dropped to his knee's still shocked by what he had seen. He had never imagined that Yumichika's Zanpakuto was capable of that, he didn't know why he never told him about it.

As he dropped beside his best friend he looked down at his face. It was pale, his eyes closed peacefully. His hair was a mess and if he had been awake Ikkaku knew that Yumichika would have a fit. His thoughts froze at that thought, what if he never woke up?

A shout caught his attention, he looked up to see a small shinigami running over to them. He automatically noticed that he was of the 4th court guard, as he dropped to his knee's as well Ikkaku glared at him.

"You better fix him!" He shouted at the terrified kid, who jumped before nodding and getting to work.

"I'll try my hardest Madarame-san," Hanataro replied already bandaging the wound. "But you shouldn't move around to much as well, you are badly injured too."

"I'll be fine, just help him." Hanataro nodded again before pouring reiatsu into the bandages. "This isn't good," He commented suddenly. "His body is horribly damaged but that's just part of it, his reiatsu has fallen dangerously low."

"What does that mean?" Ikkaku asked seriously, not as knowledgeable about these kind of things. He held his Zanpakuto in his hand, it was once again in it's original form.

"It means that if he runs out of reiatsu than not even me healing his wound will help," Hanataro said sadly. "He's running dangerously low, that last move costed him a lot."

Ikkaku looked down at that, if he hadn't gotten capture than it wouldn't have been necessary. He mentally cursed at the whole situation.

A sudden roar startled him out of his thoughts and they looked up in time to see a large hollow attack. It's mouth was open and it's sharp teeth baring down at them.

Ikkaku moved to stand but his body seized, and refused to move. He cursed his body as the hollow beared down upon them. His body was too taxed, and wouldn't let him move at all.

Just as it would reach them a large odd shaped oval blade whizzed through the air, and sliced the hollow in two making it dissolve. The blade was 2 wing blades facing away and on opposite sides with an elegant cross in the middle of the circle the 2 wings created.

It than swirled back around and was caught by a tall woman wearing shinigami robes. Hanataro smiled at her, "Thanks Ren-san!" He said as he continued to heal Yumichika.

"No problem, just hurry and heal him." She said and threw the blade again, but instead of hitting anything it started to float over them. A translucent black dome appeared over them with the blade as a center, she held her hands toward it with a concentrated face.

"I'm working on it," Hanataro replied. Ikkaku studied the woman as he waited for Hanataro to finish healing Yumichika. She was tall, almost as tall as him. Her hair was pure white, it was also short in the back and long in the front. There was two black feathered charms on both sides of her forehead and her eyes were a pure blue. He quickly dismissed her however to continue to watch over Yumichika, his friend automatically taking top priority.

"I'm glad I came with you Hanataro, if I hadn't I shudder to think what would've happened." She said conversationally as a hollow attacked her shield and was shocked as it made contact. "I'm glad that Captain Unohana had accepted me into her ranks even though I can't heal."

"You can't heal?" Ikkaku asked in surprise turning sharply towards her, he always thought that the only ones to join the 4th squad was those who couldn't fight.

"The captain thought it might be a good idea to have a few fighters on her team to protect the healers while on missions." She than turned back to the force field. "It turned out to be a complete success."

"Okay enough with the conversation," Ikkaku interrupted with a scowl. "Yumichika needs healing more than we need to chit chat."

"We need to get him to the captain," Hanataro said suddenly. "I don't think anyone else has a chance of saving him," He said seriously.

"But how?" Ren asked turning to look at them even though she still held the shield, "We can't move him like this it will only make the wound worse."

They were interrupted however as a large hollow beared down upon them Ren cringed as he beat against the shield. Ikkaku who had managed to regain some of his strength was able to stand, a bit wobbly but he stood. He held Hoozukimaru in his hand, even if it wasn't in it's shikai form he could still cause some damage.

"Ren?" Hanataro asked and she turned to him questioningly. "How much have you used your Zanpakuto today?" He asked, she cringed as he shield was beat on again.

"Heh heh, not much just about an hour or so." She said, a bead of sweat running down her face. Hanataro gasped at her answer.

"You know you can't hold it for too long, you have about another few minutes until you collapse." He said worriedly, catching Ikkaku's attention.

"Don't worry," She said with another cringe. The hollow beat against it again, "I can hold if for another few moments. Just figure out a way to get him out of here." She said, Hanataro nodded.

"We need to hurry!" Hanataro shouted suddenly, "His pulse is almost gone!" He said panicking, Ikkaku's face went pale and he dropped down beside Yumichika.

"Yumichika!" He shouted, "Don't you dare die!" He shouted at his friend, looking at his pale face. A whimper of pain drew his attention to Ren just as the hollow pounded the shield again.

As the blow landed the shield shattered and she was knocked to the ground with a crash, her Zanpakuto landing on the ground beside her with a clatter. Ikkaku stood up and moved in front of them with his sword drawn.

"Madarame-san!" Hanataro shouted, "You are in no shape to fight!" He said still leaning over Yumichika, still pouring reiatsu into Yumichika.

"Just watch over Yumichika okay!" He shouted as the hollow lunged again, Hanataro nodded and hung back. As the hollow's claws beared down upon him a sudden blur passed by it and it was cleaved in two. As Ikkaku watched in surprise as the hollow dispersed, he turned to look at the small girl that stood before him.

"Lieutenant?" He asked in surprise, Yachiru smiled at him still dragging her sword behind her.

"Kenny told me to come and help, and told me to tell you to get feather brows out of here." She said with a smile, before spotting Yumichika. "How bad is he hurt?" She asked.

"We need to get Captain Unohana," Hanataro interrupted them. "She's the only one who will be able to help him right now, I can't keep it up much longer."

"I'm on it!" Yachiru shouted, taking off toward the small encampment that served as a make shift hospital. They stared behind her in surprise, their jaws dropped.

"Wait we need you here!" Ikkaku shouted after her, freezing as another hollow approached them. Thankfully the other squads had managed to beat back the line enough that they weren't in the middle of battle, unfortunately however there were still hollows attacking them. And with one of them on the verge of death, a healer that couldn't fight because he was healing the first, another horribly wounded, and the last on the ground and out of energy... things weren't looking up for them.

As the next hollow attacked a figure jumped down before them and killed the hollow in one blow. Ikkaku looked in surprise at the figure, "Shuhei!?" He asked in surprise.

Said shinigami turned to him with a smile, "Thought you guys could use a little help!" Ikkaku just sighed in relief at the sight of the 9th lieutenant.

"You can't even begin to understand how glad I am to see you," Ikkaku said, lowering his guard. "We really were in a pinch."

"I'm just here to watch over this quadrant, or at least that's what I told Captain Byakuya." He said with a smile, "While I'm watching this side I can also watch over you guys." He said with a mischievous smile.

"Madarame-san!" Hanataro shouted from behind them catching their attention. They both turned in surprise to see the healer panicking, his face pale.

"What is it!?" He shouted running over to kneel beside Yumichika. He had stopped bleeding but it hadn't helped, Yumichika looked as though he was already gone.

Ikkaku felt his breath stop as he saw this, Hanataro caught his look. "I'm not getting a pulse," He said sadly. "We've lost him."

Ikkaku felt his world crumble at those words, he weakly collapsed to his knees. He stared at his best friend ignoring those behind him. His Zanpakuto fell from his hand, landing with a clatter on the ground.

A commotion sounded behind him but he didn't pay attention, to focused on the pale face of Yumichika. It wasn't until a presence appeared beside him that he looked up, Captain Unohana stood beside him.

She kneeled down and held her hand out to Yumichika, her hand glowing. "Captain," Hanataro spoke. "I couldn't find a pulse, I don't think he made it."

"You must learn to look deeper Yamada-san," She said to him standing and pulling her Zanpakuto out of its sheath. "He's still alive, but barely." She commented, holding her Zanpakuto out. Ikkaku looked shocked at his words, looking at her with a shocked face.

Her Zanpakuto than dissolved into green mist before a large one eyed sting ray appeared. "Minazuki, I need your help." She replied, it than engulfed Yumichika in one bite.

"Are you sure that he is alive?" Ikkaku asked her with a thread of hope in his voice.

"Yes, now lets get you back to the base too." She replied, "You need healing as well." He moved to protest and she looked at him with a small smile. His protests died immediately at her look, one thing you should never do is argue with the captain of the 4th guard. Almost the entire soul society knew that the one person you don't mess with is the 4th squad captain, they'd rather piss off Byakuya before Unohana.

As he climbed on top of Minazuki along with Hanataro, Ren, and the captain herself they took off back toward the make shift hospital.

"Captain, Yumichika's room is ready." Isane said as soon as they had landed, the captain nodded before turning toward Minazuki. It than spit Yumichika up, before dissolving into mist and returning to it's original form.

As he was lifted onto a stretcher and wheeled away Ikkaku attempted to follow. Isane stopped him in the hallway, he growled as she stepped in front of him.

"Sorry Madarame-san," She said holding him at bay. "But no one but those from the 4th court squad can go back there, I ask you to please wait here."

"But that's my best friend in there!" He shouted, she looked sad for a bit.

"I know, but you'll do more harm than good. Trust me in this, the best thing you can do is stay out here and get yourself healed." She replied, and he looked down. Isane sighed, "I have been ordered by the captain to heal you please follow me.

She took off and he followed behind numbly, not really feeling like a fight. As he was escorted into a room with about 4 other beds he noticed who was on a few of them.

"Ren? Hanataro?" He asked them as he was motioned toward a bed to the right. "What are you guys doing here?"

"I used up almost my entire store of reiatsu," Ren replied with a smile shrugging. "I'm stuck here until I heal from it, it didn't help that I got into a few fights as well before I met up with you guys."

"I used up almost all of mine while I was healing Yumichika," Hanataro replied. "So I've been sentenced to rest for a week or two."

Ikkaku looked down at that, knowing how much the healer had sacrificed for his friend. "Thanks Hanataro for what you did." Hanataro looked up in surprise, "If it wasn't for you Yumichika wouldn't have survived until Captain Unohana got there."

"It's okay Madarame-san," Hanataro said.

"Just call me Ikkaku," He replied to the surprise of all in attendance.

"Okay," He said with a smile but than coughed weakly.

"Hanataro!" Isane turned to him with a glare, "Lay back down!" She ordered, to the surprise to everyone there. Isane was almost always soft spoken and calm, and yet she had just yelled rather loudly at poor Hanataro.

Hanataro himself jumped at her voice and when she grabbed him by the shoulders and shoved him back down a flush covered his features.

"Now stay laying down," She said with a glare before turning back to heal Ikkaku. Ikkaku himself was so shocked at the outburst that he allowed Isane to wrap his wounds without so much as a peep.

After she finished Isane left the room, promising to go check on Yumichika. Ikkaku still hadn't made a sound. Ren looked at him with a calm look, "You know there is something you can do for Yumichika."

"What?" Ikkaku asked, looking at her.

"Get him some cloths and his brush and whatnot so when he's out of surgery and is recovering he will have a chance to clean up."

Ikkaku realized that that was what Yumichika would want and promised himself that he would get his stuff as soon as he was freed from this hell.

About 5 minutes later Isane returned telling them that Yumichika would make it, at hearing that Ikkaku felt himself collapse in relief.

As she left him alone to his thoughts they strayed back to the fight, and Yumichika's Zanpakuto. He laid down, wearily the wounds on his body choosing then to start to pester him.

He had never seen it do that before or heard of anything like it, meaning that Yumichika hadn't never said anything about it. Meaning that it was kept from him for a reason.

Ikkaku was a little angry that Yumichika had kept if from him, hadn't told him about it. Yumichika learned about his bankai and yet kept his Zanpakuto's true form from his best friend. But as he recalled the long sweeping vines like things that sucked the reiatsu from the hollow he suddenly realized it. Yumichika's Zanpakuto's true form was a kido type, he jerked up into a sitting position at that thought.

That's why he never told him, if Ikkaku had learned about it at any other time he would've been pissed. He wouldn't have accepted any explanation that Yumichika would've told him, he laid back down slowly at that thought.

As he laid there thinking he felt the sedatives taking hold, he hated sedatives but after her performance with Hanataro was too afraid to warn Isane not to give him none. He swore she was getting lessons from her deceptively nice captain, Captain Unohana was absolutely terrifying.

As he slowly drifted off to sleep he promised himself that he would try to understand and accept Yumichika's Zanpakuto, it had saved his life after all.