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They stood out on the balcony, both standing in each other's embrace. Both of them content to just stand there, listening to each other's heartbeat.

"Hey Ikkaku?" Yumichika asked, staring out over the Seireitei. His head was nestled against Ikkaku's chest, his hair a little messy. Normally he was annoyed by that but for now he was too content to worry about it.

"Yes?" Ikkaku asked, wondering what his friend or rather boyfriend could possibly be thinking of.

"Are we going to tell anyone... you know about us?" He asked looking up to him, Ikkaku sighed.

"I don't know," He said truthfully. "I like having you all to myself," He replied and Yumichika smiled. "Though I don't doubt Ren will find out, or Hanataro for that matter."

"True," Yumichika said. "I don't really want to tell the 11th division yet though," He said with a slight hesitation in his voice.

"Okay we won't," Ikkaku said and Yumichika sighed in relief before nestling his head against Ikkaku's chest again.

"Thanks." He replied, smiling.

"I think they will find out eventually though," Ikkaku stated and Yumichika nodded. "But until then they really don't need to know."

"By then hopefully they won't find it so odd." Yumichika said and Ikkaku chuckled. They fell back into their silence, neither bothered by it.

He was a little hesitant about not telling anyone, but Yumichika wanted it that way so he guessed it was going to stay quiet for now.

Ikkaku looked down at Yumichika, a small smile crossed his face. He was so glad that he finally got through to him, glad that Yumichika felt the same as him. He removed one of his arms from around Yumichika to grasp his chin, he lifted his chin.

Yumichika's eyes stared at him, love and desire shining in those violet orbs. Ikkaku did the only thing he could do at the look, he leaned down and captured the other's lips. As he deepened the kiss he felt Yumichika respond in kind, their tongues dancing together in the moist cavern of his mouth.

As Yumichika's arms wounded around Ikkaku's neck, he leaned into him. Ikkaku himself laid his hands on the other's waist, keeping a firm hold.

Ikkaku then walked Yumichika backward, back towards their room. As they entered Ikkaku kicked the balcony door shut behind him, not breaking the kiss. Though it was getting harder to walk, especially considering Yumichika kept rubbing against him like that.

As they made it to Ikkaku's futon he lowered Yumichika onto it, their lips never breaking contact. As he settled down on top of Yumichika their lips broke for the first time, allowing them to take a much needed breath. Yumichika stared up at him with a dazed look and Ikkaku felt accomplishment flow through him.

He lowered his lips to Yumichika's ear, "You were afraid that I didn't desire you." He stated, his breath warming Yumichika's ear. Yumichika himself shuddered at the breath, raising his hands to Ikkaku's shoulders.

Ikkaku chuckled and nipped at his ear, "I don't think you will have to worry about that anymore." He said licking the shell of Yumichika's ear. Yumichika gasped at the contact, arching his hips against Ikkaku's.

"I-Ikkaku," Yumichika managed to say.

Ikkaku just continued on, biting and nipping at Yumichika's throat. Feeling the shudders that racked the shinigami's small frame, smiling at each one.

He pulled back to look at Yumichika, before reaching for the orange thing he had over his shinigami robes. Unbuckling it he removed it, "Won't be needing this for now." He replied disconnecting it from his wrist and tossing it away.

Yumichika would've reprimanded him for the clumsy move but he was having a little too much trouble breathing. Heat was spreading throughout his entire body, driving him insane. It didn't help either that every time Ikkaku touched him the fire was stoked hotter.

Ikkaku watched Yumichika's reactions, enjoying the play of emotion on his face. He traced fingers down Yumichika's throat, raising goosebumps before proceeding down his chest. As his hands reached his hakama he untied the fabric, pulling the top of Yumichika's shinigami robes open.

Yumichika himself was fumbling with Ikkaku's upper robes, trying unsuccessfully to get to the skin below the cloth. Ikkaku chuckled, lowering his mouth to Yumichika's throat again.

He nipped at the flesh there again, letting his mouth trail down until it reached the smaller shinigami's nipples. Taking one into his mouth he laved at it with his tongue, twirling it around. He let his hand raise up to give attention to the other, listening attentively to the hitching of Yumichika's breath.

After he felt that he gave that nipple sufficient attention he pulled back to blow on it, admiring the gooseflesh that rose on Yumichika's skin as well as his shuddered breath. Moving over to the other nipple he gave it the same amount of attention the first got.

Yumichika gasped at the amazing feeling, gripping Ikkaku's shoulders desperately. He had already gave up on getting Ikkaku's shirt off, it had gotten to much for him to concentrate when Ikkaku had put his mouth on him.

He lifted his hips against Ikkaku's when he pulled back to blow on his now wet nipple, the feeling getting too much for him to handle.

"I-Ikkaku," Yumichika managed to breath out. "Stop... ugh... torturing me!" He said with a pant, his eyes hazy. Ikkaku chuckled, moving back away from Yumichika.

Yumichika himself grabbed at him, his hands falling from Ikkaku's shoulders. As Ikkaku loomed over him his eyes cleared slightly, he glared up at Ikkaku.

"Why did you stop?" He asked with a sulky tone, he did not appreciate him stopping, especially when Yumichika was enjoying it so much.

"We can't continue on if we're fully dressed now can we?" Ikkaku asked, Yumichika's expression cleared up at that. Though his face was a faint red still, he pulled himself out from under Ikkaku.

"I want to," He said leaning towards Ikkaku. Ikkaku smiled and leaned back, he'd let Yumichika have his fun for now. Yumichika started by untying Ikkaku's sash at his waist, and pulled his robes out. He then pushed them off of his shoulders and down his arms, leaning in to kiss the flesh of Ikkaku's shoulder.

Ikkaku's breath hitched at the feeling, the breath warm against his shoulder. He was enjoying it a lot, that was until Yumichika bit him. "Ouch," He stated bluntly. Yumichika looked up at him with no sign of remorse.

"It's to show everyone else that you're mine," He said and Ikkaku was surprised at his possessiveness. Yumichika then went back to the bite mark to suck on it, and suddenly Ikkaku didn't care anymore.

Yumichika pushed the shirt completely off Ikkaku's arms, tossing it away. Letting his fingers trail over the expanse of muscles that made up Ikkaku's torso he went back to biting and nipping at Ikkaku's shoulder.

Ikkaku got to torture him so it was only fair that he got to do some torturing himself, he then let his hands trail downward. As they met the top of his pants, Ikkaku tensed. Yumichika grinned, letting his hands trail down below the waistline.

Ikkaku's entire body jerked when Yumichika touched him, the feeling better then he could've imagined. His fingers wrapped around the semi aroused flesh, feeling it thicken in his palm. He was sure now that Ikkaku desired him, almost as much as Yumichika desired his bald partner. As Yumichika moved his hands away from his hardened flesh he could swear Ikkaku wined.

Pushing Ikkaku's pants down it allowed Ikkaku's erection to be freed, Yumichika smiled devishly when Ikkaku quickly pulled his pants off the rest of the way.

"My turn," Ikkaku muttered reaching towards Yumichika. He surprised him however when he grabbed his shirt and ripped it off. Yumichika chuckled, but was cut short when Ikkaku grabbed his pants. He quickly pulled Yumichika's pants off, and chucked them onto the floor.

Ikkaku pushed Yumichika backwards, hovering over him once again. "Suck," He ordered putting 3 fingers against Yumichika's mouth. Yumichika smiled before opening his mouth, accepting the digits to lave at them with his tongue.

Ikkaku almost came then and there, the feeling extremely pleasurable. He held it off however and jerked his fingers free. Lifting Yumichika's legs over his hips he moved his hand down towards his goal. He moved his body up to capture Yumichika's lips with his own, delving his tongue in deep.

While letting his fingers massage the tight ring of muscle of Yumichika's entrance, he kept his partner distracted with his tongue. He plunged one in, causing Yumichika groaned in pain. Ikkaku pulled back from the kiss. "Relax," Ikkaku said. "It hurts if you don't."

Yumichika looked at him with something akin to annoyance before moving his hips around the invading digit. As he slowly adjusted he nodded his head to Ikkaku, signifying that he was ready to continue.

Ikkaku moved the finger around a little bit to relax the muscles before adding another, scissoring them apart. Yumichika gasped, in both pain and pleasure. He couldn't tell the difference at this point, it was too intense. Grasping Ikkaku's shoulders he moved his hips against the digits impatiently.

As Ikkaku added another finger Yumichika groaned again, his head falling back. Ikkaku moved his fingers, trying to loosen the muscles and make this as pain free as he could. As Yumichika slowly adjusted Ikkaku felt his way around, trying to find the one spot that would make this much more pleasurable for Yumichika.

So when Yumichika practically screamed, his hips thrusting upwards Ikkaku knew he had found it. Lightly scraping his fingers against that spot he watched Yumichika writhe in ecstasy.

"I-Ikkaku!" Yumichika managed to pant out. "I don't... ugh... want to come...ngh... without you in me!" He said, his breath coming in shallow pants.

Ikkaku chuckled before withdrawing his fingers, and adjusted himself till he was at Yumichika's entrance. "Ready?" He asked, Yumichika just nodded. Ikkaku buried himself to the hilt, tearing a strangled moan from Yumichika's lips. "You okay?" He asked and Yumichika nodded, though there were tears in his eyes.

"Move," He demanded after he had time to adjust. Ikkaku honored his request and almost fully pulled out, Yumichika groaned in disappointment.

That was until Ikkaku pushed back in, making Yumichika's hips buck in counterpoint. A moan ripped from his throat, Ikkaku himself moaned at Yumichika's reaction. Getting harder just watching his partners expressions of pleasure and pain skirting across his face.

He pulled back out and readjusted his angle before pushing back in again, Yumichika's entire body came off the bed with a scream as he hit his prostate.

Ikkaku smiled before picking up his pace, slamming into Yumichika's sweet spot over and over again. Yumichika was burning up, his entire body on fire. Every time Ikkaku slammed into him it made him burn even hotter, and when Ikkaku grabbed his own neglected member and begun to stroke in time to the thrusts he exploded.

As Yumichika came over both of their chests Ikkaku groaned as Yumichika tightened around him. He came not long after, riding out his orgasm as it shook his entire body.

He collapsed on top of his spent partner, being pulled free of Yumichika's passage. Yumichika himself groaned at the movement, but didn't protest.

Ikkaku rolled off of him, pulling the sheets over both of them before pulling Yumichika to him. As the dark headed shinigami snuggled against him Ikkaku smiled.

"You do know we're filthy right?" Ikkaku asked, Yumichika just glared slightly.

"I don't care right now, I might later but at the moment I'm too comfortable." He then snuggled further into Ikkaku's chest, burying his head as far as he could. "I love you," Yumichika stated tiredly.

"I love you too," He said watching as Yumichika fell asleep, messy and covered in sweat and other such things from their lovemaking. Normally Yumichika would freak at the thought of being this way, but right now his partner was too sleepy. Ikkaku kissed the top of Yumichika's head before following his partner in blissful sleep.

There was a smile on both of their lips.

Ren made her way towards the 11th district, a bag of supplies under her arm. It was currently 6 am and she was the only 4th division member to volunteer to go check on Yumichika. They were all to fearful of the 11th district, something she was going to have to work on. So here she was, before dawn walking towards her friend's district.

She yawned tiredly, her hand covering her mouth. It was way too early to be doing this crap, especially when she had a warm bed back in her own barracks calling her name. She had never been a morning person and this just proved how much she'd rather be asleep.

As she made her way there she was glad she knew exactly where Ikkaku's and Yumichika's barrack was at and she made her way there. She really hoped that they made up and weren't fighting anymore, she didn't want them having troubles forever.

As she made it to the entrance she saw the 4 that beat up Hanataro still running sluggishly around the compound, each of them looking like they were about to drop. Evidently Ikkaku forgot to tell them to stop running, which was funny in her opinion.

She snickered at them before entering the barracks, heading for the furthest building away. The 3rd and 5th seats shared a small building, secluded from the other barracks, and she had to walk further to get there. Usually that would be a good thing, but being as tired as she was she despised the extra distance she had to travel.

As she came upon the door she knocked briefly, and hearing someone stir on the other side opened the door. She froze at what she saw, a trickle of blood started running down her nose.

Quickly slamming the door shut again she grabbed her nose to stop the blood flow, leaning against the opposite wall. Evidently Ikkaku and Yumichika had made up, She thought before taking her handkerchief out and wiping the blood away. She'd just come visit them later to give Yumichika his checkup. And next time she'd knock longer this time, and wait for them to inviter her in before opening the door.

She didn't know if she could take that kind of imagery anymore, her heart was still pounding hard from it. She left, heading back to her district.

She really needed to tell Captain Unohana to postpone Yumichika's checkups until later in the day. That and no one else but herself should go, she didn't know if any of the meeker healers could take that kind of erotic visualizations.

She walked out of the 11th district with a smile on her face, and a small trace of blood under her nose. She was glad they made up, even though she really didn't need to see it. It wasn't comfortable to see someone she saw as a younger brother in bed with someone else, even though it was hot as Hell.

And she'd have to wait till later to tell them the good news about Hanataro and Isane hooking up. The smaller shinigami finally gathered the courage to take her out to dinner, and Isane had been happy to find out that her secret admirer had been Hanataro. Evidently she had a crush on the shy shinigami as well but didn't know how to approach him.

She whistled as she passed a few other shinigami out on guard duty, ignoring their odd looks. It wasn't everyday that you saw someone randomly walking down the street at 6 am happily whistling.

"What was that?" Yumichika asked as he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. It was way to early to have people randomly knocking and then slamming their door.

"Ren," Ikkaku said looking over to Yumichika. Ren had opened the door to see him sitting up with no cloths on and a equally naked Yumichika with nothing but a sheet covering them. They were also disheavled and covered in various fluids that didn't bear mentioning. Ikkaku chuckled, she sure got a sight to see.

"Oh," Yumichika said suddenly. "She was suppose to give me my morning exam." He said with a yawn, snuggling back into the warm covers.

"Yeah," Ikkaku said laying back down to snuggle with Yumichika. "She'll probably be back later." He said finding a comfortable spot, and closing his eyes.

"Mmmmhmm." Yumichika muttered already on the verge of asleep.

With that they both fell back asleep, neither of them bothered at the unexpected visit from Ren. To content to just lay asleep, snuggled with the person they love.

End... for good.