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"I've always thought loving someone would be easy. I never thought I would suffer so much, so much pain, so much grief. I guess it's the tug of war that makes you stronger. "

My name is Rosalie Hale; I'm the daughter of Adalbern and Esme Hale. My family consists of four, my father, mother, and brother Jasper Hale. We're known as the uptown family, the crème de la crème of rich families. My father's the president of a software company. All other software corporations wanted him to work for them, but my father decided that he wanted to stay with a company that gave him his start. That company's name was Moo-NT software. Their sole success was due to my father's genius mind. When my father had created some top government secret software for this company, word got out and all other software corporations started a bidding war for my fathers work, but my father decided to display his noble honesty and stayed loyal to Moo-NT Corporation. He had always taught my brother and me to never bite the hand that feeds you. I always thought he used and lived by that rule because he didn't come from a rich family; his family lived through his childhood as a lower middle class family. His father had lost their fortune in some scandalous family betrayal and that led his family to live through some unglamorous events. I don't remember much of what my father had told me about his family when I was younger, he chose not to elaborate much and whenever he did I could see the sadness seeping through his eyes. It always hurt me when I saw how sad daddy's eyes would look so I decided that I would never bring the topic of his family up again and to keep it that way until the day I died.

My mother had decided to do the same, she loved my father. They were high school sweethearts. My mother came from rich family. Her father was an owner of a large dealership in the small town of Forks. To be technical his dealership was the only one in Forks so anytime someone needed a new ride, they went to Edric Bailey's dealership. My mother never cared about money. She knew that money would not bring happiness or love; she knew it was the undeniable want, trust, loyalty, honesty and compromising that each person had to dedicate that would build that happily ever after. My parents were the King and Queen of Forks High school in Washington as you might say. They had dated off and on since freshmen year. Okay, okay, I know that doesn't really count as solid high school sweet hearts, but in my mind it does. My parents were the ideal couple. They had love for each other oozing out of every part of their bodies. I remembered wishing if I would be lucky enough to be granted such happiness and love in my future as they did. They had my brother when they were sophomores in college. They had gotten married right away before Jasper was born. They decided that even trhough they didn't get married in a conventional way they had still loved each other and wanted it written and sealed to prove that their bond was stronger than eve. With their love and a baby on the way nothing could stop their happiness. A year after they had Jasper they had a beautiful baby girl. Can you guess who this lovely being might be? You guessed it right. That baby girl's name is Rosalie Lillian Hale. Alright, I know I'm conceded. I can't help to be a little arrogant. Heerrro, I'm Rosalie fucking Hale. I'm beautiful, smart and rich.

This is my story; the fates have not decided yet if I'll get my happy ending, but it will provide in detail of the strife and triumphs that I will endure.

The last few months have been a struggle. My cousin Isabella Swan and my parents decided that it would be best if she came to lived with us. Her mother was my mother's older sister Rene Bailey. Her father was Charlie Swan the chief of Forks. He had died in a terrible animal attack. He was on patrol the night that his life ended. No one knew what had happened, all that was reported was that his body or remains of his body as I would call it was found deep in the forest about 150 feet from the highway that he was patrolling that night. Bella known as her nickname, but I call her Izzie, was so torn up by that unfortunate event. When her father had passed she started to hang with the wrong crowd and was supposedly doing drugs. She really had a hard time adjusting to what had happened to her father. Although she had not lived with her father for more than 12 years, she still had a relationship with Uncle Charlie. She would come up and visit some summers. She had lived in Phoenix AZ for most of her life, but that's about to change. Her mother had remarried to a minor league baseball player and since Uncle Charlie was no longer with us; my parents had offered for her live with us instead. My mother felt sorry for her. She said that it must feel like loosing both of your parents and the girl needs some family love. I couldn't imagine how my life would be if I had lost either of my parents. I don't know if I would survive.

"Mom, when is Bella arriving?"

I had asked while walking into the kitchen to get my grub on. I had to halt abruptly. My mother and father was in the middle of a kissing session when I had interrupted their little love fest. My father' a six foot man with spiky light blonde hair and crystal blue eyes. His lips were like mine, puffy pillow like softness. He had high cheekbones that made him look like he belonged on a cover of a GQ magazine for older men; he had my brownish blonde shoulder length hair mother pinned between him and the counter. My mother fair porcelain skin with light brown eyes with pink lips who looked like a beautiful fifties pin up model had her arms around my fathers neck.

"Eeeww, Eeewww! Mom, dad, can you keep your hands off each other for a just a second. I'm not thrilled coming into the kitchen with you guys making out inches away from my lunch. I have to eat and God knows what you guys did before you made my salad."

I scrunched up my nose to make a funny face. My mother chuckled a bit and released my father with a wide smile on her face. I smiled to confirm that I was only sarcastically joking and jumped onto a stool. She handed me my Caesar salad and I chomped away immediately. My father who was smiling as well, patted my mother on the butt.

"We will continue this tonight love."

I started to fake choke which made them both unite in laughter.

"She'll arrive at the airport at 4:55PM we should leave at 3:15" she had responded to my question from earlier.

"Have you guys got the guest room decorated and ready" My father had asked.

"Yes, we were able to get everything done last night, with Rosalie's help we had it done within a days worth"

My father walked by and gave me a kiss on my cheek

"That's my little decorating princess, always had an eye for the pretty things in life"

I giggled a bit and continued on my salad.

I wasn't too thrilled about Bella coming up to live with us. She and I had been really close when we were younger. She was like a sister because we both didn't have one. We would always have sleepovers and what not whenever she visited, but the last few years we had drifted apart. I started getting into make up and clothing like every other princess in the world. I was popular at school; I had boys vying for my attention. She on the other hand, didn't do or say much. She was just, stuck in a rut, not wanting to change. She kind of gave this Tom boyish vibe. We had different interests by the age of thirteen so we didn't have much in common. I didn't even know if she liked boys or if she was playing for the other team. I just didn't- know. Jasper told me to give her a chance due to the most recent events in her life. Why wouldn't I give her a chance? I mean, I might be a rich bitch at times, but I do have a heart, a beating one at that. Thinking of the devil, my blonde curly hair brother just walked in and I suddenly felt excited about Bella coming to live with us. He had stopped at the fridge taking out a carton of milk and went to the counter to retrieve a clean glass cup and filled it halfway. He had long toned arms like my father and he was only 2 inches shorter than my father even though he's only at the tender age of seventeen. He has the same color eyes as my mother and soft pillow lips like mine and my fathers. I knew it was Jasper that was modifying my emotions. He had some special aura about him. He's always so calm and relaxing. Whenever I felt a little off, upset, sad or nervous, Jasper would come into the room and suddenly my emotions would change to match with his. I often wondered if he was able to do that with other people. I'm assuming that he did. Once, Jasper was able to get a big bear of a kid whose face was 10 shades of red to walk away. The big kid was upset that Jasper wasn't falling for his intimidation. I thought I was going to have to bring my cat fighting skills out to help Jasper with this one, but he was able to calm the kid down and have him walk away without saying a word. I wonder if I had anything special about me other than my outer appearance. I didn't think I did, but if I did I certainly hope that I would be like Drew Barry Moore's character from the Stephan King novel Fire starter. There were a few raunchy girls that I wanted to burn up in flames, but this was all in the wishful thinking of Rosalie Hale. I kind of laughed at myself just thinking about it. Hearing me chuckle a bit, Jasper turned his attention to me.

"What's so funny dear sister of mine?"

"Huh? Oh nothing just thinking about things that money can't buy oh dear brother. I want you to stop what you're doing to my emotions. I can't keep a clear mind with you playing with them."

"I'm not doing anything, I swear." He lifted his left arm with his pointer and middle finger pointed up to the roof imitating a boy scout's honor.

"Gggaaww, am I excited?"

"I think you are. Come on its Bella the little sis that you never had. Remember how you guys were inseparable when she used to live here?"

"Yeah, I remember, but we've changed so much the last few years. It's just weird to me that's all."

"I think I understand sister, but do not worry. I'm sure we'll make her feel welcomed."

"We'll see how things progress when she's here"

A few hours later we were waiting at the arrival gate. My father thought it would be a little funny and welcoming if we had a card board that read "7 swans a swimming." Up in the air, I thought it was lame, but my mother and brother thought it was the right touch to welcome Bella to our family. I recognized her right away. Long curly brown locks, slender short frame that hadn't filled out in the right places. Pale porcelain skin just like mine, I guess mom was right we did have a little bit of albino blood in our genes, how could she not look tan after living in Arizona, but I'm not surprised that she didnt. I always wondered if my mother was telling the truth. I for one had porcelain skin, but I always thought it was because I live in Washington for Christ sakes, how tan could a person get with weather like ours. I never had a tan, yet I never really tried. Bella's skin tone only backed up my mother's story. There she stood searching for familiar faces. Her lips curled up into a smile when our eyes met. She looked a little nervous, I didn't blame her though. She had just lost her father and her mother was running away to fairyland with her new step daddy so who wouldn't feel a little nervous about being welcomed into different family.

"Hi Bella love, oh how I've missed you."

My mother reaching her arms out and immediately pulling her into a very strong yet gentle hug.

"Hhhi aunt Esme." Bella responded when she had returned the hug.

My father welcomed her with a little half hug. "It's good to have you here Bella, anything that you need please don't hesitate to ask. We're here for you."

"Thank you so much Uncle Adal, I hope that my living with you guys hasn't place any type of burden on you."

Mirroring his half hug.

"No, not at all. It's silly of you to think that."

Jasper gave her a huge smile with a fist bump to welcome her. She had returned his fist bump and planted a weak smile in return.

"Hey Bells, it's good to see you again."

" Yeah Jazz, it's good to see you too. I don't know if you'll think the same after a few months with me. You'll probably beg aunt Esme and Uncle Adal to send me back to Arizona."

We all laughed at what she had said, she knew that we wouldn't do that. She's stuck with us. Then she turned towards me. She walked a few inches and grabbed me into a huge bear hug.

"Rose! I've missed you."

I was shocked. I was in so much shock that my arms didn't want to cooperate. I gave her a half ass hug and stepped back a bit.

"Ahh, hi Izzie, welcome back to Forks. How was the plane ride?"

I had to find a way to district her from bear hugging me again. It felt so weird. I mean we haven't talked to each for a few years and she's acting as if we hadn't missed a beat in our sisterhood.

"It was terrible. I sat next to a bald guy who snored most of the time. I had my ipod with me, but the ding-a-ling's snore was so bad that even the highest volume on my Ipod couldn't block out the obnoxious noise"

"Come on darling, let's get your luggage and go home."

My mother told her while grabbing her hand to lead her to baggage claim.

The ride home was nothing exciting. I kept quiet most of the time. We would catch up later. She told stories of how life was in Arizona; my mother had told her about how we had everything ready for her. Jasper was telling her about how he was ready for his junior year in high school and how he's going to rejoin wrestling this year. She said that she wasn't surprised. He seemed to really have grown the last couple of years and that she couldn't wait for one of his tournaments. I on the other hand has seen way too many of his matches and knew that he would win even if I wasn't there cheering him on. As we arrived home, I saw three figures out on one of our neighbor's lawn. It was the Cullen kids, Emmett, Edward, and Alice Cullen. Alice and Edward were fraternal twins. They were my age. Alice had been my best friend ever since they moved in 5 years ago. She just came up to me one day after they had settled into their new house.

"Hi, I'm Alice Cullen; we're going to be best friends."

I didn't question her of what she meant, but I couldn't resist her friendliness so I just went along with it. We were inseparable from then on. She stood 4'11 and tiny, with pixie like hair. Her nose was sharp with heart shaped lips. Her eyes were the most beautiful light brown I've ever seen. She had on the cutest casual outfit on. It was one of those tees that had the collar hanging off one side of the shoulders with black sweat pants; she had on black flip flops to match. Sometimes I would wonder to myself if she was more breathtaking beautiful than I was, but the boys at school had proved my insecurities wrong. Edward her brother was one of my other best friends. He was the quieter one of the two. Don't get me wrong, if he smelled bullshit, he would let you know. He'd call you out faster than speedy Gonzalez. He was the gentler Cullen boy; he was the best friend and not the boyfriend type. I remembered the first time that I had met him. After Alice came to introduce herself, he had followed her to make sure she was okay. He had introduced himself as well. I remembered that day as if it was yesterday