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Slash of the Xander/Dean variety. Very AU for Buffy and pre-series Supernatural. Also very different to my usual, trying something new.

Chapter 1

He watched the patrons move about the club in amusement. Most were simply posers, having no idea what really lived in the shadows but there were others like him amongst the crowd. Those looking for an easy meal and a bit of fun. He straightened as the door opened bringing in the scent of gunpowder and steel along with something distinctly male. His eyes roved the figure of the hunter who had entered, because he couldn't be anything else with his scent and the way he moved. Seeing the attention the hunter had earnt he swore softly, time to save the human.

"Hey." Dean stiffened as muscled arms wrapped around his waist and then forced himself to relax.

"Um, hey." He answered somewhat nervously. A young dark haired male slid onto the stool beside him and gave him an amused smirk.

"First time?" Dean swallowed and nodded. He looked his companion over taking in the tight black leather pants, red shirt and messy dark hair.
"Well, first piece of advice is to relax. I'm Xander." Dean reached out to grasp the offered hand.

"Dean. Not your first time?" Xander laughed and Dean smiled.

"Hardly. Looking for anything specific or just browsing?" Dean swallowed as he realised the younger man was flirting and then mentally berated himself for being turned on. Xander couldn't be more than eighteen and he was twenty-five!

"I...I don't know, I've never let myself consider this before. My Dad...." Dean trailed off, shocked he'd admitted so much but Xander just nodded in understanding.

"Very traditional when it comes to relationships?" Xander guessed and Dean nodded.
"I could show you, if you'd like." Dean's eyes went wide at the offer and he nearly choked on his beer.
"Relax." A gentle hand began to rub circles on his back and Dean found himself relaxing.
"Or does someone else here catch take your fancy?" Xander purred and Dean downed the rest of his beer, leaning into Xander's touch. When he put his glass down Xander took his hand a tugged gently. Dean stood and followed him towards the back and then up the rickety staircase.

Dean automatically scanned the room for threats and exits, earning a chuckle from his companion.

"Um..." Dean tried to think of some way to explain away what he'd done and found himself gently pushed down onto the bed.

"I do the same thing hunter." Xander stated and Dean froze. Hunter? His hand began moving towards his knife but then a hand was gently restraining his.
"I'm not the only one who spotted what you are, just the first one to cross the room. And my intentions are far kinder than theirs were." Xander told him, moving to straddle him and slipping his hands under Dean's button up shirt.

"What are your intentions?" Dean asked, hating how vulnerable a position he was in.

"To show you how wonderful a 'non traditional' time can be. I won't hurt you and if you say no to anything I'll stop, promise. You'll never make it out of here alive if you're not seen to have been 'with' me." Xander leant in and sealed their lips together. Dean gasped at the coolness and Xander took the opportunity to slip his tongue inside Dean's mouth.

Dean gasped as cool lips claimed his but found himself eagerly responding as an equally cool tongue invaded his mouth. He had a rather good idea what the seemingly younger male was but at that moment he didn't really care. Xander had promised not to hurt him and while believing a creature would usually be laughable something in his eyes and the way he'd said it made Dean believe him.

Dean blinked in shock as he found himself without his shirks and Xander smirked wickedly at him, leaning in to lay a trail of soft kisses and harsher nips down towards his belt. He went with it as he was pushed back to lie on the bed, trying to figure out what to do with his hands until Xander grabbed them and placed them on his own now bare back.

He tensed as Xander reached for his belt and understanding brown eyes met his. Dean realised he could say no and Xander would stop but did he really want that? He'd realised years ago he found males just as attractive as females but his Dad was always around to stop him from acting on it. But he was on a hunt by himself right now, with no one looking over his shoulder. That's why he'd walked into the club in the first place, to try what he'd never dared before. He just hadn't realised it was a club that catered to the supernatural until it was too late. Did he really want his first and maybe only experience with a guy to be with something else?

"What are you?" Dean asked softly and Xander pushed himself up on his arms to give Dean space before his features shifted, eyes turning gold and fangs appearing.

"Can you guess?" Xander asked back, voice still gentle. Dean reached up to trace the facial ridges and Xander shuddered.

"Vampire." Dean breathed and Xander nodded, his features fading to normal.
"Please say you're older than eighteen." Dean begged and Xander laughed, nodding.

"Technically I'm twenty two if that makes you feel better." Dean nodded and Xander grinned.

"The thought of wanting a teenager did kind of freak me out." Dean admitted.

"Don't worry about it. Most people would be more freaked about the vampire thing."

"Get the feeling you're not the average vampire." Dean told him, arching up into his touch as Xander went back to what they'd been doing.

"True. I can help you relax if you want." Xander offered as he nipped at Dean's ear.

"How?" Dean gasped and Xander pulled back again.

"Call it hypnosis if you want. A skill that pops up occasionally in my line of vampire. My...I guess she'd be sister despite being a lot older than me can do it as could the old Master of our line. Makes it easier to feed if your victim can't fight back I guess. I could use it to help you relax; you'd still be able to say no though." Xander offered and Dean froze. Let a vampire mess with his mind?

"All it would do is help me relax? You wouldn't be able to stuff to me long distance or anything?"

"Nope." Dean studied Xander and then nodded.

"Okay, but no biting."

"As you wish." Xander answered and stared into his eyes. Dean sighed as he felt himself un-tense. Suddenly going all the way didn't seem as scary as it had minutes before and he pushed Xander's hands back to his belt. Xander stared at him for a second before nodding and smiling, reaching to undo his belt.


Dean rolled over and blinked at the young man lying beside him, completely naked. Then again from the feel of the sheets so was he. He found himself smiling as he thought over what they'd done earlier. It had been good, different but good. And Xander had kept his word on not doing anything Dean didn't want which was nice. He reached over and ran a tentative hand down Xander's side. Brown eyes opened and Xander smiled at him.


"Hey." Dean replied, suddenly unsure.

"Didn't want to sleep too close in case you forgot and freaked over sleeping with, well a corpse." Xander told him, sitting up, the sheet falling to pool in his lap.

"What time is it?" Dean asked, staring at Xander who grinned.

"Bit past one am." Xander answered stretching languorously and making Dean shift as he felt himself react to the sight. But Dean fought down the reaction; he needed to be on the road by ten in the morning at the latest if he wanted to be on time for meeting his Dad.

"I have to go." Dean told Xander and the vampire nodded. They dressed in silence and Dean followed Xander downstairs. He flinched slightly at the music; it had gotten even louder while they were busy. He was surprised when Xander pulled him close, nuzzling at his neck but went with it, remembering what he'd said about not getting out of the club alive. Once they were outside he paused awkwardly and then smiled as Xander pulled him for another kiss.

"I'll walk you to where you're going, it's not safe out alone at night." They both laughed at that but Dean let Xander walk him back to his hotel, where he considered inviting Xander in.
"I hope we see each other again one day." Xander kissed him one last time.

"I don't even know you're whole name." Dean gasped when they finally parted. Xander smirked.

"Look up a little town called Sunnydale and Alexander Harris." With that the vampire was gone.


"I thought you went out to eat?" Xander looked up from where he was preparing a bag of blood.

"He wasn't interested in biting." Xander told her and Dawn laughed.

"Was he cute?" She teased and Xander nodded.

"Very. Shouldn't you be in bed by now Dawn patrol?" He frowned and she rolled her eyes.

"Vampire-hen." She mocked and Xander lifted her over his shoulder making her squeal in protest.

"Bed brat." He put her down in front of her bedroom door.

"Night Dad!" She called as he wandered off to finish getting his dinner, trying to put all thoughts of Dean out of his mind. He'd never see the hunter again unless he decided to track him down and what was the point? All he'd do was put the mortal in danger.

This was a trial. What did you think? Very different to my usual I know.