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Chapter 14

Dean hesitantly followed Xander up the stairs, pausing in the doorway. He hadn't been upstairs since...his other half supplied the memories of creatures attacking and of saving Sam. It was weird, having the soft voice in the back of his head but so far they were getting along okay. After all they agreed on all the important things, Sam was to be protected no matter what and they loved Xander, not that Dean would admit that out loud much to his inner vampires annoyance. He stayed in the doorway as Xander moved into Bobby's lounge room, making everyone look up. Sam looked at Xander and then over at the door, standing up.

"Dean." Sam called, smiling at him but Dean couldn't move. He just stared at his baby brother, hearing his heart beating and his blood pumping through his veins and it was very distracting. He shut his eyes and felt his other half help him deal with it. A warm hand came to rest on his shoulder and he opened his eyes to find Sam in front of him, staring down at him in concern. Dean smiled shakily at him and then Sam was hugging him and Dean returned the hug.

"Hey Sammy, you okay?" Dean asked and Sam nodded.

"I'm fine." Sam answered.
"Just glad you're here." Sam whispered and Dean nodded, letting Sam shove him further into the room. Bobby nodded at him and Dawn moved forward to hug him.

"Thank you." He whispered and she nodded.

"No problem. Anything for family." Dawn answered and then she held something out to him.
"This is yours; it'll keep you from impersonating the human torch when you go out in sunlight." She handed the amulet over and Dean nodded.

"So what happened to Lilith?" Dean asked, watching as the humans in the group ate. He pouted at the sight of the burgers but Xander had shaken his head, letting him know it probably not a good idea.

"Dawn killed her while you were..." Sam trailed off unable to say it but Dean understood and nodded.

"So what's next?" Bobby asked and the four looked at each other.

"Well, Lilith was the big threat and she's gone now. Back to hunting?" Dean asked and Xander shook his head.

"Not till you finish training Dean. You need to be able to instinctively know what you're capable of in a fight. Plus you need to learn how to get your own dinner."

"What!" Bobby demanded and Xander sighed.

"Bagged blood is okay in emergencies and as back up but fresh is better, especially for the newly turned."

"It's part of the reason why Xander's Master of their Order. Dru's not stable enough and Spike can't drink fresh since he can't bite a human. It means he's almost as powerful as Spike despite Spike being a lot older." Dawn explained casually.

"You kill?" Bobby growled out and Xander shook his head.

"I can feed without killing, they might be a little weak for a bit but other than that they're fine." Xander told him.

"Xander's one of the few who can do it." Dawn added proudly and Xander leant over to lightly slap her shoulder.

Dean stared at all the people as they danced, fighting the urge to go to game face and then relaxing as he felt Xander wrap his arms around his waist.

"Shh, it's okay Dean. Just relax, you can do this. Look at them, search out someone who's alone but looking for a good time." Xander purred and Dean relaxed, letting his other half come closer to the surface to help him. He spotted a young woman by herself and looked at Xander who nodded. Dean approached slowly and offered her a hand. She looked up and blushed but took his hand and Dean led her to the dance floor. Xander watched closely as the danced and then eventually headed out the back door. Xander watched as the two began to make out, moving to catch the woman's eye and gently clouded her mind for Dean. He stood right behind Dean as his Childe slowly bit into the woman's neck, swallowing hungrily.
"Not too much Dean. Slow down, that's it. Pull back Childe." Xander urged and Dean forced himself to remove his fangs. He was shaking slightly; his eyes clenched shut against the sight and smell of blood. Xander closed the wound up and pushed her gently back into the club before going to Dean and holding him close.
"Good work Dean." He whispered and Dean relaxed in his arms.

"It was so hard." Dean whispered and Xander nodded.

"I know, it will get easier though." He assured Dean before leaning in to kiss him. Dean moaned and deepened the kiss hungrily. Feeding from a living body was certainly a rush.

Dean fidgeted with his robe, stilling when Xander kissed him. He knew that this was necessary for Xander to hold his position as Order Master but he really did not like being with so many vampires, despite being one himself. The fact that he was one of three with their souls did not make the others like them that much. Dawn and Sam were safely at a nearby motel, waiting for them to get back and if he'd been smelling things right the two were having some fun of their own. Dean approved, Dawn was good for Sammy.

"You two ready?" They looked up to see Spike standing nearby in his own robes and they really looked interesting with the bleached hair.

"Yeah, let's get this over with." Dean grumbled and Xander smiled before leading him over to the gathering. Dean didn't understand a lot of what was said though it did sort of sound like Latin but Spike had helped him memorise his part. He smiled when Xander let their blood mix in the chalice and then they both drank from it. He felt the warmth spread through him as Drusilla chanted and then the bond settled into place. They weren't just Sire and Childe any more but a Mated pair and it was the most incredible thing Dean had ever felt. He knew he was loved and would never be alone again.

Sam stared down at Dawn, amazed that she actually wanted to be with him. She just smiled up at him, kissing him and then guiding him into her body. She joined their hands and he could hear her murmuring as he began to move. He knew what she was doing, they'd talked about it and had both agreed it was something they could definitely live with. Neither of them wanted Dean to go through the pain of watching Sam age and die in front of his eyes and both of them could admit their feelings for each other went a lot deeper than friendship now. Soon her voice picked up volume and a soft light began to shine from their joined hands, a warm wind moving over their bodies. The final words were nearly shouted as her back arched and Sam shuddered, feeling the magic spill into his body. He gasped and then half collapsed on top of her.

"Is it?" He whispered as he rolled off her and Dawn nodded as she snuggled into his side. Sam wrapped an arm around her and then pulled the blanket up over them.

"It worked. Now we just have to tell the family." She murmured and Sam groaned.

"That's gonna go well." He grumbled and Dawn laughed before yawning. They got comfortable and soon drifted off to sleep.

The End.