I saw Spring Awakening recently, and I was struck by how much the first song, 'Mama Who Bore Me' describes the entire show, especially what Wendla has to go through. I did a little thinking, and this is what I came up with.

I don't own Spring Awakening. It rocks. I don't.

No Way To Handle Things

Dead. My baby girl. My sweet, little Wendla, gone forever. And it's all my fault.

When the surgeon told me that he'd been successful in ridding her of the baby, I thought everything would be all right. But it wasn't. Wendla was so weak after that, and soon died. We told everyone it was anemia, ashamed that our daughter had gotten herself into such a predicament. A predicament she would never have gotten into if I had just told her the truth.

I had been afraid of corrupting her innocence. I failed to realize that innocence is for young children. I also failed to realize that she would have found out on her own soon enough.

I had been appalled when the doctor told me she was pregnant. When I confronted my daughter, she was just as shocked as I was. I was certain that she had to know, by now, where babies come from. But she didn't. I didn't want to believe that. So I didn't. I just kept asking her for the boy's name. When it finally dawned on her, she forced all the blame on me. Blame that I was not ready to accept. I still hear her accusatory words: "You should have told me everything!" Alas, I should have.

I accept all the blame now. It is my fault my darling is dead. My fault for never explaining, my fault for acting so harshly, my fault for making her get rid of it. I was no mother to her. I left her all alone, to handle things on her own.

Made me feel so sad.


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