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"This is outrageous! Absolutely ridiculous!"

A tired sigh from behind. No response.

"I mean, seriously! I don't even know why I'm putting up with this! What the fu-! Oww!"

The handcuffs tightened, effectively cutting him off. Gilbert was livid. He was sure he was already red in the face from yelling at the top of his lungs. He also knew he was creating a scene in the middle of the street, but he could care less in his current situation.

The almighty self-declared awesome Prussia was being arrested. Not particularly an earth shattering event, if not for the fact that it was his own brother doing the arresting.

He could barely even remember what crime he had committed. His memory was suddenly a hazy blur and some alcohol might have been involved, but he wasn't entirely sure. Not that it mattered, considering his own brother was the police officer in charge. What happened to brotherly bonds? Did nepotism mean nothing these days?

Another sigh came from behind him. "Quit struggling, Gilbert. The law is the law. Now get up so we can get back to the station."

He felt himself being hauled up to his feet from his former position of sprawled face down on the hood of the police car. The handcuffs dug into his wrist, but the discomfort was nothing compared to the outrage boiling within him. "I'm your brother, for Chrissakes! You should be my accomplice! Not actually arresting me over every little misdemeanor!" Even now, he desperately tried to remember what exactly he had done, but his mind felt like a blank slate.

He knew Ludwig was the strict type. His personality was more suited for a drill sergeant than a police officer. That no nonsense chin-up-face-me-like-a-man baritone voice was enough to make even the most rebellious juvenile vandal think twice. Not to mention he was scarily efficient with a pistol. In fact, just about the only person who didn't quake at the knees upon sight of him was his older brother.

If only they knew how his dear West languished over every speck of dirt in the kitchen or make smoochy faces at his dogs when he thought no one was looking. Oh, and the guy liked to bake cakes. Cakes. In an apron.

"You won't have to stay long, just until you get yourself cleaned up." His brother's tone brooked no argument, firm and final as Gilbert found himself prodded into the passenger seat of the police car. The door was shut in his face with a bang, before Ludwig walked over and climbed into the driver's seat himself.

Gilbert sulked the entire ride to the station. At least his brother had graced him the small mercy of letting him sit up front, instead of locked in the back seat behind the wire grille. He would have made the drive absolutely hell if he had been. Instead, he obstinately slouched in his seat, glaring out the window as the night scenery flew past and fiddling with his handcuffs.

It wasn't his fault that his younger brother was so anal.

"Stop sulking, Gilbert. It's not the end of the world." Ludwig voiced next to him, eyes straight ahead and gripping the wheel with both hands.

Gilbert only spared enough effort to turn his head around and stick his tongue out.

Ludwig sighed. "Very mature, Gil."

The rest of the ride was silent, and before long, they were pulling into the police station. Ludwig let him out, and the duo promptly entered inside. There was no point in bickering now; Gilbert just wanted to wash the grime off his face, change, and then return home to sleep for a week. Admittedly, it wasn't his best night.

The station turned out to be empty. It was a small quaint brick building, with only a few rooms. There was a door at the far end of the entry lounge, with a semi-transparent window. Ludwig led him up to it, picking out a key from the jangling key ring in his pocket and unlocking the door. The blonde quickly switched on the lights, bright fluorescent beams flooding the room, before finally freeing Gilbert from the handcuffs.

Gilbert rubbed his chafed wrists sullenly, taking in his surroundings. The room was spartan in furnishing, exactly as he had imagined his brother's working environment to be like, and impeccably clean. A large wooden desk sat in the middle, various files and folders neatly piled on top, along with an ancient-looking telephone. Bookcases lined the walls, filled with fat volumes with boring legal titles. In the back of the room were two jail cells, empty except for a single cot in each. The only other door in the room led to a restroom.

"You can go freshen up at the sink. My partner is out for the rest of my shift, so I have to stay in until he returns." Ludwig gestured towards the restroom, before walking over to one of the cabinets. Gilbert didn't need to be told twice.

He examined himself in the bathroom mirror, taking in his disheveled appearance. There were small scrapes and scratches littering his face, transforming into bruises on his upper torso. He was caked in a layer of grime and he probably needed a shower. Gilbert groaned, grabbing a towel and turning on the faucet.

He exited the restroom feeling much better and refreshed. Ludwig was sitting in the chair behind the desk, reading glasses on and focused on poring over a stack of files. "I left you some clothes on the cot." The blonde remarked when he emerged from the restroom, flipping a page.

Gilbert padded over to the open cell, and sure enough, a neatly folded pile of clothes greeted him. There was a black cotton tank top and a blue zip-up sweatshirt. Gilbert eyed the clothing skeptically, picking them up with his thumb and forefinger. "What's this? Leftovers from your other prisoners?"

Ludwig shot him an unamused glare. "They're mine. For times when I have to stay the night."


Gilbert grunted an acknowledgement. He quickly stripped off his own dirty garments, pulling on the tank top. He grinned in approval; the fabric was very fresh and smelled distinctly of his brother, though it was a looser fit on him. Next, he shrugged on the sweatshirt, leaving the front unzipped.

"So. When do we leave?"

If Ludwig kept on glaring at him like that, he'd have the expression permanently fixed to his face. "I already told you. I have to stay until my shift is over, in case of calls. I'm a police officer, not some company manager that could leave whenever he wanted."

Gilbert heaved a complaining groan. "Who's gonna call at this hour anyway? I wanna go home already!"

Ludwig sighed, reaching up with one hand to rub his temple. "It shouldn't be more than an hour. Get some rest on the cot. I'll wake you up when I can take you home."

The elder grumbled the entire way towards the open cell. "Maybe if you hadn't arrested me, I wouldn't be in this problem…" He flopped down on the cot. The lumpy mattress was uncomfortable, but at least it was clean. A sterile white kind of clean.

After banging his head against the cell wall several times out of boredom, he finally drew up his legs, resting his chin on his knees. He wasn't in the least tired anymore, and he'd be damned before he'd start to crack open one of his brother's law enforcement books. He quietly snickered to himself; the books were all probably painstakingly highlighted with small neat notes in the margins. Complete with sticky notes and all.

Gilbert inhaled deeply from his sleeves, thoroughly enjoying his brother's lingering familiar scent.

Ludwig, on his part, was deeply absorbed in his office work. Somehow, his blonde hair was still perfectly slicked back on his head, even after a long day of patrolling. Gilbert admired how his brother managed the neat and proper air about him without coming off as stuck-up. Unlike their friend, Roderich.

Neither was he lacking in the physical department either. The blonde may have the disposition of a drill sergeant, but Gilbert would be damned if he didn't think his brother looked positively delectable in a police uniform. Ludwig looked like he was made for it. The fluorescent lights overhead illuminated every detail. The navy blue uniform fit perfectly over his broad shoulders and trim frame, outlining all the right places. The black tie draping down from the folded collar only served to accentuate the whole thing, held tight by a silver tie clip. A thin black leather belt was wrapped tightly around his waist, various magazine clips hanging off it, along with a small firearm and a walkie-talkie.

And a pair of gleaming steel handcuffs, which had been around Gilbert's own wrists not minutes before. Never forget the handcuffs.

The device would rattle against the chair every time Ludwig shifted in his seat, a clear indication of his authority. But the blonde's attention was absolute, flipping through a stack of legal files with a certain determination, signing off here and there, and only occasionally checking his wristwatch.

Hell, Gilbert would jump his little brother's bones even if he was wearing a pocket protector. God, the guy didn't even know what he did to people, wearing something like that.

"Stop staring, Gilbert, and get some sleep. We'll be out of here soon." Ludwig absently spoke from his seat, barely even glancing up.

Gilbert only widened his leer, a wet tongue darting out this lick his dry lips. It was subtle, but he noticed the light pink tinge dusting Ludwig's cheeks even as his voice was nonchalant. He couldn't believe that his brother was a hunk of a police officer and they had never once roleplayed in bed.


A sudden torrent of wild fantasies flooded into his mind, vivid ideas about how Ludwig could put those handcuffs to a better use. He wouldn't mind one bit if he was bent over the younger's desk, hands cuffed in front of him and getting thoroughly fucked into the wood. Bodily fluids would be everywhere and his brother's cherished folders and their contents would be strewn across the floor. After he was spanked for being a 'naughty' boy, of course. Just the thought of his brother's gloved hands on his backside was enough to make him hard, his trousers suddenly too tight.

Evidently, his fantasies must have shown on his face, because his eyes suddenly were pinned down by two piercing blue ones. "I know what you're thinking, Gilbert. And the answer is no."

Count on his brother, sole object of his drool-inducing sexual fantasies, to be a complete party pooper. It wasn't even as if anyone else was present.

Gilbert's erection was already aching within its confines. In a single moment, he made up his mind and began sauntering over to where Ludwig sat, planting his hands firmly upon the desk.

As expected, the blonde looked up sharply, frown marring his handsome features. "What do you think you're doing?"

Gilbert couldn't help the grin spreading across his face, displaying all his teeth. "You said to stop staring, so I had to put it all into action!"

Before his brother could utter another word, Gilbert grabbed onto his face, pulling it in closer for a relentless kiss. Taking advantage of the element of surprise, he pried open Ludwig's soft lips, shoving his tongue inside the moist cavern. They broke apart a second later with an obscene smacking noise, their mixed saliva making Ludwig's lips shine.

Without wasting any time to allow his brother to recover, Gilbert pushed the blonde back into his chair, knocking the fountain pen from his grasp, and proceeded to climb on top the desk. He was well aware of how his sweaty hands and grass-stained knees ruined the papers.

"Gilbert!" Ludwig's eyes bugged out as he saw the paper-clipped files crinkling viciously beneath his older brother's body. "Those are important legal files! I have to get them signed and returned by tomor-!"

Ludwig was cut off as he found his lap full of an enthusiastic Gilbert. The elder had managed to straddle his thighs, arms flung around his neck and bringing their faces impossibly close. "Or you could just bend me over your desk and fuck me until I pass out." Gilbert's breath was hot and moist against the outer shell of his ear, whispering seductively.

The blonde made a choking noise when his older brother gave a hard thrust, effectively rubbing their clothed groins together. Gilbert grew bold at the noise, licking a wet trail down Ludwig's chin and nipping at his neck. His younger brother absolutely reeked of law and order, arousing him even further.

His lips strained against his brother's collarbone. "Come on, West! I'll let you spank me…"

"Gilbert! This is not the time or place for such activities!" Ludwig's hands came up to plant firmly upon his waist, voice breathless as he tried to resist the onslaught.

Without warning, the elder yanked Ludwig's head backward, so he could stare down fully into his brother's face. "Why don't you punish me like you mean it." His voice came out low and husky, lust evident in his crimson eyes.

Ludwig's face was flushed and very warm, lips still obscenely wet. He was taking deep breaths in a vain effort to calm himself, eyes blinking rapidly. Suddenly, his hands tightened around his brother's waist, and in a flash, he was pushing the chair back and standing up. Gilbert could only wrap his legs around Ludwig's midsection and hold on tightly to his neck.

The cold hardness of steel bars against his back sent a thrill up his spine. Ludwig swooped down to capture his lips again, the kiss slick and heated. Dimly, he was aware that his hands were being held above his head, but he couldn't be bothered with it until the light glinting off the pair of handcuffs caught his attention.


In one swift motion, his wrists were chained together to the bars of the cell above his head, effectively rendering him helpless and stuck. His eyes widened at the realization, and he tested the bonds, another sharp thrill racing through him directly to his erection when they refused to budge. Then all thoughts flew out of his head as Ludwig pulled up the black tank top and latched onto a pink nipple.

The breath in his lungs left him in a loud whoosh as the blonde sucked and toyed with the sensitive buds. The wicked tongue then descended, leaving a damp trail past his stomach and down his abs, swirling over the skin around his waistband.

Gilbert was rendered utterly speechless when Ludwig fell to his knees, making quick work of the elder's belt, and silently tugging down his pants. He could only watch on helplessly as his brother freed his engorged erection, large hands coming up to gently stroke it.

Oh. My. God. This was too good to be true.

He threw his head back with a low moan when the tip of his cock was engulfed in wet heat. The same tongue came out to flick over the leaking slit. Then, inch by agonizing inch, his dick disappeared inside Ludwig's eager mouth.

"Shiiit." He managed to choke out under his breath, feeling his brother's nose buried in his curls. Then the mouth retreated, slick lips sliding backwards, before surging forwards again, the heat never fading.

This couldn't be happening.

He watched in rapt fascination, taking in Ludwig's disheveled blonde hair sticking to his forehead in his exertion. His brother's powerful shoulders beneath the navy uniform shifted and flexed as he worked, all in all presenting a tantalizing view of his broad back.

Gilbert could barely breathe. His breath left him in sharp panting gasps, broken only by shameless moans of pleasure. His back was getting sore from digging into the steel bars behind him, but he could care less at that point. Especially when he felt a hand starting to fondle his balls. He wanted desperately to sink his fingers into Ludwig's blonde locks, but his hands were held tight above him.

He could only writhe in rapture as he was given the best blowjob of his life.

He couldn't help a slight bucking forward of his hips as he felt himself nearing climax. His moaning had only increased in volume, and his eyes just about rolled up into his skull.

So close. So close.

Ludwig's hot mouth was like a furnace, racing to finish him off.

Just a little bit more… and –

Gilbert jerked awake with a strangled gasp.

His eyes flew open, slowly trying to adjust to the darkness pressing around him. He winced when he felt the slimy wet mess in his pajamas and he groaned in frustration. He pried his sweaty fingers from the pillow he was clutching onto in a death grip, rolling onto his back and giving a bone-cracking stretch.

When he finally calmed down somewhat, he looked around, blinking bleary eyes. The bed he was tucked into was not his own, neither was the room. Confusion swirled inside his groggy head, before the past events hit him with sudden clarity.

He was in Ludwig's room, sprawled on top Ludwig's once immaculate bedsheets.

Apparently, he had fallen asleep as his brother was counting sheep to him. It seemed his plan had worked. He had indeed drifted off to his brother's baritone voice droning out numbers. He smirked in triumph; he couldn't wait to tell Feliciano about this.

But damn if that wasn't the hottest wet dream he's had in quite some time. Ludwig in a sexy police uniform.

He quickly tossed off the sweltering covers, stepping out onto the plush carpet. Adjusting his pajama bottoms, he padded over to the bedroom door and slipped out into the hallway. Ludwig, being the workaholic he was, had no doubt gone straight to his study after Gilbert had fallen asleep. He bounded down the stairs, the light coming from Ludwig's study clearly visible in the dark of the house.

Gilbert peered around the corner into the study, grinning at the sight. His younger brother was hard at work, shuffling through pages upon pages of internal affairs documents. His blue eyes flew over an assortment of budget graphs, and his fingers toyed with a terse memo from Chancellor Merkel. A half-typed email was open on the computer. The blonde was certainly not in a police uniform of any sort, and his hair was back to its impeccable usual style.

"Hey West." He greeted from the doorway.

Ludwig glanced up, surprise on his face as he took off his reading glasses. "Gilbert? Aren't you supposed to be sleeping?"

"When's Halloween?"

One blonde eyebrow rose questioningly. "The usual date. Why?"

Gilbert shrugged, his voice matter-of-fact. "I was just thinking for this year's Halloween, you could buy a police uniform and we could totally roleplay a naughty convict and a dominating policeman jail scene. You know, just saying."

It was highly amusing to see Ludwig open his mouth to retort, then close, then open again, speechless.

"Gilbert. Go back to bed." The blonde finally bit out, a sudden flush blooming across his cheeks. "I have to work to do."

"Oh come on!" Gilbert was quick on the uptake, eyes lighting up convincingly. "You can't tell me that thought has never crossed your mind. It'd be so hot!"

Ludwig visibly swallowed, eyes suddenly downcast and fingers fumbling around with the papers on the desk. "I'll… I'll think about it."

Gilbert broke out into a leering grin. "Awesome! Don't forget the handcuffs! They're very important!"

"Yes, yes." Ludwig quickly waved off his older brother with one hand, putting back on his glasses.

As for Gilbert, his triumphant cackles of glee could be heard throughout the entire floor. He couldn't wait for Halloween.


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