This is my first crossover fan fiction. It's from my two favourite stories- the harry potter series and the twilight saga!!

Okay, so this is set after breaking dawn, Renesmee has reached full maturity. It is also Ginny and Luna's 7
th year in Hogwarts. Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville and a few other students came back to do their 7th year after the battle of Hogwarts, where Voldemort died.

So, on with the story!!

Renesmee's POV

I was lying on my bed with Jacob – my boyfriend/werewolf – when a fluffy grey owl suddenly flew in through my window and sat on the railing on my bed.

'What the hell?' Jacob said.

'I dunno.' I said.

I sat up and reached over to the owl. To my surprise it didn't flinch away. Usually, most animals did that because of my vampire genes.

It hopped onto my arm and I nearly jumped off the bed in surprise. I pulled my arm towards me.

The owl hooted happily and pecked at my earlobe. I giggled.

'Cool bird.' Jacob said randomly.

I laughed. The owl stuck out its foot. I looked and saw it had a letter attached.

'Thanks.' I said to the bird, wondering what the hell he was giving me.

I opened the letter and read out loud to Jake.

Dear Edward, Isabella and Renesmee Cullen.

My name is professor McGonagall and I am the headmistress here at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This is a school for people who can do magic. I understand that you have no such abilities but a few students at this school could be in need of your help.

I have been informed of what you are (I will not say what in case this letter is put into the wrong hands) and of your abilities. If possible, it would be an honour to our school if you attended this year.

A secret mission will be taking place and to have you in on it would be helpful.

Please reply via this owl, and if you should agree, I will send information as to how to get here.

Professor Minerva McGonagall

I finished reading and looked at Jacob.

'What the hell was that all about?' mum asked. I hadn't noticed but she and dad were standing at the door.

'Some school wants us to help for a mission.' I said.

My parents shared a look at each other.

'Okay, Nessie, pack some clothes. We are going to help out this professor.' My dad said.

I smiled. I was eager for adventure.