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*Same ages as last time*

Amu's shocked face broke into a wide smile.

"I love you too!" She said cheerfully. Ikuto felt his whole body relax.

Well… that was easier than I thought it would be.

Still smiling, Amu turned around and skipped away.
"Wait, Amu!" Ikuto called after her. The pink haired girl turned around to stare at him questioningly. "Where are you going?"

Amu blinked.

"To go tell Tadase that I love him, too, you silly person!" She exclaimed. Ikuto stared at her, wide eyed, as his jaw dropped.

He felt like screaming, hitting his head against the wall next to him, anything painful.

"T-Tell him?" He asked in a strangled voice. "Why?"

Amu's happy smile slowly faded away.

"Huh?" She asked, confused. "What's wrong with telling him?"

Ikuto really felt like hitting his head against the wall. It took all of his willpower not to.

"Because…" He said in a slow, emphasized tone. "You just told me that you loved me. Not him."

Amu's confused expression grew even more confused.

"But..." She asked. "What's wrong with loving everyone? I mean, you love your friends, you love your family, you love everybody, don't you?"

Ikuto stared at the girl in utter shock.

You have got to be kidding me…

Amu frowned at him.

"Is something wrong?" She asked him timidly. Ikuto took a deep breath and shook his head.

"Nope," He said, trying his best to keep his voice level. "You know what? Just go. Go tell Tadase whatever it was that you were going to tell him."

Amu stared at him for a moment, thinking that he didn't really mean that, but turned around and took off to find Tadase. As soon as she was gone, Ikuto turned around also, and really hit his head against the wall. He did it multiple times, feeling somewhat satisfied when his mind went numb for those few seconds afterwards.

Seven years. I love her for seven freaking years, and this is the thanks I get.

"Don't do that," A different, gentle voice said behind him just as Ikuto was about to hit his head once more. "You're going to hear yourself…"

Ikuto turned around and saw Utau, standing there staring at him with her wide violet eyes.

"Stop hitting yourself," She said again. "I don't know why you are, but just stop it."

Ikuto stiffened as he felt her thin arms wrap around him tightly.

"Utau…" He trailed off. Utau shook her head, burying her face into his black shirt.

"It's nothing," She mumbled. "I just thought you might need a hug."

Ikuto sighed.

Yes, yes I do actually need a hug. Just not from you. From… Amu…

~ i S n o w X 3 ~

Ikuto slipped into the large Hoshina residence, hoping he wouldn't have to run into Amu or Tadase while he was going to his violin practice. Ever since Amu had found out that she only had a week before Tadase had to leave, she had been spending as much time as possible with them. Which, obviously, irritated Ikuto to a great extent. If Amu was going to love "everybody", she might as well treat everybody fairly as well.

Just as he was walking through the front door, he was almost run over by a frantic pink haired girl.

"Amu?" He asked, grabbing her shoulder. "Why are you… uh… panicking?"

Amu turned around to stare at him.

"Because," She practically screamed. "Tadase-kun's leaving today and I overslept and I need to get there before he checks in so I can say bye!"

With that, Amu pushed past Ikuto and continued her frenzied running down the street. Ikuto frowned.

Just relax, Ikuto. I mean, he'll be gone by tonight. Then you'll have Amu all to yourself again…

Mrs. Hoshina's head poked out from one of the many rooms of the house. When she saw Ikuto standing there awkwardly by the front door, she ran over to him.

"Ikuto-san," She said. "You're lessons are cancelled today. Mr. Hoshina's sick. But he said if you didn't keep practicing, you're really going to get it once he's well again."

Ikuto couldn't help but smile at that last part. That, and the fact that he had the rest of the day to himself now. It wasn't he was going to practice much today; he would save that for the night before his next lesson.

Which meant… he could go follow Amu around for the time being.

He smiled at Mrs. Hoshina.

"Thanks," He said, already headed out of the door. He really was thankful; he would be putting the afternoon to good use instead of wasting it trapped in a room with an angry man and a violin.

~ i S n o w X 3 ~

Amu ran around wildly in the airport. She had always hated places like this; they were so big and crowded, and Amu would always get lost in them. She risked a glance at her watch. If she remembered correctly, Tadase's plane was supposed to leave in less than an hour.

She was beyond panicked right now.

"Tadase-kun," She whispered to herself as she continued her search. "Where the heck are you?"

"Um… Hinamori-san?" A voice behind her said. Amu whipped around and saw Tadase, standing there with his normal princely smile on his face.

"Tadase-kun!" Amu exclaimed in relief, returning the boy's smile. Tadase eyed the pink haired girl in front of him.

"You look like you were in a huge rush," He commented. "Did something happen?"

Amu shrugged.

"Not really," She admitted sheepishly. "I just… overslept. That's all."

Tadase couldn't help but laugh.

"You really haven't changed at all," He told her warmly. "Not at all in the five years that I've known and been around you."

Amu felt her cheeks heating up.

Is that supposed to be a compliment or an insult?

"Um… thanks," She murmured anyways. Tadase's smile grew.

"And I meant that in a good way," He assured her. "I like you the way you are."

Amu's cheeks jumped a few shades redder.

"R-Really?" She managed to stammer. Tadase nodded.

"Yeah," He said. "Look, I've got a little bit of time before the plane takes off. How about we go into there for a little bit?"

The blonde haired boy pointed to a small drink shop inside the airport. Amu's face lit up and she nodded.

~ i S n o w X 3 ~

Ikuto stopped once he was inside the airport to take a look around. He was really in no rush; he knew that when Amu panicked like that she was normally overreacting.

And she was this time also, in his opinion. Amu worrying about anything that concerned Tadase was an overreaction to Ikuto.

Thinking that he could kill some time, he walked into one of the shops that were housed inside the airport. Maybe he could get a little something to eat or drink; or just buy something totally useless to give to Utau to get her to shut up for another day or two.

The first shop Ikuto went into was one that sold small drinks. Unable to think of anything better or more useful to do, he bought a small chocolate drink and sat down at one of the empty tables. His gaze swept around the rest of the shop. Everyone else in the shop was pretty boring. Some were reading, others were trying to calm their fussy children, and others were just… sitting there. Just like Ikuto was at the moment.

That is, all of them except for one table's people. Ikuto stared at them for a moment longer, trying to be certain if he was really seeing those two people.

Amu and Tadase.

They were sharing table in the far back corner, their seats unusually close to each other. Both of them had a small cup in their hand, and were drinking out of them when they weren't talking with another.

Ikuto narrowed his eyes at the sight. Amu's cheeks were a shade of red that could rival the shade that he himself could make them by teasing her. But this time, he wasn't the one behind it; it was Tadase. And Ikuto didn't like that.

Tadase then said something, too quiet for Ikuto to hear from where he was, and Amu giggled. Then, Tadase rolled up one of the sleeves of his jacket, and checked his watch. His happy expression faded at the sight, and so did Amu's. Tadase said something else to Amu, and forced an encouraging smile on his face. Amu did the same.

Ikuto looked around, and noticed that the bathroom was right next to their table. Maybe, if he could pull this off, he could pretend that he was going to the bathroom and listen in on what the two of the, were saying.

Standing up, he swept some of his navy-blue hair in front of his face to cover up who he was, and then started towards them. He was walking at a rather hurried pace, suddenly slowing down when he was next to his table.

"Hinamori-san," Tadase was saying. "I have to go now, but don't forget that I'll still love you."

He leaned down, and gave the wide-eyed pinkette a full kiss on the lips.

Ikuto bit his lip and hurried past them into the bathroom.

Tadase did not just kiss her. He. Did. Not. Just. Kiss. Her. I mean, he's like twelve, and Amu's even younger than that. They're not supposed to be kissing yet! That's my job!

For a few minutes, Ikuto took a few deep breaths to calm himself down. And then he walked out of the bathroom.

Surprise surprise, they were still kissing out there. Well, it was more of Tadase kissing, Amu was just sitting there shocked.

Ikuto glared at Tadase.

Hotori Tadase, if you ever come back to Japan after this, I swear to God that you're not going to make it out of here alive.

Bleh. Horrible chappie D:

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