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Takuya's P.O.V.

I saw Tomoki walking towards me with this face that said what the fuck were you doing? I sighed realizing I would get a lecture from someone younger then me because I did one thing for the girl I like. That's right I don't love her anymore. It's just a major crush. I was still very jealous of Kouji but then I heard some of his life....he needed some happiness. Some way for happiness in the future so I backed off. I'm going to get over her. Not just for me but for Kouji. He really needs it.

Yea I stopped being selfish and I stopped thinking of myself. Well with the whole Izumi Kouji deal. I was going to try to make Zumi happy and try to help Kouji get togther with her. They both needed true love. Tomoki was waving his hand in front of my face trying to get my attention while I was in my deep thoughts. " Oh hey Tomoki. Sorry about that just zoning out. I bet you know what happened with Izumi hehehe." I tried to act like it was casual and nothing serious, like I was over her. He didn't believe me...not one tiny bit.

" Takuya-oneechan. I know very well she is still a major crush. I am not a dumbass. Oh and by the way the girl I'm hooking you up with is Mariah Zanzuki (no f'n clue lol). She has really liked you for awhile. She has chestnut soft flowing hair, her eyes are a crystal bright blue and she has a great body and personality. She isn't a slut and is not a hoe. She is very nice and trys to help people out. Also I heard it was easy to fall for her." I stood there shocked.

She sounded hot. Hotter than Zumi. Her personality sounded great and I really do like girls who cares about other people and trys to help with their problems. Kouji came to my head when I heard ' trys to help people out'. I wanted to meet her...badly. I wanted to get over the blond girl Zumi and start falling in love with someone new. And I want it to happen fast before I get way to jealous.

" Thanks Tomoki. Your a real great friend. She sounds great, when do I get to meet her?" I questioned, excitement filling every vein of my body. He started smiling and laughing. " She's right here." He pointed to a girl smiling innocently at me with a hint of a blush on her face (i'm tired of writing bout these guys but gotta keep going). She was exactly how Tomoki described her except more beautiful. She was wearing a white spaghetti strap t-shirt with a red roses on it and the word love printed on it. She was wearing tight skinny jeans and some black flip-flops.

" Hi Takuya. Nice to finally meet you." She smiled kindly at me. She was defiantly shy. " Hey, nice to meet you too. You look good. Do you want to go get some icecream then maybe go see a movie?" I was very nervous asking this girl out and this is the only time I meet her. Talk about love at first sight. My heart was already melting at her warm smile and how cute she looked when she said yes. We walked away, talking and laughing as if there was nothing wrong with the world. For the first time in my life, I felt truly wanted and happy. This was going to be the best day of my life.

Izumi's P.O.V.

' Damn I miss him already....and I just saw him at school ten minutes ago! This is becoming a little weird. I never felt this way towards Takuya and I barely know Kouji, well I mean he said some personal stuff to me and I know him ok but Takuya and I were best friends for years.....I don't get it. '

I was in my room supposed to be working on my homework but my thoughts drifted to him again and I was doodling little hearats on a piece of paper and in the middle was a hugeeee heart that said Kouji MInamoto and Izumi Orimoto.....Kozumi. It was weird. I combined our names so it was easier to write and maybe just maybe nobody would be able to figure out who it was.

I needed fresh air. I had to get out of the house maybe clear my head....that would never happen. I put on my shoes and went outside, leaving my mom a note:

Dear Mom,

I'll be back soon. I just needed some air that's all. Don't worry about me, I'll be fine.

I might see some friends. I'll be back later.

Love you mom!

Your Zumi

It had been an hour when I first came out. I was walking aroung aimlessly not knowing where I was heading. I saw him. I saw him sitting on a porch swing. I saw that he was holding his arm and nobody could tell but I could that there was pain and sadness in his eyes. Begging, pleading for someone to help him. I wanted to run to him but It would seem stalkerish if he saw me staring at him at his house.

I decided to walk away....I wasn't sure if it was a bad choice or not. I didn't know if he needed me or if he wanted to be alone. All I knew was that I couldn't stand to see him like that and I needed to get away before I cried and he spotted me. I was about to turn away when something caught my eye in the shadows. I looked to see thing smiling evily at Kouji like he wanted to destroy him. Then he faded into if he was never there.

' What the??? What was that thing..? What does it want to do with Kouji? I don't want Kouji-Kun to get hurt! Not at all...if he died....' I couldn't even get the thought to process in my head. I already started crying remembering his words.


After a little bit of gathering facts I had to ask a question. " So what is the relationship you have with your father?" He flinched when I mentioned his father. "Ummm we hate eachother. He doesn't like me and blames me for my mom's death and I hate his guts. I actually have money saved up so when I graduate I can just leave and never have to see his face again. Begin a new life....unless I'm dead before I graduate."

~End Flashback~

I was running home and tears were still falling like rain. That one nasty thought in my head repeating over and over in my head. ' Unless he dies before graduation.....I don't want that. He needs to live. He needs to find true happiness....he can't leave me here all alone!'

Kouji's P.O.V. (this one might be short!)

I saw Izumi start crying and running away. I wanted to run after her but if I didn't stay and my dad came out to get me after he kicked me out and I mean literally kick me would be worse than a beating for an hour.


I was making dinner. Mac and cheese, it was all we had until I had to go shopping tomorrow. My dad walked in....fear in my body anticipating what would happen. " What are we having for dinner?" He asked softly. " Ummm...mac and cheese, we have to wait to..." SMACK! He smacked me, my cheek red and burning. " What the hell!? YOU KNOW VERY WELL I DON'T LIKE MAC AND CHEESE WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING MAKING THAT!?!?!?" I bit my lip to stop me from yelling back at him.

He took a knife and cut my arm. I cringed in pain away from him. " Your just a dumbass monster! Why the hell did I ever keep you? You just ruined my life anyway....why did I even want you!?" He picked me up by the collar and threw me out of the house. I landed on my bad arm on the porch. I held back the tears and the sceam I bottled up that I never let out: help me. I sat up to wait for my dad to let me back in.

~End Flashback~

' Did I make her sad...? Knowing me I probably did. I hurt everyone around me or the ones I love.' Mom flashed through my head. I still held back tears....wanting to hold her and comfort her. Telling her whatever was wrong was going to be ok, but my life didn't grant me that grant me nothing.

?Who? P.O.V.

Shit! Wind saw me! I hope she doesn't warn light or in fact any of the warriors. If my master found out...I just shuddered at the thought. Most things thought I was the scariest thing alive but in fact my master was scarier and more deadlier. His fangs and blood red eyes even creeped the hell out of me.

" Master?"

" loyal servant?"

" This weekend is that ball thing...where all the warriors will finally meet us. My companions and I will retrieve them and bring them here for you. Your chat with light will happen. I'll make sure of it."

" Ok....light will go through pain to give us power. Isn't it weird that if we hurt light he can draw his power and make it ours? Heh, no wonder he is so useful. I will talk to light and if you and your companions fail...I'll have to show my face and do it myself. Let's hope that doesn't happen." He smiled evily, a little venom dripping from his teeth.

" It won't sir, I promise. You won't have to do anything."

" Oh and I know everything that happens in this world, so don't tell me a lie or you shall pay!"

My eyes grew big. " O-Of course M-master. I shall never lie to thou (lol)."

" Good, carry on." He shooed me away.

I faded again to get the plans ready for the attack agianst those warriors. I will defeat light and I will help my master plunge the worlds into darkness.

~*End of Chappie*~

Author's Note:

I don't like this chapter. There really was no point to this one except for Izumi's point of veiw and you got to figure out a tiny bit about the master. I have been under a lot of stress lately and probably won't update for while...maybe. Writing helps sometimes to get my mind of everything. Thanks for reading and please reveiw! :D