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It had been two weeks since Misaki had lost the last ounce of innocence he had held on to since coming to hell, and into Usagi-sans life (eternal existence..?). The demon of a rabbit had practically kept him chained to his side.

"Nnn U-usagi-san….I c-can't…..ah!"

Currently, Akihiko has his favorite little angel pinned to his purple chair in the corner of his room, his mouth covering the boys weeping member.

"Mmm I love how you sound in the morning, Misaki." the man replied.

The angel had just gotten Akihiko out of bed, and they were in the process of getting dressed, when this had all started.

Misaki panted and grasped at his lovers silver hair, not thinking he could take anymore of this pressure.

"P-please….nn" no, he would not beg. If he could help it.

Akihiko smirked.

"What was that, pet?"

He slowly brought his hand up to stroke the boys bright white wing, the appendages seeming to be rather sensitive to the touch.

Something he always enjoyed greatly.

The boy shut his eyes and shivered, ready to blow. He pulled at the demons hair, trying to signal his coming release, but it appeared that he didn't want to move.

"Ah!….Usagi-san…." He came hard into his loves waiting mouth, the touches to his wings being the last straw.

"Mmm, delicious." Akihiko licked his fingers and gave Misaki a downright feral look, a predator looking at pray.

Misaki slumped in the chair trying to catch his breath, not even bothering to pull up his pajama shorts. This demon would be the death of him…(yay!)

Akihiko rose from the floor and adjusted his clothing, ruffling his own feathers and looking down at the angel with love and amusement.

"Now hurry, Misaki, we have Hiroki coming over to give you your lessons. Unless you want him to see the mess I made of you…" the smirk he was wearing causing the angel to shudder and rise quickly.

As soon as he did, however, his legs gave out on him and he slid down to the floor. His back was aching and his legs just didn't want to support his weight these days.

"Your so cute, pet. Come here, let me help you…" he purred as he picked up the boy off of the floor and walked over to the large closet they shared.

"You devil damned rabbit…" (tehe) Misaki mumbled to himself, not even bothering to protest anymore. It never did any good, and he had already experienced being tied up with that damned leash for 'disobedience' as his master called it (I'm on a roll now)

After they were dressed, and Misaki was settled on a plush chair in the demon lords study, to keep an eye on the two, Akihiko had one of the workers bring his teacher friend up.

"Morning Hiroki, you look positively horrible." the demon stated bluntly.

The professor of the underworld had mused hair and dark circles under his eyes, he had bright red irises. He was also gripping his back like he was in pain, Misaki thought he recognized the posture a bit, though he couldn't place it.

"Shut up, Akihiko. Is that little boy toy of yours a complete dunce like the others, or will I actually be able to do my job?" he asked with spite.

Misaki observed the man before him. He called Usagi-san by his first name, and was obviously close to him, but man was he scary.

The demon looked harmless enough, maybe a bit younger than his master. Chocolate brown hair, slight and slim stature and body type, he looked almost delicate.

It was his blood red eyes and deadly aura that had Misaki freaking out. He was suppose to be taught by this guy?

Akihiko glared at him friend, not wanting to talk of his past liaisons in front of his soul mate (the puns just keep comin). He smirked then, and sat down on the armrest of the chair his angel occupied.

"If you can keep yourselves from collapsing. Misaki has been having…a rough few weeks. And, from your current looks, I would say you did too. Is it that half angel half demon giant?" he snickered and avoided being pelted by a book.

"Get the fuck out of here already!" he blushed deep scarlet.

"Oh, I will be staying for his lessons to make sure he is not touched. You can get quite violent, Hiroki."

Misaki watched the current exchange, his face going from flaming red with embarrassment and anger, to one of interest at the mention of Kumijou-sensei's half angel…friend?

He would have to ask Usagi-san about it later.

For the next hour and a half, Kumijou-sensei drilled him on demon history, demon culture, and anything else in this god forsaken dimension (oh ya).

If he missed anything, or his mind drifted for a split second, the demon had a tendency to lash out at him. Throwing things, yelling at him, yelling at Usagi-san, anything seemed to set him off.

Of course it didn't help that Usagi-san constantly had his hands all over him. Rubbing his back, pulling him into his lap, running his hands down his sides and wings. It was a never ending perv parade with him!

Finally the demon Kumijou snapped.

"That's it! I am out of here! You can teach this stupid brat alll on your own, Akihiko. You're going to kill him with all of your affectionate crap! (kill hehe…)! Some people just feel like touching you all the….ah ha ha never mind! GOODBYE!"

With a flash, the man was gone. Probably to crawl under a giant boulder in a deep dark tunnel somewhere.

Misaki just sat there looking like a cherry.

"Someone is a little sexually frustrated…" Akihiko chuckled, and then wrapped his arms around his angels waist.

Misaki snapped out of his stupor long enough to notice the affectionate embrace and his lack of a teacher.

"Baka Usagi! Now he hates me! You cant touch me when we have people over like that, they're all going to get the wrong idea!" he huffed.

"Oh, so you say I can touch you when people aren't around then, Misaki?"

"N-No you pervert! Now get off of m-"

A knock was heard on the study and both of the people stopped. Akihiko quickly flicked his wrist, opening the door, and continued to snuggle with his beloved.

"H-hey!…" Misaki started.

"Akihiko, son! How have you been? I do hope I wasn't interrupting anything just now, but I felt the need to come here right away! I have some rather exciting news."

The person who entered the room was Usagi's father, the devil himself, and his calm looking servant behind him. Akihiko snorted in distaste and stood up, putting Misaki behind him.

"What do you want?"

"Oh, come now, there is no need to be rude. Hello Misaki, how are you today?"

"F-fine…." Misaki could feel the tension in the air, and knew something wasn't right.

What surprise had he been talking about, and why did the idea of this man being any where near him, give him the Goosebumps?

"Do not speak to him. Now tell me why you are here because, yes, you were interrupting something.

"Oh, very well, sir you may come in here now." he called to someone in the hallway.

Everything fell quiet in the room as the visitor walked in, a stupid grin on his face.

"T-Takahiro…? What are you doing here Nii-san?!" Misaki asked in astonishment, too shocked to move anywhere yet.

Akihiko did not like this turn of events. What could this guy be doing here now? He hadn't thought of him since he found his brother, but his presence connected with his fathers could not be a good thing.

"Misaki! I figured you were still on earth!"

Takahiro ran over to his brother and wrapped him up in a hug, apparently not noticing the arms already clasped around him possessively. All of a sudden his brother was pulled from his grip.

"I found out he was down here on another mission, and figured he would want to know of this little angels where abouts. He said he would take him back to heaven with him." Satan himself answered.

Akihiko was emitting a black aura and glared at everyone in the room, keeping his pet wrapped up tightly in his arms.

He would be damned if anyone took his love away (lol to late)

Takahiro gave the demon and his brother a strange look, and then spoke directly to Misaki.

"I receive word from Usami-san, that you had been involved in a kidnapping, and that it was imperative that I save you from here. Is this the man that kidnapped you?" he glared at Akihiko and tugged on his brothers arm.

Misaki snapped out of his stupor then.

"W-well, yes I was kidnapped. But no this wasn't t-the demon who took me here. Usagi-san saved me, Nii-san." he spoke quietly, letting himself stay in the arms of his rescuer. For some reason he felt safer in them.

This situation was a bit much for him. What was he suppose to do now? He wanted to go back to heaven…didn't he? But what about Usagi-san?

"Misaki is mine." Akihiko spat "And no one is taking him anywhere."

"Akihiko, you must give him up. You are to be the next ruler of hell, how do you think anyone would react to here that you keep a young angel, a young male angel, as a pet?" his father said with a small chuckle.

Misaki didn't want to cause any harm to anyone…But Usagi-san wanted him to stay with him right? And wasn't he already out of heaven and God's good grace anyways?

"Nii-san, God doesn't want me in heaven anymore, I was told about it my first day here. I cant go back either way." he spoke in a timid voice.

Takahiro looked at everyone in the room and heaved a great sigh, his happy composure seeming to slip for a moment.

"I just had a similar problem with a stubborn angel. But you are my brother, Misaki, I cannot just leave you down in hell with a demon." he spoke gently.

Misaki felt backed up into a corner, no escape in sight. He wasn't sure what to do, and looked up into the face of his lover.

It was a strong and stubborn mask, but Misaki could see through it to the slight look of vulnerability and sadness. Usagi-san was worried, and that bothered the angel quite a bit.

"God will take you back, Misaki. He has agreed with me that this relationship is an unhealthy one, and should be put to an immediate stop. Now go with your brother."

Akihiko looked over at his father, wanting to send him into the fiery pits of hell for causing his love distress like this. Misaki looked so confused and scared right now.

He wrapped his arms around the angel and held him against him chest, hoping to shield him from this all somehow.

"I-I…..Nii-san…I need some time to think."

Misaki's head was spinning, and he leaned into Usagi-san heavily. Why had things become so complicated so quickly.

Takahiro looked at his brother with pure shock and awe. Why in the heaven (lol) would any angel want to stay down here? But he couldn't say no to Misaki…

"Alright, Misaki… I will be back tomorrow, I have to try one more time with that fallen angel Shinobou, anyways. I love you, Misaki."

Usami-san just looked around at all of them, and then landed his gaze on the couple standing at the back of the room.

"You will cause nothing but discord to his life, Misaki. It is best if you are happy back in heaven with your brother, don't you agree? And Akihiko, I am appalled at your choice's, you may have a little demon pet if give this one up."

Takahiro obviously wasn't catching onto what kind of relationship Akihiko had with Misaki, and he would rather keep it that way.

"Leave my presence, I will not allow you to hurt what is mine. And Misaki is indeed mine. For all of eternity."

With that, the two guest left the room and were shown out of the house, leaving chaos in their wake.

Misaki looked up at his lover again, and waited for the usually confident man to say something….but he was silent.

"ha ha….um so…" Misaki tried to think of something to say and headed towards the door, intent on behaving as normal.

All of a sudden, in a great ball of dark feathers, Akihiko pulled Misaki back with him and pinned him to the bed.

He just couldn't lose his angel. It wasn't fair, he was his and no one had the right to take him away…

But what did Misaki want? Maybe he didn't want him, or he really did want to go back to that goody two shoes heaven?

"Wha….Are you okay, Usagi-san? Hey, there's no reason to get so worked up ha ha, now let me up so I can go make us something to eat…"

The only answer he got was being hugged to his masters chest in wing-crushing embrace, and hot kisses up and down his neck.

"Misaki. Misaki…..my Misaki. Don't leave me. I'll lock you away, for only me. Please Misaki." he mumbled into the boys neck.

This was not normal at all…

Misaki just carefully put his arms around the demon and let him have his freak out without disturbance. The angel buried his head in Usagi-san's chest and they sat like that for awhile in the quiet.

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