Chapter 1: Vision or Dream

It was nighttime at Road Rover HQ, as all the rovers were asleep. All was peaceful during the night. Inside Axel and Ariel's room both were sound asleep. Ariel was sleeping peacefully, but Axel was tossing and turning a bit. The dream he was having was the cause of it.

Axel's Dream

Axel was running on the sands of the beach. They were on a mission right now and the culprit was escaping. Ariel and himself, Ariel was way in front chasing the guy. Just then off in the distance he saw a helicopter on the ground. Something didn't feel right about it. He shouted for Ariel to stop but she didn't. He saw her jump into it but then the door shut and then it started flying off into the ocean. Axel stopped in horror of what he saw. Just then he saw some flashing light heading straight for the helicopter.

Axel immediately opened his eyes before he could see what happened. He then sat up and looked around and relished he was still back in his and Ariel's room. He ended up sighing in relief. He was glad it was a dream, but it felt real to him. He then looked over at Ariel and was glad she was still asleep. He smiled as his wife slept; he always liked seeing her like this. Peaceful, carefree, and beautiful. He then remembered that their one-year anniversary was only a few days away. He had already planned a special night for the both of them, but right now he couldn't really think of it because of the dream he had. He carefully got out of bed, so he wouldn't wake Ariel, and went over to his desk. He turned on the desk lamp and pulled a notebook from one of the drawls. This was where he wrote down all the visions he ever had, but for some reason the dream was added in. He opened it to an empty page, grabbed a pencil and started writing an entire.

I had that dream again. For the past few days this dream has been on me, but in pieces. It seems like every night more pieces are added and the dream shows more. But why Ariel? Is something suppose to happen? What ever it is I just hope nothing happens to her, I don't know what I would do if anything happens to her. I don't know what I would do. But it feels so real; I still don't know what to make of it. Is this a dream, or a vision?

Axel closed the notebook and put it away. For the past few nights he has been having the same dream, but he always woke up before he could see the dream's ending. But the dream always felt real. He hadn't told anyone yet, because he didn't understand it fully and he didn't want to worry anyone. He looked at the nearby clock and saw it was a little past five. He looked outside the nearby window and saw the sky starting to light up a bit. He couldn't go back to sleep right now with this on his mind, so he decided to take one of usual drive so he could clear his mind. He changed into a white shirt, jacket, jean, and shoes. He then wrote a small letter and placed it on the stand next to Ariel. He then leaned over and kissed her on her cheek, then silently left the room. Once in the hanger he went over to a covered vehicle and uncovered it reveling a rebuilt motorcycle. Ever since the first one was destroyed (In my story 'Reunited') him and Exile took some of the salvage and rebuilt it. Ever since it was rebuilt Axel still liked riding early before the sun has risen. He then got on, turned it on then revved it a bit before driving out of the base.

A few hours later the sun was high and bright, shining over HQ. In Hunter and Colleen's room the light shine and soon awaken Hunter. He looked over and smiled as he saw Colleen still sleeping. He sat up and started running his fingers across her cheek. She soon stirred and sat up with a yawn. "Morning Huntie."

"Morning Colleen how's my beautiful wife this morning?"

She smiled, "wonderful, especially when my handsome husband is with me."

Both smiled as they kissed each other for a minute long. Both loved being together at the moment. Once they broke apart they got out of bed and took a shower. Once they were dressed they left their room and headed for the kitchen for breakfast.

Shadow opened his eyes and the first thing he saw was Sierra still asleep. He smiled; he loved waking up like this. Waking up to his wife face, seeing her sleep so peacefully. Ever since they married they both loved being next to each other at night. He sat up and began to gently massage Sierra's shoulders. She soon woke up and sat up, morning Shadow."

"Morning Sierra," Shadow said as they both kissed each other. Once they broke apart Sierra spoke, "how are you this morning?"

He smiled, "wonderful, you?"

She smiled also, "wonderful also." They both got out of bed and showered. Then left their room once dressed.

Krystal left her room and smiled when she saw Blitz standing outside waiting for her. "Hi Krystal."

"Hi Blitz," she said as they hugged each other. It has been a while since they told each other of their love and both of them were less afraid of showing it to each other, which made them both happy. Blitz was happy to have found someone to share his love with. He has been more at peace ever since his feelings were expressed. Krystal was glad to have Blitz in her life; every time she was with him she felt that nothing could go wrong. They both then broke apart then headed for the kitchen.

Ariel awoke and was surprised to find Axel gone. She sat up and looked around for him. She then found the letter on the stand next to her. She picked it up and read it.

Dear Ariel

Sorry for leaving early but I had a lot on my mind and decided to take a little drive to clear it. I'll be back some time near noon.

Love Axel

Ariel finished reading and set the letter back down. She was glad to know what he was doing, but it also worried her. He never really left a note for her. She decided to ask about it when he came back. She then got up and took her usual shower then left to join the others.


Axel was sitting with his back against a tree on a cliff overlooking the sea, lost in thought. The dream was still on his mind and he had trouble trying to think of something else. He then looked at his surroundings, he loved coming to this spot when it came to clearing his mind but he also liked it because this was the same spot he brought Ariel on their first date after being reunited. It was one of his best memories.


It was evening as Axel stopped the street rover and exited it along with Ariel. They walked closer to together as they neared their destination. "Ariel you'll love this spot when you see it."

"It must be really special." They kept walking until they were on top of the cliff. Ariel was surprised to see the sight before her. The sea that was before her, with the evening sun making it sparkle. "Oh Axel…this is beautiful."

Axel put his arm around her shoulder, "I knew you would love it."

She then rested her head on his shoulder, "it's really beautiful, thank you."

They both stood together in silence enjoying the view that was in front of them. "You know I really glad we found each other again."

They both then looked at each other, "I know and I'm glad you brought me to be apart of the team. It gave us the chance to be together again."

"When I saw you again…you wouldn't believe how happy I was." Axel said.

"I was also happy when I saw you again. Seeing you again mended all the times I spent alone ever since that day." Ariel said.

Axel smiled, "it also made forget all sad nights I have because we weren't together."

She smiled also, "I guess we were destined to find each other again."

"And I'm glad it happened. Because my love for you back then Is still here." Axel said

"As my for love for you is also." Ariel said.

They both faced each other, as Axel's wrapped his arms around Ariel's waist and Ariel wrapped hers around Axel's neck. Both of their heads got closer as their lips met. Both kissed long and with passion.

End Flashback

Axel had a smiled on his face after remembering it. He was glad that their love for each other was still there and it grew more the longer they were together. He then stood up and patted himself off and then looked at his watch. He saw it was almost noon, so he decided to head back. He walked over to his motorcycle and got on. He started it and then started to drive off back to HQ.

Sometime later he arrived back at the hanger. Once there he got off his motorcycle and covered with the sheet and walked out. He walked the hallways trying to find anyone. He then sensed that everyone was in the rec room. Once he arrived he entered and found everyone in there. He looked around and saw everyone doing their own thing. He saw Exile and Shag playing pool, Hunter and Colleen playing some air hokey. He then saw Shadow, Sierra and Ariel sitting watching T.V. Then Blitz and Krystal both talking. Ariel turned and saw him. She smiled as he walked over and sat next to her. She spoke as they hugged each other, "how are you doing?"

They broke apart as he spoke, "better, you?"

"I'm fine, just worried about you. What was going on?"

"It wasn't anything bad, just some things on my mind."

"Are you sure?" they heard Shadow ask.

"Positive," Axel said.

Ariel then saw him yawn, and after carefully looking at him she could see how tired he was. "Axel you look tired."

"I feel like it also," he said.

"Why don't you take a nap for a bit," she said.

He nodded in agreement, "yeah I think I'll do that now." With that he stood back up and left the room.

"Something is wrong with him, I know it, "Sierra said.

Ariel sighed in agreement, "I know, I've noticed this for a few days now."

"I wonder why he won't say anything?" Shadow asked.

Ariel then began thinking, "I'm not sure but maybe I can find out." With that she stood back up and walked out of the room.

Axel walked into the room and shut the door as he approached his bed. He could start feel more tired. He slowly lay down and shut his eyes and was asleep in seconds. The dream wasn't on his mind at all, but it would soon prove to be important later on.

A/N: Hope you like. i've had this story plot in my mind for a while so i know it'll be good. And for some of you that have questions now, ask them. next one will be out soon.