Chapter 6: Always be with you

The sub Rover surfaced in the hanger, as Hunter locked down all the controls. Hunter then opened the hatch and climbed out and the first sight he saw was his parents. He help the other Rovers up and they walked over to them. Hunter and Colleen hugged them both. "I'm glad to see you all safe and sound," Sierra said.

"Thanks mom," they both said.

The others gathered around and then looked back as Axel exit last and held Ariel in his arms as he walked towards the others. Shadow and Sierra's eyes widen as they saw her, "Ariel!" they both say. They ran over to her just as Axel set her down.

They hugged her, "thank heavens," Shadow said.

"I'm glad you're alright," Sierra said.

"Thank you, I'm so glad to see you all again," She said returning the hug.

Shadow then looked at his son, "you feeling better now?"

Axel smiled and nodded, "much." He walked behind Ariel and wrapped his arms around her, "lets go and debrief, I really want to spend some time with you." She smiled as they all left and headed to the briefing room.

The Master was shocked and relieved to see Ariel was alive. He was also glad to see Axel happy again. Once all was said he went on, "Great work Rover, not only did you stop Havoc but you all saved Ariel. You came through not only saving the world but each other. You're good dogs rovers, good, good dogs."

Hunter turned to the others and says his usual phrase, "To The Power Of The Pack!"

They all responded in unison, "AAAAAHHHHHRRRRROOOO!!"

Once finished the Master dismissed the rovers for the night. Axel took Ariel over to Professor Hubert's to check to see if she was all right. A few minutes later in the lab the professor had finished checking over Ariel. Once finished he turned to him, "Axel, Ariel is just fine. Although I suggest she gets some rest tonight."

"Thank you professor," he said. But then he remembered something. "Oh one more thing…my power came back."

"It did…then that's great," the professor said. "If it did it that fast then you your connection to your power must have grown stronger."

Axel began to think about it, "yeah, that does make sense."

"I'll check it out tomorrow, but for right now I'll leave you two alone. Goodnight." And with that the professor left for the night.

Axel looked at Ariel, who spoke, "lets go back to our room." Axel couldn't agree more, as he helped Ariel out of the lab.

Meanwhile in Hunter and Colleen's room both of them had just gotten into bed together. "I'm glad Exile was able to find Ariel," Hunter said.

Colleen nodded in agreement, "I know, I'm also glad they showed up when they did."

He nodded also, "I would hate to see what would have happened if they didn't."

"It would have been bad."

Hunter spoke, "But still…they made it on time, and she was alive."

Colleen smiled, "Hopefully they can make use of what's left of their anniversary."

"I know, but for right now lets get some sleep." They kissed each other before lying down. "Night Colleen."

Night Hunter." After that they both feel asleep.

Shadow and Sierra had finished getting dressed and got in bed. "I'm so glad that both our children are safe," Shadow said.

"I know, and I'm also glad that Axel is happy again," Sierra said.

"It hurt a lot to see him depressed the other day," Shadow said.

"It pained us all," Sierra said.

"But still, it's good that's she's alive, and Axel is his same self again."

She nodded, "yes." They kissed and then lie down and fell asleep.

Axel and Ariel had just walked into their room. Once Axel had closed the door he immediately hugged Ariel. She was a bit surprised at this, "Axel what's wrong?"

He spoke while still hugging her, "I thought I actually lost you. You wouldn't believe how much pain I went through because I thought you were gone."

She returned it, "I'm sorry I put you through it."

They then pulled apart as Axel shook his head, "no you had no idea that was going to happen. Right now I'm just relieved to know that you're here."

"Me too," she responded.

They stayed silent for a sec before Axel spoke again, "Ariel…how did you survive?"

"I'm not really sure myself. I saw that no one was inside, and then I saw that flashing light. I was in the back part of the helicopter when it hit. I don't know how I survived it but when it crashed into the ocean I was a bit dazed and didn't know where I was. I saw something in the water but I blacked out before I could see it."

"It must have been one of Havoc's men." Axel finished.

She nodded, "once I woke up I found myself in a cell. I didn't know what to do at the time, and then when Exile came I really relieved."

"Lets not talk about this anymore, right now lets enjoy what's left of our anniversary," Axel said.

She smiled, "I'd like that."

Axel then walked over to the closet and pulled out medium wrapped rectangle shaped object. He walked back and handed it to her, "I hope you like it."

She smiled as she started to tear off the paper. Once she looked and had a small tear in her eye. It was a painting of both of them, in their dog form, lying on top of a grassy hill. She then hugged him, "oh Axel this was from our very first date before we joined the team."

"I looked around and I found that someone had taken a picture of us and I was able to get a copy of it," he said. "Seeing that brought back a lot of memories. Now Ariel if you're up to it I would like to sing a duet with you."

"Yes I would love that," She said.

He smiled as he walked and picked up his guitar and walked back and sat down on the bed. She joined him as he started playing 'I Will Always Be With You' by Sheena Easton.


I will always be with you.
Makes no difference where
your road takes you to.
Even if we´re apart,
now we´re joined at the path.
Though our moment may be gone
you and i will still live on.


I will always be with you.
I´ll be by your side whatever you do.
Other mem´ries may fade,
but the ones that we made
eternal as a star.
Now I´m part of who you are.


And I´ll be there with you in the sound of your laughter.
I´ll be in the tears you cry,
(Axel):´cause the way you and I
have touched one and other
(Both): doesn´t end with goodbye. Like a
guardian angel, constant and true.
When you´re lost in the night
and you can´t see the light
love will see you through

(Axel):I will always be there.
(Ariel):You have me there.
(Both):I will always be with you

Once they finished Axe put the guitar aside and kissed Ariel. Once they broke apart Ariel spoke, "That was wonderful."

He smiled, "I know."

They then kissed once again but longer. Both knew where this was going, as they climbed under the covers of their bed and got lost in their moment of passion. Once they cleaned up they were in bed. Axel had his arms wrapped around Ariel's waist while she had hers wrapped around his shoulders. Both stared into each others eyes as they gave each other one last kiss. "Night Ariel," Axel said.

"Night Axel."

They started to drift off but Axel managed to say one more thing, "happy anniversary."

She smiled again, "happy anniversary."

They drifted off into slumber. Ariel happy to be with Axel again, and Axel happy to have Ariel by his side again.


A/N: Hope you like, i tried with this ending and this is what i got. Next one will be out soon.