Author's Note ..:. This fic is an idea, based upon the book by Tess Gerritsen, 'The Surgeon'. For those of you who don't know, it's going to be a crime/thriller/mystery fic. Multi chapter. Enjoy :) And don't forget to R&R!


As I read the paper, I notice the words, THE RIPPER IS ALIVE written as the main headline across the top of the front page. It thrills me to see it, it's my work they're reporting on. My own thought trains, my handiwork, my…vice. I sneer reading about the state of the woman's apartment, the scene of the crime. I was there. I witnessed her fear, smelled her fear, tasted it. I was her fear. The report said she struggled, I know as it was I who had bound her by her wrists and ankles to her bed. I watched her fear welling in her eyes with each step I took nearer to her.

I sip my coffee and dunk my donut as I read on about the woman found just little over three weeks after her murder, unluckily for her, nobody noticed her missing as she was due on holiday in Thailand the day after the…incident happened. I know this because I followed her around a lot. I do that with my pets…my prey. I follow them. And then, then I pounce. Heading straight for the jugular, that's where the real action happens.

I smile as I hear the fourth police siren that morning, another car chase, another raid on an apartment full of weed. Hearing the sirens, I never get any jolt of nerves or panic. I don't need to because I'm clever with my work, organised and careful. I plan everything out with a science. I could never afford to lose out on one tiny mistake and I never would.

Slowly, I sniff the air. I sense that there's a new piece of meat that I can watch for a while. I let my eyes close over, letting the scent and fear of this woman wash over me. Gaining great gratification from the goose bumps forming over my body and hers. My eyes roll back in their sockets before I open my lids and in the reflection of the spoon I use to stir my drink, I see my pupils are dilated. I'm like a vampire, wanting to go out for my next feed. And I like it, it gets me…going…I sneer again as the girl hurries past my building block. And as I look out of the window, down to the ground level I see her. Petite and brunette. A pretty thing. Whore! We'll see how long she lasts until I decide to end it all for her…

"Ahh come on Mason!" her partner in crime scoffed as she walked by swiping the last donut from the box before he could get it.

The redhead chuckled and she smirked to him, "Tough titties Mayer!" and she took a chomp out of the donut, gloating she had it and not Karl.

"Hey stop with the gloating huh?" he chuckled as he stood and moved to Bree to steal half of the donut from her.

"Oi!" she slapped Karl's hand back, her mouth still full, "Get your own!"

Now Karl had to laugh at that, since she had stolen the last donut which had most definitely had his name on it. He watched as the redhead stuffed the donut into her mouth, smirking at him while she had the icing around her lips, he'd worked together with Bree so long, he'd naturally developed feelings for her. Karl wanted nothing more than to lick off that icing, however he knew that Bree had just come out the other end of a messy divorce to her jerky husband, a thief.

Bree looked at Karl like he was an imbecile which, granted she did know him; he was one. She raised her perfectly manicured brows at him as she seemed to wait for a response from him, "Uhh…Earth to Karl!" she tapped his forehead with a sticky finger.

"Wh…what?" he replied.

"I said, did you hear about the Gibbons case?!" Bree said with wide eyes, "Such a shame really…Maisy had lovely hair…"

"Woah, woah…what case?!"

"Maisy Gibbons was murdered" Bree relayed to Karl.

"Maisy? As in I screw your husband for money Maisy Gibbons?"

"Yes, that would be her…" Bree sighed.

Karl watched Bree as she moped a little before she sat at her dress, crossing one leg over the other, her soft milky calves showing to him, she swallowed a little, yes she was a detective and a damn good one, but did she need to show off her legs so much. However…she did have a great pair of pins. Karl stood and walked to her desk looming over her, "Hey what's up?"

"Well, Maisy did used to be my friend…until she slept with Rex…but she didn't deserve this to happen to her, I wouldn't wish it on anyone" Bree replied.

Karl looked to Bree and he swallowed a little, "What was it? Stabbing? Shooting?"

"She was hacked up…and…" Bree replied, shaking her head in disgust, "He's back again…the ripper…" she said to Karl softly, fear lacing her voice as she looked into his eyes.

Karl's eyes widened as she informed of this, "He can't be…he was found dead in his cell…cut himself open and bled to death…"

"It's another guy…following the ripper's lead…" Bree said, her tone flat lined and she looked dead ahead to the floor in front of her desk.

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