Author's Note: This chapter is done from Katherine's POV.

Showered, I left the bathroom, walking into my bedroom and not sensing the shadow tailing me. He was so quiet. Too quiet. When I let the blinds down, I let my towel slip off, my body dried, the towel absorbed any moisture from the shower that was still on my body. Still I didn't hear him behind me. He was like a panther, creeping on me. I remember the hand around my mouth. Coarse skin, rough with calluses. My eyes had widened, flicking around frantically as I tried to catch a glance of the owner of the hand around my lips.

Roughly I was made to get onto the bed where I was bound using the same cord and tape as I had been those years before and I looked up, into those eyes. That was a mistake, I saw the hatred for me. I saw a lot of things. Rage. Hatred. Lust…he was hungry to finish me off. I seriously thought from the look in his eyes, he would do it. I stared at my ceiling, I had been here before. My throat was dry, my hands tightened into fists as I heard him looking through his bag. The zipper running along its track.

The clink of metals together was terrifying me. And out came the scalpel. My eyes widened, looking to that glinting metal. I swallowed again but it was hard to. He was nearing me with that tool. Going to cut me with it. Cut into me. Steal away a piece of me. That look in his eyes making me edgy, jumpy and trying to gauge his next move and as to where he was going first. Watching him, I saw he was looking to that place on my thighs, his eyes travelling more towards the space between my thighs.

He had a glass jar already lined on the cabinet, ready to take away his prize from me. Taking away my womanhood. What defined me as a woman. I looked to the jar and started to shiver. He sat next to me on the bed and looked to me. He sneered. I felt those chills flowing through my body. He had on his gloves, surgical gloves, looking down at me with that scalpel in his hand, poised above my body. Ready to slice into me.

I saw him look up at me, the blade touching my skin. I felt it incise my body. Slicing through the skin, the muscle and blood. The pain was extreme since I hadn't had anaesthetic. He cut into my body. Ready to take his prize from me. My femininity. My soul. He sneered as I winced when he sliced again on the opposite side from the first. I didn't care at that what he took as long as that scalpel was sterile.

He began to smirk to himself as his pupils dilated, seeing the blood pooling from the incisions he'd made in my body. Looking into the cavity he'd produced, he chuckled evilly and then let his blade move into the place. He snapped on a new glove and moved his hand inside me. I felt his fingers wrapping around me. Around my center. I felt strangled. I was being crushed, by his hand inside me and from the binds holding me in place. I'd been there before, I knew what was happening. I felt the blade slicing inside me, my body feeling weak and drained already from the shock of feeling the pain without any anaesthetising.

The scalpel sliced through my cervix. He was cutting out my uterus. My ovaries. My being. I felt his hand tightening around my womb, ready to pluck it out and jar it. I gave a groan and whined at him. Looking into his eyes again, I implored him to stop what he was doing. Begging him. I lowered myself to plead with him. This lowlife in my home, abusing my body and doing with it what he wanted to do. I wailed as I felt the blood pooling inside the cavity, the empty space in which my uterus had been situated. All was gone.

I saw him lift out the organ and I winced, knowing that it had been inside for my whole life and it was no longer mine, but his…souvenir now. I let my tears take over before I heard a car pulling up and parking outside. I knew it would be Bree, she couldn't see this. I wouldn't allow it. He hadn't heard it as he was too busy tying the sliced cervix, but it was hard with the blood flowing into the cavity. This…man was a monster.

Once he'd finished tying the cervix, a proper surgical knot, I saw him reach for the scalpel once again and he looked into my eyes. I swallowed, feeling the blood in my core, swilling around, I dare not have looked down, else I would have passed out. He used his free hand, reached up and grabbed my chin, tilting my head back as he poised that scalpel once more for his finale. He eyes my neck and smirked with a snarl as he located the vein to end it all for me. His arm lifted with the scalpel glinting like a beacon in his hand, ready to swing it and swoop it across my neck in one foul slice, the coup de grace…

"FREEZE!" bellowed the tall CIA agent, Latino and glaring the monster ready to kill Katherine. Carlos Solis had saved her from inevitable death at the fate of the hands of this crazed psychopath. His teammate Lynette Scavo bringing up the rear, a mom of four, she was used to dangerous situations and nothing scared her more that those four kids, this was a piece of cake for her. She proved that as she popped her gum and snarled at the scalpel wielding loon.

He obviously got a shock as he looked to the two aiming at him, the other three surrounding the house and then, there she was. Bree Mason, the red haired goddess, looking distinguishingly tormented as she graced over the scene in Katherine's bedroom. The redhead immediately and instinctively reached for her gun as she glared to him, "STEP. AWAY. FROM. HER…" she warned as she took a shaky aim at the ripper.

Looking up, barely conscious, Katherine glanced at Bree and gave her a pathetic smile, using most of her remaining strength to do so. He stood, the scalpel still in his hand, and Bree nervously stepped closer to him, looking him between the eyes.

"I mean it, step away from her. I'm warning you!" she choked out, "I'll shoot you!"

He sneered and chuckled at her, before he looked back to Katherine and then to Lynette and Carlos, who still had their weapons aimed at him, he was going nowhere without a fight. Looking to Lynette he slickly and serpent like hissed, "A mother…I bet your uterus would look good in one of my jars…"

"Don't fucking count on it!" Lynette hissed back.

He then turned to Bree and he smiled, "And a single woman…hasn't had sex in…five months since her marriage dissolved…an almost fresh uterus, basically virgin in my eyes…" he said with a raised brow.

Bree snapped and she pulled the trigger of her pistol, hitting him in the shoulder, enough for him to black out while they could arrest him and get Katherine out of there to get her straight to an intensive care unit. He went down onto the ground, Carlos keeping his aim while chief Hodge and detective Mayer read him the rights and bound his hands together, removing any weapons or anything he could use to cut his way out of the cuffs. They bundled him into the caged van and took him off for his interrogation.

The redhead of course went along to the unit with Katherine, holding her hand the whole way, biting her lip and stroking over Katherine's cheek, trying to get her to wake, hoping she'd be okay. Bree squeezed Katherine's hand and she saw her eyes flicker, "Come on Katherine…come on, wake up!" she urged her in a whisper.

Katherine's eyes opened softly before she said simply, "Wayne Davis…" and he eyes closed over again, letting herself go unconscious until her treatment at the hospital.

I still manage to walk the streets of Fairview. I still manage to look at women and smell their fear that one day the same thing could happen to them. And it might. I still get that thrill at the sight of a scalpel or the smell of blood. I evaded the police the first time, my assistant, Adam was the one who served the time in my place at the secure unit. My scalpel was his only friend. They found him dead the next day and so I decided to bring back the ripper, torture more women in his memory. I went it alone this time, it was more…gratifying for me.

I know that Katherine survived and she and Bree moved to a different area here, away from her home. Away form any remembrance of me in her home. Of scalpels and blood and wombs. She gave up her job at the hospital, it was all too much for her. Yes, I…Wayne Davis, an ex lover of Katherine Holmes put her through it all. I hadn't completed it all the first time, I had been interrupted when my assistant had been put off by her cat, he had been spooked out by it.

I didn't get to finish it this time either, but my prize was taken from her. Katherine wouldn't have my baby, so she won't have any man's baby either. I know I will finish off what I set out to do to her and I will end it all eventually for her, I just need to find where she is again. Find where Katherine Holmes is. With her husband...Adam...I will kill her…