Chapter Two:

Yami yawned, stretching languidly, though that brought a wince. His body still throbbed. Even with his eyes closed he could tell that he was lying belly down on the couch-like seat of plane, alone. Seto and Seth had left him to rest.

A low groan reached his ears and he opened his eyes. Seth was sprawled awkwardly on the shorter couch across from where Yami lay, titled at an angle with one elbow holding him up and the other arm thrown across the backrest, as if he'd been pushed. The likely culprit knelt on the floor in front of him, currently sucking him.

Arousal tingled through Yami's tired body, though he kept quiet, just watching. Seth groaned again, tilting his head back, his eyes closing. His arm moved from the backrest, hand sliding into Seto's hair. Seto's eyes were lidded but open, dark with lust. His tongue made an appearance, rolling along Seth's erection. A growl rumbled from Seth's throat and his fingers tightened in Seto's hair. The look on his face was rapture and Yami had to shift his lower half a little, though he didn't give them notice he was awake. He much preferred watching them loving each other at the moment.

Seto continued to go down on Seth as Yami watched secretively, drawing moans and growls from him, though he didn't actually say anything. Yami knew he was talking to his hikari through their link. Neither of them knew he was awake.

Seto's hands glided up Seth's legs, pushing them further apart while he scooted closer. He sucked lightly on the head, then dragged his tongue down the top side. Seth arched, his legs shifting. The wicked smile on Seto's face when he looked up at Seth made Yami's heart pound. Seth's eyes opened half-way and he looked back down at him. The both of them were too focused on each other to notice Yami was watching.

Seth reached down, his fingers tracing the curve of Seto's face. Seto kissed his thumb when it brushed his lips, then abruptly dropped his head and took Seth back down his throat. The taller cried out in surprise, then closed his eyes and gritted his teeth, clearly trying to hold back. Seto didn't seem to be having any of that, though, for Yami could see the increase in his efforts. Seth's thighs were trembling and his hands clenching, the fists resting on Seto's shoulders so he didn't bruise his skin. The ragged quality of Seth's breathing told Yami he was losing his battle. Seto's clever tongue was quickly chipping away at his resolve. Yami well knew the capabilities of that tongue and knew Seth didn't have a chance.

The battle was decided a few seconds later when Seth groaned sharply, his body jerking a little as he came in Seto's mouth. Seto swallowed and sat back, licking his lips. Yami shivered at that, but remained quiet. Seth had his eyes closed, catching his breath, his chest gleaming in the lights. Seto smiled and crawled up his body, occasionally dropping kisses as he went. Seth opened his eyes when he made it to his chest, looking down at him dazedly before accepting his kiss. Seto broke the kiss and reached over to the top of the minibar for the lube, and that's when Seth struck.

Seto quickly found himself pinned face-down on the couch, the surprised look on his face telling Yami he hadn't expected to be pounced on and had entirely expected to be on top. He struggled, but Seth had just enough size on him to have the upper hand. He grinned down at Seto, kissing his cheek and then his ear.

"Surprised, hikari?" he murmured out loud.

Seto frowned, then rolled his eyes, and relaxed. Seth's grin widened and he retrieved the lube, urging Seto's legs further apart. As Seto's gaze drifted over to him, Yami hastily shut his eyes, feigning still being asleep. It was only when Seto's moan reached his ears that he chanced peeking again. Seth was currently working his fingers into Seto, his mouth teasing his ear and neck, free hand skimming Seto's back. Seto's eyes were closed, his body trembling as Seth prepared him. Yami bit back a moan at the sight.

"Seth," Seto finally groaned, his hips moving languidly back against the invading fingers.

"As you wish, Seto," Seth responded.

The fingers were removed and Seth slicked his renewed erection, the stamina he was so proud of once again making itself known. He lined up, then slid forward, drawing a quiet groan from his light half. Seth paused when seated, laying kisses along Seto's nape and shoulders. Only when Seto moved his hips in a signal he was ready did Seth begin the rhythm. It started off slow and sensual, Seth's body moving fluidly against Seto's, his copper skin gleaming in concert with the gold of his jewelry. Seto's paler skin shone equally with sweat, his muscles flexing beneath as he began to move in counter rhythm. Both brunettes moaned, Seth only slightly more vocal than Seto. Yami let his gaze drift, taking in every inch of their beauty. The hunger stirred slowly to life, making him begin to contemplate the pros and cons of ignoring the lingering aches.

Seth's movements abruptly got harder and faster, forcing a strangled noise from Seto. Seth pulled the shorter up, making them both more or less upright, though Seto still knelt on the couch cushion, Seth's hands holding tightly to him, one on a hip and the other on a shoulder. Seto reached back with one hand, fingers digging into the nape of Seth's neck. The other slid down until he was grasping his own neglected erection. He began to stroke himself, lazily compared to the sudden pounding he was getting from Seth.

Yami knew that Seth shared the same sort of link with Seto that he himself shared with Yugi and so he was sure Seth knew when Seto was getting close. The hand on Seto's shoulder suddenly grabbed his chin, forcing him into a kiss just as he groaned in completion. The noise was muffled, Seto's seed pouring over his fingers while tremors wracked his body. Seth's purr was softer, but he tensed equally a few seconds later, hips sporadically jolting against Seto in ecstasy.

The pair came down from the high, Seto falling forward and catching himself on the couch cushion before he hit, Seth ignoring dignity and sitting right down on the carpet in the aisle, leaning against the edge of the side of the couch, the hand he'd had holding Seto's hip sliding down to lightly grip around his thigh . Both of them focused on catching their breath, Yami still lying where he was and tingling with lust, his lower half quite hard at the erotic display he'd just witnessed.

Seth managed to regain his composure and he turned his head, kissing the back of the thigh he was holding, then glanced across the compartment. Yami hastily shut his eyes, still feigning sleep. His body didn't hurt as much as it had previously, but was he ready to go again with both brown-haired men?

Soft footsteps reached Yami's ears and he made himself remain lax and still, breathing deeply. The footsteps stopped directly before the couch and Yami could feel the weight of a gaze on him. A few seconds later, warm breath swirled across his skin, lips skimming his cheek to his ear.

"You're not fooling us, Atemu," Seth murmured in his ear.

Hands grabbed him, twisting him with movements too gentle to be rough and too rough to be gentle until he was lying mostly on his back, biceps gripped in two large, calloused hands. Yami opened his eyes, looking up into Seth's wicked expression. He bit his lip, though his nervousness didn't lessen the anticipation, the heat tingling right through his body at the drowsy lust shining in Seth's dark blue eyes.

Seto abruptly peered over Seth's shoulder, one hand skimming over his other shoulder and down his chest. His index idly twirled around Seth's closest nipple, though his gaze was still on Yami.

"What should we do with him?" Seth asked Seto. "I'm a little too tired by you to take him again."

Seto's smile was utterly sinful and no one outside of that compartment had ever had the privilege of seeing that particular expression on his face. Yami's anxious excitement doubled.

"There are many more fun things to do to him besides fucking him," he said and Yami shivered at the implications.

"Do enlighten me," Seth purred, briefly pecking Seto's lips before turning Yami over to him.

Seto reached out, catching Yami's chin with one hand and drawing him up, moving lightly so that Yami could flow with the movement rather than be dragged. Up on his knees on the couch, he still wasn't Seto's height, but the difference had lessened. Seto bent down, claiming his lips with a much gentler conquest than Yami had expected. He moaned, winding his arms around Seto's neck and kissing him back, flicking his tongue against his. Seto growled, arms sliding around Yami's waist and pulling him up against him. He made another noise when he felt Yami's erection against his stomach, but didn't immediately attend to it. Yami had the feeling that was going to be a theme for quite some time.

Seto's tongue quickly overcame his, while his hands glided along Yami's skin from hips to shoulders, making tingles run through him and heightening his desire. He shifted slightly, rubbing himself sneakily against Seto's belly, which Seto allowed for the moment, too busy with his mouth. When the kiss broke, he moved to his neck, lightly biting at the edge of his jaw on the way. His hands came down and captured Yami's hips, stilling his movements. Yami groaned, but didn't complain, sliding his fingers into his hair and holding on, tilting his head back while he nibbled a path down his already hickey-marked neck. Seto's tongue slid against one of the bruises, before his lips skimmed down to his collarbone. Here he bit sharply, making him suck in a breath through his nose, body arching up against him closer.

Seto lifted his head and licked his lips, then turned to the minibar. He retrieved the half-empty bottle of champagne, then turned back to Yami. When he rested the open end against Yami's bottom lip, Yami took a sip, then tilted his head in question. Seto suddenly pushed Yami backwards, making him fall back against the backrest of the couch. Since he was still on his knees, that tilted his body at an angle. Seto kept his hand on his shoulder so he couldn't straighten, then rested the rim of the flute against his collarbone, tipping it. The champagne rolled down Yami's skin, all the way from sternum to crotch. Yami gasped softly as Seto dipped down, dragging his tongue from his abdomen up to his chest. He looked over at Seth, who had settled back on the couch across from them and was watching avidly.

The bubbles tickled Yami's skin while Seto's tongue set it on fire. He twisted a little, but Seto continued to pour a little of the champagne against his skin and lick it up. He ignored Yami's erection, focusing on his belly and chest, the fingers of his free hand stroking a thigh. He poured champagne into Yami's bellybutton and licked it out again, before nipping the sensitive area. Yami tugged on his hair, which made Seto glance up.

"Don't make me tie you up to get you to behave, Yami," he said.

Yami glared fiercely. Seto merely smiled at his expression, tongue flicking lightly against his stomach while he watched him. He was challenging him with his eyes. Daring him to press the issue and make him tie him up. Part of Yami wanted to resist, the fighting spirit that had made him a gaming champion and to refuse to lose, but the truth of the matter was, he loved being dominated by the pair. He was a complete uke around them and couldn't fight his desires.

So he sighed and eased his grip on Seto's hair. Seto smiled, coming up and pressing a kiss to Yami's cheek. Then he forced Yami down onto his back on the couch, throwing a leg over him and standing on the floor with the other, looming over him. From there he literally explored every inch of Yami's body with lips, tongue, or fingers, sending ripple after ripple of lust-inducing pleasure washing through him, until he was a writhing mess on the couch, moaning and gasping, his body hot and throbbing, sweat rolling down his skin. He would have come from the teasing alone several times if Seto didn't know him so well that he knew exactly how to keep him teetering on the edge indefinitely.

A squeak left his throat when Seto teased his entrance with his tongue, making him clap his hand over his mouth in a vain effort to quell the noises he was making. Almost immediately Seto snapped upright, reaching out to grab Yami's wrist and drag his hand from his mouth. Holding it up nearly at level with his face, he looked down at him.

"We want to hear you," he said.

"Seto, please, you're making me crazy."

Seto's smile did not bode well for Yami's health. "I know."

He suddenly flipped Yami over, positioning him on his hands and knees, then started the whole process of exploration over again that he'd done to his front. Or that would have been his intention. After only a couple of minutes, Yami's control snapped completely. He whipped around and shoved Seto hard against the inside corner of the couch. Climbing into his lap, he wrapped his arms around Seto's neck, kissing him like the entire world depended on it, grinding himself desperately against him in an effort to either get him hard or get himself off. He wasn't even sure which.

Seto moaned and wound his arms around his body, and thankfully he didn't try to stop him. He just sat there, holding Yami lightly while he bucked against him.

Such was the torture Yami had just gone through that nothing more than a minute passed before he came, jerking against Seto's body as his seed spurted across their stomachs. He slumped, panting with aching lungs, his body trembling like a leaf. Seto rubbed lightly at his back, merely sitting there and letting him catch his breath. Through the haze clouding him, Yami felt the couch dip as Seth joined them. He felt the lips lightly kiss his back from a distance, though even the haze didn't filter out the amusement in Seth's voice.

"The heat coming off him is like a furnace," he said. "You're right, hikari. There are more fun things to do to him than fuck him. I look forward to finding out what else there is before this plane touches the earth."

Yami closed his eyes and cursed the pair of them long and inventively. They were both laughing well before he'd finished.