Author's Note:
Feeling dark and angsty, and felt like telling a short tale of horrifying proportions... hopefully. ;) This is really just some writing practice to get me back into the mood for angst, but I'm posting it because it didn't turn out half-bad.

Enjoy this drabble on perhaps one of the darker sides of Pokemon.

Shadow Storm


It was the codename for perhaps one of the most terrifying creatures in existence – one that shot shivers through the spines of all living in the region of Orre.

The one hero – but a mere child – had failed at their only hope. The battle was over, and it had been lost; subsequently, the war was nothing more than a matter of time. As XD001 – the Shadow Lugia, the only Pokemon incapable of being purified to its original state – glided through the skies, it merely watched over the people below, waiting for the opportune moment.

What that was was anyone's guess, but everyone had known what'd happened with the last person, that one kid who looked like he was going to save the whole of Orre, who tangled with it. The feral Shadow Lugia had broken his snag machine with one well-aimed Shadow Blast, and then had gone on to do some things that are really better off unsaid.

"At least he's with his father, now..." Lily would say, choking back on her own tears. Professor Krane would uncertainly agree, and then go back into the basement of his laboratory to sit and think. Because he knew that one day his life and research would be torn from him, when XD001 and Cipher came to steal his livelyhood, as they had done with the closest person that he could call a son.

Only a matter of time... that's what seemed to be on everyone's minds, these days. All XD001, which stood for Extra Darkness Number 1, would do was glide, and watch, and wait. Its cruel, calculating red eyes would cause people to flee in terror whenever their irises met. Who knew what Cipher were planning? ONBS were giving it their very best efforts to stay a few steps ahead of Cipher, although they always seemed to have a broken leg.

Professor Krane put down his mug of strong, hot coffee with a shaky hand, reinforcing the circle-shaped stain in the table. Every day he'd open the paper, and every day he'd find the same thing; XD001 was circling, bringing a storm and a sea of shadowy aura as it went, thickening every few weeks.

It wasn't a physical torture. This was the sort of torture that washed through your bloodstream until it had turned it into the equivilant of liquid nitrogen.

Every day, he'd hear the distant roar of the hideous creature. He knew it would come. And every day, he wondered whether the roars and cries were in his head, or outside in the approaching storm.