Summary: Cara a regular 12 year old girl living in the real world gets sucked into Single Town and tells the gang all about how there on a TV show.

MBC vs. the Real World

Chapter 1: We're a TV Show!

Cara's POV

I was watching TV and it was just another ordinary day. There was really nothing on so I decided to watch monster buster club which is my favorite show. It was the episode where Cathy's cousin Elton comes to visit. But then all of a sudden I get sucked into the TV.

"Huh?" "Where the heck am I?" I thought to myself

I remember I was watching monster buster club on TV and I got sucked in? Whoa! Wait am I dreaming? I better pinch myself. "Ouch!" I yelled Nope I am definitely not dreaming. I'm in Single Town! This would be so cool if this hadn't happened randomly.

Well until I find out a way to get to the real world I should at least explore Single Town. Maybe I should see the gang? Hmm "Yea I should" I thought as I headed to find Cathy's house. I know that Cathy's house is yellow and the clubhouse is behind it but what street is it on? I wonder what time it is I thought to myself so I looked at my watch. Hey its 2:30 so the gang should be getting out of school soon. Even though it's summer in the real world the mbc always go to school in the show anyways. So I ran to the school and hid behind a bush then I waited.

I waited for about half an hour then I saw the students coming out of Single Town Middle School including Sam, Cathy, Danny and Chris. So I decided that if I wanted to find Cathy's house I should follow them. So I being the already sneaky person that I am followed them to Cathy's house trying my best not to make a sound. My plan to follow them was going great until…

Narrator's POV

"Freeze!" Sam yelled jumping out behind Cara and taking out her blaster

"Um Sam?" Chris said

"Yes Chris what is it?" Sam asked him

"Well according to the a-scan she's not a human or an alien." Chris said confused

"How can that be!?" Sam said

"I have no idea Sam." Chris said still very puzzled

"Maybe we should take her in for questioning?" Danny asked

Then Danny whispered to Chris "That girl looks cute dude."

"Ok." Sam said taking Cara into the clubhouse

"Ok who are you and why are you following us?" Sam asked Cara

"You guys wouldn't believe me if I told you how I got here." Cara said

"Try us." Danny said

So Cara told them how she got sucked into the TV from "the real world".

"Ok I'm really confused." Chris said

"Same here." The rest of the gang echoed

"I thought this was the real world?" Sam said very confused

"Um actually I forgot to mention that you guys are on a TV show and that you're animated." Cara said

"Whoa!" "Did you say were on a T.V. show?!" Cathy shouted

"Yes in my world people watch you on TV." "Oh but don't worry you don't have to worry about the secret of the mbc getting out because in my world aliens don't exist." Cara explained

"Wait is you saying that in your world I don't exist?!" Cathy yelled

"Well…yes." Cara said

"Well how do we know your telling the truth?" Sam said

"Ok first of all you're a-scan says I'm not a human or an alien which is like impossible second I know everything about you guys including your missions." Cara said

"Ok prove it!" Chris shouted

"Yea." Danny said jumping in

"Ok Danny you have a huge crush on Wendy and you're a jock."

"Cathy you're from Rapsodia and your 700 hundred years old."

"Chris you're the tech guy of the group and your in the computer club."

"Sam you're all about girl power and you're into art and you're also a really tough fighter."

"Wendy is a snob and she has no interest in Danny what so ever."

"Jeremy is a computer geek and he has a major crush/obsession with/on Cathy."

"You're school principal is Principal Rollins and she thinks that students are soldiers she also has a thing for Mr. Smith."

"Mark is the richest kid in town and he is Danny's rival and he often completes with Danny."

"Mr. Fusster is your science teacher who thinks aliens don't exist no matter how much proof you give him and he often lectures about the non existence of aliens in science class."

"Cathy's grandfather Mr. Smith has a sister named Frieda and he has a garden full of exotic plants and he is also from Rapsodia."

"John is Chris' little brother and he sometimes takes over for Chris at the clubhouse when Chris is on a mission or busy."

"Ok that's really creepy!" Danny said

"Yea it is!" Sam said

"Ok well tell us about our missions." Chris said

"Fine." Cara said annoyed that they didn't believe her but I mean who would they probably thought she was crazy.

"You busted Granny Octo and her granddaughter at the dance last year."

"After that you busted the clipper bots for trying to steal Cathy's cousin Elton to use his mind reading powers."

"Then after that Mr. Smith is given a galactic communicator that looks like a cell phone. But due to Chris' curiosity, he takes the communicator and loses it when he crashed into Mark and the devices get mixed up. Mark keeps getting the calls meant for Mr. Smith and insults the alien ambassador. The two planets go to war on Earth. Soon after the space ships arrive, Chris and Cathy get back the communicator and make peace between the planets."

"Do you believe me now?" Cara said annoyed

"It sounds crazy and all but I think I do." Sam said somewhat confused

"Yea I think I do." Chris said

"Same here." Cathy and Danny said simultaneously

"Oh and didn't I forget to mention I know about your personal lives too…" Cara said

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