Ginny looked out from the patio of the Manor, her hand up to her brow, shielding her eyes from the orange sinking sun. Her hair hung down her back, un-brushed and wild, and the burnished late-day light made it shine that much more. She walked out onto the limestone tiles, barefoot and relishing the sweet feel of the warmed stone on the soles of her feet.

She looked out over the gardens, searching for what she knew so well. Her eyes lighted on a white blond head of hair.

Lucius was crouched down, surrounded by tiger lillies, the wind catching his hair and whipping it around his face, creating a maelstrom of white gold.

Beside him, their four-year old daughter was talking animatedly, trying to pull the heads off of the orange flowers, Lucius gently catching her hands and laughing at her when she frowned back at him. Ginny watched as eventually he snapped a flower off for her, tucking it into her reddish blonde hair.

Lucius looked up and Ginny smiled, one arm on her hip and one arm still up, shielding her face from the sun. His eyes met hers from across the seas of colours, the flowers bobbing merrily in the slight summer breeze, and he smiled back at her, the grin so rare and crooked and honest that she felt like weeping or laughing, like clapping her hands.


Her daughter had darted out from the flower patch and was running jaggedly towards her, her unruly hair out behind her, the flower hanging precariously from her ear, her bare feet creating little imprints on the lush green carpet of the Manor's grass.

From behind her, Ginny could positively feel the house sigh with pleasure at the newest Malfoy scion approaching.

"Hello, darling." Ginny hefted Phaedra into her arms, wincing a little at her weight. She was getting so big. "Watch out. The flower that daddy gave you is falling out." Lucius was walking towards them, his pace not as frenzied as his daughter's. Ginny tucked the flower back into its place. "What were you doing in the garden together? Talking to faeries?"

Phaedra laughed a laugh that Ginny still was amazed at—a deep, hearty chuckle that seemed so wonderfully out of place coming from a child's mouth. She threw her little head back and laughed and laughed, and the sound carried across the garden.

"Mummy. The faeries don't live in the lillies. You know that. They live in the roses. The roses, mummy!"

"Oh, right," Ginny said seriously. "I forgot. Sorry, little light."

"We were looking for gnomes. Gnomes live in the lillies." Ginny looked at her matter-of-fact little girl, and grinned. "Daddy! Daddy." The words were crowed into Ginny's ear, and she laughed at the sheer volume of them. Her daughter was wriggling in her arms, and Ginny half-turned, realising that Phaedra was so excited because Lucius was almost directly behind them.

"Hello, love," he murmured, bending over and kissing Ginny full and lusciously on the mouth.

Phaedra watched hawkishly, soon extending her chubby arms towards her father.

"You too," he laughed and kissed her on the head. "Greedy girl."

"Are you excited to go to Nana's tomorrow?" Ginny nudged at her daughter.

"I like the Burrow," came the answer, and Lucius smiled at her over their child's shoulder.

Phaedra lay her head down heavily on Ginny's breasts and shoulder, sighing in her little-girl sighing sound, her small hands clutching happily at Ginny's dress and hair, and Lucius exhaled and wrapped his arms around both of them, looking down at his rapidly tiring daughter while sucking soft kisses along Ginny's neck.

"She's asleep," Ginny whispered. "What did you do—make her run circles around the garden again?" Her voice was shaking with suppressed laughter.

"No. I made her show me how she could dance. She really likes to dance, you know." His tone was almost haughty.

"Of course I know, you pillock," Ginny said, laughing fully now.

"She also," Lucius said, staring critically at her, "showed me her "seeker moves". Pray, do tell me—did she learn said 'moves' from you?"

Ginny cheered inside her head, so pleased that her daughter was taking an interest in Quidditch.

Lucius was glaring at her.

"Not just me! Draco, too. And Harry! We were all Seekers at one point. Besides, I refuse to feel guilty for teaching my daughter things about Quidditch. She's relentless. I'm sure you've noticed."

He sighed, long-suffering, but Ginny was right—their daughter was voracious, so smart, so physical—he had no doubts that she would be playing Qudditch just as her mother had.

Ginny went inside briefly to lay Phaedra down in her bed, and when she came back out, Lucius was standing with his hands in his pockets down in the patch of tiger lillies.

Ginny joined him, walking down barefoot across the grass, and when she reached him, he pulled her into him, winding a hand into her hair, tilting her head back as he kissed her deeply and strongly.

Her hands travelled to his trousers, and as she worked them open, he pulled her down to the ground, settling overtop of her, his weight a pleasant and delicious pressure all across her body, his hands pulling her dress up and over her head, spanning across her naked breasts, the softness of her hips and stomach as she slid his shirt off of him, helped him out of his pants.

As he slid inside of her, she breathed in the scent of tiger lillies. As she came, she whispered his name into his ear, again and again.

As he came, he murmured "I love you. I love you," over and over against her lips.

And as they lay there, supple and naked in the orange light, the sweet summer breeze cooling them, Ginny felt his semen inside of her, the strength of his leg thrown over her, the softness of his lips on her neck, and as she watched the flaming sun sink, she felt radiant.



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