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Chapter 1

Angel lazily flicked through a book, finding himself at a loss of things to do. He had borrowed some books from Giles, and was reading them one by one. The books, mostly about demons, were boring, and Angel only read them on the off chance of seeing something that might come in handy later on. However, one chapter had taken his interest. The book, recently published by Giles' standard, was about famous Vampires, and He, Spike, Darla, and Drusilla all had chapters written about them, however, as he read the chapter about himself, wincing as the book retold some of his less wonderful moments, their was a paragraph that struck Angel as interesting.

'It is known that Angelus sired at least three vampires. Of them, the most notorious is the second, Drusilla (see chapter 12). Little is known about the first, James, whom he sired alongside his own sire, Darla (see Chapter 7), only that he travelled alongside Angelus and Darla for many years, until breaking away in approximately 1769 and being slain in 1956 by the Slayer of that time. The third childe of Angelus was a noblewoman named Victoria, and was sired in the later half of the nineteenth century, about the same time as William the Bloody (see chapter 13). Although less than 20 years old upon her becoming a vampire, she travelled with Angelus until he was cursed and given a soul by a group of Gypsies, in 1902, and was a skilled hunter. After Darla turned her back on Angelus after he gained his soul and stopped killing people, Victoria left the group as well, after taking part in the massacre of the Gypsy tribe. This is suspected to be partially out of loyalty to her sire, although there is speculation that Darla abandoned Victoria. At the time, there were reports that the relationship between Angelus and Victoria very much resembled that of a father and daughter, while the one between Angelus and Darla, and his one with Drusilla was more of a sexual relationship. The last confirmed sighting of Victoria was in 1910, when she killed an entire village because she discovered that a survivor of the group that had given Angelus back his soul was living there. Although it was rumoured that Victoria was onboard the Titanic on it's fateful crossing of the Atlantic in 1912, it was never confirmed. It is generally suspected that Victoria was slain at some point in the early twentieth century, the first of Angelus's childe to be slain.'

Angel leant back in his chair, thoughtful. Few books mentioned Victoria, mostly because she was simply not as notorious as the rest of the group had been. The attack on that village in 1910 was the only massacre that Angel knew of her leading. Angel hadn't seen or heard from her since he had regained his soul. He sighed, even as a vampire she'd been gentle and kind and innocent. He supposed it was because she'd only been 18 when he'd bitten her. He smiled as a memory of her flittered across his mind. She had her human face on, and was gazing up at him adoringly, seeking his approval, as she'd just beaten Spike in a fight, one of the few times that had happened. The author had been quite correct when they'd written that their relationship had been parental. Angelus had doted on her, often calling her 'his baby', or just 'baby'. She had responded by imitating Drusilla and calling him 'Dad', or 'Father.'

He hadn't though about her in a long time, but his recent re-exposure to Drusilla, and his ongoing contact with Spike, as well as the paragraph in the book brought his memories flooding back. He thought of the day he had sired her. She'd been young, frightened, and innocent when he'd first seen her, fleeing from her drunken father, bleeding profusely from a gash in her neck given to her by a glass bottle. She'd been an easy target for him to grab and pull into an alleyway, where he'd bitten her, prepared to drain and kill her, but something had made him stop. Maybe it was her looks, her youthful beauty, maybe he just sensed something about her, but he had stopped, just before she had died in his arms, and slit his wrist with his teeth and held the dripping cut over her mouth, allowing his blood to run into her mouth. Once he'd been satisfied that she had swallowed enough, he'd laid her down, and scurried away to watch as her body was discovered. It was taken to her family's crypt, where Victoria had been buried. That night, Angel had gone to the crypt, and had waited until Victoria clawed herself out of her earthy grave. Once she had reached the surface, weak and hungry, he had fed her one again from his own wrist, before picking her up and carrying her back to the lair that he, Dru, Darla and Spike had been living in at that time current. He remembered how jealous Drusilla had been, that her Daddy had gone and got himself a new little princess, up until Victoria began to interact with the older vampire, and had charmed Drusilla instantly, allowing the elder vampire to brush her hair, and playing with Drusilla with a eagerness that Darla, Angelus, or even Spike could not even pretend to possess. Angel had always assumed that it stemmed from the fact that Victoria wasn't that much more than a child when he'd turned her.

It was when he regained his soul that Angel realised the reason that he had sired Victoria was because he was jealous of the relationship between Drusilla and Spike. Spike had only been a vampire for two years when Victoria had come along. Angel sighed moodily, Spike had been ten human years older than Victoria, and they had shared a friendly rivalry. Spike was the dominant of the two, but Victoria would help him as much as she could. As much as Spike boasted that he killed his first slayer during the Boxer Rebellion, he wouldn't have killed her if Victoria hadn't been there. That slayer was the first, and only time, Victoria faced a slayer, that Angel knew of, and it had almost killed her. Spike had carried her out, wordlessly handing her limp form over to Angelus, before beginning to crow that he'd killed a slayer.

Deep down, Angel was proud of his childes. All of them had survived at least twenty years as well known and often hunted vampires. Deep down, Angel also suspected, though he never voiced his suspicion to Spike, that, somewhere, Victoria was still around, biding her time before re-emerging as Angelus's lost childe.

So caught up in his thoughts, Angel didn't hear someone approaching until he heard the door creak open, which caused him to jump slightly. Spike laughed as he entered the room.

"Relax, peaches, it's only me"

"Didn't you ever learn to knock?" Angel asked, and Spike shrugged.

"Meh, why knock? It's so much more fun scaring you. What are you up to?"

"Thinking" Angel replied coolly.

"I'll read that as Brooding. What about?"

Angel groaned and rolled his eyes, knowing that he wouldn't get Spike to leave him alone until he gave the younger vampire an answer.

"Do you remember Victoria?" Angel asked. It had been over 100 years since the group had broken up, and he didn't know how much of those years Spike remembered.

"How could I not remember her? She was like my little sister that I got to boss around. What brought thinking about her on?"

"I don't know, maybe just seeing you all again, you know, Dru, Darla, you. Just makes me wonder what happened to her. And then I found this about her." Angel passed Spike the book, and watched as the blonde vampire read the paragraph.

"I dunno about this thing about the Titanic, but I know Dru and I saw her in Europe during 1911. She was alone, just going from place to place, sightseeing and all that." Spike handed the book back to Angel.

"What do you think are the chances of being alive still, Spike?" Angel asked as Spike got up, and started to walk towards the door. Spike turned to Angel with sad eyes.

"I hate to say it, peaches, but I think your baby's long gone if she didn't get with a gang. You know how hard it is for a lone vampire to stay alive, and you and I both know that she wasn't as good at fighting as the rest of us were, though that probably was inexperience, but, if she had a run in with a slayer, or another, older, vampire, she wouldn't have stood a chance." Spike's eyes met Angel's, and both were silent, thinking of the younger vampire.

"So, are you and Blondie going patrolling tonight?" Spike asked, trying to change the subject. Angel nodded, dropping his gaze.

"Yes, so you have the night off."

"Excellent, I'm just going to call Red then and tell her I'm going to be home for dinner"

Spike hurried out of the room, and Angel smiled to himself, shaking his head in disbelief as he got up. He never would have guessed that Spike would have fallen in love with Willow.

Moving slowly to an old box, Angel opened it and sifted through the contents until he found a flat, tin, rectangular box. He carefully prised the lid open, and smiled to himself when he saw the contents. He carried it to his table, and sat down.

Angelus had drawn the pictures that were in the box, and Angel couldn't help but feel a twinge of pride as he looked the sketches. They were just as he remembered them, protected from aging by a simple spell he had placed upon them some years ago. He pulled the first one out, a simple charcoal shading of Darla and Drusilla, done before Spike and Victoria were even born. The next picture displayed Drusilla and Spike, and the next couple were of Darla. He skipped through those, until he found the one he was searching for. A group image, done this time in coloured paint. Spike, Drusilla, and Victoria gazed wordlessly out of the paper at him. Drusilla had a arm around Spike's shoulders, and he was grinning, probably because Drusilla was up against him, and not Angelus. In the picture, Victoria wasn't touching either of the older vampires, just looking up at Angel. She looked exactly as he remembered her looking, dark hair, grey eyes, pale skin, a small mouth, and at least a head shorter that Drusilla. Angel smiled, and flicked to the next page. This was a solo portrait of Victoria. She was in a floor length dress, facing away from him, but looking, almost teasingly, over her shoulder at him, her soft eyes suggesting her innocence. Angel sighed. It had been her trademark way of getting a kill. Putting on an act of innocence, until some young man came to her rescue, and got a nasty surprise. She had known what had worked for her, and she got very good at it over the years.

Angel felt a flare of hope as he packed away the pictures, noticing what time it was. It was nearly time to meet Buffy for Patrol, and he still needed to have a drink.

Maybe his youngest childe, his baby, had made it after all.

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