Chapter 36

Victoria smiled down the phone as it was quickly picked up on the other end.

"Victoria?" an anxious voice asked.

"Yeah, it's me."

"Oh, we were so worried. How did it go?" asked Daphne, her werewolf friend back at home. Victoria rolled her eyes and leant back against her pillows.

"It went fine. I killed it, but he got me with his tail before I did. Angel has been coddling me ever since I got back."

"You probably needed it." Daphne wisely said. Victoria grinned.

"Yeah, I kind of did. I was so out of it, but it was worth it, no one got hurt."

"Other than you."

"Yeah, other than me. So, what're things like up there?"

"Cold, but very quiet, which is good, considering you're not here."

"I'll be back in a month, I promise, before it gets too busy again."

"You just want to wait until it warms up a bit more."

"Of course, I'm working on my tan" Victoria said seriously. Down the phone line, Daphne cracked up laughing, and Victoria was not far behind.

"Listen, I need to ask you a favour." Victoria asked.

"What? Who's causing problems for you now?"

"No-one. You know my green shirt, the one with the writing? Could you send it down?"

"Sure, why"

"It's St. Paddy's day next week and I am living with my very Irish sire. You do the math."

"Oh, I get it. Is there anything else you want sent down?"

"My sword and my other preferred weaponry, if it can be arranged, and some more clothes please. I hate using other people's weaponry, and I'm over washing clothes."

"Doesn't everyone and isn't everyone? All right, I'll express courier the package to you. What's the address again?"

Victoria gave the address and said goodbye, before she hung up and leant back against her pillows. Spike had finally left her alone, and Angel had gone out patrolling with Buffy, after checking in on her. Victoria could smell Willow's unique scent, powerful with magic, and knew that she and Spike were downstairs together. Giles and Joyce had told her that they would be in the library if she had needed them, and when she'd asked Giles if she could call her friends back home, he'd happily given her the cordless phone to use.

She turned her head and eyed the empty mug of blood that sat on the bedside table. Ever since the attack, she'd been living off Angel's blood, and human blood, and it had done her a lot of good. Already she felt nearly up to full strength, which was a considerable feat considering that less than two days before she'd been seriously injured. Victoria sighed and snuggled down beneath the blankets.

"Definitely an advantage to undead status, you heal exceptionally quickly," She whispered to herself.

Had she had her own way, Victoria would be up and out of bed, but Angel had blocked her attempts, threatening to chain her down to the bed if she tried to get up before he told her to. Victoria, unsure of how serious her sire was, had decided to err on the side of caution. She leant her head into the soft pillows and closed her eyes, figuring that there was nothing for her to do except rest.

When Victoria next opened her eyes, she could sense that it was almost daybreak. She could smell Angel, and Buffy, and knew that they were in the house, probably in Angel's bedroom. Spike and Willow's scent also lingered, and Victoria couldn't help but roll her eyes at how little things had changed over the last 105 years. Angelus, or a version of him, in one room, with his blonde lover. William, or a version of him, in another room, with his magically inclined lover, Victoria in the middle having been seriously injured (though this time it wasn't a rival Vampire clan, or the watcher's council, or even from Angelus or Darla getting a little too enthusiastic with the torture, which was a change)

Speaking of Watchers, Victoria had a sneaking suspicion that their resident Watcher and a certain Slayer's mother had spent the night together, and Victoria couldn't help but think that it was about time, agreeing with the opinions of Spike, Willow and Cordelia. Even Buffy didn't object wholly to the idea, which should have been approval enough for the pairing in question.

Victoria sighed. She felt wide awake, but it was the time of day where she was usually heading off to sleep. The enforced bed rest had completely screwed around her body clock. Victoria rolled over onto her stomach, relishing the freedom of movement, and the lack of pain. Now all she felt was a slight twinge in her stomach when she twisted suddenly, and the bandages were a thing of the past, having been removed the previous night by Angel.

Victoria pulled herself up into a sitting position and stretched her arms up, feeling her stomach tighten slightly at the stretch. Okay, so not totally pain free quite yet, but given time. It was a work in progress.

It wasn't as though she was planning on going anywhere in the immediate future.


Victoria smiled as she walked alongside the Scooby gang as they all returned from a patrol. Angel and Buffy walked in front of her, clasping hands, and huddled close together. Victoria rolled her eyes when she heard Angel whispering into Buffy's ear. A downside to Vampiredom, you heard way more than you ever wanted to.

Almost a full week had passed since the Scorpinex demon had fought Victoria and lost, and they younger vampire was back up and about, joining in on the group patrols once again. Victoria was quite content in her position in the group. Although she was nowhere as close to any of them as the others were, with the possible exception of Angel and Spike, they made her feel welcome and included, and they had her back on patrols.

During the day, when she wasn't sleeping, or training with Angel and Spike, Victoria would spend time with the other members of the gang. She'd read and research in the library with Giles, or help Joyce out when she was making dinner when she and Buffy came over to research. She'd train with Buffy, and talk to Willow about her knowledge of Magic, and trade hints and secrets with her. She'd joke with Xander, and discuss the places she'd visited in the world to Cordelia, including discussing the best places for shopping.

On the Fifteenth of March, Victoria's package arrived in the mail, Giles taking it carefully from the courier who had knocked on the door during daylight hours. He promptly took it down to the gym, where Victoria was watching Angel and Spike working out. She smiled when she spotted the Watcher.

"Ah, Giles, are you up for some entertainment? I'm willing to bet that one of them is gonna draw blood soon."

Giles chuckled and shook his head, "The odds of that aren't worth betting against. Your package has just arrived."

"Brilliant." Victoria beamed, taking the large box from Giles.

"What is in there, it didn't feel overly heavy."

"It shouldn't be. It's just some of my preferred weaponry, the stuff I had to leave behind when I left, and some clothes, because doing laundry every few days is getting old."

Giles smiled, knowing that the younger Vampire had taken to doing all of the machine washing in the house, although she refused to do anyone else's hand washing, as a matter of principal.

"Fair enough then" he acknowledged as Victoria used a knife to slit the packing tape around the box. She opened up the cardboard flaps to reveal heavy padding, namely bubble wrap. Giles groaned. Despite their age, Xander, Willow and Buffy all loved the stuff, and he knew that the meeting tonight would be very noisy, with a constant pop-pop-pop in the background. Judging from the way Victoria's eyes lit up, the three youths would have a accomplice.

Oh Joy

Victoria pulled the bubble wrap out of the box carefully, and revealed the rest of the box's content. A long sword, in a leather sheath lay against one side, spanning the entire length of the box. Then there were a couple of crossbows, a healthy collection of stakes, two knives, and two plastic bags with what he assumed were clothes in them. Victoria picked up the plastic bags, sifting through them, and grinning when she spotted something, although Giles couldn't exactly see what it was.

"Excellent, she found it."

"Found what, exactly? " Giles asked, slightly apprehensively.

Victoria turned to the watcher and smiled sweetly, "Oh, you'll find out."


At ten o'clock in the morning, on St. Patricks day, Victoria climbed out of bed and dressed herself in Jeans and a black leather jacket, with her special St. Patricks day green t-shirt hidden underneath. She headed down to the kitchen, and as she warmed her morning blood up, she called her greetings out to Giles.

Surprisingly, neither of the two elder vampires had woken up yet, but Victoria was fine to wait. She sat at the kitchen table and drank her blood while reading the newspaper. She did the morning quiz in the paper,, once she had finished reading it, and started on the crossword puzzle before Spike staggered into the Kitchen blearily.

"Mornin'" He yawned sleepily, stretching widely.

"Good morning" Victoria greeted, a wry smile on her face.

"What are you doing up so early?" Spike asked as he prepared his morning mug of Blood.

"Had a feeling about today, that something different was going to happen." Victoria evaded, still smiling.

"Alright then." Spike shrugged at the odd behaviour, before he took the paper off of Victoria and began to read it. Victoria scowled at the elder vampire, and snatched the news paper back, removing the page with the puzzles on it, before giving it back.

"Aww, that's the page with the funnies on it though." Spike whined, and Victoria stuck her tongue out at him.

They spent the next ten minutes in silence until Angel strode in, a very happy look on his face.

"What are you happy about?" Spike scowled, still sulking.

"I feel very patriotic today," Angel replied, letting his accent slip dangerously. Spike froze.

"Fuck" he swore, glancing at the calendar up on the kitchen wall. He glanced across at Victoria, whose shoulders were shaking from her silent laughter. Angel smirked and pulled off his jacket, revealing a green woollen jumper

"Oh bullocks" Spike swore again.

"Where be your green, Will?" Angel asked, slipping into his Irish brogue some more.

"You know I don't care about your sodding Irish holidays" Spike began, before Angel lunched across the room, pinching at Spikes arms.

"Ow you sodding wanker!" Spike yelped, glaring at his Grandsire. Vicotira gave up on being quiet and starting cackling hysterically.

"What about you, missy?" Angel asked/. Victoria smirked and opened up her jacket.

"I had it made years ago, as an inside joke with my gang" she explained.

Spike and Angel both took one look at the embroidery on the emerald green t-shirt, before they dissolved into laughter themselves.

'Kiss Me… My Sire is Irish!'


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