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2 Days Later

"Sweetie are you sure you are right to be going on this trip now of all times?" Angela asked her friend as they walked towards Booth's room.

"For the third time Ange, yes I am. I have explained it to Booth and he is fine with it." Brennan explained with what little patience she had remaining.

"Well its just that I don't think he is, not really. He has been very melancholy the past 2 days. He tries to act normal but he's not."

"Ange he has just come through major brain surgery, of course some things are going to be different about him at the minute. Like I said I told him about the trip and he encouraged me to go."

"Yeah but was it like the time he encouraged you to go with Sully, cus you know he didn't want you to leave then either." Angela stated, receiving a confused from the doctor at her side.

"That makes absolutely no sense. Why would he tell me to do something if he didn't want me to. Surely that is counter productive?"

"He just wants you be happy."

Arriving at the door to Booth's room, Brennan turned to Angela with a serious look on her face. "Could you wait out here please."

"Sure Bren." Ange replied smiling as Temperance entered the FBI agents room.


"Hey Booth" Brennan greeted as she moved to sit on the edge of his bed where she usually sat during her visits now he was awake.

"Hey Bones, so are you all set for Guatemala?" Booth asked both genuinely interested and upset at the same time.

"Yeah, everything is down in Angela's car. She's giving me a ride to the airport as you are incapacitated."

"I am not incapacitated. I could totally drive you there if the stupid doctor would let me out!" Booth replied straining to get up.

Gently pushing him back down onto his bed, Brennan laughed before replying. "Booth it is ok really just promise me you will get field ready before I get back. I really don't want to work with another agent."

Looking up into her eyes, Booth placed one of his hands on top of hers and placed the other over his heart. "I cross my heart and hope to die."

"I don't know what that means, but I don't want you to die." Brennan replied quizzically.

"Don't worry Bones, I just mean to say I will be field ready by the time you get back."

"Good." Brennan said glancing down at her watch.

"How long have you got?" Booth asked grumpily.

"About 10 minutes."

"Is there anything I can do to make you stay and help me recover?"

"No, I have already told you why I need to go on this trip Booth. I thought you understood?" Brennan asked confused.

"I do Bones it's just that," Booth began removing his hand from hers and rubbing his face with it. "I'm going to miss you, and be careful." He ended looking up into the bright blue eyes of his anthropologist.

"I will. I'll miss you too Booth." Brennan scooted up the bed and enveloped Booth in a 'guy hug'. They stayed that way for about 5 minutes before Brennan pulled away and glanced at her watch again. "I have to go now, I'll email you as much as I can and phone from time to time." She said standing up, and walking towards the door.

"Bones?" Booth called from his bed as she pulled the door open.

"Yes Booth?"

"I have one last ditch attempt to make you stay."

"What's that then?" Brennan asked without turning around.

"I love you."

Brennan saw Angela come into view and she knew she had overheard everything from the look on her face. Taking a deep breath Brennan turned around and looked at Booth to see him with an apprehensive look on his face. Walking back over too him, not caring that Angela could see she placed a chaste kiss on his cheek and whispered in his ear, "tell me when you are less medicated and I might just believe you." With that she turned and strolled out of the hospital room, without so much as backward glance at the shocked look on Booth's face.

Pulling the door closed, Angela came bounding up to Temperance and gave her a quick hug. "Told you he loved you. What did you say to him after you kissed his cheek?"

"That is for me to know and for you to find out. Come on Ange I have a flight to catch." Brennan said walking off, trying her hardest to steady her heart which had began beating rapidly at the words Booth had said. She just couldn't get past the fact he had told her he loved her, everyone was right and they were just blind.

Brennan was suddenly looking forward to her trip more than ever, because maybe just maybe she would be able to reassess her feelings and compartmentalize them. This was going to be the hardest trip she had ever undertaken, but she could do it, she achieved everything she wanted, and if she wanted to push this all to one side she could do that. Plus ff he never told her he loved her again she would always have this one time medicated or not.

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