Bella is a broken girl

She just sits and watches the waves.

Many tried to speak to her

She sat in silence, and they all caved.

All are of there senior years,

Yet not one will spill the tears.

Until that day,

He comes along

And won her heart

With dance and song.


The waves come in, and the waves go out.


I was driving down with my family to Forks for a break. We have a little getaway house there- it's huge, white and expensive. When we got settled in, I went for a drive in my Aston Martin Vanquish. I traveled down to La Push. I think it's some kind of Indian reservation. I parked up by somewhere that said first beach and saw a group of boys looking at this girl laughing amongst themselves. I managed to pick out some of the conversation.

Look she's there again.

Go for it man. The worst she can do is not talk


Yeah well did you see what she did when Paul jumped on top of her? Absolutely nothing.


Why don't we have a bet? The one to get the biggest response from her gets $10 from the others.


I had to see this. But what I didn't get was what was so important about this girl and so I asked the nearest lad to me. They were all copper skinned and had long silky black hair. And the muscles they had! They could match Emmet's probably-it would be funny to see who'd win in a fight. I tapped his shoulder, he spun around to face me and held out a hand "Jake" he said. I shook his "Edward" I smiled. "If I can ask what's so special about lassie there?" I said pointing at the girl on the beach who was now being approached by the biggest of the group. "Well, she just sits there. She came one day and we found out that she won't speak to anyone- and believe me we've all tried. She won't react, I mean you can do anything or say anything to her she won't move. She's there when the sand is dry enough o sit and only leaves when the in tide is about to get her. But then she comes and sits on the railing" he said pointing at the railing "But we leave before she does so we don't know where she goes. Lifeless. That's the word I would use to describe her. Lifeless" Jake concluded. It looked like these guys mocked her. I was a man of etiquette and the way that these mongrels were behaving towards her was disgusting. Yet, it was fascinating to watch boy after boy come back with the same defeated expression.

When one boy's pushed her over and mounted her, she kept her face towards the sea. Never bat an eyelid. This made my blood boil. I was going to go over there and stop him but then others rushed over and dragged him off her and punched him. It was three lads I hadn't seen with this group, all big and burly still. They sat beside her and kept her company for a few minuets before walking off glaring at the boys near me. I asked Jake what that was all about. "Well that's Sam, Quil and Seth. They keep a watch out for her when they can. They try to keep her ok and us lot away from her. They don't believe in what we class as fun." I had to agree with this Sam, Seth and Quil. Later the boys left and I made my way down to the beach. I took off my shoes and rolled up my trousers. I paddled in the water before going and sitting next to this strange beauty.

Hang on – strange beauty. It was true I didn't understand why she did this, but it didn't matter. I looked at her and she had wavy brown hair, that when the wind blew he had red coming through. She had a pale pallor and chocolate brown eyes that seemed, empty. Jakes description of lifeless fit those stunning eyes. I sat next to her. She made no movement and so I just watched the waves crash and roll with her. When it got to 3 o clock and decided to speak.

"Hello, my name's Edward Cullen. I apologize for not introducing myself before now" I said gentlemanly. She made no move so I decided to continue.

"I'm sorry about the boys before all trying to get a response from you. You're not hurt are you?" again no movement was made so I didn't push her for one. It was strange but I felt strangely light and open to talk to her.

"When I saw that, that dog jump on you, it made my blood boil. Im sorry, I shouldn't get so angry, but I am from a middle class background, and I found their behavior atrocious. I was about to come and stop him, when your other friends turned up." when I calmed down the rest of the words seemed to pour out.

"I don't live around here. I'm on holiday for two weeks. I would" I paused not knowing how my words would be taken.

"And I would quite like to spend them with you. I'm happy to just sit and talk here with you. I realize that you may not wish for my company to impose on your own, but" I stumbled and looked down. I looked behind me and the boys were back and watching my progress I suppose.

"Uggh, I hate those guys. They see you as a challenge to conquer, and I would like to point out now that I don't see you as that. They think I'm trying to "pull" you where as really I am simply one human being, enjoying the company of another." I said quietly and shyly. She must have picked up on this because her head turned and she looked into my eyes. My breath caught. Her eyes were dead but I saw a flicker of something flash across before it was gone. The lads behind me had gone quiet. They were stunned that I got a reaction from her. I didn't care if she didn't.

When she looked at me I felt butterflies in my stomach. I don't know why, because I only just met her. Something about her, I couldn't put my finger on it, but something made her so magnificent and honest. I smiled and something else flashed across her eyes. She turned back to look at the waves. They were coming in fast now. "Would you like to take a drive with me? I'm not after anything, don't worry, but you're welcome to join me before I drop you off." again she looked at me. A touch of amazement was captured by her eyes and so I decided that was a yes. I stood up and held out my hand to her. She just looked at it. While looking at my hand she looked incredibly vulnerable so I scooped her up in my arms. Unlike when that lad jumped on her, she looked in my eyes looking for something. I hope she found it, because when she looked as deep as she did, it was like she looked into my soul. She was incredibly light and she gave my arms a tingly feeling when they met the skin on her back. She was wearing a tank top and baggy ¾ lengths. She didn't object so I carried her to my car.

I opened the passenger seat and strapped her in. still the lads were in amazement and one broke the trance and rushed to her at the window. When they started opening the door she just looked to the sea. I rushed around to her aid. "Get the message buddy, she's not interested." I stared him down with my cold gaze. My family always teased me that I could stare down a vampire. I closed the door and rushed to the driver's side. We were out of La Push within the minute. The night meant clear roads so I decided to open up her a bit-the car I mean. I pushed my car to 120mph. I thought I saw a twitch at the corner of her mouth when I sped up. I guess she liked speed. I pushed her (the car) further and made it to 150mph. it was a modest smile I saw on her face, but a smile none the less. I slowed down and pulled into a lay by.

"Did you want me to take you home?" I asked her. The smile left, so I guess not. "How about we go and get something to eat, you must be hungry" I tried again. Her modest but heart stopping smile returned. I drove to a little restaurant in Port Angeles and the server looked me up and down and my mystery girl and concluded that the space between us meant we weren't together. When the new server came, she was obviously trying to flirt with me, but I showed only my interest to the girl who tugged on a string of my heart.

What?! No, I can't have just thought that. I have never shown much interest to girls, and yet with a simple smile I was willing to do anything for her. Creepy. My brothers had thought I was gay for a time. Well I knew I wasn't but this proves it.

When we ordered, she simply pointed to the mushroom ravioli and made no more about it. I had two cokes brought over and ordered a steak and chips. I couldn't believe that this fabulous woman was here with me when she hadn't shown well any response to others. What made me so special?

She finished quickly and she just looked down at her plate. I felt bad – she might be still hungry. So I picked up a chip and held it in front of her. "Please. I'm not going to eat them all." I said with a chuckle. Slowly she took it and bit into it. Her eyes closed, and I guessed for a minuet that this was the first time she had ever tasted chips. I smiled at her expression, and I loved the thought that I could give her that expression. She opened her eyes and blushed. A gentle rose lit up her cheeks and it was so glorious that I sort of ogled at her. She looked down a tender smile crossing her features. We sat there in peace just smiling, until the waitress interrupted us.

"Is there anything else that I can get you sir?" she asked, and I heard the double barrel meaning in her question. So did mystery girl, and she briefly glared at the waitress; this was missed by her. She soon walked away to get the bill. I slipped in a twenty and said to keep the change. When we were back in the car – she walked herself this time – I finally asked the question that had bugged me for hours. "What's your name?" I wanted to put a name to the face of this goddess. She hesitated and looked up to meet my gaze.

"Bella" she said in a gentle and warming voice. Bella. The name of my angel is Bella. It rolls of the tongue. It's perfect. I smiled and she smiled her most warm and wide smile yet. It was perfect immaculate. Again my breath caught and I looked into those deep chocolate eyes. They went on forever and soon enough I became lost in them. But her voice. It reminded my of a peal of bells – well it fits with her name- and it was like hearing a heavenly choir sing in perfect harmony.

"Well Bella, what would you like to do now?" she looked at her hands twitching in her lap and I guess she needed to trust me before she spoke again. I will prove my trust to this girl and show her everything that she hasn't seen before. I smiled at the idea of more time with her and soon was dragged into many fantasies. I snapped out of it and slowly drove to the beach. I opened her door and she walked gracefully to the railings. She sat on it just as the mutts said she would. A sat with her and soon she shivered. I took of my tan jacket and wrapped it around her shoulders. She snuggled into it before turning back to me. Do I get to hear her voice once more? She smiled a stunning smile and whispered

"6:30" before getting off the rails and handing my jacket back. "No, no you keep it. I have a feeling you need it more than me." She smiled again and set off for the road.

I traveled home that night and got home at 11:30. Mum and dad were still waiting for me. When I listened, everyone was. "Son where have you been?" Carlisle –my dad- asked with a frown on his face. "With Bella" I replied calmly suddenly Esme's face lit up –she was my mother, and by the looks of it happy that I was having my company with a girl. "Oh darling I knew you'd find someone" she chirped up. Alice rushed in, hearing the conversation so far "When do we meet her?" she said bouncing.

"N-e-v-e-r" I said slowly in her face, that killed her buzz. "She doesn't like strangers" I mumbled "Well she hangs out with you, who's stranger than that?" Emmet laughed as he came in "Does this mean he's not gay" he said to Alice. She nodded. "Damn it. JASPER YOU'VE WON THE BET" Emmet boomed. Jasper came running in and held out his hand. $100 was passed over. I scowled and they both left the room.

"Well at least tell us what she's like" Rosalie whined as she came in the room "And what's her problem exactly?" she said grumpily. I took my time.

"Well she won't actually speak to you as such; I've only got a word and a time with her so far. She's a much closed person, but she seems to respond with smiles and she trusts me." Then I heard out bursts of laughter on the stairs. Jazz and Em came in gripping each other for support. "So…you mean…to…say that…you've…got a girl…that…doesn't…speak!" Em squashed out between fits if laughter.


Trust Eddie to pick a girl who won't speak. But imagine what we could get away with when she's around. I bet she's dead ugly as well. Who knows what she's done, I mean if she doesn't speak how does he know she's not a bore?!

"It doesn't matter who Edward picks as long as she's happy." Mum encouraged. Yeah right. Of course it matters. You at least want her to be hot. What's the point otherwise?

"Look it doesn't matter anyway because you're not meeting her!" Ed growled. He stormed passed us and up the stairs. This is going to be fun teasing him about his dumb girlfriend. Hahaha, this is the best vacation so far.


The waves come in and the waves go out. The sun rises and the sun sets, but maybe just maybe I now have a light to guide me through the night.