Roxas walked into the school nervously. It wasn't his fault---the place was creepy. It was all white, as if that were the only color in the world. Seriously---the buildings were white, the cafeteria and tables in said cafeteria were white, the desks in the classrooms were white. It was insane! But Roxas sucked it up and continued walking, trying to get through the crowd of students. He looked up---Administration Office, the sign said and he thought 'Finally!'---and looked for his guide. A few seconds later, a blonde girl walked out, her hair sticking up like antennas. Or rather, she was thrown out, headfirst.

"---AND YOU DON'T HAVE MUCH TO SAY ABOUT IT, SO JUST DEAL WITH IT!!!!" Was heard from the office as the door slammed shut. She pulled herself up with a huff and turned, almost running into Roxas. He looked at her, eyes wide, as she scowled down at him.

"What the hell are you staring at, kid?" She snapped. He jumped and turned red.

"N-Nothing." He stammered out. She rolled her eyes, then took a closer look at him.

"You Cloud's brother?" She asked, popping a piece of bubblegum in his face. He blinked, but nodded hesitantly. She smirked triumphantly. "Thought so. Where's the other one?"

"" Roxas repeated slowly. She rolled her eyes.

"Yea, the other one. What's-his-face, um---"

"Sora?" He supplied. She nodded, crossing her arms and tilting her weight to her left, staring at him. He sighed lightly. "Sora's still going to Destiny High."

"And you got stuck with crappy PTNW High." She cackled. Roxas frowned. She looked at him, amused. "Did they tell ya what the school's for?" He shook his head. "It's a last-attempt to get us to socialize before they realize that we're too damn smart to have true 'feelings'." She put air quotes around the word 'feelings' and laughed again. Roxas frowned lightly.

"How do you know Cloud?" He asked quietly. She smirked.

"Y'know Reno, Cloud's friend?" Roxas nodded. "Number VIII, Axel, is his younger brother. You a freshman, kid?" Roxas nodded again. She looked him over one more time before shrugging. "You'll do. Come on." After a moment's hesitation, Roxas followed her.

"Um, what's your name?" He asked hesitantly, following behind the blonde as she shoved people out of their way.

"Arlene." A voice came from their left and Roxas whirled around, the blonde in front of him doing the same.

"Don't call me that." She hissed angrily. The red-head that stopped them laughed and jumped down from where he was perched on the window sill.

"Kidding, kidding, geez." He said, laughing at the look on her face. He returned his attention to Roxas. "Arlene is what her parents named her." Roxas nodded slowly, still staring up at the red-head---he completely towered over him.

"Hey---" She started but he waved her off.

"I know, I know. Orders from Superior, though, Lar." She rolled her eyes and marched away. He grinned after her. "Don't call her Arlene---even though you're new, she'll still kill ya."

"What am I supposed to call her, then?" Roxas asked, looking after her curiously.

"Larxene." The red-head looked down at Roxas. "I'm Axel, by the way. Got it memorized?"

"I always thought Reno's brother's name was Lea." Roxas mumbled. Axel laughed.

"That is my name, but here, I'm called Axel." Roxas shrugged.

"Axel it is." Roxas muttered.

By lunchtime, Roxas was ready to go home. He wanted to go home, he wanted to go back to Destiny High, he wanted out of this weird school. Of course, certain things didn't care what Roxas wanted. For instance, Axel.

His guide was a pyromaniac, which Roxas discovered quickly when he found the red-head waiting for him. He had been entertaining himself with lighting pieces of paper from his pocket on fire. Roxas had promptly marched up to him, reached up, grabbed his lighter, and threw it away. Axel stared at him in shock before throwing his head back and laughing.

"We'll get along great, dontcha think?" He laughed. Roxas scowled.

"Just take me to the damn lunch room."

"Hello, I am back!" Axel announced as he pulled Roxas to sit over by Larxene. Dumping him by the blonde girl, Roxas watched as he continued onward and plopped next to a dirty blonde a few seats down.

"Seeing as Number VIII is here, I see no reason why we can't start now." Said a boy from a few seats up from Axel. Roxas pulled his vision up to him. The boy had slate hair, which covered one of his eyes. The other one turned and looked up at Roxas, narrowing slightly. "A new member?"

"Of course, Zexion." At the head of the table, Roxas vaguely recognized one of the people that were always at Reno's house when he went to pick up Cloud. "I am Xenmas." He said.

"Xigbar." Said the person directly next to him. Roxas looked at them as they each said their name.




"Zexion." The boy with the slate hair looked over Roxas, then shrugged approvingly.


"Axel." The pyromaniac smirked and Roxas rolled his eyes.

"Demyx." The blonde next to him said, grinning happily at Roxas.

"Luxord." Roxas frowned at him---he wasn't even looking! He was staring at some cards in his hand.

"Marluxia." This one made Roxas jump a bit---with his pink hair, and the obvious flower that he had in his shirt, Roxas had thought he was a girl...apparently, not.

"Larxene." The blonde ggirl didn't even look at Roxas as she picked her food. Roxas looked over them at Xenmas and smiled nervously.

"Roxas?" He said slowly. He felt like it was circle time in kindergarden or something---get to know the new kid, and play nice.

"Now that we're all introduced, shall we carry on with the meeting?" Zexion asked from near the top of the table. Roxas blinked at him.

"In due time, Number VI, in due time."Xemnas smiled slightly at Roxas. "Now, each member has a nickname, something they're particularly good at." Roxas blinked, and Xenmas waved his hand at each person as he spouted off their nicknames (not that their names were already nicknames). "Xigbar is Freeshooter, Xaldin is Whirlwind Lancer, Vexen is Chilly Academic, Lexeaus is Silent Hero, Zexion is Cloaked Schemer, Saix is Luna Diviner, Axel is Flurry of Dancing Flames, Demyx is Melodious Nocturn (that was when Roxas noticed the guitar by the dirty blonde), Luxord is Gambler of Fate (which would explain the cards, Roxas thought), Marluxia is Graceful Assassin, Larxene is Savage Nymph."

"What about you?" Roxas asked quietly. Xenmas looked at him, amused.

"I am your Superior." Zexion opened his mouth and Xenmas looked at him, amused. "Yes, Zexion, now we can start our meeting."

Roxas tuned them all out as they discussed who-knows-what.