A/n: I don't know if you guys would call this a chapter, a prologue, or an introduction. Call it whatever you want. Anyways, a Harry Potter/Twilight fanfic. I never read the books for Harry Potter, so please bear with me. I only watched the movies. I did look some stuff up, so most, okay, well; all the info here is mostly from the internet. Also if you Harry Potter readers could give some descriptions of the Hogwarts Castle, preferably the outside, then the inside, that would be great. Like explain the way somewhere, like, to the Great Hall, I believe it is called, or to the Gryffindor common room, the Slytherin common room if it mentions it, then that would be great. It would be great if it was straight from the book to, but you could give a short summary, but INCLUDE DETAIL!!! Example: The halls in the castle smelled like mold, and the temperature was as cold as ice. The floors… I just made that up of the top of my head, so, yeah. Please, once again bear with me. It would really help me.

This story takes place when Bella is 8 years old. Some more is explained, but in a Review, ask me the questions that are flooding your brain. Enjoy.

Full Summary: This is a story of an 8 year old Bella heading to Hogwarts. But before she goes, Bella gets to know the Cullens. Everyone but Charlie and Renee is under the impression that Bella Swan went to a prestige private school. Friendships are formed, while others become long-distant. What will danger-magnet Bella get into this time? Vampires are vampires, werewolves/shape-shifters are who they're supposed to be, wizards are the magical folks they are, and Bella, well, when is she ever normal? AU, OOC, maybe OC, not sure if it is going to be Canon or not.

Disclaimer: Twilight is owned by Stephanie Meyer, while Harry Potter is owned by J.K. Rowling. Yes, I do know who it is written by. I don't isolate myself that much.

Sparks in Twilight
Chapter One/Prologue

Bella Swan POV

10 years ago…

Hi. My name is Bella Swan. I'm 8 years old and living in Forks with my dad Charlie Swan who is Chief of Police. My mom, Renee, lives in Phoenix, Arizona. She currently just got remarried to baseball player named Phil Dwyer, so she is going to move to Jacksonville to settle down soon. Mom left when I was just two years old, leaving me here with Charlie.

I don't mind living here, no matter how dreary and boring this place is. I have some friends here, but not much. I prefer to read all day, not hang out with friends. My best friend is named Jacob Black, who I've know since we were babies. He's two years younger than me, but the age difference doesn't matter. Some kids may think it's not cool to play with kids who are younger than you. Meatheads.

Sometimes I feel that Charlie's keeping something from me. Something big. But I just let it go since he's my Dad and when he wants to tell me he will.

We recently had a new family move here. It's been spreading for weeks like wildfire, that a new family of seven with 5 teenagers all adopted, a Doctor and housewife will be moving her. They are also supposed to be really rich.

Yesterday they had moved in; the Cullens. Esme and Carlisle; the parents, Rosalie and Alice are the girls, and Edward, Emmet, and Jasper are the boys. I also heard from my friend Jessica that they are all apparently dating eachother. She said it seemed illegal, but I said it doesn't really matter anyway since they are not blood related.

She won't talk to me anymore.

My Dad has been a little busier with work lately, and needs someone to look after me. I refused saying that I am perfectly fine looking after my self, and I will not take being treated as a child.

He said I was one. Meanie.

But just 20 minutes ago, we had Mrs. Cullen come to our house and introduce herself, saying: "It wouldn't be polite if we didn't introduce ourselves. So I came on behalf of everyone. I'm Esme Cullen." She then went on saying, that: "I also am interested in Child Daycare, so if you ever need any one to look after Bella, here's my number."

She then took out a pad of paper and pen from her purse, and wrote down her number.


Charlie didn't even wait by saying; "You're hired!" So much for, "Bella, when I find this baby-sitter, we shall question her or him and make sure that he or she is qualified enough to take care of the Chief of Polices daughter. If they don't, they are answering to me!"


I start going to her house tomorrow.

A/n: First Harry Potter/Twilight fanfic. I haven't read the Harry Potter books, but I do own them, so I might skim through some parts when we get to the appropriate scene. Or just look up the chapter. Which I just found out is not available in my book. (I got the damn re-printed version).

The phone number above I made up is fake. Sorry if its your number. Trust me, I NEVER knew.

And this is not a Harry/Bella or Edward/Bella pairing. Stop reading right now if you're looking for that. Though I would be grateful if you continued reading just for curiosity sake, or because you are truly into the fanfic (ha!) right now and would still continue on no matter what.

Edward fans; there will be an unrequited love though.

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